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A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”–Confucius

That bit of philosophy so fits how I feel about doing this column. I’ve done this for over 15 years and I’ve loved every day of it. Thank you to each and every one of you who read me, week in and week out.

Super Showdown is in the books and now we are headed towards Stomping Grounds. Not a lot changed in Saudi Aeabia, other than a switch or two of the 24/7 title. I hope Undertaker is ok after Goldberg messed up the Jackhammer. Taker’s neck took a nasty impact when the Jackhammer turned into a Brainbuster.

We are in San Jose, CA. That’s where I met Bill Apter for the very first time, in person. I also met Bayley, Iron Sheik, Tommy Dreamer, the Young Bucks and a whole lot of others at the BTW Convention and Show in May of 2010.

The whole team is here, this week. Me, Candy AND LeeAnne. They are joining me by phone to go through this episode. (They wave through FaceTime).

Seth Rollins music hit and the Beast Slayer came out, still wearing his Universal title (and carrying a steel chair). Seth beat the stuffing out of Brock Lesnar in Jeddah. We saw a recap of all that happened at Super Showdown.

Seth has a cool new Burn it Down shirt. Seth felt so alive. Seth said it was the dawn of a new era for the Universal title. Seth bragged, a bit, about bashing Brock with the steel chair.

Baron Corbin came out to confront the man he lost to in Saudi Arabia. Baron waited for the boos to calm down. Corbin unsulted the residents of San Jose. Baron warned Seth that Rollins needed to be more worried about him than Lesnar. Baron said the ref messed up the match…Seth didn’t beat him. Baron had been in meetings, all day. The ref was going to be punished and Baron was getting a rematch. At Stomping Grounds, Baron will pick the special guest ref for their rematch in a couple weeks. Seth wondered who Baron could possibly get to ref the match. Looks like it will be…Sami Zayn. (sigh)

Sami claimed he cared about Seth, as a person. Sami didn’t think being champion was a good thing for Seth to have to deal with. Sami wanted to see Baron as champ. Sami tipped his hand that he was going to want a favor in return. Seth was about to go kick Sami’s behind when Kevin Owens walked out.

KO said he had Sami’s back. Owens had an issue with how Seth was talking to Sami. Seth called out Kevin. Seth set the main event of Owens vs Rollins. Non-Title, I guess.

Lars Sullivan vs The Lucha House Party
3-on-1 Eliminiation Handicap Match


The masked trio came out with Pinatas in tow. Lars attacked before the bell. Kalisto tried to rock the big gguy with Missile Dropkick and Crossbody. Freak Accident.


Lince got thrown onto the apron. He attacked Lars’ knees but fell to the running Poweromb.

Lince Dorado–Eliminated

Gran Metallik was the last victim. Kicks by Gran but they had minimal effect. Lars caught a Springboarding Gran and slammed him. Lars would not take the pin. Lars went out to slam Kalisto onto the ring steps (and pinata). Freak Accident. Sullivan would not take the pin. Sullivan went out to get Lince. Press Dart into the ring post. Lars went up to the top and hit the Benoit Headdive.

Gran Metallik–Eliminated

Your WInner: Lars Sullivan
Raw Score: 78 out of a possible 100

R-Truth was runnning backstagte. He was being chased by a herd of mid-carders. Truth and several got stuck in the elevator. Carmella tried to calm the people down.

Lacey Evans just looked incredible. Elsewhere, Seth Rollins talked with his girlfriend, Becky Lynch. Well, I guess that confirms what I pondered last week. The ladies will be up next to talk about their match at Stomping Grounds.

Michael Cole was ready to run the video of the interviews with Becky and Lacey. The two women traded barbs, back and forth. Becky got in a great line about “dirt and gold are found in the same place”. Dang. Candy was like “I have to remember that one”. LOL. Lacey accused Becky of being afraid. The split screen segment was a bit dull.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross talked about facing the Iconics, eventually. Bliss is now going after Bayley for the Smackdown strap. This friendship is going to collapse, so soon. Bliss wants Nikki in her corner.


His guest was Samoa Joe. Miz ran down how vicious Joe is. In case anyone wonders, Joe is NOT related to anyone in the Anoi’a/Fatu family. Joe cut Miz off and said Rey stole his title and he got it back. We saw how Rey surrendered the belt back to Joe, last week. Joe then attacked Rey. Cowardly attack. Miz stood up for Rey. Miz brought up Rey’s son. Miz said attacking the family was a line that was not to be crossed. Joe didn’t believe in “lines”.

Braun Strowman came out to confront Joe. Now this is a match I want to see. Bobby Lashley also came from the back. Bobby wasn’t done with Braun, just yet. Lashley mentioned his history with Joe (Impact?). Ricochet then came out to talk to the guys in the ring. Ricochet wanted his first championship. Cesaro also came out. He sucker punched Ricochet. The guys in the ring started to fight. All six guys got laid out. THe faces stood tall, eventually.

Miz, Ricochet and Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Bobby Lashley
Six-Man Tag Team Match


Bobby worked on Braun’s arm. Kip Up by Strowman. Universal but Braun with a Clothesline. Tag to Miz. Full Body Clothesline by the A-Lister. Knee Lift and Reality Check by Miz, almost. Bobby fought back and dropped Miz. Tag to Joe. Joe threw hard punches and the other two worked over Miz when the ref was distracted. Tag to Cesaro. Rear Chin Lock by the Swiss Superman. Miz elbowed free.

Hot Tag to Ricochet. Cesaro bailedout and Ricochet took out everyone. Springboard Clothesline by Ricochet. Ricochet also Crossbody’d Lashley. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors on Cesaro, followed by a Tope con Hilo. Cut to commercials.

Lashley almost pinned Ricochet. Flip Piledriver by Ricochet to Cesaro. Lashley ran Ricochet into the barricade. Whip by Lashley when they got bac in the ring. Dropkick by Ricochet. Tag to Miz. Springboard Ax Bomber. Miz blasted Lashley with It Kicks. SHotgun Knees by Miz, several times. Full Body Clothesline by Miz. Bobby crashed into the corner and fell to a Miz DDT. Miz also hit one on Cesaro. It Kicks to both Bobby and Cesaro. Flatliner by Lashley. Joe rushed in and blasted Braun. Joe almost got a three counton Miz. Tag to Cesaro. Jawbreaker by Miz.

Lashley pulled Braun off the apron. Cesaro with the Big Swing. Dang, it went on forever. Sharpshooter. Ricochet hit a Code Breaker to break up the move. Cool. Braun wanted the tag in the worst way. He got it.

Braun ran over Cesaro and sent him tothe corner. Corner Clothesline. Shoulder Tackle, on the floor. Another Corner Clothesline. Clubbing shot to the chest but Joe prevented the tag. Joe escaped the Bulldog Bounce. He baile dout nad gothis US title and took off up the ramp. Tag to Miz. Lashley Speared Braun, on the floor. Ricochet hit a Moonsault to take out Lashley. European Uppercut to Miz. Miz nailed the Skull Crushing FInale. 630 Splash by Ricochet!

Your Winners: Miz, Ricochet and Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 85

Baron Corbin was interviewed backstage. I guess Sami was not officially the ref, after all. He insulted the girl talking to him. Sami wanted to chat with Corbin, in private. Whatever.

Becky Lynch and Bayley vs Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans


Nikki was with Alexa for this one. Becky stared daggers at Lacey. Bliss and Bayley started the match. Bayley ran Bliss intothe corner and stomped away. Forearm by Bayley for a quick two. Bliss swung the arm to take down the Smackdown champ. Evans made herslef legal and hit a Springboard Elbow Drop. 2 count.

Tag to Lynch. Becky tore into Lacey with all her passion and power. Tag to Bliss. Double team on Lynch. Flying Forearm by Becky to Bliss. Lacey saved Bliss from the Becksploder. The challengers went tothe floor. The champs went right after them. Break time.

Becky got laid out by Alexa. Enziguri by Lynch. Lacey stopped a tag to Bayley. Lacey posed for the crowd. Modified Shinu Numaki by Lacey. Becky dropped down to send Lacey flying. Handstand Bronco Buster by the Southern Belle. Bayley was sent off the apron. Becky escaped a slam. Baseball Slide to drop Lacey. Bliss was sent through the ropes. Bayley clocked Bliss. Lacey stopped a tag and stomped away on Becky. Becky fought back and tried to reach her corner. Swinging Neckbreaker by Lacey for a near fall. Lacey moved Becky into postitino and went for a Top Rope Moonsault. She missed.

Hot Tag on both sides. Bayley stomped in the corner. Running Kick by Bayley. Sunset Bomb sent Alexa into the corner. Becky ran into Nikki and caught the Woman’s Right. Bayley got hit with the same move. Twisted Bliss but she landed on Bayley’s knees. Woman’s Right to Bayley. Lacey had Blind Tagged in.

Your Winners; Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans
Raw Score: 82

Shane McMahon was on the phone when Sami Zayn came in. Sami wanted to be asked to be Corbin’s guest ref, at Stomping Grounds. Sami wanted to auditionn by being a second ref in tonight’s main event. Shane put Sami as the outside ref.

John Cena will be in Fast and the Furious 9!

Paul Heyman was in the ring for the next segment. Paul was not a happy person, right now. He did not like the issues between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. Paul was angry that Lesnar didn’t follow his direction to Cash In, last Monday. He was even more upset that Seth attacked Brock, in Saudi Arabia. Heyman felt Seth was a thug. Heyman and Lesnar have now decided to surprise everyone with the eventual Cash In. Heyman wants Lesnar to be the special guest ref at Stomping Grounds. Paul was certain that Lesnar was going to take the belt from Seth, very soon.

The guys and Carmella were still stuck in the elevator. Heath Slater, EC3 Drake Maerick and Carmella tried to discuss this. Drakea is about to get married. COngratulations, Spud. Truth compared Drake to Hornswoggle. Funny.

Sigh. The Iconics came out. Candy and LeeAnne hate their voices. I can’t say I like them either. We went to break before the tag champs got in the ring.

They bragged about their time as champ. Two local girls were in the ring and Peyton and Billie kept insulting them.

Lisa Lace and Aleeia vs Billie Kay and Peyton Royce
Non-Title M atch


Billie stomped on the girl in gold. Peyton with a hard kick. Lace popped Peyton but took several knees to the ribs. Tag to Kay. Wicked Double Team by the champs to end this mess.

Your Winners: The Iconics
Raw Score: 40

We saw a flashback of Shane vs Roman at Super Showdown. Shane actually won in one of the biggest surprises on that card. Drew McIntyre took out Roman with a Claymore Kick to set up Shane’s win. Roman was interviewed, post match. Roman was upset that he was beaten through a match being handed to him by Drew. Roman wants Drew at Stomping Grounds.

It was party time, in the ring. Balloons and a table were being set up as we cut to commercial.

They were still stuck in the elevator. No one could pin Truth, because there was no ref.

Drew McIntyre came from the back. There were four bagpipers on the stage. I actually love bagpipe music (blame Bon Scott of AC/DC). Shane joined his buddy. Shane got his annoying introduction. My girls thought Drew “cleaned up real nice”. Shane’s bogus trophy was in the center of the ring. Shane wanted to talk about something special…Roman Reigns. Shane said Roman would, one day, be in the Hall of Fame. Shane ran down Roman’s resume. Shane mocked Roman for losing. Shane said he had all night to party. Shane brought up Stomping Grounds.

Drew got upset at the Cali crowd. Drew continued to make fun of Roman for losing. Drew was determined to hurt Roman at Stomping Grounds. Drew felt he owed Roman and would take it out on the big Samoan in short order. Shane praised Drew’s intensity. Shane broke out the champagne. They poured it into the big trophy. Nasty to drink out of that thing. Shane brought out The Revival. Dash and Dawson wee not allowed to drink. Shane told them if they win, they can join the party.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder vs Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs The Usos
Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match


Zack and Curt were interviewed. They were not ready to give up the straps. They were confident.

Dawson and Zack opened it up. Dash took a quick tag. Double Team on the champ. Jey Uso took a tag and they laid out the Revival members. Collar and Elbow into an Arm Bar by Jey. Back Elbow by Usos. Faceplant by Zack. Tag to Hawkins. 2 count. Hawkins was laid out by Dash and Dawson. Break time, again.

Hawkins was in a bad way. Dash tagged in and then out with Dawson. Jimmy Uso got a blind tag. Uso Crazy Tope. Crossbody by Jimmy for a two. Uppercut by Jimmy into a Samoan Drop. 1-2-not quite yet.

Jey was down and out. Dawson with a hard punch. Hawkins took the tag and hit an Enziguri. Double Team by the champs. 2 count. Jimmy avoided the Rough Rider. Jey took the tag but waited til his bother took a Rugh Rider. Superkicks all around. Jey went up top and hit a Crossbody. Dawson had tagged in. He picked the bones.

Your Winners (and NEW tag team champions): The Revival
Raw Score: 82

Seth Rollins was interviewed about Sami Zayn. He told Charlie that he was ready from anything, including Brock. Heis focus was KO and Sami.

Time to send my favorite little 7 year old out of the room.

We got a profile of one of my favorites, Freddie Blassie. I so miss him. He actually showed up on an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show (I figured Bill would appreciate this bit of trivia. I konw how much he loves Dick van Dyke. Smile).

Back to the elevator. Tempers were getting flared. They talked about marriage and other stuff. Truth kept calling Drake “Hornswoggle”. They started singing “We are Family”. The doors opened and everyone went after Truth. Carmella pulled Truth back in the elevator to protect him. Too funny.

Firefly Funhouse:

Can he just wrestle, please? Bray has invited Truth to the Funhouse to be safe. Bray was fixing things. Mercy the Buzzard was trying to eat the bunny, again. They freaked out when Bray threatened to bring out The Freak. The Fiend staying inside. Bray dressed up as a clown and Candy freaked out. Bray “killed” the rabbit with a hammer. So wromg. I’m glad the little lady was not in the room.

Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens
Non-Title Match
Sami Zayn as Special Guest Referee


Snackdown is my old hometown of Reno, NV tonight. Tip of my cap to my “family” out there. I miss you ladies and gentlemen. Everyone made their individual entrances. Sami is just so annoying. Seth was almost amused at seeing Sami in the Zebra Gear.

Sami checked over Seth and then Kevin. The inside ref was the smae one as in Saudi Arabia when Seth beat Baron Corbin. Seth yanked on Kevin’s arm. Sami got up to discuss Seth’s behaviour. Seth worked the arm but Kevin reversed it. Seth flipped around to take back control. Crucifix Back Slide for a two. Sami distracted the main ref. KO jumped Seth from behind. Corner Kicks by Owens. Sami pulled Seth off Owens. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Seth. Seth and Kevin fought on the floor. DDT by KO. Cut to a final break.

Rear Chin Lock by Owens. Seth got free but got caught in a Stretch Backbreaker. KO taunted Seth with a “Burn it Down” chant. Dropkick to Seth’s back. 2 count.

KO worked the ribs and rushed Seth to the corner. Straight punches by Kevin. Seth fought out of a Fireman’s Carry. Headbutt and Knife Edge Chops by Seth. Sling Blade! Seth couldn’t Suplex KO. Gutbuster by Owens. Backsplash Senton from the ropes but Seth got the knees up. KO popped Seth in the face. Pop Up Powerbomb blocked. Superkicks from both men. Seth went to the penthouse. Sami got in to stop the Frog Splash. Really? Roll Up by Owens for a near fall. KO was sent to the floor. Suicide Dive took down KO and Sami. Curb Stomp. 1-2-Sami pulled out the ref. The two refs argued. Seth was furious. Seth grabbed Sami and got disqualified.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Kevin Owens
Raw Score: 78

After the match, Seth exploded on Sami. Baron Corbin rushed in to attack the Universal champion. Corbin stomped the injured ribs. Baron got a steel chair but didn’t get to use it. Seth wore out the chair on Sami. Seth’s eye was busted open. Seth screamed after destroying Zayn. Baron looked concerned. Seth ripped the Zebra shirt and continued his assault on Sami. He stomped on the shirt and then nailed the Curb Stomp!

Mom: Thanks for all you do to keep me going
Jean: Good luck at tonight’s concert. Love you.
Candy and LeeAnne: Thanks for being my favorite two ladies. Love you both, very much.


–Jay Shannon

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