Posted June 25th, 2019 by 1Wrestling News Team

The much discussed change of format for WWE programming so matches begin and end in one segment was pitched by Vince McMahon at last week’s RAW production meeting. It’s said that McMahon thinks the change of format will make a difference in ratings and will make the presentation of the show more genuine and have a sports field. It’s a work in progress and the creative team is scrambling to figure out how to stick with McMahon’s edict without looking too formula driven. Last night’s RAW Main Event, for instance, appeared ready to start before the final commercial break. The interaction between AJ Styles and Anderson & Gallows resulted in Styles asking that they leave the ringside area. It was announced that the match would restart after the commercial. A clever way to follow the McMahon orders without resorting to tricks like a 2/3 fall match.

Last night’s Undertaker appearance was a nice surprise and set up a pay-per-vew match teaming with Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. It appears Undertaker wants to put his match with Goldberg in the distance, at least for now.

For now it appears the pay-per-view match for Kofi Kingston will be against Samoa Joe, leaving Dolph Ziggler out of the mix. While many thought the cage match finish between Ziggler and Kingston was a creative way to make Ziggler look credible only to have Kofi grab the win out of nowhere with the way he beat Ziggler to the floor. Others think the finish damaged Ziggler’s credibility in that he was never able to get a win against Kingston and lost again in what now looks like may have been a blow-off match to end their feud. In old school booking philosophy it was always said you can’t beat a heel too much as long as you still find a way to let him keep his heat. It remains to be seen what Ziggler will do next to see if he can work his way back into the title picture.

There’s backstage frustration about the way formats are dramatically changed on show day, sometimes literally at the very last minute. It’s added pressure to writers who now try to predict what Vince McMahon will like and what he won’t like. It seems no matter what they come up with, dramatic changes are made. A growing number of backstage staff are losing confidence in McMahon and believe he may be spreading himself too thin overseeing RAW and Smackdown while also being heavily involved in the startup of the XFL. Others believe his is under tremendous pressure to turn things around quickly so the launch of Smackdown on Fox will not be seen as a failure. McMahon often arrives at the building late in the day and has been known to make drastic changes at the very last minute.

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