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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Any fool can make a rule, and any fool can mind it.”–Henry David Thoreau

I want to start the night by sending my love and support out to my dear friends in the Mesquite Community Band. Tonight is theit final Concert in the Park. Wish I could be there with you.

Stlomping Grounds was a decent PPV and now we are on our way towards Extreme Rules. The pieces will start to fall into place, tonight.

Seth Rollins came out to open the show. He defeated Baron Corbin, last night, to retain his Universal title. We saw stills from the Universal championship match. Lacey Evans looked dang good as the Special Zebra in Charge. She slapped and Low Blowed Seth before Becky Lynch came out to aid her boyfriend, Seth. I expect a mixed tag team match at Extreme Rules.

Seth looked confused on what he wanted to say, at first. He talked about Stomping Grounds. Becky Lynch came out to join her guy. Seth gave Corbin credit for chosing Lacey Evans as his referee. Seth talked about having “back up”. That got a chant started for Becky. She called herself “The Man’s Man”. Grin.

Becky talked trash about Lacey. Baron Corbin decided to join the party. Lacey came out of nowhere to jump Becky. Becky turned the tables and opened a serious can on Lacey. Corbin jumped in and the guys fought. Sling Blade to Corbin. Becksploder! The champs held their ground. Corbin told Seth to give the Universal title to Lynch, since she is handling all of Seth’s business. Corbin is getting so much better at cutting promos. Corbin suggested the mixed tag match that I felt was coming. Yep, it will be at Extreme Rules! Becky accepted but when Corbin and Lacey lose, they are our of the title picture, for good. Corbin accepted that but they had a counter stiplulation. I was talking with “Terrific” Tyson Raines, earlier today, and he got it dead on…Winners Take All (double title match).

Daniel Bryan, Rowan, Dash WIlder and Scott Dawson vs Jimmy and Jey Uso and Xavier Woods and Big E
8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match


The Usos cut a fun promo about their opponents. The 8 men faced off before the bell. Daniel started against Xavier. Dawson quickly tagged in. Tag to Big E. Back Elbow and Double Splash by New Day. Tag to Rowan. Clothesline by the big Redwood. Chokeslam on Big E and both Usos were pushed over the ropes. Big E dodged a Diving Headbutt.

Daniel and Woods tagged in. Flying Clothesline by Daniel. Woods sent flying with a La Bandera. Tope took out Scott Dawson, instead of Woods. Daniel went up top. Missile Dropkick and Kip Up by Daniel. It (Yes) Kicks. Standing Switch and Roll Up by Daniel. One of the Revival clocked Daniel.

Daniel Bryan–Eliminated

Shatter Machine on Woods.

Xavier Woods–Eliminated

So, Daniel Bryan was eliminated and Rowan went too. When Woods was taken out, Big E also had to go to the back. I didn’t realize it was team eliminations, I thought it was individual eliminations.

Back to the action…

Uso Crazy Double Dive onto the Revival. Double Back Body Drop on Dawson. Flying Crossbody onto Dash. Dash avoided a Spiral Kick. Double Team Neckbreaker on Dash. 2 count. Superkick and Uppercut on Dash. Snap Powerslam by Wilder to pull a two.

The two went onto the apron to fight. Knife Edge Chop by Wilder. Jimmy nailed a wicked Headbutt. Bulldog off the Electric Chair by the tag champs to Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy began to fight back. Spiral Kick by Jimmy. Uso got caught on the ropes by Dawson. Tag to Jey. Dawson didn’t know there was a tag. Dash went up top but got knocked off. Jey hit a wild Crossbody off Dash’s back (who was across the top turnbuckle).

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Score: 80 out of a possible 100

We saw a recap of the issues between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. Tonight, they will have a Tug-o-War contest. Seriously?

We next saw highlights of Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns. My love was on the edgte of her seat as her two favorites battled it out. Shane almost screwed over Roman but Reigns survived and won. Shane will join Drew for a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, later tonight.

Miz was strolling backstage. MizTV is up next, with special guest…24/7 Champion R-Truth (The Crash Holly of the modern generation).

We saw Braun Strowman pulling an 8 1/2 ton tractor trailer. Wow! Back to the days of Ken Patera. (Why isn’t Kenny in the Hall of Fame?)


Miz looked cool in his black on black suit and tie. He brought out R-Truth and Carmella. Carmella was just seriously poured into her lycra pants. Truth and Carmella kept looking for contenders. Miz explained that the 24/7 rules for on hold, during this interview. Truth has now held the title…7 times! Miz showed how Truth beat Drake Maverick at Drake’s wedding! Too funny!

Miz couldn’t believe Truth would invade the wedding. The crowd loved it. Truth so messed up the title name in a comical way. Truth didn’t like that stars were showing up at his “crib”. Carmella explained that the title meant a lot to Truth.

Drake Maverick came out to confront Truth. Drake was upset that Truth upset his wedding. Drake was mad that he hasn’t consumated his wedding. Truth thought he said constipated. Hilarious. “Con-sti-pated!” randg out from the crowd. Drake challenged Truth to face him. Drake felt the title was more important than his wife. Doofus. Miz said the match will happen and no one else can go after the title during their contest. Truth told “Hornswoggle” that he match was on…next!

R-Truth vs Drake Maverick
24/7 Title Match


Your Winner: R-Truth
Raw Score: 24.7

Lots of people ran down to confront Truth. Cedric Alexander hit a wicked Lethal Kick. Truth and Carmella took off for the back. Drake looked so distraught. I really like Drake. Maverick was interviewed by Charli. Drake was asked for his future plans. Drake was in tears and could not talk. I feel sorry for the former Rock Star Spud. The fans sang the Good-Bye Song.

Elsewhere, Roman Reigns got ready for his wild match…up next.

The Iconics are now doing a commercial for a car company.

Lacey and Baron talked, backstage. Efvans told Corbin that she wanted the Raw Women’s title. They discussed how Becky was Seth’s downfall. Baron suggested that he and Lacey could be the new power couple in the WWE.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns
2-on-1 Handicap Match


My sweetie, Candy, is relazxing on the couch and smiling as her favorites were ready to go. She had a few choice words for Shane O-Mac Hope you get to feeling better, babe. Shane made the announcer re-do his introduction. Yawn. Drew and Shane will be in the ring at the same time. Jeeez. Stack the deck…willya?

Roman clocked Shane but Drew was all over The Big Dog. La Bandera by Roman to Drew. Corner Shoulders to Shane. Drew pulled Roman out of the ring and tore him up. Shane stomped on Roman. They put Roman on the ring steps. Drew cracked Roman, in the face, with a section of the steps. Drew pulled on Roman’s face as Shane kicked him. Drew also stomped Roman. This was a mugging. Claymore! Shane did not want a pin…yet. Shane mocked Roman and hit a weak Spear. Shane demanded a 2nd Claymore. He got it. Shane had Roman placed in the corner for a Coast to Coast.


The Deadman caught Shane! Chokeslam to Shane!. BIg Boot to McIntyre! My love just deafened me with squeals of delight. La Bandera to SHane by Death Valley’s favorite son (sorry, Corbin, it ain’t you). I guess Taker has respect for Roman! The bell sounded and the lights went bluish-purple! That will definitely win the Slammy for most shocking moment of the year.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: 98 (high score for ultimate unexpected swerve moment of the last decade)

Are we going to see Undertaker vs Shane? Taker and Roman vs Drew and Shane? So many cool options.

They were setting up for the Tug o’ War.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley
Tug-o-War Match


The two pulled away on the rope. Time for a nap. Lashley got an early advantage but Strowman would not give up. Braun “Hulked Up” and drw Lashley over the line. Bobby attacked Braun and threw him into the corner. He choked Braun with the rope. Bullrope Match for Extreme Rules?

Your Winner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: N/A (This was not wrestling)

Braun with a Shoulder Tackle on Bobby. Lashley came back and ran Braun into the barricade.

Charli intrerviewed A.J. Styles. She cut him off to ask why he wanted to challenge Ricochet on Styles’ first night back. A.J. wanted to go after the best. Styles was irritated at Karl A
nderson and Luke Gallows about being in party mode. Styles wanted to old Karl and Luke back, not the clowns that are here now.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs Ivar and Erik (Viking Raiders aka Sons of Odin)


Luke opened up and ran Ivar into the corner. Ivar is the former Hanson. Erick was Raymond Rowe. Double Team by the Vikings on Karl (now legal). Float Over but the Viking was dropped hard. Rear Chin Lock on Erik. Luke was now legal. Styles watched, from the back. Thrust Kick and Uppercut by Luke. Tag to Karl. Boot o Doom by the Good Brothers. 2 count.

Tag to Ivar. Cartwheel after a Seated Splash. Dang! Tope Suicida by Ivar. Viking Experience on Karl.

Your Winners: The Vikiing Raiders
Raw Score: 75

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross talked about what Bayley cost them. Nikki felt guilty and wanted to make it right. Alexa’s smile showed just how much she is using Nikki.

Naomi and Natalya came up to talk sense to Nikki. They tried to explain what Alexa is like. Bliss came up to stop them. It started a little disagreement. Naomi challenged Bliss to face her.

Heath Slater vs Mojo Rawley


R-Truth rushed by as several guys tried to pin the 24/7 champ. Mojo also went after Truth. Neckbreaker by Heath.

Your NEW 24/7 Champion: Heath Slater

Heath got back in the ring. Truth Detector.

Your 8 Time 24/7 Champion: R-Truth

Cedric Alexander with the Lumbar Check.

Your NEW Champ: Cedric Alexander

EC3 took the title from Cedric.

Your NEW Champion: EC3

Truth rolled up EC3 to become the 9-time champ

Your NEW Champion: R-Turh
Segmenet Rating: 75

Ricochet was interviewed. Ricochet was still dealing with being the new champ. He was determined to hold the belt for as long as possible. He gave the fans credit for his win. Ricochet was thrilled to face his hero, A.J. Styles. He gave high praise to Styles for blazing the trail for guys like him.

Kofi Kingston was on deck to wrestle.

Kofi Kingston vs Sami Zayn
Non-Title Match


Kofi came out to throw pancakes to the crowd. Kofi dove out of the steel cage, on Sunday, to retain his WWE Title. Charli interviewed the popular champion. They were interrupted by the arrival of Sami. Kevin Owens was at his side. Sami had his own questions for Kofi. Owens wanted to do the Sami and Kevin Show. The questions were dumb. Kofi made fun of a pimple on Kevin’s face. Kofi discussed the Brotherhood with Big E and Xavier Woods. Kofi mentioned beating Dolph, all by himself, in the steel cage. Sami wasn’t impressed. Sami wanted to give Kofi a “Dose of Reality”. Kofi said his title was all about the fans, not just him. Kofi told Sami to come get a Trouble in Paradise…right now!

The bell finally rang. Sami worked over Kofi’s arm. Kevin was at ringside. Go Behind by Kofi. They went to the corner. Sami popped Kofi in the face, over and over. Knife Edge Chop by Sami. Hard Whip by Sami but Kofi rocked Sami with punches. Double Chops and a Dropkick. Boom Drop! Kofi drank in the love from the fans. Kofi missed the Trouble in Paradise. Sami with a two off the Roll Up.

Dropkick by Kofi. Sami bailed out of the ring. Kofi got taken over the top rope. Kevin attacked Kofi while the ref was distracted. Sami punished the skull of the champion and slapped on a Rear Chin Lock. Sami decked Kofi as Kingston came off the ropes. Flying Clothesline by Kofi. The two men traded wild fists. Kick by Sami. Modified Sling Blade by Kofi. Sami with an Exploder to send Kofi into the corner. 1-2-not yet.

Kofi punched away on Sami from the corner. Falcon Arrow by Sami for a two. Flying Knees by Kofi. Kevin cheered on his best buddy. Kofi was flipped to the apron. Springboard but Sami kicked Kofi in the chest. Kofi tried to fight out of the Blue Thunder Bomb. Sunset Flip to pin Sami.

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston
Raw Score: 80

Kevin Owens was livid. Owens wanted Kofi to get back in the ring and fight him, now.

Kevin Owens vs Kofi Kngston
Non-Title Match


Superkick by Owens as Kofi was distracted. Swanton but Kofi got hte knees up. Ouch! Superkick, again, by Owens. 2 count. Kofi escaped the Pop Up Powerbomb. Kevin pulled Kofi to the outside. Back Body Drop by Kofi. Kevin threw Kofi into the barricade. SOS! on the steel stage! Kofi rolled back in the ring as the ref reached ten.

Your WInner (By Count Out): Kofi Kingston
Raw Score: 40

Sami tried to attack Kofi. Flip Dive by Kofi onto both foes. Cool!

Samoa Joe came out of nowhere to attack Kofi. Joe slung Kofi into the LED Wall and then did the Uranage onto the stage. The refs tried to protect the WWE Champ. Joe came back to slap on the Kokina Clutch. Kofi was literally foaming at the mouth. The refs got him to break the hold, after some serious damage was done. Guess we know who Kofi’s next challenger will be.

We looked back at the stunning return of The Undertaker, earlier in the night. Candy is still tickled pink at seeing one of her favortires. My late friend, Robbie, also loved The Dead Man.

IT IS OFFICIAL! Roman Reigns and Undertaker vs Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules! SWEET!

Naomi vs Alexa Bliss (w/Nikki Cross)


Nikki is just so cute. Naomi kicked away. Splits by Naomi, followed by a punch. Clothesline by Bliss and a near fall. Naomi kicked away. Split Legged Legdrop. Bliss bailed out. Baseeball Slide into Nikki. Bliss hit a wicked DDT to take the win.

Your Winner: Alexa Bliss
Raw Score: 50

Bliss kept attacking Naomi. Bliss called Nikki to join her for a futher punishment. Nikki pushed Naomi down. Nattie’s music hit and the Crazy Cat Ladyof Wrestling (smile) rushed down to aid her long-time friend. Bet we get a tag match, next.


Naomi and Natalya vs Nikki Cross and Alex Bliss


Nattie with a Snap Suplex on Nikki. She hit another one. Back Elbow byNikki. She juped on Nattie’s back but Nat threw her off. 2 count. Headbutt to Nattie’s ribs. Tag to Bliss. Nattie ran Bliss into the corner and tagged in Naomi. Full Nelson by wrestling’s Bumblebee. Roll Up gave Naomi a near fall. Bulldog into the corner. Tag to Naomi. Nikki distracted and Bliss cracked Nattie. 2 count. Nikki wanted a tag, big time. Rear Chin Lock by Bliss.

Natalya Elobwed free and hit a Falcon Arrow. 1-2-nope. SNap Suplex by Natalya. A 2nd one. Bliss fought out of the Sharpshooter. Tag. Nikki ran Nattie into Naomi. Running Bulldog to give Nikki a deuce. Nikki flew to the corner. Crossbody to almost get the win. Nattie ran Nikki into the wrong corner. Tag by Bliss. CrossRhodes like Neckbreaker by Cross. Pin by Bliss.

Your Winners; Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss
Raw Score: 70

Ricochet vs A.J. Styles
Non-Title Match


This should be amazing. Raw will be in my neck of the woods, next week. They will be at the AAC in Dallas. Sadly, I can’t go. Not in the budget…plus I have Dialysis on Tuesday morning.

Candy just woke up from a nap for this one. She loves them both. The bell sounded and the two men circled each other. Collar and Elbow and they moved to the corner. Collar and Elbow again. Styles rolled around to take an Arm Bar. Ricochet tried to do the same but Styles grabbed a Side Headlock, half way through.

Anderson and Gallows came out to watch this match. Styles looked confused. Collar and Elbow, one more time, into a Side Headlock. Styles pushed off and Anderson distracted the US Champ. Styles was not happy about it. Styles told them he could fight his own fights. He got the stick and told his buddies to hit hte bricks. Styles did not want them to spoil this epic battle. They were not happy but they did it. Break time.

The match restarted, which thrilled the fans. Collar and Elbow and Go Behind by Styles. Side Headlock by Ricochet into a Takedown. Styles cracked the ribs of the U.S. Champion. Headscissors Rana and Dropkick by Ricochet. 2 count, only. Arm Wringer by Ricochet. Styles took Ricochet to the corner. The two raded wild Forearms. Knife Edge by Styles. Back Roll but Styles floored Ricochet with the Pele. Styles bounced Ricochet’s head in the corner. Snap Mare by Styles. Styles’ head was busted open. Ricochet blocked a Suplex. Back Body Drop by Styles.

Ricochet hit a wild Dropkick. Twisting Plancha by Ricochet. The U.S. champ seemed hurt. Quick pin attempt failed. Snap Mare and Kick by Ricochet. 2 count. Buckle Plex by Styles for another Near Fall. Dang.

Rear Chin Lock by Styles. Styles almost turned it into the Camel Clutch. Ricochet with seveal Uppercuts. Big Boot by Ricochet. Back Fist by Styles. Step-Up Enziguri by Ricochet. That was sweet.

Knife Edge Chop by Ricochet. Flying Forearm to Styles. Rana by the champ. Springboard Clothesline by Ricochet. Standing Shooting Star. Could be…might be…Denied.

Styles blocked a Suplex. Back Elobw by Styles. Slop Drop by Styles for a two. Jackknife by Ricochet for a two. Controlled Frenzy by Styles to get so close to a win.

Back Elbow by Ricochet. Knife Edge Chops by Ricochet. Twisting Suplex and Springboard Moonsault for a two. The ref checked on Styles. Ricochet went tot he Penthouse but missed the 630. Phenominal Fore-arm.

Your WInner: A.J. Styles
Raw Score: 97

Styles helped Ricochet to his feet and handed the champ his belt. Classy.

Candy: Feel better, my beloved
Jean: Thanks for being my best friend for all these months.
Stephanie: So happy you found someone to treat you like the lady you are.


–Jay Shannon (w/Candy Moore)

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