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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“American by Birth…Texan by the Grace of God”–Anonymous

Yes, tonight’s show is coming from the AAC over in Dallas. Sadly, due to my mobility restrictions, I’m watching tonight’s show from the comfort of my office.

The AAC was packed solid for tonight’s show. Somewhere in there are two of my dearest friends, Sunny and Rey. Undertaker is in the house, tonight.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley
Falls Count Anywhere


Still seems strange to see Lashley without Lio Rush. We saw the confrontation, between the two, last week. The two collided like a couple of Rams. Lashley nailed a Spear and Braun headed out to the floor. Lashley followed him out and got Steam Rolled. 2 count, on the floor. Braun was sent into the ring post. Spear! 1-2-no. Bobby hit a wicked La Bandera Clothesline to send Braun over the barricade. They went up into the crowd. Uppercut by Braun. Bobby cracked Braun with a steel chair, multiple times. 1-2-kick out.

Bobby beat on Braun’s neck and head. Braun threw Bobby down, hard. Braun ran through Lashley and went for a pin. 2 count, one more time. Braun ran Bobby into a steel barricade. He then tossed him up onto the stage with a wild Biel. Bobby blasted the throat. Suplex, on the stage, by Lashley. 2 count.

Braun ran BObby through the LED wall and it totally exploded. Corey broke character, big time, with a “Holy S***” comment. That will cost him. The crowd echoed the feeling. The announcers got dead silent as the fire extinguishers came out. They called for hte EMTs . Braun was out cold and Lashley was having issues with his arm. The techs were screaming to power down everything in the area. I don’t think this was what they planned. The announcers were still silent.

Your Winner: N/A
Raw Score: N/A

We send prou prayers to both men. Love or hate them, they are real people.

Erik and Ivar (Viking Raiders) vs New Day


Candy texted me, during the break, to be sure I wasn’t in the arena. She was in tears after watching what happened.

Back to the action…

Big E and Xavier Woods represented the trio. We saw how Samoa Joe jumped Kofi Kingston, last week. Erik took a Back Elbow from BIg E. Woods played the trombone adn Big E nailed a Splash. 2 count.Erik popped Big E and taggedin Ivar. Ivar planted Big E with a Seated Senton. Hard punches by Ivar. Clubbing Blows by the Bearded Behemouth. Double Team on Big E. Erik nailed a wild Dropkick. More Double Teaming. 2 count. Arm Bar by Erik.

Samoa Joe rushed out and attacked Xavier. Kofi came to defend his “brother”.

Your Winners: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: 70 out of a possible 100

New Day vs Viking Raiders and Samoa Joe
Six Man Tag


Kofi went off on Ivar. Speingboard Dropkick by the WWE Champ. Slider Clotheslines by Woods. Savage Elbow by Woods for a two count. Knife Edge to Ivar. Joe distracted and Ivar hit a Crescent Kick. Tag to the big Samoan. Joe and Woods traded hard shots. Back Elbow by Joe. Headbutts by Joe. Tag back to Ivar. Double Team on Woods. Erik was somehow legal now. Arm Bar to Woods. Arm Drag and Chops by Woods. Erik caught Woods andhit an Exploder! Tag to Ivar.

Erik slammed Ivar onto Woods. Tag to Joe. Backsplash Senton onto WOods’ chest. Joe popped Big E, floored Woods and tagged out to Erik. Punches and Joe was brought back in. Hard Whip but Woods hit a Missile Dropkick. Hot Tag!

Kofi wore out both Vikings. Nice Dropkick. Crash and Burn in the corner. Pendulum Kick. Ivar caught Kofi but Kingston escaped. Superkick. Uppercut by Ivar. Tag to Erik. Controlled Frenzy intothe Boom Drop! Kofi blasted Joe. Erik tagged out to Joe. Erik with a Running Knee. Belly to Belly by Big E. Ivar with a knee to Big E. Woods with a Reverse Dive. Suicide Dive by Ivar. Damn! Trouble in Paradise to Ivar. Kokina Clutch to Kofi! The ref called it.

Your WInners (by Submission): Samoa Joe and the Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 80

We saw how Drake Maverick lost the 24/7 title at his own weeding. Drake and his new bride showed up at Raw. She was NOT happy. Renee met Dana Brooke. Dana was cute as can be in purple. Renee gave her hubby a choide…her or the 24/7 title. Drake made the right chouce and took his tanned sweetheart. R-Truth came up to the couple and taunted Drake.

My girls just called me. My darling little friend, LeeAnne, wanted to make sure her friend (me) was OK. She kept on her Mom until they called. So cool to have people who care about you. Smile.

Jean also called when she heard about hte accident down at the AAC.

Anderson and Gallows chatted with A.J. Styles. Karl mentioned how Styles was also not at his top form. They praised Ricochet for being so good. Luke and Karl has a side bet as to whether Styles could defeat Ricochet. Karl put up his wife as the prize. Rea;lly? Luke wondered if Karl was serious.

No Way Jose vs Cesaro


R-Truth was part of the Conga Line. Truth danced with Renee Maverick. Renee made Drake sit back down. Several chased after Truth.

Cesaro tore into Jose. Neutralizer…on the floor!

Your Winner: No Match
Raw Score: N/A

I would be so upset if I had paid to be there.

Charli interviewed the Street Prophets! Cryme Tyme Reborn! These guys get on my last nerve. Smile.

Elsewhere, Drew McIntyre and SHane McMahon headed out to address the Undertaker.

I want to send out my sympathies to the family of Beth Chapman of “Dog, the Bounty Hunter”. She passed, last week, from throat cancer. Rest in Peace.

A blonde interviewer girl chatted with Miz. Miz showed his concern for Lashley and Strowman. We then saw how Miz was assaulted, lastw eek. Miz will battle Elias, in a 2 out of 3 Fallas Match, later on. Miz knew he made a mistake in helping inflate Shane’s ego. Miz promised to take out Elias, tonight. Miz knew Taker just might be in the house.

Shane McMahon danced from the back. He was joined by Drew McIntyre. Shane demanded a “proper introduction”. This is so lame. Shane brought up the conditions of Lashley and Strowman. Shane wanted to stay focused on Roman Reigns. Shane knew Roman was terrified, last week. Shane asked for the footage to be reshown. Shane cut the video before Taker showed up. Drew knew that Roman would be ended at Extreme Rules. Shane then switched focus to The Undertaker. Shane admitted to being surprised by Taker’s return, last week. Drew gave huge praise to the Dead Man. Drew said he had no fear of Undertaker. I ain’t buying that. Drew didn’t give a damn about Taker. Drew wanted a fight, tonight, with Undertaker. Add MIz and Elias to the match and make it a Six Man. Drew straight up called out Taker. Thunder Rumbled in the arena. The lights then went out. Lightnign struck the ring posts. Shane and Drew kept looking for the Dead Man. The entrance theme echoed off the walls and the lights went blue-purle.

The fog wafted through the American Airlines Center and the music rang out. Shane and Drew kept waiting on Texas’ own…Undertaker! Taker began his career in Dallas, trained by the legendary Don “Spolier” Jardine. It was Spoiler who taught Taker to do Old School. Drew and Shane let the ring quickly to avoid Taker. Drew wanted to fight but Shane held him back. Taker’s very first match was at the old Sportatorium…against Steve Williams (aka Stone Cold Steve Austin). I have it on DVD, somewhere. Shane and Drew kept their distance. The Dallasites were going wild at seeing their hero. Look at the emblem that Taker has used for may years…it is a TX (the abbreviation for Texas). Taker said Roman never asked for help. Taker wanted to explain just who he is. He is the Reaper of Wayward Soulds…for a long time. He was there for Drew’s and Shane’s souls. Taker used to have some respect for Shane. That respect was gone due to Shane’s greed. He promised them Death for all of eternity. They would never…Rest in Peace!

Throat Slice!

Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin were talking, backstage. Corbin mentioned how much punishment Seth Rollins has gone through, lately. Lacey brought up what Becky Lynch has done, in the past few months. Seth was accused of being attracted to Evans. Lacey will fight Natalya, next.

Baron Corbin came out with Lacey Evans.

Lacey Evans vs Natalya


Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Nattie sent Lacey out to the floor. Evans clocked Nattie. 2 count as they got back in the ring. Seth and Becky watched, from the back. Lacey stomped away on Nattie. Handstand Bronco Buster by Evans. Lacey worked over the neck of the 3rd Generation Star. Springboard Elbow Drop by Evans. Shinu Numaki by the number one contender to the Raw Women’s championship. Nattie flipped Lacey over. Twisting Neckbreaker by Evans to pull a deuce. Nattie pulled Lacey off the ropes.

Baron got up on the apron to distract. Nattie rolled up Lacey and almost pinned her. Clothesline by Nattie into a pair of slaps. Blanchard Slingshot Suplex-like move. Baron tripped Nattie. Woman’s Right!

Your Winner: Lacey Evans
Raw Score: 70

Ricochet was interviewed, backstage. He was asked about losing to A.J. Styles. Ricochet knew he could beat Styles. The Good Brothers came up to chat with Ricochet. Karl knew Styles could destroy Ricochet in less than 3 minutes. Ricochet did not agree. Ricochet wanted another match.

Miz was on deck.

I want to thank our local country station…99.5 The Wolf. They gave me two free tickets to see Midland, last Friday night, at Billy Bob’s. The show was amazing. Thanks to Nathan Fast and the rest of the wonderful men and women who make country radio so great in Dallas.

Gallows and Anderson talked with A.J. Styles. They stirred the pot, big time. Styles decided to find and Ricochet and talk with him. They taunted their buddy for wanting to chat, not fight. Karl told Styles to go back to the man he was in Japan. Styles found Ricochet and asked if Ricochet really ran his mouth. Styles said he was taking the U.S. title…tonight. Ricochet accepted the challenge. They exchanged hard slaps. Awesome!

Elias vs The MIz
Two out of Three Falls Match


Miz stopped Elias’ concert. Miz is now a Texan. He lives in Austin, as does Bayley. Miz went to town on Elias, outside the ring. The ref kept them apart. Shotgun Knees into the Skull Crushing FInale.

First Fall–The Miz

Miz chased Elias out of the ring. Baseball Slide Dropkick. Kneelift by Elias. Dropkick to the patella. Inside Cradle by Elias. Big Boot by Miz. Drift Away!

Second Fall–Elias

Miz punched away on Elias. Electric Chair Spin Bomb by Elias. 2 count. Elias kicked and punched away on the A-Lister. Running High Elbow by Elias. Straight Punches to Miz’s face. 1 count. Elias talked trash. Rear Chin Lock with a Back Bridge. Miz tried to roll out but failed. Miz would not give up. Miz got to his feet and powered out of the hold. Uppercuts by Elias. Backslide by Miz but he couldn’t get the three. Knife Edge Chops by both men. Spinner Faceplant to gain a two plus for Elias. They went to the apron. Elias drove his knee into the ring post. Miz tossed Elias back in an dcinched in the Figure Four! Miz bridged up into a Figure Eight and Elias tapped out.

Your Winner (by Submission): The Miz
Raw Score: 84

Becky and Seth were stet to be interviewed. Before the interview, we saw the match between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin, at Stomping Grounds. Lacey Evans was the special guest ref and was a crooked as a dog’s leg for the match. Becky Lynch finally had to get involved.

Charli talked with the Power Couple. Seth wished well Braun and Bobby. Classy. Charli asked if it was wise to put up both belts. They mocked the idea of being impulsive. They had fun joking about losing the other person’s title. Becky said Seth got lucky.

Maria Kanellis came up with her hubby. She talked about having her baby. Maria wanted them to get shots at the titles. She would settle for a mixed tag match, tonight. Cool. Seth told them that they done messed up.

Braun may have a ruptured Spleen.

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs Maria and Mike Kanellis
Mixed Tag Team Match


The men started the match. Hammerlock by Seth. Rollins kicked the back as Maria chided her man. Universal into a Back Elbow by Seth. Hard punch by Mike. Kicks by the former Michael Bennett. Discus Forearm by Seth into a Buckle Bomb. Superkick by the Universal Champ. Seth threw Mike into the corner to force Maria to come in.

Maria didn’t look happy at the thought of fighting Becky. She grabbed a microphone. She screamed at her hubby. Becky came out after Maria and Kanellis screamed that she was pregnant, again. Mike looked tickled pink. Mike dind’t have a clue. Maria didn’t think Mike was man enough to get her pregnant. Becky clamped on the Dis-arm-Her on Mike. He tapped out.

Your Winners: Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 50

Maria got in the ring and went off on her hubby. She called him a disappointment. Maria said Becky was the only real Man in the building. Maria wanted Becky to impregnate her. Harsh!

Charli wasn’t sure how to deal with that. Paul Heyman came up to discuss Brock Lesnar. Candy just said some words that sounded a lot like what Corey Graves said earlier. Smile.

The Street Profits came up and mocked Heyman. Paul looked ready to explode. Heyman was too busy to deal with the clowns. I thought it was Cryme Tyme V.2…but it’s more like Men on a Mission revisited.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were about to do…a Moment of Bliss.

The stage was set. Bliss sent her best to Lashley and Strowman. Bliss was excited that her buddy, Nikki Cross, won her a shot at Bayley’s Smackdown Women’s title. Nikki came out and hugged her best friend. We saw how Nikki beat Bayley to earn Bliss a rematch. Nikki appreciated Bliss’ friendship and support. This was a touching moment. They were cut off by the arrival of Carmella. Carmella wondered why Nikki didn’t get the title match, instead of Bliss. Carnella didn’t like to see someone get used. Bliss called Carmella “a sidekick”. Carmella challenged Bliss to a match.

Carmella vs Alexa Bliss (w/Nikki Cross)


Roll Up for an instant three for Carmella.

Your Winner: Carmella
Raw Score: 10

Dang, that was liking a 24/7 Match.

Nikki Cross vs Carmella


Carmella flipped Nikki and almost pinned Cross. Airplane Headscissors by Carmella. Nikki bailed out to the floor. Nikki trapped Mella in the ring skirt. She pounded away. 2 counts. Jawbreaker by Carmella. Boot by Carmella and Clotheslines. Atomic Drop and Boot led to the Moonwalk. Bronco Buster by Mella. 2 count, again. Throat Thrust by Nikki. Kick by Cross. Nikki went up top but couldnt’ follow up. Full Spin Neckbreaker by Nikki.

Your WInner: Nikki Cross
Raw Score: 70

A,J. Styles warmed up, in the back.

Nikki and Alexa chatted, in the back. The girls were interviewed. Nikki was told the WWE Universe wanted Nikki to face Bayley, not Alexa.

Drake and Renee walked backstage. People rushed by to chase R-Truth. Drake didn’t want to fight. He just wanted to go on his honeymoon. Drake bashed Rturh with his suitcase and won the 24/7 belt. Too darn funny. I’m waiting for some fun videos coming out of

We looked back at the confrontation between Ricochet and Styles from earlier. They slapped the dog spit out of each other.

Ricochet vs A.J. Styles
United States Title Match


The two circled each other. Trip by Ricochet. Univesal blocked by Styles. Roll Up by Ricochet for a near fall. Uppercut by Styles. Whip reversed by Ricochet. Springboard Clothesline by Ricochet. Standing Shooting Star Press but Styles got the knees up. Styles ran Ricochet into multiple corners. Hard Whip by Styles. Ricochet turned the tables and sent Styles out. Flip Plancha by Ricochet. Jumping Punch by Ricochet. Phenominal Forearm by Styles.

Your Winner (and NEW United States Title): A.J. Styles
Raw Score: 90

Ricochet did have his foot under the bottom rope. Another ref rushed out to talk about it. The refs talked it over as we took a final break…

Ricochet vs A.J. Styles
Match Continues…

Gallows and Anderson came out to support their buddy. Ricochet threw wild Forearms and Chops. Uppercut by Ricochet. Punches and Kicks by Styles. Enziguri and Corkscrew Neckbreaker by R icochet. Ricochet missed the Phoenix Splash. RIcochet flipped Styles out to the floor. Flipping Plancha by Ricochet but no one was home. Styles answered the move with one of his own.

Back in the ring, Styles nailed a Brainbuster to get so close to a win. Ricochet escaped a Piledriver. Rack Bomb by Styles. COuld be…might be…Denied.

Styles put Ricochet up top but the true U.S. champ punched free. Wild spinning pin by Ricochet to retain.

Your Winner: Ricochet
Total Match Score: 96

The two men stared each other down. The two men shook hands in a sign of respect. Luke and Karl clapped for their friend. Styles held the Good Brothers at bay. Styles then snapped and attacked the U.S. Champ. He called in the troops to help injure Ricochet with the Magic Killer. “The Club” is back in business. Styles Clash off the 2nd rope! Maybe they will rechristen them “The Brotherhood” or something like that. Styles kept pounding away on RIcochet. Karl got his shots in, as well. Styles threw up the Too Sweet hand sign but the feed was quickly cut. Styles made it official that “The Club” was back.

Again, no Bray Wyatt skit. Hmm…. Guess the complaints got someone’s attention.

Beth and Max: Rest in Peace
Jean: Enjoy your time with “Mom”-Claudia
Candy and LeeAnne: Love you girls. Thanks for being my support system. Happy early Birthday, Little Missy…Wokka Wokka


–Jay Shannon (w/Candy and LeeAnne Moore)

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