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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy and LeeAnne Moore.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation–We are challenged to change ourselves”- Viktor Frankl

I’ve been watching action movies all afternoon in tribute to one of my favorite 80s actors, Rutger Hauer. Rutger passed, last week, from an undisclosed illness. Rest in Peace and Thank You.

We are well on the road to SummerSlam. We know a few of the matches. One of the main ones (“Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs “Demon” Finn Balor) may be on hold, due to an injury to Balor.  The injury was mentioned at Saturday’s “Smackville” show.

We are starting the night with a weird Moss Pit Mixed Tag Team Match, thing.

Before the action, we got a video package about the 24/7 Championship. This has become a fun comic thing. R-Truth has held the belt close to a dozen times now.

Raw is near my love’s  home town. They are in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Drake Maverick and Renee Maverick vs Carmella and R-Truth
Mixed Tag Mosh Pit Match for the 24/7 title.


The girls wanted to go but Drake held his wifey back. Drake with a quick Roll Up for two. Hip Toss by Truth. Spinning Leg Drop on Drake. The ring was surrounded by a ton of mid-carderrs. Drake was sent over the top but got caught. They marched him around the ring. Truth with a Flapjack, after flipping Drake in the ring. Carmella tore into Renee, after she broke up the pin. Carmella slapped Drake. Gourdbuster by Truth. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: R-Truth and Carmella
Raw Score: 78 out of a possible 100

Tons jumped into the ring. Truth was pinned by…Mike Kanellis. The race was on to catch him. Mike rushed to the back to escape the hordes of wild wanna bes. They were stopped by Maria, who was faking pregnancy pains. Maria threatened to kick Mike in his “vagina”. Too funny. The announcers had a Hell of a time not laughing.

Five Superstar Gauntlet Match with the winner getting a United States title shot against A.J. Styles.

Match #1: Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro


Go Behind and drop by Cesaro for a series of quick near falls. Go Behind into Standing Switches. Near Fall by Rey, Roll Up by Rey. Clothesline by Cesaro. 2 count. European Uppercuts by Cesaro.  Styles was watching from the back. Rear Chin Lock by Cesaro.  Rey with a Big Boot. Rey flipped them both tot he outside, with Rey staying on Cesaro’s shoulders. Rana sent Cesaro into the ring apron.  Slider Dive by Rey. Mysterio seemed to tweak his knee on the landing.

Springboard Rana by Rey. Cesaro bailed out to avoid the 619. Baseball Slide Rana sent Cesaro intothe barricade and we headed to break.

Cesaro was back in the ring. Rey got sent into the ring post, during the break. Savage Elbow by Cesaro to pull a deuce. Modified Camel Clutch by Cesaro but Rey broke free. Cesaro set Rey up top. Rey fought back with clubbing shots and a Headbutt. Seated Senton by Rey. Sunset Flip by Cesaro but Rey rolled through and kicked Cesaro in the face. 2 count.

Cesaro nailed a European Uppercut as Rey flew off the ropes.  Leg Drop by Cesaro, followed by a Running Boot. 2 count. Gut Wrench intoa  Crucifix stance. Rey converted it into another Rana. Cesaro crashed intothe corner. Rey got caught up top with anohter European Uppercut. Cesaro took Rey up on the ropes. Rey fought back and went for the Rana. Blocked. Wheelbarrow Bulldog from the top by Rey. Awesome. 619!  Frog Splash!

Match #2: Rey Mysterio vs Sami Zayn


Sami rushed in to immediately attack. Sami missed the Helluva Kick and Rey quickly rolled him up for the pin.

Match #3: Rey Mysterio vs Andrade


Andrade rushed Rey into the corenr. Uppercut and Arm Wringer by the fresh Andrade. Styles continued to watch. Hammerlock by Andrade but Rey Elbowed free. Rey with an Open Hand Slap. Rey with a Spinning Faceplant. Side Headlock by Mysterio. Rey was sent into the corner but Andrade couldn’t pick up the win. Andrade laid out Rey.

Slider Dropkick tot he side of Rey’s head. Rey was slung out of the ring. Steam Roller by Andrade, on the floor. Rey was tossed back in the ring. Knife Edge Chop to Rey. Rey answered with one of his own. Kick by Mysterio. Andrade caught Rey and went for the Three Amigos. He got it. Andrade wasted time heading up top. He hit the Double Step Moonsault but only score a two. Step Up Enziguri. Andrade ;sblocked the 619. Hammerlock DDT.

Andrade shredded Rey’s mask. Ricochet rushed out to help Rey.

Match #4: Andrade vs Ricochet


Collar and Elbow. They went to the corner. Go Behind by Ricochet. Universal into an RVD Roll and Rana. Wicked dropkick by Ricochet. Zelina distracted Ricochet. ricochet was flipped to the outside. Big Kick by Ricochet. Andrade attacked when Zelina grabbed Ricochet’s leg. Knife Edge by Andrade. Ricochet was thrown into the barricade.

They got back in the ring. Andrade stomped on Ricochet. Knife Edge by Andrade. Knee to Ricochet’s back. Rolling Dropkick by Ricochet. The two traded hard fists. Clothesline and Rana by Ricochet. Pass Through Shoulder by Ricochet. Andrade Hip Tossed Ricochet intothe corner.

Double Knees by Andrade. 2 count. Ricochet blocked the Hammerlock DDT. Back Elbow by Andrade. Reverse Rana by Ricochet for a near fall. Ricochet headed up top.  Andrade caught Ricochet, up top. Ricochet knocked Andrade off the top. 630!

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 88

That was a great Gauntlet. My girls were on the edge of their seats for this one.

Ricochet was interviewed about going to SummerSlam. Ricochet knew no one could believe he beat Samoa Joe for the U.S. strap. Ricochet knew people could only believe what they see. Ricochet wanted to prove himself to the fans…and himself. A.J. Styles cackled, in the back.

Mike and Maria talked in the locker room. Mike now has gold and was sure his wife was proud of him. She told MIke to take the fall and let her become the 24/7 champion. she brought in a ref and Mike did as he was told.She stood on his chest. Maria is now the 24/7 Champion…first ever Pregnant Champion. What-the-heck-ever. Titus O’Neil came up to Maria. Maria pulled the prenancy card more than my 25-year old niece. Maria told everyone she would be at her OB/GYN, later in the week, if anyone wanted to go after her.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross walked, backstage.

We got an updated SummerSlam card. Bray vs Finn is still scheduled.

A Moment of Bliss:

Alexa and Nikki came from the back. Bliss gave a huge shout out to Maria, for winning the 24/7 title. The girls talked about the Raw Reunion. Alexa mentioned Austin’s comment about everyone being family. Bliss was offended that Dolph Ziggler attacked Shawn Michaels. Alexa had disturbing video. Becky Lynch rushed in the ring and attacked a bunch of people, including Natalya. Bliss considered the behavior as ridiculous. Fit Finlay and Finn Balor were also attacked. Nikki agredd it was bad. Bliss has no respect for Becky.

Becky came on the Tron. Lynch was listening to the baloney out front. Becky warned Bliss she would have to pay for her mouth. Lynch still had a beef with Bliss.

The Usos came out to cut a rap.

The Usos vs The Revival vs The O.C. (Gallows and Anderson)
Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match


My girls just saw the trailer for Hobbs and Shaw and they want to go. Me Too. Candy loves the fact that so many “yummy” Samoans are together. Hey, I’m not jealous. Smile.

Dawson and Jimmy started. Early advantage switches by the two men. Jimmy was knocked down, hard. Knife Edge by Dawson. Dawson with a wild punch. Hgh Angle Back Slam and tag to Dash.  Knife Edges by both men. Tag to Jey.

Corner Clothesline by Jey. 2 count. Knife Edge by Jey. Dash ran Jey intothe corner.  Uppercuts by both sides. Tag back to Dawson.  Double team on Jey. Rear Chin Lock by Dawson. The O.C. have yet to get involved.

Jey blocked a Piledriver. Back Bocy Drop but Dash as able to tag in. Jimmy also got the tag. Uppercut by Jimmy. Tag back to Jey. Ax Bomber -like move. Arm Bar by Jey. Tag to Dawson. Headbut by Dash. Sleeper by Dawson. Sling over by Jey. Tag to Dash. Jey was placed up top. Heabutt by Jey. Crossbody by Jey. 2 count.

Float Over by Jey and an Uppercut. Gallows nailed a Clothesline, on Jey, on the floor. We cut to break.

Karl Anderson finally got intothe battle. He had Uso down in a Side Hedlock. Jey was fading fast.  Karl clubbed the neck. Step Up Enziguri. A.J. Styles watched his brothers. European Uppercut by Karl and tag to Luke Gallows. Luke exploded with clubbing shots. BIg Elbow Drop to Jey’s chest. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Luke. Jimmy begged for a tag but couldn’t get it. Karl tagged back in and sent Jey into the corner. 2 count, again.  Karl talked serious trash and kept Uso in the O.C. corner. Uppercut by Uso. Tag by Jimmy. Samoan Drop blocked. Kicks by Jimmy.  Rikishi Run. Wilder rolled through a Crossbody. Anderson knocked off the apron. Samoan Drop. 2 count.

Dawson held Uso. Tag to Dawson in a blind tag. Electric Chair Bulldog. Save by Karl. The O.C. took out Dawson. Dash with a Barricade Tornado DDT on Luke. One of the Usos took out Dash and Dawson. Dawson went for a Superplex on the ropes. Dawson ended up Superplexed into everyone else, on the floor! Damn!

All six men were laid out. Jimmy picked up Dawson and threw him back in the ring. Jimmy climbed up top. He missed the Frog Splash. Gallows made the tag. Shatter Machine.  Anderson Spinebuster. Magic Killer. 1-2-3!

Your Winners (and the NEW Tag Champs): The O.C.
Raw Score: 89

A.J. Styles had a party table set for his boys. He was interviewed about facing Ricochet. He stopped to party with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

The announcers sent it to a video package about last week’s Raw Reunion. They cut Cena’s “Got Arrested” comment. We did see Mick Foley laid out by The Fiend. It was a cool night. LeeAnne knew a handful of the “old guys”. She knew D-X, Flair, Hogan, and love Hurricane. Like her momma, she loves Shawn Michaels. Candy has been showing her vitage stuff of HBK. We then saw how Shawn got attacked by Dolph Ziggler. Dolph laid out Shawn with “Sweet Chin Music”. Seth Rollins will get revenge against Dolph, later.

The Viking Raiders were on their way tothe ring for another Goldberg-like Squash Match.

Erik and iVar vs Cole Carter and Jonny James


Shotgun Dropkick to James (the white guy). Tag to Erik. Double Powerbomb to both foes. Viking Experience.

Your Winners: The Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 20

The Street Profits did their thing, backstage. They wondered why Maria wanted the title. Dawkins hinted he might be the “Baby Daddy”. Dawkins took offense about it. Seth Rollins came up to party with the Profits. Dawkins said the locker room was behind Seth.

Elsewhere, Becky headed out to defend her Raw Women’s title.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss
Raw Women’s Non-Title Match


Nikki came out with Alexa. The two women checked each other over before hooking up. The fans were solidly behind Becky. Lynch told Alexa to take a shot. When Bliss tried, Lynch took her down with several amateur takedowns. Front Face Lock by Becky into a wicked Suplex. Becky pulled Alexa off the ropes. La Magistral Cradle gave Becky a near fall. Nikki got in a cheap shot.  Dropkick by Bliss to send Becky to the floor.

Forearms by Lynch. Flying Shoulder by Becky. 2 count. Bliss almost got her own pin. Hard kicks by Bliss. School Girl by Lynch. 2 count. Seated Abdominal Stretch by Bliss. Bliss blocked the Dis-arm-Her. Jumping Knees into a Shooting Star by Bliss. Bliss pounded away on Becky. Becky avoided the Double Knee Drop. Kick by Becky. Bexksloder blocked. Back Heel Trip by Bliss. Kick by Lynch. Clothesline by the champ. Becksploder! Bliss claimed to have a hurt ankle. She was crying wildly. The ref called for help for Bliss. The match was called off.

Your Winner (by ref stoppage): Becky Lynch
Raw Score: 85

Nikki Cross got up in Becky’s face. Cross challenged Becky to fight her. We cut to commercial.

Becky Lynch vs Nikki Cross
Raw Women’s Non-Title Match


Nikki talked trash and shoved Lynch. Punch by Lynch and Nikki was run into the corner. Corner Splash by Lynch. Snap Mare and Shoulder Tackle by Lynch. Double Kicks by Nikki. Crossbody and Lateral Press by Nikki. 2 count. Snap Mare into a Rear Chin Lock by Nikki. Cross Tie Clutch by Nikki. Becky dropped down to send Nikki sailing. Becky arched up and out of a pin attempt. Nikki snapped Becky’s neck on the top rope. Becky knocked Nikki off the ropes. Man Handle Slam by Becky.

Your Winner: Becky Lynch
Raw Score: 70

Bliss suddenly healed and attacked Lynch. Nikki helped her. It was a ridiculous mugging until Natalya rushed down. Sharpshooter! Lynch was in sheer agony. Love this new Nattie.

Natalya was asked abouther behavior. Nattie said it was about being professional, not making friends. Nattie doesn’t trust Becky. Nattie wanted their match to be a Submission Match but she didn’t think Becky would accept.

Maria was doing a photo shoot with her newly-won title. She backed into Braun Strowman. She got uppity with him. She read him the riot act about being a man. Braun just growled at her.

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler


We saw the attack on Shawn, again. Seth is here to get revenge for one of his mentors and childhood idols. HBK’s music hit but it was Ziggler mocking the Hall of Famer. Dolph brought up the “lost your smile” line from years gone by.

Seth blasted Dolph and hit a La Bandera Clothesline. Seth threw Dolph into the barricade and ring apron. Seth then pitched Dolph into the ring nad punched away. Dolph scooted out of the ring. Seth followed and ran Dolph into the apron, again.

Back in the ring, Seth nailed a Snap Mare and hard kick. Knee Drop by Seth. They fought on the apron. JUmping DDT by Dolph…onto the apron. We cut to break.

Knife Edge by Seth. Wild Roaring Elbow and stomps by Seth. Sling Blade. Back Elbow by Dolph. Ziggler tried to use the ropes for a pin but failed. Falcon Arrow by Seth to pull a near fall. Seth was flipped onto the apron. Dolph sent Seth into the post, twice. Zig Zag! Could be…might be…Denied.

Superkicks by Seth to avoid Sweet Chin Music. Suddenly, Brock Vcame from the back. Brock rushed the ring and attacked with numerous Germans. Oh…what my sweet Candy just said. LOL!

Brock tossed Seth around like he weighed nothing. More Germans, this time on the floor. F5 into the post! Lesnar decimated Seth with a steel chair. F5 onto a steel chair. Ouch! A 2nd F5 onto the chair.  Brock held the crimson belt high. Seth was spitting up blood and retching, big time. Brock picked up Seth for a 3rd F5 onto a chair. Paul Heyman tried to call off his guy but it didn’t do any good.  Lesnar finally left, when he was ready.

The EMTs put Seth on a stretcher. Seth was having a tough time breathing. Cut to commercial.

Seth was heading for the ambulance. Roman Reigns stopped to check on it. Samoa Joe jumped Roman. The O.C.’s also attacked the Usos. Seth was loaded into the ambulance. Lesnar stopped the ambulance and continued to abuse Seth. F5 onto the stretcher. This is crap. Suspend that jerk.

Samoan Summit

Samoa Joe came out first. He is NOT related to the main line Anoa’i/Fatu families. Joe wanted to fight, not talk.

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe


The two tore into each other.  Wild puches by Roman. They went to the floor and Roman slammed Joe’s face off the ring apron and barricade. Headbutt by Roman. Roman blocked a punch and hit another Headbutt. Roman was thrown intothe ring steps. Roman picked up the steps and threw them into Joe’s face. Drew McIntyre rushed out ot jump Roman. Reigns took him out, quickly. Drew and Roman fought out in the crowd. Joe with a Running Boot to Roman. It was a nasty double team until Cedric Alexander took out Joe. Backspring Enziguri to Drew by Ceddy. Joe hit a vicious Clothesline on Alexander.  Drew and Cedric fought on the stage. Drew Suplexed Cedric into the LED boad. Joe and Roman fought at hte announce table. The Usos rushed out to attack. That brought out Gallows and Anderson. All Hell seriously broke loose. Cedric flew off the top of the Tron to Crossbody everyone in sight. Awesome.

Your Winner: No Official Match
Raw Score: N/A

Cedric avoided the Claymore Kick and hit a lethal Dropkick. The O.C. went for a Magic Killer but Roman hit Superman Punches all around. Flip Dive by Alexander. Superkicks by the Usos and Spear by Roman to lay out Samoa Joe! So freaking cool.  My left ear is almost deaf thanks to the screams from my girls.

Rossi: Rest in Peace, “Minnie Mous”
Jean: You stole the show at Open Mic Night
Candy/LeeAnne: I love you both, so very much


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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