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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Do or Do Not…There is no Try”–Yoda

After a wonderful night of music in the park, it’s time to sit down to some great action. I want to start by congratulating the men and women of NXT for an absolutely tremendous show on Saturday. Next up, WWE returns to the Middle for another Super Showdown. Will that card end up changed, last minute?

Raw is in my home state of Texas, this week. Austin, to be exact. Roman Reigns jumped over to the Crimson Flagship. Roman will battle Shane McMhaon on Friday afternoon (our time). Paula (Candy) and I will be on the phone and the laptops to catch this epic show.

Brock is in deep trouble with the WWE Brass. Paul Heyman says Brock will Cash In, tonight.

Shane McMahon came out before Roman could say a word. Does anyone really care about this feud? Just asking… Shane demanded a “proper introduction”. That is getting a little stale. Shane got all cocky about how he was going to shut up Roman (like that is going to happen). Roman is one of Paula’s favorites and she is just laughing at the idea of Shane beating Roman…unless he cheats.

Roman got fed up with Shane’s ramblings and told him to shut up. Roman promised to finish Shane. Roman is ready to whip both Shane and Drew McIntyre.

That brought out the Scottish Psycopath. Drew had an issue with Texans. Watch it, Hoss. Drew was ready to take out Roman. Scott Dawson and Dash WIlder jumped Roman, from behind. The Usos ran down to aid their cousin.

Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs Drew McIntyre, Scott Dawson and Dash WIlder
Six M an Tag Match


The match started quickly with a Superkick, Uso Style. Dash was pulled from the ring. Uso Crazy! Break time.

Dash got the tag and held Jey. Tag to Jimmy. He cleaned Dash’s clock. Spiral Tap Kick by Jimmy. Jimmy blasted both Dawson and Drew. Drew took the tag. Knife Edges by Drew, followed by a nasty Suplex. Drew stomped on Jimmy’s hand. Arm Bar with a Face Wash. Jimmy fought to his feet and used Headbutts to get free. Huge Belly to Belly Throw by Drew. Roman made the save.

Dash and Dawson worked over Jimmy. Scott tagged in and stomped away. Neck Cravat to the big Samoan. Jimmy came back with wild Knife Edge Chops. Clothesline by Dawson. 2 count. Kneeling Abdominal Stretch by Dawson.

Jimmy fought out of enemy territory. Dawson got laid out with a Back Drop Suplex. Spinebuster on Jimmy just before Uso could tag. Break, again.

Roman Reigns was legal and he tore through Drew. Drew avoided the Superman Punch and took a Glasgow Kiss. Roman did hit the Superman Punch. Jey was now legal. Roman went fter Shane but got laid out with a Claymore from Drew. Shatter Machine on Jimmy, on the floor. Claymore to Jey to end this one.

Your Winners: The Revival and Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 79 out of a possible 100

Shatter Machine to Roman. Claymore to Roman. Shane talked trash to a knocked out Roman Shane Speared Roman as an ultimate insult to the “Big Dog”.

An ambulance was waiting in the back.


Digging that Raw Red Jaclet. He was getting some serious good pops from the Longhorns. Miz wanted to talk about Brock Lesnar and hls Cash In. Miz brought out Seth Rollins. Seth and MIz shook hands and took a seat. This is Miz’s new hometown. Miz mentioned that Seth might not be the Universal title holder come Friday. Seth wasn’t worried about Brock. Seth made it clear that Paul Heyman was a serious liar. Miz talked about how dangerous Lesnar is. Seth was hoping that Lesnar would Cash In, instead of dealing with What Ifs?. Seth wants to defeat Baron Corbin and needs to stay focused on the number one contender.

A black car arrived and Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar stepped out. Paul told Brock to “Cash it in”. Brock and Paul went to enter but stopped. More mind games from Paul E. and his charge.

The Lucha House Party came out. They will face Lars Sullivan on Friday. Lars’ music hit and the Freak strolled slowly to the ring. The Luchas did their best to take out Lars but fell quickly. Kalisto was swatted out of the air. Lince Dorado was blasted. Gran Metallik joined his “hermanos” to send Lars out to the floor.

Cut to the back and the Iconics were in the house. They were making fun of Nikki Cross. Hey, leave my girl alone. Alexa Bliss came in and told Peyton and Billie to back up. Peyton will fight Bliss in a bit. Cross appreciated Bliss’ kindness and said they were now friends. Bliss said she would be in Cross’ corner, later on.

Becky Lynch came out to a great pop. We saw how Becky lost the Smackdown title. Becky wanted to do some changes in her life. Becky talked about her busy schedule over the last few months. The fans cheered her on with a “You Deserve It” chant. Becky said she was more content now than ever before. She now realizes that was a bad move because people who get too comfortable, they suffer. Becky admitted that she is now “P*ssed Off”. Becky has her sights set on Lacey Evans.

The Suothern Belle came out looking incredible. She talked some serious trash with that sexy twang in her voice. Becky mocked her drawl. Lacey acknowledged lostin to Backy but it would not happen again.

Lacey was cut off by the arrival of Charlotte Flair. Dang, She looked amazing in Royal Blue. Flair told Becky to quit making excuses. Becky mocked Flair for losing her title in mere moments. Lacey didn’t know why Flair was there. Charlotte said she wanted to beat her daddy’s 16-title reign record. Lacey and Charlotte traded barbs back and forth. Lacey called Charlotte “last year’s mews”, Lacey connected with the Women’s Right.

Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans


Flair ripped into Evans before the bell and just kept going. Hard kicks by Flair. Evans was dumped out of the ring. Becky taunted Lacey, on the floor. Leg Trip by Charlotte. Take Down by Flair and Lacey had to grab the ropes for a few seconds of rest. Lacey with brutal Crossfaces. Evans bailed out when Charlotte began to fight back. Commercials.

Lacey flipped Charlotte around. Go Behind by Flair but Evans Elbowed free. Flair ran Lacey into the corner and stomped away. The two women traded hard shots, including Flair Chops. Strut by Charlotte. Evans pulled Flair into the corner. Handstand Bronco Buster by Evans for a two. Side Headlock by Evans. Roll Up by Flair for another two. Exploder by Flair.

Lacey attacked through the ropes. She missed a Leg Drop. Backbreaker by Flair. Clothesline by the 9-time champ. Evans blocked the Figure Four/Eight. Twin Crossbody Blocks. Becky pulled Flair out and went after Evans. Man Handle Slam!

Your WInner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Score: 70 (ending dropped the score)

We got a flashback to the debut of the Undertaker from 1990. I so remember that first arrival.

Rey Mysterio came out to relinquish his United States title. Rey has a serious arm injury. Samoa Joe destroyed Rey, after their match at Money in the Bank. He spoke in Spanglish to the crowd. He talked about having wrestling in his blood. Rey said Dominick, his son, was about to join him in combat. Just as Rey was about to give up the strap, Samoa Joe came from the back. Joe made funof Rey as he strolled down to the ring. Joe didn’t want Rey to lie to the crowd. Joe said Rey never beat him and he was giving up the title because he stole his title. Rey was starting to get ticked off. Rey said he was there to give the title to Joe. Joe went to attack Rey and locke in the Kokina Clutch. The refs pulledhim off. So wanted to see Dominick rush down but it didn’t happen.

Shouldn’t there have been a tournament or something if Rey had to give up the strap.

Brock gloved up as Paul talked on the phone.

Braun Strowman’s music hit and the fans were so excited. Godsmackgave the music for Super Showdown. Cesaro will fight Ricochet, later on…again. Ricochet responded and said Cesaro was a top talent but he would fall.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley
Arm Wrestling Match (Seriously?)

The Finish:

Lashley kept playing mind games with Braun. Bobby looked like Marty Feldman as his eyes bulged as he yelled at Braun. Bobby pulled out of the contest when he was about to lose. Bobby chalked up and returned to the table. They went bck and forth.

Your Winner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: N/A (I won’t rate this waste of time).

Lashley threw chalk into Braun’s eyes. Bulldog Bounce by Lashley to Braun.

We saw R-Truth lose the title and win it back on a golf course. CrashHolly Lives! Carmella was looking for Truth and Drake Maverick was following her.

Nikki Cross (w/Alexa Bliss) vs Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)


Royce with a Crescent Kick. She stomped away on Nikki. Hard Whip by Royce. Boot Choke, in the corner, by Peyton. Jawbreaker and Roll Up by Nikki. 2 count. Royce choked Nikki on the middle rope. Peyton punched away and then put Nikki on the aporn. Modified Tarantula by Royce.

Nikki was dropped by Royce after a brief bit of offense. Seated Abdominal Stretch by the tag champ. Royce therw Nikki down by the hait and got a near fall.

Royce twisted Nikki and dropped elbows into the neck. Royce sent Nikki to the corner. Back Elbow by Nikki. Clothesline by Cross. Nikki Hulked Up and hit a Running Bulldog. 2 count. Nikki went up top. She missed the Cross-Body. Bliss got her cup of coffee delivered. She flicked coffee at Royce. Peyton and Billie dumped the coffee and made her fall. Nikki-Breaker.

Your Winner: Nikki Cross
Raw Score: 84

Alexa attacked the Iconics. Nikki tried to calm Bliss down.

Paul and Brock were warming up.

Seth Rollins was back in the ring. Seth was tired of waiting. Lesnar’s music went off and Seth waited for the arrival. No one came out. Seth was so tired of the games. Seth said Brock was a shell of the Beast that he used to be. Seth ordered Brock to come out and face him.

Instead, he got Baron Corbin. Baron called himself a “Dream Crusher”. Seth didn’t think Baron had a chance of beating him. Baron bragged about retiring Kurt Angle and he would do the same to Seth. Rollins went to attack but got blasted. Enziguri by Seth. Suicide Dive to drive Baron into the barricade.

Brock’s music hit, again. End of Days by Corbin. Seth was laid out. The music went off a third time and Brock came out to Cash In. Brock had a steel chair. Low Blow by Brock. Brock wore out Seth with a steel chair. This is such baloney. German Suplex. Brock told Paul to hold off Cashing In. Lesnar blasted Seth and threw Rollins out of the ring. F5 on the floor. “This is Garbage” began to rise from the Texans. Brock kept Seth from getting the chair and cracked Seth, over and over. Brock would not allow Paul to Cash In. German Suplex Number Two. Brock said he would cash in on Friday. Seth’s back was ripped open.

Brock came back and bashed Seth with the Briefcase. He then returned to attacking with the steel chair. Lesnar shrieked and stepped out of the ring. They’ve changed the briefcase back from that silly Boom Box version.

Seth ended up in the ambulance from earlier. Becky Lynch got in with him. Are they involved with each other? Interesting.

Firefly Funhouse (special episode)

Bray wamted to discuss exercise. They introduced Huskus the Pig Boy (shot at the old Husky Harris gimmick?). This was just so silly. “Boss” (Vince with devil horns) came in and Bray went into a dance video. Sigh. Vince okay’d this? My head now hurts.”Muscleman Dance”. Oh Dear.

Triple H was about to face off against Randy Orton.

HHH came out in a suit. He was cut off by the arrival of Randy Orton. Randy was dressed to fight. Randy struck the “O” pose. The fans chanted for an “RKO”. HHH said that haven’t stared at each other in some time. HHH had only one thing to say “I’m coming to (the middle east) to kick your *ss”. Randy said he wasn’t Batista and he was going to give HHH a Hell of a fight. HHH admitted that Randy has evolved into a pure diamond and has become one of the best to step in the ring. HHH told Randy that Orton was not the one to end Hunter’s career. Randy wanted a promise …for HHH to retrieve his b*lls from Stephanie’s purse. Ouch. HHH was amused. HHH said he would do that. They are so big and hard to carry around. HHH accused Randy of not having any b*lls. Touche.

Baron Corbin was interviewed, backstage. Baron was “shaken up” by what happened…not. Corbin said Seth had no chance against him, on Friday.

Ricochet vs Cesaro


This was the Rubber Match for these two. Cesaro scored first. Ricochet came back, last week, to even things up. Cesaro was super confident.

Shoulder Tackle and Backbreaker by Cesaro. Cesaro worked over the back. European Uppercut by Cesaro. Shinu Numaki by Cesaro. Ricochet with a wild Round the World Rana. Rana, off the barricade, by Ricochet. Cesaro with a hard Back Elbow. Moonsault to the floor as we cut to break.

Rear Chin Lock by Cesaro. Sunset Flip but Cesaro blocked it. Ricochet came back and did hit a Sunset Flip. Cesaro crashed into the corner. European Uppercut as Ricochet went up top. Dead Lift Superplex by Cesaro. 1-2-no. Ricochet blocked several finishes. The Swing! Ricochet was so woozy. Running European Uppercut for a two. Jumping Knee Strike by Ricochet. Enziguri and Springboard Crossbody. Cesaro rolled through. Near Fall with a Roll Up. Ricochet botched a Round the World but still managed to pin Cesaro.

Your Winner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 88

Cesaro assaulted Ricochet, post match. Cesaro found a ladder. He threw it aside for a table. R-Truth was hiding on the table. He smiled at Cesaro. A bunch of guys chased after Truth. Cedric Alexander took out everyone. Truth danced. Superkick by Carmella to Drake Maverick. The crowd ran to the back. SIlly but fun.

Undertaker came out to discuss facing Goldberg. Both Paula and I totally agree that Taker is going to win thisone. We both have issues with Goldberg for hurting Bret Hart, all those years ago. Taker looked in better shape than he has in a long time. Taker quickly went all cryptic about coming face to face with Death. Taker didn’t want the “Family Man” in the ring. He wanted the true “Icon” in the squared circle. Taker promised that their first match could be Goldberg’s last. Taker was ready to claim GOldberg’s soul. “You’re Next”.

Mesquite Community Band: Thanks for a great concert
Jean: Thanks for being my best friend. Love you.
Paula: You are my heart. Love you and that little lady that means the world to you…and me.


–Jay Shannon

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