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3 Takeaways from the 2019 WWE SummerSlam

The 32nd annual SummerSlam came to an end on Saturday after showing some very exciting matches. The main event saw the fall of Brock Lesnar at the hands of Seth Rollins which was a surprise. The match between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton ended in a double count-out while Bray Wyatt squashed his opponent Finn Balor.

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1- WWE finally realizes that Brock Lesnar isn’t a good champion for the long haul

Brock Lesnar, who cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at the Extreme Rules to take back his WWE Universal Championship, was defeated again at the 2019 SummerSlam. Seth Rollins was put back his Universal Championship by the WWE. It looks like the WWE has finally realized that keeping Brock Lesnar champion for the long haul is not a good idea.

There is no doubt that he is a big star with a massive box-office value, but it is frustrating for fans if he remains absent from regular programming. In the past, WWE kept the top title in Lesnar’s hands for far too long, causing a nuisance for the fans because The Beast Incarnate wouldn’t show up often.

WWE could have set up the plot-line for Lesnar to lose his belt at WrestleMania 36. However, doing such a thing would have hurt Seth Rollins’ claim about being The Beast Slayer. This result at the 2019 SummerSlam proves that WWE is listening to what their fans are saying.

2- Bray Wyatt could be the next WWE Universal Champion

Bray Wyatt’s new persona The Fiend is becoming hugely popular among the WWE fans. It has grabbed the attention of all the fans in the most spectacular way.

It seems the WWE is planning something bigger with Wyatt. Just the production of Wyatt’s entrance showed that they had put a lot of effort and detail into it. The gear was new and so was the theme while the lighting had also been changed. Plus, the mask, the lantern and all the props from the Firefly Fun suggest a lot of work on the part of the WWE.

The manner of his victory over Finn Balor also helped create the impression that he isn’t just a wrestler rather a top-tier Superstar. Bray Wyatt could even become the next WWE Universal Champion.

3- The rivalry between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton continues

The Toronto crowd didn’t look pleased when the Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston match ended in a double count-out. They were all confused as to why the bell was rung in the first place. For the fans, the match was a disappointment but at the same time, they will be happy that the rivalry didn’t end there.

WWE seems to be planning on a long rivalry between these two veterans. It will be interesting the next time these two take the ring again with their rivalry more intense than ever.

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