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Ric Flair has removed the video he posted yesterday that accused his former agent Melinda Zanoni of embezzling money from him. In the video, which he said his current attorney was aware he was posting, he said he would get Zanoni disbarred.

Flair’s anger was apparently prompted when he almost lost the trademarks to the name Ric Flair and other related marks. In the video, he says Zanoni received six notices from the Trademark office alerting her that the marks were due to expire but Zanoni did not pass the information on to him and if WWE hadn’t stepped in to secure the marks he would have lost them. It’s worth noting that Flair posted a statement in 2017 that he had parted ways with Zanoni and that she was no longer his attorney/agent. He said at the time he had new management, but it is not known if they were tasked with managing things like his trademarks.

The removal of the video, just 24 hours after it was posted, would indicate some concern that Flair may have crossed a line with his comments and that Zanoni may have taken him up on his suggestion that she send a letter to his new attorney if she didn’t like what he was saying about her.

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