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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore.

“It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you…it’s what you leave behind you when your gone”–Randy Travis (Three Wooden Crooses)

I heard this song while out running errands and it seemed so appropriate for the sad news I have to share. For those who may not have heard or read, the legendary “King” Harley Race passed away, on August 1st, at the age of 76, I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Race perform in Dallas, a few times. He was unique in that he didn’t need a gimmick to be successful (not counting his “King” character). In later years, he became a fantastic trainer and promoter. Rest in Peace, Champ.

To offset that sad news, I get to send Happy Birthday wishes out to one of the people I respect the most in this industry. Pat Tanaka (Badd Company, Orient Express) is having a birthday on Monday. I worked with him, in Reno, when he brought Micro Championship Wrestling to the GSR. I’ve run into him, a few times, since then and he has always been so professional. He is a credit to the industry.

We are kicking off SummerSlam Week, tonight. Will Seth Rollins be able to go agaisnt Brock Lesnar, on Sunday?

The show started with a tribute to the victims in El Paso and Dayton. There was a Ringing of the Bells. Thank the stars, my nephew (who is stationed in El Pasto) was safe. I wish this insanity would stop.

Samoa Joe interrupted the intro video. Joe was upset that people were accusing him of attacking Roman Reigns, last week. 80% of the WWE Universe feel that Joe had something to do with the attack. Joe demanded that Michael Cole roll the footage of the attack. Joe said there was not a single frame of footage showing him anywhere in the area. Joe said he was going to shut down the show until he got his apology…

Out came Becky Lynch. She showed off her Raw Women’s title belt.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs Trish Stratus and Natalya

Non-Title Match


Becky’s title match, Sunday, will now be held under Submission Match Rules. LeeAnne has been running around “Wooo”-ing since Charlotte came out. (Her mom taught her well). Smile. We cut to commercial before the match got started. Will Joe mess with this match?

Becky and Nattie started the match. Lynch wanted her finisher but Nattie was prepared. Double Trip by Natalya. Front Face Lock by Becky. Cross Arm Breaker by Natalya. Becky rolled up Nattie for a near fall. Becky tried for a Sharpshooter but failed. Flair tagged herself in. Knife Edge Chops by “The Queen”. Flair Flip and Roll Through Pin for a two. Sunset Flip Modified by Nattie. 2 count. Snap Mare and Step Through by Nattie. Big Boot by Flair. Trish stared daggers at Flair. Charlotte rammed Nattie intothe canvas, over and over. Cravat by Flair.

Vicious Rear Chin Lock by Flair. Hard Clothesline by Charlotte. Flair refused to tag out to Lynch. Flair twisted Natalya in the ropes. Nattied tried to fight back but got laid out. Ruthless Elbow Smashes by Flair. Nattie was thrown intot he corner. Natalya tried for a German but Flair blasted her. O’Connor Roll for a two for Flair. Double Heel Trip by Nattie. Flair fought out of the Sharpshooter. Discus Clothesline. Flair prevented a tag out. Roll Up by Nattie for a two. Nice Suplex by Flair. Trish wanted to get involved but the ref caught her. Forced Tag by Lynch.

Flair clocked Becky! Flair started to leave. Sharpshooter! Lynch reached the ropes. Nattie refused to release the hold and the ref called the match. Nattie attacked Trish when Stratus tried to stop Nattie.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair
Raw Score: 60 out of a possible 100 (loss of points for the lousy ending)

We saw how Andrade shredded Rey’s mask, last week. He faces his fellow Luchadore, next.

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade


All 3 of us really like Rey. My one and only match as a wrestler was inside a mask (as The Jade Eagle). Zelina Vega came out with Andrade. She is so cute.

Rey took down Andrade but Andrade came back witha Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Rey put Andrade on the ropes but couldn’t get the 619. The two went back and forth with hard shots. Rey crashed intot he corner, off a Whip. Knife Edge Chops by Andrade. Rey countered a Powerbomb to send Andrade to the floor. Sunset Bomb, on the floor, by Rey. We cut to commercial.

Rey flipped Andrade off the ropes with a Rana. 2 count. Vega was freaking out. Rey kicked Andrade in the face and hit a Seated Senton.
punched away on Rey. Sunset Flip but Rey rolled through and almost got the pin. Rey kicked away and nailed his Mexican Destroyer Sunset Flip Powerdriver. Kinfe Edges by Andrade. Back Elbow on Rey but Andrade couldn’t get the three.

Andrade went up top but got caught. They fought on the ropes. Rey got hung in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Duoble Stomp to pull a deuce. Andrade couldn’t believe it wasn’t a three count. Springboard into a Crucifix Back Bomb (nice). 2 count. Andrade blocked the Rana and Powerbombed Mysterio. Double Knees by Andrade. 1-2-not yet.

Both men were exhausted, by this point. Mexican Destroyer v.2 by Rey. 2 count. Both men were getting so frustrated. Andrade was in the ropes. 619. Vega distracted Rey. Frog Splash but Andrade got he knees up. Rey blocked the Hammerlock DDT. Powerbomb by Andrade. Andrade tried to rip Rey’s mask off, again. Vega got a cheap shot in. Hammerlock DDT.

Your Winner: Andrade
Raw Score: 89

I want a hair vs Mask match between these two. The girls have never seen one of those kinds of matches. Being a fan of Lucha, I’ve seen several.

The announcer talked about the status of the 24/7 title. We got how Mike Kanellis won it, only to surrender it to his pregnant wife, Maria. Jeez. She showed off the belt and her claim as first pregnant champ.

Maria was now at her OBGYN appointment. She bragged about it and said Mike was to protect her and her baby’s championship. This should be good. We went to break.

Back at the appointment, Maria was cuddling her title belt. Mike was getting on her nerves. She wanted her title protected. Mike actually pinned her, on the table. R-Truth then pinned Truth in the waiting room. I love it. This is such a fun title, after all.

Becky Lynch was interviewed. She was asked if Nattie had a “home town advantage”. Becky hoped Nattie felt that way. said she was not afraid of getting fired. Becky was determined to be the new role model.

Natalya was asked about it. She said there would be a full-on celebration in Canada, when she won the title.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman walked backstage. They had a message to share, right after these commercials.

My “brother” (Scooter) just called me and crowed how his favortite wrestler (Brock) was going to win on Sunday. Not my choice but he has a good point. My girls don’t agree with him…at all.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came from the back. He was about as popular as a Pimple on Prom Night. Brock is still set to face Seth Rollins on Sunday. Seth was severely beaten, last week, by Brock. Paul did his typical intro schtick. Candy absolutely hates both of them. Brock ordered Paul to instruct the fans. Paul mocked Seth for not being what everyone expected him to be. Paul showed the footage of Seth getting destroyed, last week. Candy went ballistic, last week, when she saw this and she’s still ticked off, this week.

Brock chuckled at his handy work. Paul begged Lesnar, last week, to show mercy. It didn’t work. Paul said Brock’s beating was borderline criminal. Paul stated that Seth was in Pittsburg. Heyman was amused that people would cheer someone like Seth. He said Rollins “has more b*lls than brains”.

Seth’s music hit and Rollins limped out with a steel chair. Paul taunted Seth with the crimson Universal title belt. Seth worked his way up the ring steps. Was this real? Seth charged but got a boot to the ribs. Lesnar go the chair and attacked Seth’s ribs, again. Back Shot with the chair on Seth. Brock Bum Rushed Seth into the corner, multiple times. LeeAnne was in tears for her hero. Brock ripped the shirt off Seth. Rollins refused to surrender. Brock cracked Seth, again. This wa s a massacre. F5! Brock stood over Seth and held the title belt high. Cut to break.

Next week, we get the new Steve Austin reality show. Looks cool.

During the commercial break, Brock hit another F5. Seth just may not make it to SummerSlam. Seth refused to get on the stretcher and asked for a microphone. Seth said it has gotten to the point of questioning if this was all worth it. Seth refused help. Rollins talked abouthis love of the sport. Seth knew he was getting beaten to a pulp, week after week. Seth still felt it was worth it because wrestling was all he was about. Seth explained that this was all he ever wanted. It was all he has. He swore he would be at SummerSlam and he would beat Brock…guaranteed. Seth crawled to the ropes as “Burn it Down” rang out from the Steel City denizens. Seth slowly walked towards the back. He would not let them put him on the stretcher. He limped, painfully, up the ramp.

Elsewhere, it was time for another interview. It was Kurt Angle. The hometown boy was going to be a Special Guest Ref, later on. This turned into another Street Profits bit. Sgh. They pushed NXT Takeover Canada. The Red Solo Cups came out for…milk. Kurt promised his wife he wouldn’t do anything too crazy. They brought up Mike Kanellis. Kurt agreed to share some moo juice with the tag champs. They were stopped by Drew Mcintyre. Drew was not impressed by the silliness. Drew came in peace but he did warn Kurt about the past. Drew said Kurt better call it down the middle. Drew said if Kurt didn’t call it true he would crack Angle’s skull.

Ivar and Erik (Viking Raiders) vs Jay Alexander and Erc Abraham


The two poor victims were just annihilated in mere seconds. Brutal German by Erik. Discus Forearm by Erik. Gut Wrench Powerbomb. Tag to Ivar. Frog Splash. Viking Experience.

Your WInners (d’uh): Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 30

They showed a tribute segment for Harley Race. Talked to a friend of mine, David, about him. David and his dad used to watch Race vs Dusty and Race vs Flair, back in the day. We were both ready to cry about such a loss.

After the break, we got a very touching tribute to the Hall of Famer. Michael Cole talked about his first meeting with Race. We then went to a wonderful video package. He was an 8-time NWA World Champion. He also faced multiple WWF champs. Several stars had kind words for “The K ing”. He has been high on my list as a favorite wrestler. After a fantastic career, he became a very successful manager. Gone but never forgotten…

He got a standing ovation from the crowd as they chanted his name.

Kurt Angle came out forhte next match. “You Suck” rang out, just like always.

Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander
Kurt Angle as Special Guest Ref


Drew jumped Cedric, before the bell. He ran Cedric into the ring barricades. Incredible Knife Edge Chop that flipped Alexander inside out. Drew slapped Cedric in the face. Cedric battled out of the Alabama Slam. Tornado DDT off the barricade by Cedric. Wow!

Suddenly, the power went off and The Fiend showed up. Mandible Claw!

Your Winner: No Official Match
Raw Score: N/A

Titus did his Back To School Bay, in Tampa. So cool.

The New Day crossed the lines to show up on the Crimson Flagship.

Big E and Xavier Woods vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
Non-Title Match


Luke now looks like a member of the Road Warriors with his face paint. A.J. Styles joined his brothers. Luke and Karl are the Raw tag champs. Karl and Woods kicked it off. Styles got in the ring, right away.

Your WInners (by Disqualification): New Day
Raw Score: 20

Ricochet rushed out to even the sides. Ricochet sent Styles sailing with a wild Dropkick.

The O.C. (Gallows, Anderson and Styles) vs Big E, Xavier Woods and Ricochet
SIx-Man Tag Team Match


This was so obviously coming. Side Headlock by Styles on Ricochet. Deep Arm Drags by Ricochet. Styles rolled under the ropes to break momentum. Kick blocked by Ricochet, who hit a Forearm. Ricochet flipped out of a Suplex and rolled up STyles for two. Shot to Ricochet’s throat. Tag to Anderson.

Ricochet with the RVD Roll and Jumping Neckbreaker. 2 count. Tag to BIg E. He worked over Karl’s ribs. Back Kick to the knee and tag to Luke. Luke worked over hte ribs of Big E. Heabutt by Gallows. Huge Suplex to Big E. 2 count. Elbow Smashes to BIg E’s neck. Rear Chin Lock. Big E spun undert o get free. Huge kick to Big E’s face. Luke also took out Ricochet. Big E avoided a charge. Tag to Styles. Big E fought out of hte enemy corner. Controlled Frenzy by Styles. Springboard missed and BIg E hit a Belly to Belly.

Woods begged for a tag and got it. Karl also tagged in. Woods went wild on Machine Gun. Disucs Clothesline by Woods. Hnor Roll by Woods to Styles. Sliding Knee by Woods. Ricochet hit Gallows with a Springboard Dropkick. Ricochet nailed Styles with several Dropkicks. DDT by Anderson. Tag to Gallows. Magic Killer!

Your Winners: THe O.C.
Raw Score: 79

Joe said Raw was officially shut down, now.

We saw the “accident” on Smackdown. Roman Reigns was almost crushed by a failling rig and equipment cases. Roman did escape harm, but just barely.

Samoa Joe stormed out from the back. Joe called out Roman. Joe demanded an apology from Roman. Reigns did not show up. Joe threw a steel chair in the ring and then took a seat. Joe said the show would not contune until he got his apology. Joe wondered if Roman was scared of him. Joe wanted to know where Reigns was. I hate wastes of time like this crap. Joe called Roman a “Coward”. At least this gave me time to finish my dinner. The girls took the pups out as the fans chanted “C.M. Punk”. Joe was told Roman was in the parking lot. He left the ring to confront the Big Dog. The cameras followed Joe to the outside area. Joe screamed at Roman. Someone drove their car into Roman. Obviously, not Joe!

We couldn’t see who was in the attacking car. Joe told Roman to stay down. He broke character and yelled for a medic. Made Joe look like a bit of a good guy. Triple H came over to check on things. Roman swore he was ok.

The announcers ran down the updated SummerSlam card.

The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kari Sane) vs The Iconics vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the Tag Titles


Mandy and Billie Kay started the contest. Quick tag to Peyton Royce. Double Team on Mandy. They took out the Kabukis. Eat Da Feet to Sonya. Alexa also got taken out with a double team. Dang! Sane also got double teamed. Thrust Kick to Asuka. Double team on Asuka by the champs. Mandy Pearl Harbored the champs. Go, girl. Mandy got blasted by Billie. Sonya took out eyton. Mandy naile Bille to eliminate the champs!

The Iconics–Eliminated!

Nikki and Mandy wanted to fight. Cross quickly tagged out to Asuka. Bliss wanted her to do it. Asuka took Mandy to the ropes. Asuka threatened a Spin Kick. Bliss took the tag. She quickly tagged out to Sonya. Obviously, Bliss and Cross wanted to wait this one out.

Side Headlock by Sonya. Shoulder Tackle by Asuka. Nasty kicks by Asuka. Sonya came back with her own kiks. Sane took the tag and they worked over Sonya. Ridiculous brutality by the Asian duo. Kari made fun of Bliss short stature. Collar nad Elbow and Bliss mocked Sane. It was a bad idea. Sane took down Bliss for a two. Tag to Asuka. Ax Bomber!

Tag to Mandy. Rose blasted Asuka with a shot tothe face. Double team on Asuka. Sonya almost got hte pin on Asuka. Full Nelson by Sonya. Jumping Knee by Mnady for a near fall. Mandy wanted a Buttefly Bomb but couldn’t get it down. Asuka Lock. Mandy tapped out.

Fire and Desire (Deville and Rose)—Eliminated

Ankle Lock by Asuka on Nikki. Asuka pulled back on Nikki’s chin. Nikki rolled over and pulled Asuka’s multi-colored hair. Tag to Bliss. Double Thrust by Nikki. Stomps by Bliss. Nikki tagged back in. She punched away. Another Double Thrust to Asuka’s throat. Neckbreaker by Nikki brought a two. Bacl Drop Suplex by Nikki. 2 count. Forearms by Cross. Asuka punched and kicked out of the enemy corner. Cross stopped the tag. Snap German by Asuka.

Hot Tags on both sides. Sane with a Dropkick and Blockbusters. Cross Body by Kari. Walk the Plank!. She laid out Nikki and hit the Sliding Clothesline. Tag to Asuka. Double Team on Nikki. Asuka Lock! Bliss rolled over to almost get the win. Thrust Kick by Asuka. Tag to Sane. Nikki stopped the In-Sane Elbow. Nikki and Bliss double teamed Asuka. Right hand by Bliss to Sane. Twisted Bliss!

Your WInners (and NEW Tag Team Champions): Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
Raw Score: 88

All three of us are tickled pink that Bliss and Cross won the straps.

We saw the attack on Seth, from earlier.


Miz was wering a wild checkboard jacket. Before the final segment, they discussed WWE 2K20. They ran a promo video for it. It has the biggest roster of any game. Looks awesome (no pun intended).

This was a contract signing. Miz brought out his special guest…Shawn Michaels. I just heard my girlfriend shriek with glee at seeing her favorite. She would like him to grow out his hair like it used to be. Miz hugged HBK and then invited Dolph Ziggler to join them. We saw how Dolph Superkicked Shawn recently.

Dolph called both Miz and Shawn “*ss Kissers”. Dolph really talked serious trash on Miz and Michaels. Dolph wanted to be a living, breathing legend. Miz was amused by the comments. Miz told Dolph to stop blaming everyone else for his failures. Miz said he would be fighting Dolph, next Monday. Dolph looked confused. Miz explained Dolph will be fighting…Shawn Michaels! My girls are jumping up and down. No, wait…it’s not HBK. It’s…Goldberg! Crap! That stinks. He almost crippled Undertaker, a few months back. He ended Bret Hart’s career. I am so not into this match and neither are my girls. Goldberg signed the contract and said “You’re Next!” No freaking way. Sweet C hin Music by HBK to Dolph. Fade to black.

Harley: Thank you and rest well
Tanaka-San: Happy Birthday, again
Jean: Welcome back to the band
Candy/LeeAnne: Love you girls


–Jay Shannon

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