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By Don “The Predictor” Murphy (Twitter: @DonThePredictor)

Another big wrestling weekend is upon us and yours truly is looking forward to watching the shows from the comfort of his own home, as this is the first year since 2015 that the weekend of shows hasn’t taken place in New York. And, say what you will about the current product, I’ve enjoyed the build to a bunch of these matches. So, let’s not waste time. Let’s run down the card!

WWE Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar defends the WWE Universal Championship against Seth Rollins

Topline Thoughts: I see what they’re trying to do here – make Seth the ultimate underdog with no chance of winning, only to overcome the odds. I like the approach, though it didn’t appear that the live crowd was buying in on Raw this past Monday. I still think they have a chance to make it work during the match on Sunday; however, they need to be careful. For one thing, I would rather they not take the “low blow” approach that they did at WrestleMania. If they’re going to give Seth the win, have him win with no controversy. Also, I felt they overdid it with Seth selling his injuries on Monday. Wrestling is about suspending belief; however, there comes a point where if you go too over the top, it becomes a bit ridiculous. In any case, I’m interested to see the path they choose.

The Predictor Predicts: Seth Rollins wins the WWE Universal Championship

WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston defends the WWE Championship against Randy Orton

Topline Thoughts: I like that they went back to their early rivalry in 2009 to tell this story. And I also like that Kofi has taken a more serious approach to this match, rather than consistently clowning around with the New Day. The funny thing is that although Orton has been with the company for over fifteen years and puts in slightly above average performances, he can still sell a big match and the RKO is arguably the most over finisher in wrestling. I think this has the potential to be good, but don’t see Orton being the one to unseat Kingston.

The Predictor Predicts: Kofi Kingston retains the WWE Championship

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match/Submission Match: Becky Lynch defends the WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Natalya

Topline Thoughts: When this match was first booked, I groaned. I felt it was the lazy way out giving a title shot to an irrelevant Natalya, just because they’re in Canada. But, the build and the promos have been solid and I’m actually looking forward to this. It’ll be interesting to see how the crowd reacts, and I am sure Natalya will be booked strong. However, I see Becky retaining and then, it’s anybody guess as to where they go with her next.

The Predictor Predicts: Becky Lynch retains the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley defends the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship against Ember Moon

Topline Thoughts: This one is a bit clunky. Bayley essentially “picked” Moon as her opponent, rather than having her earn a shot. We know nothing about the Ember Moon character and she hasn’t been booked strong heading into this match. I suppose they could give her title now as a launching pad for a push, but she just hasn’t been established enough where that would make sense. On another point, neither one has been positioned as a pure babyface, so the crowd reaction should be interesting here as well.

The Predictor Predicts: Bayley retains the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

WWE United States Championship Match: AJ Styles defends the WWE United States Championship against Ricochet

Topline Thoughts: If given enough time, this should be the match of the show. I am not opposed to AJ going over here, as long as they have a plan for Ricochet moving forward, because he’s too talented to sit on the sideline. So, I’m thinking interference by Gallows and Anderson to give Ricochet an “out” in the loss. Then, it’s up to creative to slot him back into something meaningful.

The Predictor Predicts: AJ Styles retains the WWE United States Championship

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Drew Gulak defends the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Olney Lorcan

Topline Thoughts: This will likely be moved to the pre-show, but similar to most cruiserweight matches, this will be one of the better matches on the show. Lorcan is one of the best performers in the company, in my opinion, and Gulak has really transformed into a credible heel champion. While I don’t see a title change here, Lorcan plays a great underdog role who always comes really close to winning the big one before falling short, and he’s still considered a believable threat.

The Predictor Predicts: Drew Gulak retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Singles Match: Charlotte Flair meets Trish Stratus

Topline Thoughts: This was a nice use of Stratus here. She’s in her home country and still has enough credibility that it should be a decent match. Plus, it’s OK that Charlotte is out of the title picture for now, but still doing something relevant. Given all of her losses to Becky Lynch, this match should serve as the starting point for the rebuild.

The Predictor Predicts: Charlotte Flair defeats Trish Stratus

Singles Match: Goldberg meets Dolph Ziggler

Topline Thoughts: If the Raw Reunion taught us anything, it’s that the fans still love the legends. So, I’m OK with a Goldberg appearance here. Ziggler isn’t someone who loses anything by taking a quick spear and jackhammer, so if they want to book a legend for a few more buys – why not.

The Predictor Predicts: Goldberg defeats Dolph Ziggler

Singles Match: Kevin Owens meets Shane McMahon (If Owens loses, he must quit WWE)

Topline Thoughts: OK, so they’re not going to have all of the hometown heroes lose, so I think we get the happy ending here. And, I hope that this is the end of too much Shane on TV. An occasional appearance is OK, but he shouldn’t be the hottest heel in the company and he definitely should not be a regular performer. From there, Owens is another case where I am interested to see where they go. I think they’ve only scratched the surface on his babyface potential.

The Predictor Predicts: Kevin Owens defeats Shane McMahon

Singles Match: Finn Balor meets “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Topline Thoughts: This one is a no-brainer and I’ve loved the introduction of Bray’s latest character, including all of the dimensions it has. And, we’ve heard that Finn Balor is taking some time off after SummerSlam, which I think is a good move. I’d love to see him go away for at least six months and re-surface as a heel, which he has been very proficient at during his time in Japan.

The Predictor Predicts: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeats Finn Balor

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