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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your writing team of: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy Moore and LeeAnne Moore

“It’s strange how simple things become, once you see them clearly”–Ayn Rand

Extreme Rules is in the bokks. Several titles changed hands and Undertaker truly proved he is ageless. He looked amazing in his tag match with Roman against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Now…the Fall Out!

Oh, by the way, we have a NEW Universal Champion and it’s NOT who you might think. Then again…

Before qw get started, I (Jay) want to say good-bye to an actress that I appreciated since I was a young child. You might not recognize the name Denise Nickerson but I bet you remember Violet Beauregard, who turned into a giant blueberry in the original Willy Wonka. Ms. Nickerson suffered a stroke, last week, and passed away at the age of 62. Rest Well, sweet lady.

Brock Lesnar, the NEW Universal champion, came from the back. It has taken me almost 24 hours to calm Candy down about Lesnar’s win, at Extreme Rules. She really does NOT like The Beast. We saw highlights of the main event of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans. Seth and Becky did retain but then Brock Cashed In and took the Crimson Championship. No one, with the possible exception of “Scooter” Wilson (one of my best friends), was happy to see Brock get the belt back.

Paul Heyman just about burst at the seems when introducing his champion. Paul did the “I told you so” bit about Brock getting the strap back. Paul mentioned about having all the stroke in WWE, right now. Paul decided to figure out who would get the next shot at Lesnar, at SummerSlam. Cross Branded Top 10 Battle Royal was the concept. The winner of that would get Lesnar, in a month. Heyman announced who would be in:

Seth Rollins
Randy Orton
Big E
Braun Strowman
Rey Mysterio
Baron Corbin
Sami Zayn
Bobby Lashley
Roman Reigns

Those are the 10. Paul made fun of Seth’s destruction, last night. Paul warned everyone that they were risking their health, welfare and manhood if they face Lesnar. He said they were all Brock’s B*tches.

Ricochet came out before Lesnar and Heyman had exited the arena. Ricochet lost his title, last night, to A. J. Styles. It was far from a clean win. Ricochet went past Lesnar without even noticing him.

Ricochet, Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Bobby Roode, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder
Six Man, 2-out-of-3 Falls


First Fall:

I hate 2/3 Falls Matches.

Wilder was nailed with a Superkick and a Recoil by Ricochet.

Fall One–Usos and Ricochet

Second Fall:

Kneelift and stomps by Roode. RVD Roll and Headscissors by Ricochet. Dropkick by Ricochet. Tag to Jey. Float Over and kick by Uso. Spinebuster by Robert Roode. Tag to Dash.

European Uppercut. Clubbing blow to Jey’s back. Dash choked Jey on the top rope. Knife Edge Chops by Wilder. Scoop Slam on Jey. Jimmy got the tag and went wild on Wilder. Samoan Drop to Dash. Rikishi Run aborted. Flapjack by Scott Dawson, who had tagged in.

Second Fall: Revival and Roode

Third Fall:

Dawson flipped Jimmy over with a Suplex, at the bell. 2 count. Tag back to Dash. Slingshot Double Team up into the ropes. 2 count, again. Abdominal Stretch on Jimmy. Arm Drag by Jimmy as he broke the hold. Jimmy was kept from his corner. Hip Toss to counter another Abdominal Stretch. Hot Tags to Roode and Ricochet.

Springboard Clothesline by Ricochet. It broke down into total chaos. Ricochet blocked the Glorious DDT. Recoil led to the 630.

Your Winners: Ricochet, Jimmy and Jey Uso
Raw Score: 87 out of a possible 100

A.J. Styles came out with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. They mocked Ricochet for losing. Ricochet launched himself on Styles. The Usos took the fight to the Good Brothers. The Revival got back involved. The Usos threw a Superkick Party. Shatter Machine to Jey. Ricochet took out the Revival but got blasted with the Phenominal Forearm. Magic Killer to Ricochet.

The Viking Raiders were ready to bring the destruction…next.

Next Monday is the Raw Reunion Show. A lot of “Vintage” stars will be back for one night. They are advertising Flair but not sure how his health is, right now.

Ivar and Erik (Viking Raiders) vs Vinny and Jackson


This didn’t take long. Both guys were just annihilated by the Vikings. Ivar pulled up his victim to enjoy more punishment. Jackson was hit with a Backbreaker and Gutbuster. Springboard Clothesline. Viking Experience.

Your Winners: Viking Experience
Raw Score: 40

We saw highlights of Taker/Roman vs Shane/Drew. Elias got involved. The good guys came back after several vicious moves to win this one.

Drew McIntyre has issues with Cedric Alexander, because of last week. Drew planned to dismember and disembowel Cedric. Just kiddding…he said…he would just humble him. Cedric told Drew that the joke will be on McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander
Special Challenge Match


Drew ran over Cedric, at the bell. Knife Edge Chop and Whip by Cedric. Backspring Enziguri by Cedric led to a Flip Dive. Awesome. My girls aren’t that familiar with Cedric but like him. Belly to Belly by Drew, which sent Ceddy into the corner. Huge Belly to Belly Throw and Suplex Throw. 2 count.

Stomp by Drew. Another Knife Edge Chop. Front Face Lock into a Dead Lift Suplex attempt. Cedric kneed free and blasted the jaw. Drew flew off the top but ate a huge Dropkick on the way down. Lethal-esque Backspring Elbow partially blocked. Headbutt but Cedric rolled through the Alabama Slam to pin Drew!

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Raw Score: 85

We saw how Shinsuke Nakamura won the Intercontinental title from Finn Balor, last night. FInn cut a promo about his loss. Finn wants a rematch but he will have to battle Samoa Joe, first. Joe then countered with a scathing rant against his opponent.

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor


Roman Reigns was interviewed, backstage, before the match. Roman didn’t care what anyone else had to say…this was HIS week. Roman needed to dominate the Battle Royal and earning a shot at Lesnar.

Back to the ring for the introduction of Finn Balor. I’d love to see him join “The Club”. Candy just asked me if I’d lost my mind. No, I just think it would be interesting to see the Bullet Club back at its very best.

Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Shove by Joe but Go Behind by Balor. Joe took control of the arm. Side Headlock by Finn. Side Headlock Takeover by Balor. Push Off into a vicious Knife Edge Chop. Rope Walk Side Headlock. Joe rolled up Finn to get the surprise win.

Your Winner: Samoa Joe
Raw Score: 70

Finn escaped teh Kokina Clutch, post match. Shotgun Knees into the Coup D’ Grace! Joe rolled out of the ring.

Finn’s music went down and so did the lights. You could tell something was going on but couldn’t see anything. It was The Fiend! Bray Wyatt was in his alter ego and he hit Sister Abigail. I really hate the new music. His mask just scared the willies out of my 5 year old nephew, C.J.. He ran out of my office at warp speed.

Drake and Renee Maverick were getting their hotel room. She is gorgeous. She wanted champagne and the best room possible. R-Truth watched all of it from the back. Truth tried to bribe the desk jockey. Elsewhere, the Street Profits did their schtick to make fun of Drake. They pushed other matches on the card.

Zack Ryder vs Mike Kanellis

Maria said she wanted to fight. Mike didn’t want him to fight, she wanted to…even though she was pregnant. She stormed from the back but Mike caught up with her and said he would show her.

Rough Ryder! 1-2-3! Damn!

Your Winner: Zack Ryder
Raw Score: 30

Maria raised Hell with her hubby for losing.

The Club chatted in the back. Six Man Action…next.

A.J. Styles, Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson and Luke Gallows vs Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metallik
Six Man Tag Team Match


Styles started with Metallik. He ripped into the masked man with hard kicks. Karl took the tag and continued to stomp away. Hard Whip but Gran got the boots up. Rope Walk Dropkick by Metallik. Tag to Luke.

Gallows boxed the ribs and then stomped away. Clubbing blow to the neck of Metallik. Gran tried to fight back but failed. Headbutt by Luke. Tag to Anderson. Double Team on Metallik. Ricochet came out and attacked Styles! The Lucha House Party kept Anderson and Gallows at bay. We went to break.

So, the three of us were talking about the Battle Royal. LeeAnne wants Rey Mysterio to win. Candy is thinking Roman Reigns. I’m leaning towards Randy Orton.

The match continued. Ricochet was ushered to the back. Styles tagged out to Luke. He beat the daylights out of Lince Dorado. Tag to Andeson. Kick to Lince’s ribs. Scoop Slam by Karl. Rear Chin Lock by Andeerson. Gran Metallik was knocked off the apron. Backspring Cutter by Dorado. Nice. Hot tag to Kalisto. He clocked Styles and Gallows. Rolling Kick and Backspring Enziguri to Anderson. 2 count. Rana to Karl. Anderson went tothe floor. Incoming! Flip Dive and Tope Suicidas by the trios. Styles distracted Kalisto. Anderson Spinebuster to Kalisto. Tag to Gallows. Boot o’ Doom Double Team. Tag to Styles. Calf Crusher! Tap Out.

Your Winners (by Submission): A.J. Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows
Raw Score: 75

We looked back at the Winners Take All match at Extreme Rules. When Baron Corbin attacked Becky Lynch, Seth wore his butt out. Brock Lesnar then spoiled it all by Cashing In.

Seth Rollins was interviewed. He was asked how he could remain focused. He said he had to stay on task. Seth didn’t feel Brock deserved the titile. Seth let everyone know that Becky would be okay, after last night. Seth was ready to destroy anyone that got in his way, on his way back to the Univesal title.

Alexa Bliss vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Carmella
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match


Becky Lynch limped out to watch this match. We took a quick break before the war started.

Alexa went after the other three but got thrown out to the floor. She stopped to chat with Nikki Cross. Naomi with a Springboard Bulldog on Nattie. Slingshot Powerbomb by Nattie. Double Kip Up. Carmella kept Alexa on the floor and almost pinned Naomi and Nattie, several times. Too funny.

Natalya was thrown out to the floor. Carmella with multiple kicks to Naomi. Back Elbow by the Glow Queen. Handstand Rana by Carmella for a two. Mella-go-Round on Nattie. Moonwalk into a Bronco Buster. Superkick to Naomi and Nattir. Alexa rolled up Carmella.


Alexa tried to roll up Naomi but failed. Naomi clocked Alexa and almost got rid of her. Scoop Slam to Alexa. Baseball Slide Dropkick to send Nattie to the floor. Hard Kicks by Naomi to Alexa. 2 count. Alexa punched away. Clothesline by Bliss. 2 count.

Hard kicks by Bliss to Naomi. Slap by Alexa. Double Clotheslines. We went to break.

The three remaining women squared off. Naomi rolled up Natalya but failed to et the three. Nattie tried to Suplex Naomi, on the floor. Blockbuster by Naomi, off the steps. Alexa Pearl Harbored Naomi. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Bliss. Bliss pulled Naomi’s hair to add insult to injury. The two traded hard shots. Natalya was knocked off the apron. Full Nelson Powerbomb. 2 count. Leg Sweep and Leg Drop by Naomi. Near Fall. Nikki cheerled her best buddy, Bliss. Discus Clothesline by Natalya to Naomi. 1-2-no.

Rear Chin Lock by Natalya on Naomi. Surfboard by Natalya. I’ve been in that move and it hurts. Alexa tried to pin Natalya, in mid-move. 2 count. Hard Kicks by Naomi. Bliss blocked the Split Legged Moonsault. Natalya with an Airplane Spin Powerbomb. Bliss made the save, for some reason. Bliss blasted Natalya. Yakuza Kicks by Bliss to Naomi. Rear Chin Lock by Little Miss Bliss. Naomi kicked out at two. Stomps by Alexa to Naomi. Becky continued to watch the action.

Crescent Kick by Naomi. 2 count, again. Rear Chin Lock by Bliss. Bliss threw Naomi into Natalya. Nattie ripped into Bliss until she was thrown into the corner. Bliss talked smack to Becky. Scoop Slam failed. Naomi tripped Bliss and kicked Nattie. Sunset Flip but Nattie rolled it back and pinned Naomi.


Nikkii tried to keep her friend calm. Alexa didn’t want to get in with Natalya. Nikki got on the stick and yelled at the crowd to “shut up”. She then cheered on her buddy. Bliss stayed in the ropes and then kicked Nattie. The fans hated Bliss. Scoop Slam failed Nattie. Bliss dropped Natalya and hit Double Knees. 2 count. Springboard Powerbomb to Bliss. Discus Clothesline to Nikki. Bliss sent Natalya in the ring. Sharpshooter! Tap Out!

Your Winner: Natalya
Raw Score: 80

That match went a bit long but it was really good. Nattie was interviewed about going to SummerSlam. Natalya called Becky her friend but Lynch took exception to that. Becky liked Natalya but it wasn’t her friend that would be in the ring, at SummerSlam. She promised to wipe the floor with her. Natalya called Becky a B*tch. Nattie said they were at war, now. The HartBreaker is back!

Randy Orton cut a quick promo about unfinished business with Brock Lesnar.

MizTV: Special Guest–Dolpph Ziggler

Dolph asked for this time. He got his hiney handed to him in less than 10 seconds, last night. The two shook hands. Dolph admitted he had issues with his career. Dolph had heard rumors about Miz. People are saying that Miz is just a “Yes Man” now. Dolph said Miz has lost his fire and just kisses *ss. Miz got a shot in on Dolph for his quick loss. Dolph took a shot at Goldberg. Dolph went off on Miz for selling out. Dolph went too far when he insulted Maryse, Miz’s wife. Miz cleaned Dolph’s clock. Feud?

Drake Maverick was lighting candles and covering his bed with rose petals. We all see this coing…

Back to the hotel room. Drake was wearing only his 24/7 belt. We just can’t unsee that. Room Service showed up. Drake was trying to keep calm. The delivery guy was a ref. R-Truth came out from under the cart. he pinned Drake for a two. Truth pinned Drake on the bed and we got a huge view of his tighty whites. Hilarious.

Your NEW 24/7 Champion: R-Truth

We got a look at last week’s ESPYs. Roman Reigns won for his battle agaisnt leukemia. Way cool.

Roman Reigns vs Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro vs Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton vs Braun Strowman vs Big E vs Sami Zayn vs Bobby Lashley vs Baron Corbin
Top 10 Cross Promotional All-Star Battle Royal


Lashley had heavily taped up ribs. Brock Lesnar came out with a steel chair to watch this match. He took a seat on the ramp. We went to break before all Hell broke loose.

Heyman and Lesnar grinned as the bell rang. Seth went right after Baron but got Chokeslammed. Seth was almost eliminated in mere moments. Braun tore into Lashley. Baron helped Lashley. Double team on Braun. Cesaro blasted Sami. Cesaro hit numerous European Uppercuts on everyone in sight. Wow! Cesaro Swing to Rey. Rey hung on to avoid elimination. Cesaro Swing to Big E failed. Cesaro was eliminated by Lashley. Rey went after Lashley’s ribs. Lashley was tossed out by Braun. Big E and Braun squared off. Everyone set back and watched Big E and Braun go at it. Big Ending to Braun! RKO to Big E. Big E was thrown out by Sami. Sami got laid out with an RKO. 619 to Sami and then Randy threw him out. RKO to Roman! Rey went at Orton. 619 to Roman. Superman Punch to Orton, who went to the floor. Corbin eliminated Mysterio (Sorry, LeeAnne). Braun blasted Corbin and Roman hit a Drive By. Corbin took a kick from Seth an dthen got eliminated.

We were down to the final four. Braun took out the former Shield members. ROman accidentally Speared Seth. Braun tried to throw out Roman. Roman pushed them both out. Seth thought he had won it but Randy threw him ontothe apron. They fought through the ropes. Handman’s DDT by Orton. Randy went into postion but fell to the Stomp. Seth threw out Orton to earn the rematch at SummerSlam. Damn.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 80

Paul got on the microphone and taunted Seth Rollins. Paul gave Seth an introduction. Seth asked for a stick. He told Paul to “shut the Hell up”. He ordered Paul to step aside. Seth admitted he was a man possessed to regain his title. Seth promised to win back his title at SummerSlam. Seth challenged Brock to come down for a fight. Lesnar cracked the ring with a steel chair but wouldn’t get in the ring.

Rip Torn: Rest in Peace, Zed
Claudia: Thanks for the birthday dinner, Mom
Jean: Thanks for 10 moths as my best friend
Candy/LeeAnne: Love you, my girls


–Jay, Candy and LeeAnne

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