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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore.

“They muddy the waters to make itc seem deep”–Frederick Nietzsche

Today’s column is dedicated with all our love to a very important person in Jay’s life. His grandfather, Cots Shannon, would have celebrated his 99th birthday today. He left us back in 1987. If you were ever curious what the “C” stood for in Jay’s name, it is the same as the man who introduced him to wrestling, 51 years ago. Rest in Peace, Dad.

We are into week 2 of the King of the Ring Tournament. We will have 2 matches tonight and the final 2 on Smackdown, tomorrow. Plus, we are starting to set the table for Clash of the Champions.

Sasha Banks vs Natalya


We saw scenes from Sasha’s return. She attacked Nattie and showed her new blue do.

The crowd was hostile towards the “new” Sasha. She knew that everyone wanted to know why she had a change of attitude. She knew everyone was talking trash about her, over the past few months. Sasha was so sick of being stuck in the tag team division. Sasha grumbled about Becky Lynch getting more money than her at Wrestlemania. Banks took an extended vacation. She said she drew out Becky by attacking Natalya. She reminded everyone that she is still the “Boss”.Nattie rushed down and went to work on Banks. Refs rushed down and broke them apart. Guess this match will be delayed until later in the night. Banks pulled at Nattie’s hair as refs and execs did their best to pull them away from each other. Nattie was forced to the back as we went to our first break of the night.

The Street Profits were doing their thing, backstage. They ran down the night’s show. There will be a tag team turmoil match (Gauntlet Match). The winner of that match will get a shot at Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman at Clash of the Champions. There will be 8 teams involved.

Ricochet vs Drew McIntyre
KIng of the Ring Tournament Opening Round Match


The girls are so torn on this one. They love Ricochet but they really like Drew, as well. I hope Ricochet takes him out. Drew sat on the throne and played with the crown and sceptre. Both men did insert videos, prior to the battle.

Go Behind by Ricochet but Drew threw him off. Knife Edge Chop barely had any effect on Drew. Overhead Toss by McIntyre. Vicious Knife Edge by Drew. Back Elbow by Ricochet and Drew ended up on the floor. He missed a Moonsault off the ropes. Drew dropped Ricochet, back first, onto the barricade. He carried him up the steps and dropped him onto the ring apron. Cut to commercial.

Drew had Ricochet trapped in a Surfboard. That move seriously hurts the back.  Enziguris by Ricochet, once he got free. Dropkick to Drew’s knee and face. Missile Dropkick and Drew hit the floor. Wild Corkscrew Plancha by Ricochet. Ricochet seemed to injure his ribs on the contact with Drew.

Back in the ring, Ricochet tried to lift Drew. He failed. Drew blocked a Reverse Rana. Alabama Slam but Ricochet kicked out at two.  Gorilla Press but Ricochet broke free. Northern LIghts Suplex but Drew threw Ricochet aside on the roll through. Enziguri and Springboard Clothesline by RIcochet. Standing Shooting Star Press by the inked warrior. Ricochet went up top but Drew clocked Ricochet with a straight right. Ricochet leapt over the ring steps and hit a Jumping Enziguri. Glasgow Kiss by Drew as Ricochet flew off the steps. Drew prepared himself for the end. Superkick stopped the Claymore. Kick tothe knee. Crescent Kicks to Drew. Sit-Out Powerbomb by Drew. 1-2-no.

Drew lifted Ricochet and climbed the ropes. Ricochet fought free and pulled Drew off the ropes.  Recoil! Ricochet headed up the ropes. 630! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 96 out of a possible 100

That was one of the best Raw matches in a long time.

There was a guy in the front row that looked a lot like Simon from WatchCulture. I really enjoy the videos that do on YouTube.

So this week, there is a second birthday in Jay’s immediate family. His baby sister, B.B., turned the big 5-0. The three of us wish her all the best and we are ready to get you a lifetime supply of hair dye. Grin.

I had the best time in New Orleans, a few years back. An evening spent with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Darren Antola (of Rivalry Championship Wrestling) and a few other friends.

We saw how Seth and Braun beat Gallows and Anderson for the tag belts, last week.

Seth and Braun were interviewed, backstage. Both men were all smiles. By the way, congrats to Seth (and Becky Lynch) on the announcement of their pending wedding.  Seth said he and Braun were ready to defend the tag belts against anyone. Braun was distracted by the Universal title. Braun wondered who was going to get the shot at the U-Title. Seth wondred if Braun wanted a shot at the strap. Braun challenged Seth for the Univeral title. Seth didn’t like it but he accepted the challenge…from his partner.

The Miz vs Baron Corbin
King of the Ring Tournament Opening Round Match


Please do NOT let Corbin advance! All three of us agree on that one. We were split on the first tourney match (Jay got his wish). Miz had the stick. Miz talked about all his accomplishments over the past 13 years. Miz said he wants it all and that includes the title of “King”. He wants to be “King Awesome”. Corey Graves got a Willy Wonka reference in. LeeAnne just yelled ” I know who Veruka Salt is…”. She loves the movie and is planning to be an Oompa Loompa for Halloweeen. (Whe wants Jay to be Augustus Gloop).

Corbin kicked away at Miz to open.  Miz came back with wild punches. Corner Mount Punches. Wild kicks and a La Bandera by Miz. Miz missed a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Corbin cracked MIz in the mouth. Baron bounced MIz off the apron, multiple times. Miz was sent into the barricade. Miz blocked a punched and hit his own. Outside In Clothesline by COrbin. Time for more food and other commercials.

Reality Check by MIza to get a near fall. Hard kicks by Miz. Double Knees, over and over. Full Body Clothesline. Ax Bomber by Miz to get a deuce. Cedric Alexander watched, from the back. Miz grabbed the legs but Corbin got to the ropes to avoid the Figure Four. Deep Six. Could be…might be…Denied.

Corbin yelled at the ref. Kick by Miz. Corbin avoided the Skull Crushing Finale. Sunset Flip by Miz. Miz avoided Corbin’s finisher and hit a DDT. It Kicks by Miz. Roll Up by Corbin for a two. Skull Crushing FInale. 2 count! Miz couldn’t believe it. Corbin rolled out of the ring. He seemed seriously hurt. Miz went out and threw Corbin into the barricade. Miz missed a Springboard move. End of Days. Damn.

Your WInner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 91

Corbin stopped to appreciate the thronw. He put the crown on his head and took the sceptre. He cut a promo about the poll that wanted him to not advance. He proved everyone wrong. Corbin bragged about how great he is. He was confident that he would become “King Corbin”. Whatever.

Anderson and Gallows were interviewed, in the locker room. Karl said they were upset that Seth and Braun got a title match out of thin air. Both he and Luke felt this turmoil match was unfair to them.

Bayley bounced from the back. She will face Charlotte Flair at Clash. Bayley will face Nikki Cross, in just a few moments.

We saw the issue with Rey Mysterio. He was tempted to retire but his son begged him to not give up, just yet.

Bayley vs Nikki Cross
Non-Title Match


Nikki pushed Bayley. That fired up the Smackdown Women’s champ. Back Drop Suplex by Bayley. Nikki tripped Bayley, who fell onto he ring apron. Nikki threw Bayley in the ring and locked in a Body Scissors. Back Elbow by Bayley but Nikki would not let go. Spinning Roll Up gave Nikki a near fall. Kitchen Sink by Nikki. 2 count. Clubbing blows by Nikki. Sullivan Tree of Woe and Nikki kicked the ribs. Running Headbutt intothe ribs to pull a two count.

The two slugged it out. Headbutt by Cross to the ribs. Roll Up by the champ. 2 count. Suplex by Bayley. Bayley hit a Mr. Wrestling II Million Dollar Kneelift, in the ropes. 1-2-nope. Side Slam by Bayley. She went up top and hit hte Savage Elbow. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bayley
Raw Score: 75

Braun Strowman was interviewed about his matches at Clashof the Champions. That would be so cool if Braun and Seth flipped the singles belts between them.

Tag Team Turmoil Match

Match #1

Viking Raiders vs B Team


Erik started against Curtis Axel.  Double Trip by the Viking.  Axel with a shot to the eyes. Tag to Bo Dallas. He kicked and punched and then tagged back out. They threw in cheerleading moves. Bo got driven into the corner. Viking Experience!

Match #2

Viking Raiders vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


Ivar went after Luke. Karl got involved. Double team on Ivar. Erik was taken out. Double team on Ivar. This was brutal. Luke and Karl went out to destroy Erik. Ivar with a wild Suicide Dive to accidentally take out Erik. This completely got out of control. The ref threw them both out. That was bogus

Match #3

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs the Lucha House Party


Lince Dorado nailed a Enziguri and tagged to Gran Metallik. Backspring Back  Elbow by the Luchadore. Missile Dropkick to Dolph but Roode made the save. Dolph threw Lince off the top rope. Superkick to the back of Gran’s neck.

Match #4

Robert Roode and Dolph ZIggler vs Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson


Dawson and Dolph started it, this time. Collar nad Elbow intothe ropes. Side Headlock Takeover by Dawson. They traded near falls. Collar and Elbow into Dolph taking the Side Hedlock. Tag to Roode. Kick by Robert. Punches and Knife Edges by the former Impact stand-out. Tag to Dolph. Blind Tag to Wilder. Springboard Forearm by Wilder. Tag to Dawson. Double Tam on Dolph. 1-2-not yet.

Tag back to Wilder. Double Team Slingshot on Ziggler. Inverted Bear Hug by WIlder. Dolph used Back Elbows to get free.  Tag to Dawson. Scott punished Dolph and Dash got a cheap shot in, as well. Slingshot Suplex by Dawson. Roode made the save. Dolph fought out of the enemy corner, almost. Tag to Roode.  Dolph nailed the Famouser. Brainbuster by Dawso to Dolph. Roode with the Glorious DDT!

Match #5

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder


Tag to Zack after Curt tore up Dolph. Double tam on Ziggler.  Roode made the save. Hawkins hitthe post. SUperkick to Ryder.

Match #6

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode vs Heavy Machinery


Robert and Dolph wanted a time out. Tucker went out and attacked both guys. Tucker with a Crossbody, off the ropes, to get a two on Dolph. Stall Suplex by Tucker. Otis took the tag and the Suplex. 2 count. Tag back to Tucker. Slingshot to hit a Senton on Dolph. Low Bridge by Roode. Tag to Robert. Roode threw Tucker into the barricade and ring steps. 2 count, again.

Boot Lace Rake by Roode. Knee Drop by Roode to get a near fall. Tag to Dolph. Rolling Neckbreaker by Dolph to almost take this one home. Rear Chin Lock by Dolph.  Ziggler threw Tucker down, hard. Slingshot into the post by Tucker to Dolph. Double Hot Tags.

Otis ran through both foes. Airplane Spin Scoop Slam to Roode. Corner Splash by Otis. Dolph rushed in and got laid out. Otis threw Dolph into Roode and Corner Splashed them both. Caterpiller! Roll Up by Roode for a two. Compactor variation by Otis for a two plus.  Tucker took the tag. Dolph Superkicked Tucker. Zig Zag to Otis. Glorious DDT!

Your Winners: Dolph ziggler and Robert Roode
Raw Score: 92

We took a look at the Roman Reigns mystery. Who is trying to take him out? First, we thought it was Samoa Joe. Then, it was Daniel Brayn and Erick Rowan. Now, the duo said it was a Rowan look-alike that attacked him. Daniel and Erick demand an apology from Roman.

Sasha Banks vs Natalua
Take Two


Nattie went right after Sasha. They rolled around on the canvas. Sasha missed a Baseball Slide and got thrown intothe barricade. Suplex, on the floor, by Natalya. The ref started to count. Nattie threw Banks back in the ring. Wild fists by the Canadian superstar. Back Drop Release Suplex by Natalya. 1-2-no.

Banks tried to run away. She slammed Nattie’s bad arm into the ring post. SHe then threw Nattie into the bullpen. Banks stayed focused on Natalya’s bad arm. 2 count.

Banks stomped on the bad shoulder. Banks kicked away and twisted the arm in the ropes. Banks missed the Double Knees. Roll Up for a two. Banks kicked out of the Sharpshooter. BankStatement! Natalya inched her way towards the ropes but couldn’t make it. Natalya had to tap out.

Your Winner: Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 82

Banks left the ring but came back to attack Natlya. Banks grinned as she tortured Nattie.

Interview Time: A.J. Styles

He was asked about tonight’s match against Braun. He thought it was Bull—He stopped short of saying it. Styles said he did not need Luke or Karl in his corner. Styles said he was not intimidated by Strowman. Styles was very confident.

Cedric Alexander vs Cesaro


Cedric will face Baron Corbin, next week. Ricochet will fight Samoa Joe. Two of them will advance to the semi-finals of King of the Ring.

Collar and Elbow to the corner. Chest Slaps by both men. European Uppercuts by Cesaro. Knife Edge Chops by Cedric. Headscissors Rana by Cedric. Alexander got rocked by a European Uppercut as he went for a Tope Suicida. Gut Wrnech by Cesaro. 1 count, only.

Rear Chin Lock by Cesaro. Cedric was thrown tot he apron. Clutch DDT by Cedric. Flip Dive by Cedric. Alexander threw Cesaro back in the ring. Springboard Clothesline by Cedric. Cesaro blocked the Lumbar Check. We cut to break.

Cesaro worked on Cedric’s leg. European Uppercuts by Cesaro. Cesaro twisted the knee in the ropes. Knife Edge Chops by Cdric. Back Spring Enziguri by Alexander. Michinoku Driver by Cedric to get a near fall. Cedric couldn’t do the Springboard move. Cesaro Dropkicked the bad knee as Alexander went up the ropes. Dead Lift Superplex by Cedric for a two plus. Half Crab by Cesaro. Cedric barely reached the ropes. Standing C4 for a two. Amazing. Cesaro shifted his weight to block the Lumbar Check. He tried again but Cesaro turned in mid-move. Back to the Half Crab. Oklahoma Roll by Cedric for a two. Backspring Enziguri failed. Ankle Lock but Cedric turned to send Cesaro out of the ring. Lumbar Check!

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Raw Score: 88

A.J. Styles was warming up, prior to his title defense.

We got an update on the 24/7 belt. One of the Fox Sports guys that I have never heard of won the title belt. He lost it back to Elias, after beating R-Truth.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode were interviewed. They were asked about how this team came together. Dolph said Robert, likehim, wants it just a little more than everyone else. Dolph knew Seth and Braun would be distracted going into the tag title match. Roode said this was best for both of them. Roode said their unity was destiny. Will they call them Glorious Destiny?

The Street Profits were back to go over what happened, tonight. They talked about partying on Bourbon Street. Been there, done that. Braun Strowman walked past the NXT tag champs.

We got a profile look at Bray Wyatt/Fiend.

Braun Strowman vs A.J. Styles
United States Title Match


We saw the end of last week’s main event. The O.C. attacked Braun until Seth Rollins got involved.

Braun pitched Styles up and over the ropes. Freight Train Shoulder Tackles by Braun. Styles was thrown back in the ring. Kick in the face by Braun. Braun Chokeslammed Styles as he flew off the ropes. 1-2-leg on the ropes. Braun knocked Styles off the apron and we took a final break.

Styles slipped into a Sleeper on Strowman. Braun had been going for the Bulldog Bounce.  Braun fought back to his feet and ran Styles, backwards, into the corner. Braun missed a Big Boot and tweaked his knee on the ropes. Styles focused on the bad wheel.  Forearm to the back of Braun’s head. Springboard Moonsault by the champ to get a two. Forearm into the Calf Crusher. Braun shrieked but would not submit. Braun powered out of the move and hit a Headbutt. 2 count.

Braun fought to his feet but then collapsed. Braun massaged his knee and then ran over Styles. Styles escaped the Powerslam and Braun struck the ring post. Styles Dropkicked Braun into the ref. Styles went to the eyes to avoid a Chokeslam. Low Blow by the champ. Styles went and got a steel chair. He worked over Braun with it. Powerslam but no ref. Luke and Karl rushed down to attack. Braun took out Gallows and ANderson with the chair. The ref woke up and saw Braun with the chair. The ref said he heard the chair hit someone and it had to be Styles. He called for the bell as Styles chuckled. Braun beat the stuffing out of all three members of the O.C. with the chair. Powerslam to Gallows and then Anderson.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): A.J. Styles
Raw Score: 84

Bulldog Bounce to Styles!

Dad: Gone but never fogotten
B.B.: Welcome to mid-life, old woman
Jean: Good luck with the next step
Candy/LeeAnne: Only a couple weeks left to go.


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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