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The Raw (Reunion) Score

A recap and review of a very special edition of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by the writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Paula and LeeAnne Moore

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow”–Helen Keller

Welcome to the Reunion Show. Tonight, we should see just about every major star to work WWE. I’m hoping to get to see my favorite, Iron Sheik.

I am in major nostalgia mode. My Mom surprised me, on Saturday, with a day trip to Wichita Falls, Texas. There we met Johnny Mantell, owner/operator of the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (pwhf.org). He has built an incredible shrine to the wonderful men and women of professional wrestling. It is the ONLY Brick and Mortar Hall of Fame/Museum in the U.S.. He is preparing to expand the museum and would welcome donations of wrestling related items. If you happen to find yourself in downtown Wichita Falls, just look for the blue building and go inside. It’s worth the time (and very slight entry fee). And there is a great Cracker Barrel just up the street for lunch/dinner.

Now let’s get on to the action…

Candy is feeling a bit under the weather, this week. She’s crashed on her couch and waiting for the arrival of her all-time favorite, Shawn Michaels. We have a running bet on how few of the old-timers that LeeAnne (aged 7) will actually know. She knows Hogan and Flair and a few others but this should be interesting.

We are in Tampa, Florida. The teaser showed dozens of past superstars scheduled to appear. LeeAnne looked a bit confused at some of the pictures. She does know Stone Cold.

We kicked off with the return of John Cena. I’m digging the lime green shirt. He got a great pop from the Floridians. He joked about everyone being nice to him. He mentioned a few others that would be in the house, including Ric Flair, D-X, Stone Cold, and Hulk Hogan. Cena said this was his home (the ring). Cena was excited to be back in the ring. He wanted to get some energy in the building.

THe Usos came out for the first contest. Jimmy and Jey had some fun with Cena. They wanted to rap with the original Doctor of Thugonomics. Cena started to leave but stopped. The Usos did bring some heat when they mentioned Cena leaving for Hollywood. Cena busted some serious rhymes on the twins. The Usos brought out their pops….Rikishi! Sweet! He’s looking so good. Cena stepped out of the ring. Kishi was ready to talk his stuff. Kishi was ready to dance with John and his boys.  They were interrupted by The Revival. They were joined by D’Von Dudley.!

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart chatted, backstage. Hogan wanted to beat up someone.

Looks like Bray Wyatt/The Fiend will defintiely be at SummerSlam. We want to see The Fiend vs The Demon.

Booker T joined the announce team. Cool.

The Usos vs The Revival


Rikishi and D’Von stayed in their respective corners. A switch of Side Headlocks started the match. Universal into a Back Body Drop to both Revival members. Tag on the twins’ side. Snap Mare on Dawson for a near fall. Dash Wilder got popped but Dawson hit a Flapjack onto the top rope. Dash took the tag. Snap Up into the ropes. Dawson tagged back in. They talked trash to Rikishi. Big Samoan Drop on Uso. Knife Edge Chop s by both Dash and Dawson. Jey was shoved off the top and crashed hard. Wrestling/Commercial Split Screen.

I hate those split screen things. Jey got back in the ring and immediately got blasted. Assisted Suplex Double Team by the Revival. Back Elbow to Jey. Snap Mare into a Side Headlock on Jey. Rikishi looked seriously concerned for his sons. Jey fought back with punches and kicks. Dash and Dawson tagged in and out. Jimmy got he Hot Tag and went wild. Samoan Drop by Jimmy. D’Von tried to cheerlead his team. Step Up Enziguri by Jimmy. Dash and Dawson tried to pull some underhanded stuff with switching out. Didn’t work. Jimmy went up top but Wilder got out of the way. Dash got in and hit a Double Team Uppercut thing. Jey made the save. Rikishi and D’Von faced off. Dawson talked trash to Kishi. Superkicks by the brothers. Frog Splash on Dawson.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Score : 88 out of a possible 100

Several of the ladies chatted backstage. Alicia Fox wanted a huge hat. She went all Fan Girl when Santino Marella and Torrie Wilson showed up. Santio looked sharp in his suit. He had the Cobra with him. Santino flirted wildly until Drew McIntyre showed up. Drew was not impressed with the Legends. We are.

It was time for am interview with R-Truth and Carmella. They were at ComicCon. Truth was dressed as a penguin. Hurrican Helms showed up. Helms almost pinned Truth.  Drake Maverick also tried and failed. This interview was so fun and silly. Drake’s wife came up to talk with the champ. She was upset at how Truth has upset their life. Carmella got up in her face. Drake slid up and pinned Truth. Again?

Godfather then joined the party. Loving It! How do we explained the Ho Train to a 7 year old. LOL!

Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander


We started with a flashback to last week’s upset win by Ceddy. Alexander then came out to get attacked by Drew. The bell hadn’t even rang yet. Drew ended up hitting the ring post. Ring Step Enziguri by Cedric. Alexander hit a Moonsault but got sent into the rin g post. Drew pounded away. The ref demanded they get in the ring. Drew lifted Cedric and ran his kidneys into the barricade. Inverted Alabama Slam onto the ring apron! Damn! Drew just stood and snarled over his fallen foe. Drew headed to the back.

Your Winner: No Official Match
Raw Score: N/A

The Viking Raiders (Ivar and Erik) were on deck.

We got a video package about Ricochet.

Drake Maverick was tryig to get away with his newly won title. He ran across a deal of worms. Boogeyman showed up! Yes! LeeAnne just freaked out. Pat Patterson came in and pinned Drake! Pat Patterson is the NEW 24/7 Champion!

Christian joined the announce team for the next match. Lilian Garcia, beautiful as always, stepped in the ring announce.

Erik and Ivar (The Viking Raiders) vs Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins


Insert video from the Vikings. The former Edgeheads were on the road back to championship gold. All four men tore into each other. Double Dropkick to Ivar. Erik got slammed into the mat. Double Team by Curt and Zack. They kept working over Erik. Ivar finally got the tag. 2 count. SNap Mare and Crossfaces by Ivar. Tag back to Erik. Scoop Slam of Ivar onto Zack. Curt got the tag but got decimated.  Ivar was sent into Curt, by Erik. Suicide Dive by Iar. Tag to Erik Viking Experience!

Your Winners: Ivar and Erik
Raw Score: 79

LeeAnne just asked me if I wanted to get more tattoos to look like Erik. I don’t think so.

The party was going great, backstage. Eve Torres chatted with Mike Kanellis. Eric Bischoff was also there. He was trying to recruit Mike for Smackdown. Maria whined because Mike wasn’t there to put lotion on her. Jeez. Ron Simmons walked up and put it better than I could. He took Jimmy Hart’s Megaphone…”Damn!”

Samoa Joe walked slowly in the back.

The Club were chatting, backstage. Styles took shots at the Bullet Club, somewhwat cloaked. They also mocked the Legends and Seth Rollins. I guess they are now the “O.C.”.

Pat Patterson was talking with Gerald Briso, who had just won the title. Kelly Kelly kneed Brico and K2 won the title. Hilarious.

Samoa Joe got in the ring to chat. He introduced himself to the crowd. The fans actually appreciated him. He felt the Reunion was a travesty. He said this show was a plague on the WWE. He hated nostalgia. Joe was ticked off that he wasn’t going to be allowed to issue destruction. Instead, the Usos and Kishi traded rhymes with Cena. He was cut off by the arrival of Roman Reigns. Joe looked a bit surprised. Roman strolled down to the ring with a purpose. Joe is one of the very few Samoans not to be related to the Samoan Dynasty that started with Afa and Sika and has gone for decades.  Actually, the family began with Rock’s grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia. Joe stood up to Roman and said he done talked about Roman’s family. Roman reminded Joe what happens next. Joe tried for a cheap shot and Roman blasted him. Joe sent Roman intothe ring post. Joe sent Roman into the barricade with an Irish Whip. Joe kept sending Roman into the barricades. Straight Rights by Joe. Now this is a feud I want to see. Joe pitched Roman back in the ring.  Joe punched and kicked away. Headbutt by Joe sent Roman out of the ring. Candy just screamed, across the room, that Roman needed to kick (behind). Superman Punch! Joe demanded a microphone. He teased getting back in the ring. Joe threw out a direct challenge to Roman Reigns to face him and then changed his mind. Roman called Joe a “coward”. That comment pushed Joe into accepting a match.

Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns


Roman unloaded on Joe with hard rights. Whip to the corner. Roman hit the ring post.  Knife Edge by Joe. Headbutt tothe injured arm and shoulder. Punch by Joe. Snap Mare into a Cravat by Joe. Roman powered out of the move. Running Clothesline by Joe for a near fall.

Joe dropped elbows into Roman’s neck. Back tot he Cravat.  Roman got to his feet and nailed a Headbutt. Joe threw Roman out of hte ring and hit a Tope Suicida. Joe just grinned at the destruction he has caused. Joe threw Roman back in the ring.

Joe mocked Roman with some applause. Knife Edge and Forearms by Joe. Joe tossed Roman outside, again. Joe  got blasted with a Drive By as Joe got out of the ring. Roman hit the Flying Clothesline. Corner Clotheslines by Roman, followed by a Big Boot. Roman cocked his fist but Joe blocked the Superman Punch. Inverted Atomic Drop and Backsplash Senton by Joe. 2 count. Kokina Clutch! Roman rushed to the rops to break it. Spear! 1-2-3!

Your Winner : Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 87

My girls are tickled pink that Roman won.

The Miz came from the back. HIs 2nd baby girl should be joining the world, soon. Seth will be his guest, next.

Special Guest: Seth Rollins

We have 2 Talk Segments tonight? Really? Why? I prefer Miz, usually. The fans were so digging Miz. Miz pushed his reality show. Smile. Seth gets Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Seth came out to amonster pop. We saw how Seth won the championship shot against Lesnar. Miz showed how Seth lost the Universal title to Lesnar, at Extreme Rules. Seth was almost amused at the video. Seth poked fun at Paul Heyman’s introduction of Lesnar. Seth then mocked Brock’s look (calling him a Godzilla B*st*rd). Seth didn’t want to be Brock Lesnar. He said Brock was a Seth Rollins-Wanna Be.

That brought out Paul Heyman. Seth and Paul went back and forth with each other. Seth was ready to destroy Paul. Heyman scooted backstage, at warp speed. Seth said he was determined to take the title from Lesnar, in just a few weeks.

Seth then turned his focus to A.J. Styles. These two have fought, in the past. I’m not sure if they ever faced off in WWE.

The Legends were set to be interviewed but Sami Zayn crashed the party. He went off on one of his infamous rants. Broring! Rey Mysterio stepped up and told Sami off. Sami laughed at him. Zayn challenged Rey to a fight. Kurt Angle stepped in to break them apart. He unofficially set the match…next.

I so want to see Hogan win the 24/7 title. My ladies think I’ve lost my mind. Hey, I AM in nostalgia mode.

Kelly Kelly ran into Candace Michelle. Dang, she looked incredible. Several others attacked KK and Candace took the strap. Dman, that body stocking was sexy as Hell. Candace was forced to tap out to Alundra Blayze! Blayze said she wouldn’t be champ, long. Trash Can Time.

The Coach joined the announce team for the next match.

Rey Mysterio vs Sami Zayn


The two circled each other. Sami took the arm but Rey flipped in the ropes. Straight punches by Sami. Uppercut by Rey. Jumping Enziguri by Rey. Sami pushed Rey off the top and his leg got twisted in the ropes. Hesitation Dropkick by Zayn. 2 count.

Punches by Sami. The 24/7 title has changed 6 times. Rear Chin Lock by Sami. Rey flipped Sami off him. Powerbomb by Sami after blocking a Rana. Rey converted a Scoop Slam into a DDT. Rey with hard kicks and punches. Universal intothe Wheelbarrow. Sami went intothe ropes but stepped out before the 619.

RVD and Sgt. Slaughter came from the back. They were joined by Hurricane Helms. (Can’t Stand him). Kurt Angle also joined the party. Sami sent into the ropes. 619! Frog Splash!

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 83

Sarge looked so much better than the last time we saw him.

A black limo puled up. Inside…Ric Flair! So fantastic to see him doing better. He really had some serious health issues, in recent weeks. God Bless Ya, Natch.

The Street Profits were back for their weekly segment. Dawkins was under the weather. He had been a little too close to RVD (grin). They mentioned seeing Mark Henry and Ric Flair. They went into a Woo-Fest . Godfather called Dawkins, who walked off to talk.

The announcers were trying to figure out the last segment. Alundra Blayze came out with the 24/7 belt. She replayed the belt drop but got stopped by Ted DiBiase, Sr. Ted offered to buy the belt off her. She took the money and made Ted the new champion. Too flashback funny.

Jerry “The King” Lawler came out to announce the next match.

A.J. Styles vs Seth Rollins
Non-Title Match


The entire O.C. came out for this match. O.C.=Original Club? Really like the new shirts. Defintiely a shot at the Bullet Club. Seth came out, solo. He didn’t seem intimidated.

They circled each other and hooked up. Push Off from the Side Headlock failed Styles. Shoulder Tackle by Seth and Styles went to the apron.

Kick by Styles and stomps by the U.S. champion. Seth was bounced off the top turnbuckle. Knife Edge Chop-a-thon by both ment. Sunset Flip by Seth for a two. Kinfe Edges and punches by Seth. Wild Forearm by Seth.  Corner Attack by Rollins.

Seth was flipped to the apron. He snapped Styles’ neck on the ropes. Karl Anderson provided a distraction and Styles clocked Seth.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels came out to aid Seth. Candy just lost it. We went to commercial

THe match restarted, after the break. Sling Blade by Seth. D-X was in Seth’s corner, now. Blockbuster by Seth. Springboard Knee Trembler and Superkick by Seth. Another Superkick but Luke and Karl attacked. D-X jumpoed right in to aid Seth.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 70

Seth wanted D-X to be part of the O.C.. They looked like they were going there but it turned into the Crotch Chop. D-X and Seth cleaned house! The voice in my ear just went to an 11! The O.C. got steel chairs. Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and X-Pac were joined by Diesel (Kevin Nash) and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall). Road Dogg mentioned Chyna’s spirit being with them. He said they were the O.G.’s (D-X and the Kliq). The O.C.’s back down, big time. Styles said he would got to NXT to find Shawn and kick his behind. Road Dogg made Seth an honorary member of D-X. He did hte Two Words thing.

By the way, Swan Waltman announced his official retirement, this past week-end. Thank you Sean for your years of great performances.

Mark Henry and Mick Foley chatted. Mark has gone seriously grey in his beard. Foley has something to say…next.

DiBiase walked with his newly won title. He got in a limo but we heard banging in the inside. There seemed to be a three count. Drake Maverick came out withthe title. Drake got chased off by a bunch of guys. His wife was NOT happy that they were not going to consummate the nuptials.

Mick Foley was wearing his Dude Love shirt and Cactus Jack plaid jacket. The 24/7 guys rushed past Foley. Mick wanted the belt for himself. Foley mentioned his 24 years as a part of the WWE. Foley wanted to share his favorite moment. It was when he won the WWE Title. He was cut off by the arrival of The Fiend, Bray Wyatt. Oh crap! He has creepy contacts. Bray used the Mandible Claw on Foley. Foley took that from Dr. Sam Sheppard (the inspiration for The Fugitive). The laughter echoed as we cut to commercial.

A Moment of Bliss
Special Guest: Becky Lynch

Nikki Cross came out with Alexa. She referenced the last segment. She introduced Nikki Cross. Nikki then introduced Becky Lynch. Becky showed off her championship blet as she took a seat. They were cut off by the arival of Natalya, Alexa didn’t know why Nattie was out there. Nattie wanted Becky to talk straight to her. Bliss showed last week’s post match confrontation. Becky told Natalya that Miss Neidhart (Wilson) better bring it. Nattie was cool with that. Bliss said Bekcy and Natalya were under each other skins now. Becky said Natalya tried to cut her legs out from under her, by way of Ronda Rousey.  Becky said she was going to enbarrass Natalya. The two women tore into ech other. Bliss and Cross backed way off. The refs came out to break them apart. Renee Young liked Nattie’s new aggression.

Nattie was interviewed, backstage. Natalya said Becky made this personal. Natalya said Becky would get the *ss whipping of a lifetime, at SummerSlam.

Drake and his wife found each other. R Truth  rolled up and pinned Drake. New Champ. Truth took off with the title…and Drake’s wife.

Braun Strowman vs Randy Rowe (any relationship to Erik)

Huge Biel after Braun said this wouldn’t last long. A 2nd massive Biel. Running Big Boot by Strowman. Goozle into a wicked Powerbomb. Done.

Your Winner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 50

Braun just cackled at his destruction.

The Monday Night Raw Toast

We looked back, first, at Kofi Kingston’s win at Wrestlemania.

Ric Flair came out, first. Dang, I was so scared we’d never see him again. He was moving a bit slower than normal but still moving. He paid respect to the fans who so love him. The rest of the Legends joined the Nature Boy. LeeAnne loves RVD’s geat. She asked her Mom if we could get one for her.

Hulk Hogan then made his way from the back to face his one-time mortal enemy, Flair. He was surprisingly NOT in red and yellow. Hogan had the stick and did his typical intro. Hogan was happy to party in his home town to honor Raw. Hogan thanked all his loyal fans. “Whatcha Gonna Do” and “Hulkamania” runs wild on you? Hogan and Flair teased one more battle. This was episode 1,365.

Stone Cold’s music hit and the Texas Rattlesnake brought hte Steveweisers to the ring. Surprised that not a single McMahon (if you do n’t count HHH) were here.  Austin asked for the stick but had to wait for the crowd to quiet down. He brought them back up with the request for a “Hell Yeah!”. Austin was happy to be back in Tampa. Austin showed massive respect to his fellow sisters and brothers. He threatened Stunners to everyone in sight. Austin talked about the sacrifices that his “family” made, over the years. Austin said the fans were also his family. Austin talked about doing a podcast with Hogan and sharing Sushi. Austin also partied with Flair, last night. Austin talked about Ron Simmons. Austin was an incredible class act, tonight. Austin invited everyone to join him in the ring. Austin called for cold beers. He toasted the entire WWE Universe. Beers went flying all around. Austin hugged Triple H. Michael Cole was so proud of these men and women.

Austin asked them to cut the music. Austin talked about time with Gerald Brisco, doing stuff they shouldn’t. Coach told Austin to just be himself.  Austin said it was time to “Take it Home”. One massive super toast.


Johnny: Thanks for the tour, Mr. Mantell
Jean: Thanks for checking on us both
Candy/LeeAnne: Just a few more weeks, myloves


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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