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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by your analysis team: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon, Candy Moore and LeeAnne Moore

“A person is a person, no matter how small”–Dr. Seuss

Sunday was my 54th birthday. Much thanks to all who wished me well. I’m not the only person out there with a celebration of life to share. Two wonderful children share this month with me in the birthday club. Charlie Kelley had his special day, last week. His dad, James, asked to if I’d mention his precious son. Happy Birthday, little man.

In addition, Tuesday, one third of this trio of writers turns 7. LeeAnne is a special little lady who has given me all new insight into wrestling (and other aspects of life). Happy Birthday, my Wokka Wokka Princess.

I am blessed to be associated with both of you.

We are back for week two of the new Heyman Regime. Paul E. is now in charge of the Crimson Flagship. A major return has been rumored, all week. Let’s take a look…

We were live in Newark, NJ. That’s the home town of one of my best friends, Joe Guenther.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins vs Andrade and Zelina Vega
Mixed Tag Team Elimination Match


The women started it off. Takedowns by Lynch. Go Behind by the Raw Champion. Becky would not allow Vega to tag out. Arm Bar but Vega broke loose. Vega blasted Becky with a wild DDT. 2 count. Step Up Enziguri by Vega. 619 Inverted into a modified Tarantula by Vega. Becky kicked Vega and Suplexed her. Tag.

Seth was right in to step in front of his girl. Andrade shoved Seth and they locked up. Seth took over on the arm. Andrade used the ropes to flip over and take back control. Seth with an Arm Drag. Universal. Float Over. Deep Arm Drags by both men. Head Scissors but Seth easily escaped. The crowd was digging this match. Forearm Smashes by Andrade. Seth flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex. Sling Blade. La Bandera CLothesline and Tope Suicidas. Tag to Becky.

Becksploder. Spear. Dis-Arm-Her!

Zelina Vega–Eliminated

Lacey Evans was watching at ringside. Becky and Lacey tore into each other. Seth pulled Becky back. Break time.

Andrade jumped Seth as Becky got out of the ring. Knife Edge Chops by Andrade, followed by Knee Lifts. Slider Dropkick to the side of Seth’s skull. Seth quickly turned out of the Side Headlock. Scoop Slam by Andrade. Seth caught Andrade up top and they fought on the turnbuckles. Seth ran the topes but Andrade tripped him and he ende dup in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. He hit the Alberto Del Rio Double Stomp onto Seth. 2 count.

Three Amigos Suplexes attempt got two but Seth turned the third into a Falcon Arrow. Wild Forearm to Andrade’s face. Springboard Knee Trembler by Seth to pull the deuce. Seth went up top but got shoved off to the floor. Vega with a Seated Rana-DDT to Seth. Becky exploded on Vega. Anderade blasted Becky and Steh went wild.

They got back in the ring. Running Corner Knee by Andrade for a near fall. Andrade rolled Seth to the outside. Becky stopped a sneak attack by Vega. Curb Stomp.

Your Winners: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100

Bston Corbin jumped Seth, on the ramp. Lacey got shots in on Becky, as well.

Paul Heyman walked from the back. What was he up to?

Lacey and Baron chuckled about their actions in the last segment. They discussed how the Power Couple would splinter when the belts were lost, on Sunday.

Paul Heyman got a huge pop from the New Jersey crowd. He did his typical intro. Paul pushed the Extreme Rules PPV. Paul brought up the connection with Extreme and Philly. Smile. Paul said Brock WOULD Cash In on Sunday. He didn’t say which one Brock would go after. Paul hinted that he might be telling a lie about Lesnar being in Philly. Brown shoes with a blue suit? Interesting styles choice, Paul.

We got a flashback to last week in Dallas. Braun and Lashley went through the LED Wall. It exploded. Still some question if it was set to happen or if there was an accident during the Wall Stunt. I’ve heard both sides and am keeping an open mind about it. It sure looked like the pyro exploded ahead of schedule. Bobby Lashley cut a vicous promo where he promised to send Braun to the morgue. Not cool. The two will battle in a Last Man Standing Match, on Sunday.

The Miz and The Usos vs The Revival and Elias
2-out-of-3 Falls Match (Again?)


Ok, I’ll admit it. I’ve hated these kind of matches since I was a kid. LeeAnne just asked why do they have to win twice. If they win, they should be the winners. Thank you. Smile.

We took a break before the action. I’m sure we will get another between falls.

First Fall:

Shane and Drew hassled a garbage guy named Tony. They wanted him to be Roman Reigns’s tag partner, later on.

Back to the ring. The Usos cut a promo on the way to the ring. Dawson started against Jimmy Uso. Side Headlock by Scott. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Deep Arm Drag by Uso. Back Elbow by Dawson. Tag to Elias.

Uppercut to the Drifter. Elias threw wild fists onto Uso. Running Tackle to Uso. Straight FIst to Jimmy’s face. Scoop Throw. Tag to Dash WIlder.

Elias got into a shoving match with Elias. Miz ran Elias into the barricades. Shatter Machine!

First Fall-Revival/Elias

Second Fall:

Yep, we got a commercial break. As we returned, Elias was still gone. Double Team on Uso. Muta Speed Leg Drops by Dawson. 1 count only. Tag to Dash. He worked over Jimmy and tagged back to Dawson. Rear Chin Lock. Jimmy inched towards his corner. Dawson crashed in the corner. Dash prevented the tag, for a moment. Hot Tag to Jey. He exploded on everyone in sight. Uppercut but Wilder escaped the Samoan Drop. The Spin Kick connected. Rikishi Run into the corner. Jey headed to the Penthouse and hit a Crossbody. WIlder rolled through and almost got the pin. Jey rolled up Dawson. Blind Tag. Samoan Drop. Dawson hit a Brainbuster to get a two. Miz begged for a tag. He got it and hit the Skull Crushing Finale.

Second Fall: Miz/Usos

Third Fall:

SUperkicks by the Usos. Frog Splash onto Dawson.

Your Winners; The Usos and THe Miz
Raw Score: 78

Jimmy, Jey and Mike danced.

We looked at the situation with the 24/7 title. Drake Maverick beat R-Truth to become the new champ. Renee Maverick was so sick of her hubby’s obsession with the green belt. Drake’s wife looked amazing in the tight white dress. They talked about the title. Drake promised to show his wife what a great husband he is. He was excited he was going to get intimate with his wife. A dozen guyss chased Drake through the backstage.

Rey Mysterio was ready to issue an Open Challenge, next.

Shane and Drew were still looking for a partner for Roman Reigns. It was a very short refreshment sales guy.

Rey Mysterio vs ?

Rey cut a quick promo about being gone for six weeks. He wasn’t happy to give up the United States title. Rey ignored what the doctors said and made it back, way ahead of schedule. Rey was ready to go. Who would answer the call?

Rey Mysterio vs Bobby Lashley


Rey got right after Bobby, even before the bell. Rey kicked away on Lashley, taking him down with a shot tot he knee. Rey converted a move into a DDT and sent Lashley intothe ropes. 619! Drop the Dime failed. Flatliner! Spear! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 50

Lashley tossed Rey out of the ring. He left the ring and chased the ref away. Rey was dragged, by the mask, up the ramp. Lashley looked at the LED Wall, again. BObby lifted Rey up but dropped him. Other refs rushed out to stop Lashley. It didn’t work. Bobby threw Rey onto the refs. Lashley screamed about being the only man standing, last week. He will do the same, on Sunday. I dislike “Promo Matches” where someone gets squashed to push a different match. Rey deserves better than that.

The Club walked together, backstage. A.J. Styles was interviewed about why he attacked Ricochet, last w eek. He refused to comment. Luke and Karl wouldn’t talk, either.

No Way Jose (w/Conga Line) vs Cesaro


Jose ws taken out, pre-match, last week. Jose has a meaner new look. Camo and an Afro. Cesaro then came out. I like that he is now on his own. He needs gold. The Conga Line took off.

Cesaro tried to pull Jose out of the ring but NWJ tore into him. The gell rang and Cesaro fell to a Back Body Drop. European Uppercuts by Cesaro. Gut Wrench Suplex by Cesaro. Dang, that is so impressive. Cesaro Swing! Sharpshooter! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Cesaro
Raw Score: 60

The Street Profits were hanging out backstage. The basically did a DX like sell job for the Extreme Rules PPV. These guys are getting stale, already. They got a Svengoolie shout in when they talked to Kerwin in the truck. Unless, that was a nod to Chavo Guerrero Jr. Grin.

We looked at the issues with the Kanellis Family, Maria and Mike. Maria is supposedly pregnant. Maria said her hubby wasn’t man enough to get her pregnant. Maria was rude as Hell to her hubby. Candy promised she would never treat me that way.

Mike came in with flowers and an apology. Maria said she loved her hubby and he loved her. Maria ordered Mike to go fetch ice cream and pickles for her. Maria still couldn’t believe Mike tapped out to Becky Lynch, last wekk.

The announcers talked about hte Smackdown Women’s title match. Bayley and Nikki Cross will compete in Beat the Clock Challenge Matches tonight. Nikki gave Alexa Bliss all the credit for the positive in her life. Bayley tried to counter that Bliss was a user. Nikki was fed up with Bayley (and others) running down her best friend, Alexa. Michael Cole calmed them down and explained theBTC Challenge. Bayley would fight Sarah Logan. Nikki has to fight Dana Brooke.

R-Truth was looking for Drake. Carmella was helping him. This was fun to watch. Truth was missing his “baby”. This was like the old “Little Jimmy” segments. Smile. Drake rushed past with a dozen guys in hot pursitu.

The Viking Raiders vs Colin and Devin Justin

Erik threw the brothers around like they weighed nothing. Tag to Ivar. Powerbomb by Erik into a Frog Splash by Ivar. 1-2-Picked him up. Tag to Erik. Double Person Powerbomb. Viking Experience.

Your Winners: Erik and Ivar, the Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 50

Drake rushed out and the Viking Raiders took out Zack Ryder. Truth almost got into it with the Sons of Odin but thought better of it.

Ricochet strolled backstage. He was on deck to battle Luke Gallows.

Roman Reigns was interviewed, backstage. He was asked about the mystery partner. Roman had no clue who his partner will be. The only partner that counted was Undertaker.

Ricochet vs Luke Gallows
Non-Title Match


Ricochet took the house mic before the match. Ricochet was initially excited to go against A.J. Styles, someone he admired. Ricochet was still upset about getting beaten down, last week, post match. Ricochet knew he was about to fight all three members of The Club.

The trio came from the back. They brandished the “Two Sweet” hand signal. Styles grabbed the stick to chat with Ricochet. Styles wanted to share some advice. He told Ricochet to slow down and appreciate the moments, while he could. Styles sent it to a video rewind for the main event, last week.

The bell rang and Ricochet opened up with hard shots and a boot. Shokeslam by Luke. Ricochet looked stunned but still kicked out at two. Boxing the ribs by the former Festus. Big Boot by Luke. Elbow Smashes into Ricochet’s neck. Rear Chin Lock by Gallows. Clubbing Blows by Luke. Headbutt tot he back of Ricochet’s neck and head. The U.S. Champ was in serious trouble, at this point.

Hard Whip by Luke but Ricochet hit a hard kick. 360 Clothesline by Luke. Ricochet rolled up Luk for a surprise pin.

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 74

Styles had an idea. He wanted Ricochet to face Karl Anderson, right away.

Break time.

Ricochet vs Karl Anderson


Karl kept it at a slow pace, in the early moments. Ricochet punched free of a Side Headlock. RVD Roll into a Rana. Ricochet with punches and kicks. Anderson Spinebuster. 2 count. European Uppercut by Machine Gun Karl. Dropkick to Karl’s nose. Styles provided a distraction. Another Uppercut by Anderson. Flip Dive onto Luke, on the floor. Ricochet used a Moonsault to neutralize Styles. Karl hit the corner post. Corner Dropkick into the 630!

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 70

Styles jumped Ricochet as the bell sounded. Luke also threw wild punches. Brainbuster by Styles. Magic Killer. Corner Styles Clash was abandoned as Styles simply dropped the champ to the canvas. He asked for the stick. “I’m a good guy”. He told Ricochet to stay down.

Ricochet stood back up. Phenominal Forearm! The Club stood over their fallen foe.

WWE is going to pay tribute to Evolve. Interesting. Saturday is their 10th anniversary. Me and the girls will be watching it, for sure.

The announcers ran down the current card for Extreme Rules. It should be really good. The match I am interested in is the Mystery Opponent for Aleister Black. It has to be either Bray Wyatt or Lars Sullivan.

Drake Maverick thought he was going to survive the night as champion. Truth came out of a equiptment case and chased after Drake. Bayley walked baast them.

A jamitor that could barely walk was considered for Roman’s partner. The guy looked seriously familiar.

Shane offered the janitor $ 5,000 to partner with Roman. The guy’s name was Gary. He accepted the deal to just stand at ringside. The guy was going to wear a mask. Hmmm….

Bayley vs Sarah Logan
Beat the Clock Challenge Match #1


Logan howled as she stood on the turnbuckles. Darn cute. Bayley went for quick pin attempts. Sunset Flip by Bayley. Springboard Crossbody by Bayley. Jumping Knee by Bayley. Logan threw Bayley off the ropes. Spring Up Headbutt by Logan. Bayley was Dropkicked out of the ring. Ouch.

Logan tried for a pin at 1:40. 2 count. Shotgun Dropkick by Logan. Bayley took down Logan and threw hard fists. Dropkick by Logan. 1-2-no. Logan with a weird Cloverleaf variation. Bayley crawled tothe ropes to force the break. Logan choked Bayley with the shin tothe throat.

Bayley exploded with a hard Clothesline but Logan answered with one of her own. Roll Up to give Bayley a two. Sunset Bomb into the corner. 4:32

Your Winner: Bayley
Raw Score: 80

Nikki Cross vs Dana Brooke
Beat the Clock Challenge Match #2
Time to Beat: 4:32


Dana bailed out of the ring to count down the clock. Dana rolled in and out, several times. Dana hugged Bayley. Nikki rushed out to chase Dana. Headbutt by Nikki to the ribs. Nikki was thrown out of the ring. Bayley was seated at ringside, watching. Dropkick by Dana. 2 count. Nikki punched away at Dana’s multi-colored head of hair. Dana blocked a Suplex off the ropes. Dana went up topand went for a Swanton. She missed. Roll Up gave Nikki a two. Backslide but Dana rolled through. Several near falls. Cross Neckbreaker.

Your Winner: Nikki Cross
Raw Score: 70

Alexa Bliss now gets to choose the stipulation, since Nikki beat the clock. Nikki asked for the microphone. Corey Graves headed down to the ring as Nikki ordered Bayley to get in the ring. Nikki knew everyone wanted her to believe that Alexa was not her friend. Cross didn’t think Bayley understood what a real friend is. Nikki made the title match, on Sunday, a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Nikki felt Bayley needed a friend. Sasha Banks? Bayley B-Slapped Nikki. Bayley to Belly. Bayley headed up top and nailed the Savage Elbow!

Corey changed gears and decided to talk with Rollins and Lynch.

Mike had Maria’s food request. Maria freaked out at the site of the food. Maria swore Mike will never impregnate her again. She questioned if he was the daddy. That’s cold.

Corey was ready to talk with Seth and Becky. Graves knew the damage was only minor but the internal feelings could be a breaking point foro them. Corey tried to stir the pot. Becky wasn’t falling for this game. Hilarious segment.

We saw a video replay of the confrontation between Samoa Joe and Kofi KIngston. (last week on Smackdown). Kofi flipped off Joe and then took him down.

Another segment with the Street Profits. These guys eat scenery like actors in a cheesy 70s exploitation film.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Bring Back the Funhouse!

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns and Gary, the Jamitor Guy


Shane demanded a “proper introduction”. This is so lame. Drew said he could see right through Roman. Drew felt Roman was a phony. Drew felt Roman only cared about Roman. Drew promised to beat respect into Reigns, on Sunday. Shane took back over and pushed this out to bring out his partner…Gary. “The Goat” even had his own theme music. Gary Garbutt was his full name. That was NOT the same guy as before. We took a break at 8 minutes to go? Really?

I was hoping it was going to be Willie Mack, under the mask, but that isn’t likely to happen.

Roman tore into Drew with Clotheslines. Shane jumped down as Roman got near. The Goat just kicked back and watched. Drew blocked the Superman Punch. Glasgow Kiss. Roman was tossed over hte ropes. Goat was accidentally tagged in. Shane tagged in. Enziguri by Gary. Springboard Clothesline. Springboard Enziguri. Flip Dive! Is that. Jay Lethal? Springboard Crossbody. Drew laid out Gary with a Claymore Kick.

Your Winner: Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 70

Drew got laid out with a Superman Punch. Lethal IS from New Jersey. No…it was Cedric Alexander! He just proved how great he really is. Awesome!

LeeAnne and Charlie: Happy Birthday, again
Jean and Claudia: Thanks for the presents
Candy: Love you now and forever

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