Posted July 2nd, 2019 by 1Wrestling News Team

  • Maria Kanellis is reportedly legitimately pregnant and notified WWE management shortly after signing a new deal with the company according to our sources in the company.
  • There are some who think Gallows & Anderson must have re-signed with the company since they have been thrust into a top storyline with AJ Styles. We haven’t confirmed that to be the case though. The more tv time the duo gets in a main event storyline, the more leverage they have in negotiation with WWE and with AEW or perhaps New Japan. If the plan is to give the “Club” a big push, WWE should make getting those guys signed as soon as possible a top priority.
  • While Paul Heyman has not fully moved into his position as executive director of RAW yet, it was impossible not to notice some changes that would make him appear to have his fingerprints all over the opening segment and the Kanellis pregnancy angles especially. It was a much improved program with a strong opening segment that was updated throughout the evening with updates on the condition of Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. The best news of the night was they treated it as real as possible and they didn’t make the mistake of having the match continue in a medical facility (it was a falls count anywhere match).
  • The old school formula (booking 101) is violated in some way just about every week, sometimes multiple times in one show. Tonight the violation was the good old “if you have two heels in the ring (one of them claiming to be the best in the world and a partner who really might be on a short list of the best), and you have one babyface in the ring at the same time……the heels should at least TRY to do something to the babyface…..even if it’s the Undertaker.
  • More than a few people in WWE management will be checking the ratings tomorrow to see if the interest in Paul Heyman might have attracted some fans who had stopped watching. If they had some of those fans, they probably hung on them because of the tremendous opening angle. It’s tough to write a strong 3 hour show every week, particularly when you have to write Smackdown, and the other shows as well. It will be very interesting to see how things progress when Heyman is given more power (with the understanding Vince has final say), and is able to impliment some of his ideas and changes.
  • Eric Bischoff said on his podcast that he is planning to be in Connecticut full time, which shows he is committed to making this work. The first few shows, like Heyman’s first few shows, will likely show some of Bischoff’s touch, but it will take several weeks before he is fully on board to call the shots and make changes.
  • it will be fascinating to watch this evolve, and may be one of the more brilliant things Vince McMahon could have done. It shocks the audience, talent and everyone involved in the company out of complacency and into WAR mode. WWE has the resources to dominate, and with two of the more creative idea people in the business caling the shows it will be a competition between the two shows to see which one gets the better rating and reactions each week. Making these moves now indicated WWE wants to have things sorted out by the time October comes around and AEW runs their first TNT show. Creatively they want to have the kinks worked out so they can be ready for anything AEW throws their way. It’s going to be an interesting time to be a fan.
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