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WWE Smackdown Live Recap

From: Miami, Florida

Venue: American Airlines Arena

Air Date: July 23rd, 2019

Smackdown Live kicked off tonight with a recap of the latest hot feud, Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon.

The usual suspects on the broadcast team were not around this evening so Tom Phillips was joined at the announce desk tonight by David Otunga. Big E and Xavier Woods of New Day were also enjoying the fun at ringside. Shaun Michaels was supposed to be commentary but will be on a special edition of Miz TV instead.

Shane McMahon made his entrance and made ring announcer, Greg Hamilton introduce him with the “ Best in the World!!” treatment. McMahon went on to hit the ring and announce that he will face Kevin Owens at SummerSlam. Owens has he would quit WWE if he is unable to defeat Shane. McMahon showed a video of Owens quitting on Raw last year. McMahon then remarked that it was typical of Owens to quit. He said he would make him quit again at SummerSlam and so that Owens cant trick his way around it, he wants it in writing.

Owens came out and called McMahon smart for playing that clip/ He remarked that, he was at his career low point when he quit. He said that he is not that person today. Owens gloated that he knew McMahon would accept his challenge because he wants Owens out plus he loves the big stage. Owens said, rather than quit, he will just beat up Shane.

Owens said he was coming to the ring to beat up McMahon right now. McMahon told him to hold it or their SummerSlam match was off. McMahon did say that, since Owens is looking for a fight, he will show off his power by booking him to face Roman Reigns later tonight.

The broadcast team set up the rest of the show teasing that will find out who will face WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam in addition to Shawn Michaels appearing on Miz TV.

Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura was seen backstage. He has a non-title tussel after the break.

We return to Shane McMahon walking backstage when he happens to run into Drew McIntyre and Elias who call him a genius for booking Owens against Reigns for later in the show. McMahon thanked them but said a match that big needed something extra special. McMahon then named McIntyre the special referee and Elias the special guest time keeper. McMahon then named himself as special guest ring announcer.

Nakamura and Apollo Crews made their entrances for the first match.

Match 1: Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews in a non-title bout. Smackdown Live is attempting to elevate Crews somewhat as he got a lot of offense in the early part of this match as well as showing off his power. Woods and Big E really talked up Crews’ power as he held Nakamura in a delayed suplex before clothes lining him to ringside then performing a moonsault off the apron as the show cut to commercial.

Nakamura fought back with kicks stunning Crews. He went for the Kinshasa knee strike early but Crews was able to block it and hit a kick and an Olympic Slam for a good close pin. Crews went high risk on the top rope but Nakamura slowed him with a well-paced knee. Nakamura decided to charge at Crews but Apollo sprung up at slammed him. Crews tried to follow up with his standing moonsault but Nakamura avoided it and finally landed a hard knee followed by the Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura attacked Crews after the bell and again outside the ring continuing his path of destruction as a take no prisioners champion.

Backstage, Mandy Rose finds Sonya Deville and tells her that she told Shane McMahon that Fire and Desire heard WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The IIconics mocking him. As a result he will give Rose and Deville a non-title match against the champs, if they win they get a match for the belts.

The Miz is walking backstage getting ready to come out for Miz TV with Shawn Michales. That is coming up after the break.

A new video featuring Mustafa Ali aired. He discussed being injured which allowed Kofi Kingston to take his place in the Elimination Chamber. He refuses to let be his legacy in WWE so he has to rewrite it. He said he will become WWE Champion.

Miz was in the ring and set up his segment with a video recap from the Monday Night Raw Reunion. Miz introduced Shawn Michales. Miz asked Michaels how he felt going back for the legends reunion? Michales said he had a good time but could see it from the younger talents perspective. He remembered being in the locker room wishing the old guys would just go away. He admitted the older you get, the harder it is to turn down an invitation.

Michaels said that Seth Rollins has been inducted into DX as an honorary member. Miz thanked Michaes for inviting him in despite the fact they were in a movie together. They plugged The Marine movie they were in.

Dolph Ziggler came out to interrupt but Miz quickly cut him off by telling him he would gladly punch him in the face again. Michaels said that Ziggler obviously has something to say so they should let him. Ziggler said he used to idolize Michaels but now its just embarrassing watching Michaels and the other legends of “shuffle” back down to the ring anytime they can.

Michaels shot back that the more embarrassing moment is when you look back at all your accomplishments and realize your still just a Shawn Michaels wannabe. Ziggler retorted that there is only one second-rate Shawn Michaels and Ziggler was looking at him.

Ziggler kept attacking Michaels and Miz until Miz cut him off. Miz told Ziggler that instead of crying that it should be him, he should take the opportunity and make it him. After all, thats what successful people do in the WWE. Miz then challenged Ziggler to “do something about it.”

Miz invited Dolph to punch him. Ziggler looke upset but turned to leave. Michaels tried to stop him and talk to him when Ziggler swung at Michaels. Michaels ducked the blow and Ziggler tagged Miz. Michaels knocked Ziggler to the mat and turned to check on Miz. When Micales turned back around, Ziggler had recovered and laid out Michaels with a super kick. Miz ran at Ziggler who quickly rolled to ringside.

Charlotte Flair versus Ember Moon is coming up after the commercial break.

Match 2: Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon

Flair put Moon down with a boot when WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley came out to ringside. Flair turned her attention to her allowing Moon to recover and score the surprise victory with a rollup from behind.

Winner: Ember Moon

Moon rolled to ringside to celebrate with Bayley when she promptly threw Bayley into the ring where Flair kicked her in the back of the head. Moon then rolled in and hit an Eclipse on both Flair and Bayley.

WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston was preparing to go to the ring after the commercial.

We return and there is another ‘Raw recap of the Raw Reunion last night. Kofi Kingston made his entrance. Michael Cole has joined Phillips on commentary replacing Woods and Big E.

Kingston got to the ring and called out Randy Orton as the man he wants to face at SummerSlam. Orton made his entrance. Kingston brought up the fact that they have a lot of history together. Kingston remembered a day way back when he kicked Randy Orton all over the arena. They showed the Raw from November 2009 when Kingston hit the Boom Drop on Orton through a table.

Kingston said that was the day he was supposed to go to the main event level. Kingston said that did not happen because Orton used his influence to hold him back. Kingston said it almost work until it didn’t and Kingston made it to the main event anyway.

Orton admitted to holding back Kingston saying he wasn’t ready to be champion and he still isn’t. He said his whole title reign is a fluke and the only reason Kingston is there is because Orton took out Mustafa Ali. Kingston challenged him to find out at SummerSlam which Orton accepted saying he will make Kofi’s ride come to an end courtesy of the RKO.

Orton left ringside as Samoa Joe entered. He has a match against Kingston after the break. Orton reversed course and decided to stay and watch.

A video aired of Aleister Black

Match 3: WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe in a non-title bout.

Orton took a seat at ringside as Joe showed off his power early dominating the action. He nailed Kingston with a uranage as the show takes another commercial time out. We come back to see Orton staring down Kingston. Kofi starts to fire back and looks like he wants to set up for the Trouble in Paradise but Joe tripped so Kofi leaped off the rope instead.

Orton hit the ring and tried to hit Kingston with an RKO but Kingston felt it and was able to push Orton away.

Winner: No contest

Joe recovered and looked to be going after Orton. Orton countered with an RKO. Kingston then nailed Orton with a Trouble in Paradise to end the segment.

Tom Phillips hyped up Reigns versus Owens for later in the show as they showed Owens taping up his hands. Finn Balor is backstage. He will be out for an interview next.

Kayla Braxton was in the ring ready to interview Finn Balor. She asked Balor if he knew Wyatt attacked him. Balor said he had no idea how Wyatt’s mind worked. Braxton then asked if he was frightened and Balor said he has faced evil before and he’s never backed down. He challenged Wyatt’s fiend persona to a match at SummerSlam.

The video board lights up and we see the introduction to the Firefly Funhouse. Wyatt is onscreen with the puppets and tells Balor that he is a fan but the Fiend is not. He then accepted Balor’s challenge. A second video of the Fiend trying to break in the Funhouse saying “Let me in!!”

The announce team hyped the main event for next.

Sarah Schreiber was backstage saying she was requested for an interview. Charlotte Flair comes out upset that she is not on SummerSlam and that Bayley got to hand pick her opponent. She said she will have an opponent for SumerSlam and it will be better than Ember Moon. She will prove that she is the best female-superstar of all time.

Ring announcer, Greg Hamilton introduced Shane McMahon as the guest ring announcer. McMahon made his entrance then introduced McIntyre and Elias then the show broke for commercial. Owens and Reigns made their entrances. McMahon made the in-ring introductions calling Reigns the man he beat at Super Showdown and Owens the man who will lose to him at SummerSlam.

Match 4: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens

Reigns and Owens locked up and jostled into the corner. McIntyre got in between them as they broke clean. It happened again and this time McIntyre shoved each man trying to get them to separate. Reigns punched him and the match was called a no-contest.

Winner: No Contest

Elias tried to run in but Reigns knocked him off the apron. McMahon tried to escape but wound up in the ring trapped between Reigns and Owens. McIntyre and Elias recovered allowing McMahon to escape to ringside. Elias and McIntyre then beat up Reigns.

Feeling brave, McMahon returned to the ring to set up Reigns for a Superman Punch but Owens was able to grab him and send him to the ringside barricade. He then returned and helped Reigns turn away McIntyre and Elias.

McMahon tried to limp backstage but Reigns caught him and threw him back into the ring allowing Owens to stun him. The crowd chanted “One More Time” so Owens stunned him again.

Owens celebrated in the ring, took the house mic and warned McMahon he would beat him again at SummerSlam. Phillips wondered from the announce table if we would see this scene again at SummerSlam to close the show.

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