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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday NIght Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”–Marcus AUrellius

Who will be the number one contender to Samoa Joe’s United States championship? How will Daniel Bryan fare against Universal Champion, Seth Rollins? These questions and many more will be answered tonight…just a few days before Stomping Grounds.

Elias opened the show. Why? He trash talked the Los Angelinos. Elias said he was going to be the Special Guest Ref. Seth Rollins came out of nowhere to destroy Elias with a steel chair. Dang. Seth was tired of playing games. Seth said this would happen to anyone who aligned themselves with Baron Corbin.

The Miz came out and hit a Skull Crusing Finale on Elias. Lashley Speared Elias. Not a good day for Da Drifter. Giant Swing by Cesaro to…guess who? Code Braker by Ricochet. Bulldog Bounce by Braun.

The Miz vs Bobby Lashley vs Ricochet vs Cesaro vs Braun Strowman
Fatal 5-way to determine the Number One Contender to the U.S. Championship


Everyone set their sights on Braun. Miz locked in a Sleeper. He didn’t hold it long. Braun threw him aside. Cesaro lifted Braun up for a Fireman’s Slam. Braun blocked the Neutraliszer. Huge Slam by Bruan.


Ricochet was launced by Braun. Flatliner by Lashley to Braun. Suplex by Bobby. Bobby with a hard elbow on Ricochet. Huge Slam by Braun.

Bobby Lashley–Eliminated

Braun Steam Rolled both Miz and Ricochet, on the floor. Miz got hit twice, in fact. Braun threw Miz back in the ring. Corner Clotheslines by Braun to Miz. Lashley Speared Braun as he had Miz up. Neutralizer by Cesaro. This was a No-DQ match. Ricochet went up top and nailed the 630. 3 men pinned Braun.

Braun Strowman–Eliminated

Braun threw Ricochet up and over the top rope. Braun also destroyed Cesaro and Lashley. Miz and Ricochet were both down and hurt. Break time.

Running Headscissors by Ricochet. Miz missed a Baesball Slide but Ricochet hit the Tope con Hilo. Samoa Joe was now watching from ringside. Ricochet went up topbut missed the 630. Enziguri by Ricochet. Ricochet blocked the Skull Crushing FInale but fell to a DDT. 2 count.

It Kicks by Miz. Flipping Dropkick by Ricochet. Miz hurt Ricochet’s kknee. Figure Four by Miz. Ricochet would not submit. My girls are screaming for Ricochet, at this point. Ricochet did his best to reverse the move but Miz kept shifting his weight. Ricochet finally got it turned over. Miz would not give up, either. Miz reversed the move back. Ricochet got to the bottom rope. (I know the ref should not have forced the break).

Small Package by Ricochet as Miz went for another Figure Four. Springboard by Miz went into another Code Breaker. Ricochet went up top. 630!

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 89 out of a possible 100

Samoa Joe jumped Ricochet, after the bell. He punished Ricochet for daring to turn his back on Joe. Wicked Flip Dive by Ricochet after Low Bridging the US Champ.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan strolled backstage. Becky Lynch also walked. She was ready to confront Lacey Evans.

Becky came from the back after we got a still of her kissing Seth Rollins as an awards show. Becky wanted Lacey, right away. She wanted to give Lacey what she deserves…an *ss kicking.

Lacey strolled out in fire engine red. Lacey said no one cared what Becky had to say. Becky felt Lacey was afraid to get her butt kicked. Lynch mocked Lacey for her over-acting. Evans mentioned being a former U.S. Marine. Lacey talked about bringing dignity and grace to the ring. Becky respected what Lacey was but not what she now is. Lacey kept insulting the Raw Champipon. Becky caught Lacey and hit the Becksploder. Lynch then exited the ring. Too funny when Becky put on Lacey’s goofy hat.

The announcers talked about Roman Reigns wanting to fight Drew McIntyre.We went up the tunnel to see The Revival. Dash and Dawson joined Drew and Shane McMahon.

Elsewhere, Chalrie interviewed Baron Corbin. She asked him about Elias being taken out as Special Guest Ref. Baron had backups. Corbin would reveal his choice, later on. Seth attacked Baron with the chair.

Ivar and Erik, the Viking Raiders, are back. They are up, next.

We got a profile video of Seth Rollins.

Damiel Bryan and Rowan walked from the back. Daniel had the stick. He understood why the McMahons brought him to L.A.. Because Raw and Los Angeles suck. He started rambling on how bad the city was. Yawn. Daniel promised to excite the fans by destroying Rollins, later on.

They were cut off by the arrival of the Viking Raiders (Sons of Odin). The two teams stared each other down. Ivar and Erik then went to the ring.

Erik and Ivar vs Russ and Randy Taylor


The local jobbers got slung around like they weighed nothing. Viking Experience in seconds.

Your Winners: The Viking Raider
Raw Score: 50

R-Truth and Carmella were in the crowd and the challengers came a running. Truth was under the ring but it was Titus O’Neil who was pulled out. Truth came out and ran away.

Baron Corbin talked with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. KO’s music hit and it was time for…

The Smai and Kevin Show

Before the Show, Heath Slater came in to talk. We couldn’t hear what was being said, at first. Heath wanted a pay raise. Shane thought it took a lot of b*lls to walk up and ask. He said “No!”. Shane dismissed Heath. Shane sent Drew to face off with Heath. Drew acted like he was going to give Heath some money but it was a ploy to attack and destroy Heath. That was so bogus.

Back to the S and K Show. They brought out Baron Corbin, after running down his resume. We saw how Seth demolished Brock Lesanr at Super Showdown. Seth has used the chair on several people, since. Sami promised it was a Safe Place for Corbin, right now. Sami was upset that Seth was not fined for attacking him, last week. Sami and Kevin no longer wanted to be considered as Special Guest Refs.

Baron said he had lots of options to choose from. He introduced…drun roll please…EC3. Seriously? As expected, Seth came out and annihilated Ethan with repeated chair shots. Corbin just couldn’t believe what he saw.

New Day then came from the back. Why? Big E covered EC3 with his jacket. Kevin and Sami took offense to the interference. New Day didn’t care. Kevin told Kofi that the WWE title would go to either Dolph Ziggler or him. Kofi taunted Kevin about his poor performance at Moneyin the Bank. Kofi was ready for his Steel Cage Match, on Sunday. Caney, LeeAnne and I will be watching the show. Kofi was so confident. Corbin wanted a Six Man Match, tonight. They woke up EC3 to be the ref for the match, sort of. Ethan was actually out cold.

A,J. Styles was in the trainer’s room. Gallows and Anderson came in to see their “Bullet Club” brother. Styles brought up Japan. Styles talked about how Anderson and Gallows have gotten “Comfortable”, which made them losers. Styles wanted to know when his buddies won a match or even showed up on TV. Luke and Karl said it was time to take things seriously. They will battle the Usos, shortly.

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E vs Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
Six Man Tag Team Match
2 out of 3 Falls


Sami opened up with Woods. Xavier worked over the arms. Woods raised over $32K, this past weekend, for Connor’s Cure. Float Over by Woods. Roaring Elbow by Xavier. KO took the tag. He stomped away and then tagged out to Corbin. All kinds of under-handed shenanigans by the heels.

Corbin elbowed Xanier’s neck. Woods flipped free and hit a Step Up Enziguri. KO got the tag, first. He prevented the tag. Woods got hte knees up as KO went for the Backsplash Senton. Tag to Sami.

Roll Up by Woods.

First Fall–New Day

The second fall was well under way as we returned. Big E was now legal but he was getting dominated. Kofi and Woods were on the floor, down. KO mocked Kofi and hit the Backsplash on Big E. Sami and Kevin will face Big E and Xavier, on Sunday. Sami took the tag and stomped on the big man. Straight fists by Sami but Big E started to fight back. Big E dodged and Sami flew out of the ring. Super Kick by Owens. 2 count.

Corbin made the tag and took E to the corner. Hammer Throw by Corbin. Measured Rights by the former Golden Gloves competitor. KO charged and hit the corner. Belly to Belly by Big E. Tag to Koif. Springboard Clothesline and Dropkick by Kofi. Pendulum Kick by Kofi to Corbin. Crossbody for a 2. Boom Drop! Kofi was seriously fired up. Deep Six on a distracted Kofi. New Day made the save. It broke down into complete chaos. Outside In Clothesline misfired and took out Sami. KO got up in Corbin’s face. Owens laid out Corbin with a Super Kick. Sami and Kevin walked out. Trouble in Paradise!

Second Fall and Match Winners: The New Day
Raw Score: 78

Akexa Bliss brought Nikki Cross a present. Alexa and Nikki will fight The Iconics, a little later on. Alexa promised to give Nikki all she deserves.

Paul Heyman was in his dressing room. He had something to say.

Heyman came out to the ring. He started talking about Lesnar. Paul did not want to be the Special Guest Ref, on Sunday. Paul knew anyone who accepted who get bashed with the steel chair. Heyman insulted the local teams. He bashed the Lakers. I hate freaking cheap heat like that. Heyman considered Rollins to have traded his b*lls for a steel chair. Heyman suggested that just maybe Seth was vunerable, Brock may or may not be in the house. Heyman said Seth would never know when Brock would show up.

Backstage, Baron Corbin was talking with Eric Young. He suggested EY might be a good choice for special ref. Eric ran into Seth and told Rollins that he was not interested in the job of Ref. Seth blasted Eric with the steel chair, multiple times. Eric does look better without that scruffy beard.

The Usos were talking about the Good Brothers (Gallows and Anderson). Jimmy and Jey were ready to Lockdown their challengers, next.

I want to send my best out to my friends in the Mesquite Community Band. They are performing their 3rd Concert in the Park. Due to the high temperature and heavy humidity, I had to pass on tonight’s show. My apologies. Tonight, they are performing a Jazz concert. I have a long history with jazz music. (3 years as a Disc Jockey at aJazz radio station).

Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows


Luke opened up this contest. He got rocked with fists. Tag to Karl. Boot of Doom double team by the Good Brothers. 1-2-no. Karl pounded away as Styles looked on. Michael Cole talked about Karl and Luke’s time in Japan. Rear Chin Lock by Karl. Karl with a wicked Clothesline. Magic Killer prevented. DOuble Superkick.

Your Winners: The Usos
Raw Score: 70

My sister just brought me in a Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. Don’t tell LeeAnne. Smile.

Roman Reigns walked slowly, backstage. He had something to say…next.

Hulk Hogan did a promo for the USA Woman’s World Cup Soccer Team. My sis, Lucy, and her grandson are both soccer players. Guess that will be playing in our house, this week.

Roman came out to a mixed reaction for the Cali crowd. We got a flashback video of Roman’s loss at Super Showdown. Roman was still hot about the way Drew McIntyre cost him that match. Roman wasn’t going to make excuses. He was just going to whup someone’s *ss. Roman called out Shane. Shane came up on the Tron and asked for his introduction. Boring! Shane said Roman shouldnot be ashamed to losing to the “Best in the World”. Shane said Roman couldn’t stand the heat. He even got a Queen reference in. Shane refused to fight.

Drew took over and addressed his future opponent. Shane asked him not to come out and obliterate Roman…until Sunday. Drew wants to physically disfigure Roman. When Drew brought up Roman’s family, Reigns headed to the back. Roman went to the VIP area. Roman destroyed Dash and Dawson, quickly. Roman entered the special room and blasted Drew. Roman tried to take out Shane but Drew jumped him. Roman Powerbombed Drew through a table. Shane made a run for it, back into the Staples Center. Shane got laid out at ringside. Roman threw Shane into the barricade and pounded away. Roman threw Shane into the ring. Superman Punch! (Candy just about deaefened me with her screams of happiness). Spear! Roman took the stick and told Shane to crawl to the back and tell Drew that Roman was going to kick McIntyre’s *ss on Sunday.

The Iconics were on their way out to defend their titles.

Bayley was interviewed, backstage. She was asked about a post where Bayley supposedly refused to take a photo with a fan in a Nikki shirt. Bayley was ticked off.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay (The Iconics) vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross
Women’s Tag Team Title Match


OMG. The Iconics have the absolute worst voices in the history of pro wrestling (and I do remember Vickie Guerrero). More cheap heat for trash talking the Lakers. Jeez.

Before the match, Bayley came down to ringside. We went to break.

Bliss and Billie to begin. Kay pushed Alexa and got slapped in the face for her trouble. Bliss pulled Kay intothe corner and stomped away. Knee Strike by Kay. Dbouble Team by the champs. Roll Up by Bliss. 2 count. Tag to Nikki. Roll Up for a two.

Cross went up top but missed the Crossbody. Kay went for a pin after a quick tag. 2 count. Royce tagged back in. Double team on Nikki. Arm Bar by Royce. Kay tagged in and attacked. Nikki rocked Billie with a Headbutt to the tummy. Hard Kick and Forearm by Kay. Bliss shoved down Bayley. Roll Up by Billie. Bliss tried to make the save but Bayley stopped her.

Your Winners; The Iconics
Raw Score: 70

We got an updated Stomping Grounds card.

Firefly Funhouse (sigh)

Send my little ones to the other room for some Kool-aid during this segment. Before this disgracegul waste of tV, Bliss and Nikki had words. Cross was upset that Bayley cost her the tag titles. Nikki promised to be in the corner of Bliss, on Sunday.

Bray was working his garden. He mentioned about how parents lie to their kids. And how teachers also lie. He mentioned about being different. I am a former school teacher and I am EXTREMELY offended by this crap. He had all his silly pippets tell everyone to join them. “Fear is Power”. That is serious crap. The segment ended with a stupid music mix. The graphics made my headache even worse. Candy was ready to throw a brick at her TV hearing such stupidity. She was livid.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Rowan were interviewed. Daniel was asked if he could deal with Seth’s wild actions. Daniel said why hasn’t anyone taken the chair from Rollins. Daniel reminded everyone that Seth has never beaten Daniel.

Seth stopped to talk with his girl, Becky Lynch.

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins
Non-Title Match


Seth came out with his trusty steel chair. We saw all who he attacked. I’ve finally calmed my dear Candy back down. Wow! She really hates Bray Wyatt, right now.

The bell rang and the two circled each other. Collar and Elbow and Takover by Daniel. Seth also took Bryan over. Shoulder Tackle by Seth into a Universal. Daniel tried for a Suicide Dive but got clocked. Springboard Clothesline and Tope Suicidas by Seth. Rowan with the Iron Claw Slam.

Your WInner (By DQ): Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 50

Rowan and Daniel worked over Seth, post match. The New Day rushed down. They were joined by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and The Revival. The Usos also joined the party. All Hell broke loose. The faces held the ring. Usos Crazy Double Dive. Officials rushed down to restore order. Seth and Daniel were still in the ring. The match was reset.

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins
Match #2–Still Non-Title


Seth was flipped out to the floor. Daniel worked over the Universal champ and through Seth back in the ring. Corner Dropkicks by Daniel. 360 Clothesline by Seth. Amazing!

Straight fists and Chops by Seth. Sling Blade by Seth. 2 count. Seth tuned up the band and kicked Daniel. He missed the Curb Stomp. Near Falls all around. Uppercut by Daniel. Chop by Seth. Back and forth with punches. Another wild Uppercut. Ankle Lock by Daniel. Wicked German sent Seth sailing out of the ring. Daniel with a Knee Trembler, off the apron. Seth was rocked to his core.

Seth caught Daniel on the top rope. He punched away at Daniel. Bryan punched the ribs and nailed a Headbutt. Rope Run Superplex but Daniel blocked the Falcon Arrow. LeBell Lock! Seth got a foot on the bottom rope to force the break. Ouch!

Yes Kicks by Daniel. He actually nailed the Knockout Kick. Daniel set back for hisShining Wizard but Seth turned it into a nasty Buckle Bomb. Superkick. Could be…might be…Denied.

Seth pulled himself up and went tothe corner. Seth was dealing with a bad shoulder. Frog Splash but Daniel got hte knees up. LeBell Lock, again. Enziguri by Seth led to the Curb Stomp. 1–2–3!

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 90

Baron Corbin came out to blast Seth with a steel chair. He wore out the champ with his weapon of choice. I smell a Chairs match at Extreme Rules. Corbin beat Seth all the way to the ring with the chair. Corbin threw Seth back in the ring. End of Days! Corbin grabbed the title belt and held it high. No way he wins on Sunday. I know there will be another match at Extreme Rules.

Jean: Thanks for the early birthday present. Love ya.
LeeAnne: Wokka Wokka, my dear one
Candy: Thanks for your love and your opinions. All my love


–Jay Shannon

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