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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo reporting in from Orlando, Fla with this SummerSlam edition of Rough Cuts coming live from Scotia Bank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada this Sunday only on the WWE Network and PPV.
This is the 3rd of the big four shows and quite honestly — this is a huge show going forward — Fox picks up SmackDown in October, ratings have been down and allot of uncertainty around story lines, and now you have Heyman and Bischoff aboard as well — this is a show that must deliver on all accounts and set up the fall season and beyond.
Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship – I do not see Heyman’s guy losing here — I think Seth has gone stale — he has struggled to get over as a baby face even with his real life girlfriend Becky Lynch by his side — it just has not panned out and I do believe Seth needs some time off and perhaps come back with a new attitude and possible heel turn at some point to refresh his character.  Prediction — Brock hits multiple F5′s and retains.
Becky Lynch vs Natalya for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship in a submission Match — Becky is on the cover of the new WWE video game along with Roman Reigns and well deserved for both — Becky is the face of the women’s division right now — Even though this show is on Canadian soil where Natalya has Canadian roots I do not see Becky losing this match in any way shape or form — Becky will retain the title and then as Becky is celebrating Rhonda Rousey returns and attacks Becky out of no where and Nattie and Rhonda take turns beating up Becky with Rhonda locking in the arm bar till the refs come down and break it up.  Prediction — Becky Retains and Rowdy Rhonda is BACK !!!
Bayley vs Ember Moon for the Women’s SmackDown Championship — Bayley is having a nice chip on her shoulder as of late — getting more attitude since winning the title — I think this will be a good match over all — I expect this to be earlier on in the program and will allow Bayley to take another step as a solid player in the women’s division — I do not expect to see Sasha Banks just yet, likely in October when the show premiers live on Fox would be a nice way to bring her back– Prediction — Bayley wins clean via pin fall –
Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship – This should be a better match than most people are going to give credit for — Kofi and Randy will work very well together and put on a solid match for the title — Randy does not need the title to stay relevant but still I think it would be a nice idea for Randy to have another title run, especially with the new TV deal with Fox coming up in October and Randy would be the ideal heel champion to run with it for awhile — Randy keeps finding ways to keep the RKO fresh and exciting and putting the title on Randy for a few months would be fine – Kofi and Randy and can have a few high caliber rematches and perhaps Kofi moves back to the tag title or US title scene later on – Prediction — Randy hits the RKO and is the NEW WWE SMACKDOWN CHAMPION.
Kevin Owens vs Shane O Mac — if Kevin loses he quits the WWE – There is ZERO PERCENT chance Kevin loses here — the question is how good will the match be? Shane will do his usual stunt onto a table or something, Drew may interfere too — nothing we have not seen before — Kevin is enjoying his baby face run and for how long? but still he is enjoying having the crowd behind him — this will likely be the end of Shane for awhile with the loss and Kevin will need to start looking at maybe US or the WWE title going forward? Maybe feud with his former partner Sami ? there are possibilities for him if used right — but for tonight Kevin will pin Shane O Mac and have the Canadian crowd in a frenzy of celebrations and move onto to better things — Prediction — Kevin wins via pin fall –
Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt — Finn is due to take time off here after the match – so I expect Bray to hit sister Abigail in the end — I think this will be a good match for a bit — both are solid wrestlers and with Bray refreshing an evil side of his character this could be interesting going forward — Balor will showcase his talents in a very competitive match but in the end Bray will stand and deliver and be looking for his next victim.  Prediction Bray via pin fall -
AJ Styles vs Ricochet for the US Title — AJ is back to doing what he does best and being a heel is when AJ is phenomenal.  He has a had a solid baby face run and now back to being a heel and champion once again — all that spells is disaster for Ricochet.  AJ will retain here via pinfall maybe get help from his bullet club members but no chance AJ leaves without the belt — he will be on a steady run as a heel champion for awhile and deserves it — No one can ask for any more than what AJ has done over the last few years and he deserves to do what he wants — he will put guys over by retaining the title until someone comes along down the road and takes it — but not for the foreseeable future.  Prediction — AJ retains –
Goldberg vs Dolph Ziggler — this match happened because of the recent events on Smackdown with Dolph and the MIZ and too Goldberg match in Saudi Arabi was a mess — so this basically is a gift for Goldberg — This will be a quick 5 minute squash match to make up for what happened over seas — I do not believe we seen the end of either of these two but for now Dolph takes the fall and Goldberg basically gets salvation going forward — I would like to see Lars Sullivan come back and attack Goldberg afterwards and set something up between the two men — I think that would be interesting going forward — young lion against the old lion — Can Goldberg fight father time to fend off Lars? I like to see that happen and see Lars appear otherwise the match really is just a squash over all –
Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair — There is no unwritten rule Trish needs to win on her own turf and likely that will hold true — Charlotte is the true heel here and not happy being in the title picture — neither one needs to be put over since both wrestlers are legends in there own right with Trish a Hall of Famer and Charlotte will be when its all said and done with — Can they tell a good story and keep the fans interested? Yes — I believe they will tear it down and keep us entertained but Charlotte will be looking for Bayley after this and the only way that happens is with a pin fall over the Hall of Famer and this where it end up — Prediction — in a very solid match up among legends — Charlotte will get her hand raised via submission and have the Canada faithful booing her right out of the building in a job well done –
Drew Gulak vs Oney Lorcan  for the WWE Cruiserweight Title — the cruiser weights put on a very entertaining match matches and this should be no exception — the question will the crowd be into it or not — I think they will get involved with this because there should be some nice spots in this and keep us in tune for a bit — Drew should retain here in a high action packed match up.
There still should be a few matches possibly added before Sunday? Roman Reigns not listed as of yet? — Alexa and Nikki have the tag titles and not getting defended on the biggest stage of the summer? I think we will see a few more marque names and matches added for Sunday’s show even at the last minute — too many names not listed but that will change for sure –
Overall, this needs show needs to make a statement — this show needs to deliver and its that simple — this show needs to hit it out of the park — Heyman and Bischoff on board needs to be able to showcase there vision and give us a reason to tune in going forward — Remember Football starts on Monday nights, new shows, premieres, etc,– Allot happenings in the fall and this show needs to separate and define itself so the public as a whole will want to tune in and see what will unfold going forward — Will it happen?  Tune in Sunday and watch all the action unfold and we all see together –
For this edition of Rough Cuts this has been Sal LaSardo reporting in from Orlando, Fla.  May all your matches be a main event.

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