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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“When you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice”–”Freewill” by Rush

Brock Lesnar is schedulded to pick whether he has his sites set on the Univesal title or the WWE title. I’m hoping he goes after Kofi Kingston, as another Brock vs Seth Rollins rematch would bore me to tears.

Theshow opened with a really nice Memorial Day Tribute. I so respect the WWE for showing respect to our troops.

Brock Lesnar was in the back with Paul Heyman. They got a rousing chorus of boos. Brock has a new “Brock Party” shirt. More on that silliness in a minute.

Before Brock could come out, we were joined by Kofi Kingston. He threw out pancakes to the crowd. We saw how Kofi defeated Sami Zayn, last Tuesday. Paul Heyman then came out to play mind games. Instead of Brock, Kofi was attacked by Dolph Ziggler. He cut a promo where he whined and cried about “It should be me”. To quote JBL “Call him a Waa-mbulance”.

Back in the ring, Kofi decided to straight up call out Brock Lesnar. Kofi also mentioned that Big E was out, again, with a injured knee. Kofi wants to face Brock and defeat him.

Instead of Brock, Seth Rollins came from the back. Seth also wanted to know who Lesnar was going to Cash In on. Seth also called out “The Beast.

Brock came out to a weird new theme music. H e is carrying the briefcase like an 80s Boom Box. Brock looked like such a fool as he did the Running Man (Yes, dancing…well, sorta dancing). Kofi was ready to laugh and Seth just looked annoyed at this nuttiness. The music switched to Kofi’s music and then Seth’s. Heyman was playing air guitar and headbanging. Brock made him stop. First thing Lesnar has ever done that I totally agree with. Seth was fed up and left the ring.

Paul talked crap about Seth. He said Seth “Peed on everyone’s parade”. Heyman whined that Seth runined the Brock Party and their revelation of who Brock was going after. They didn’t say who Brock wants to fight.

Dolph Ziggler rushed the ring and beat up Kofi, again. That eventually brought out Xavier Woods. Dolph and Woods went to town on each other.

They fought through the entire break. Woods put Dolph in the ring and pounded away. Woods was thrown out to the floor. Dolph dug into Xavier’s face. Woods was sent into the barricade. Xavier threw Dolph out into the crowd and the fight continued. Woods needs a new haircut. Looks like an old school shaving brush on his head. Smile. They fought way up into the crowd and brought out the “toys”. Woods then threw Dolph back over the barricade. Ziggler attacked Woods’ knee. Dolph fuond a steel chair. He blasted Woods’ back, several times. Dolph tore at Xavier’s face, again. They ended up back in the ring. Dolph kept up the assault with the steel chair. That brought Kofi back out to defend his “Brother”. Dolph made a run for it and went cut to commericals.

Well, as I mentioned, last week, Candy is back with me as a co-contributor. This week, we are joined by a special little lady, her wonderdul daughter, Sara. My girls are both laughing hysterically at how bad Brock Lesnar was dancing.

Kofi and Xavier wee still in the ring. Dolph strolled back out to keep this party going. Dolph said he thought he knew Kofi but Kingston was distracted by Brock Lesnar. Dolph said he would take the WWE title at Super Showdown. Dolph wanted Kofi to party it up for the next 11 days. Dolph said Kofi was the best WWE titleholder that he could remember. Dolph broke out his Gene Snitsky tribute with “It should have been me” catchphrase. Dolph rambled on about defending Kofi to the critics. Dolph said he should have gotten the title shot at Wrestlemania but he would settle for Super Showdown. Whatever.

Outside, the Usos were hosting a Block Party. The Usos made a few announcements. The Revival were not welcome there.

Shane McMahon was interviewed, backstage. Shane was about to fight a member of the Samoan family. He had Drew McIntyre in tow. Shane and Drew came out. We took a quick break.

We got an update on Super Showdown. We saw a video piece about the feud between Triple H and Randy Orton. They will square off in the middle east in 11 days.

Shane McMahon talked about the Samoan Dynasty. It was the chance to bad mouth Roman Reigns. Shane is still grumbling about Roman striking Vince McMahon, a few weeks back. Shane name dropped several members of the Anoia/Fatu/Maivia family.

Shane McMahon vs Lance Anoi’a


Lance is a little smaller than most of his family, to be honest. Drew pulled Lance out of the ring and assaulted him. That was ridiculous. Shane asked Drew to stop, which he didn’t . He threw the poor kid around like a rag doll. Knife Edge Chop by Drew. Shane asked for the kid to be thrown in the ring. Shane called for hte bell. Punches and knees by Shane. Hard Kicks to the weakened Samoan. Lance tried to fight back but he was too beaten down. Lance popped Shane a few times. Sweet Dropkick by Lance. Back Elbow by Shane. Crossfaces set for the Triangle Leg Choke. Tap Out.

Your Winner (By Submission): Shane McMahon
Raw Score: 60 out of a possible 100

Drew and Shane beat down the kid, after the match. That brought out his cousin, Roman Reigns. Roman cleared house. Superman Punch to Drew, on the ramp. Shane tried to escape but got caught. Superman Punch to Shane. Drew dragged Shane out of the ring before Roman could hit The Spear.

Brock Lesanr was back out from the back. We returned to Brock’s true theme music. Heyman asked for a microphone as Brock went all headbanger. Paul did his typical schtick. Heyman said it was time to reveal who would be Lesnar’s target and victim.

Seth Rollins came out to confront Mr. Beast in the Bank. Seth got right up into Brock’s grinning face. Seth said Brock was making a joke out of wrestling. True dat. Seth was ready to go, right here, right now. Seth called Brock “a coward” and a “Shell”. Seth urged Brock to Cash it In. Paul calmed it all down by reading the contract. Brock shut Paul down and smacked Paul with the contract. Brock didn’t realize he had a year to cash in. Seriously? “Seth Rollins, Screw You!” was Brock’s comments. He left the ring.

R-Truth and Carmella ran to the ring. Several stars were after Truth. Eric Young and Drake Maverick both came close to pinning Truth. They all ran to the back. This is getting so fun.

A,J. Styles was out of the Fatal Four Way due to injury. Baron Corbin jumped Styles and decked him.

Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross vs The Iconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)

The Finish:

Hot Tag to Becky. . She took out both opponents. Becky stomped away on Peyton. Leg Drop from the middle rope but Billie made the save. Nikki got kicked by Billie. Double team on Becky. Near fall. Becky tried for the Dis-Arm-Her but couldn’t lock it in. Weak looking Uranage by Becky for the win.

Your Winners: Nikki Cross and B ecky Lynch
Raw Score: 70

Lacey Evans came out to make an appearance.

Went went back to the party. Tamina showed up and hugged Naomi. It was a family reunion. The Revival then came in to chat. Dash and Dawson were told that they appreciated being invited. Jimmy and Jey didn’t want to hear that but Naomi admitted it was her request.

Ricochet vs Cesaro

The FInish:

Cesaro rocked Ricochet with a series of European Uppercuts, in the corner. Ricochet foughtout of a Superplex. Ricochet went up top for the 630 but missed. Incredible Running European Uppercut that spun Ricochet into the corner. Torture Rack by Cesaro. Ricochet reversed the Neutralizer into a Canadian Destroyer. Ricochet kicked Cesaro in the face. Ricochet came up over the ropes and nailed a Rana Pilerdriver.

Your WInner: Ricochet
Raw Score: 88

The announcers talked about the Rey Mysterio/Samoa Joe U.S. title match. Joe’s shoulders were not actually pinned. Rey has a seperated shoulder and will have to give up the U.S. title. That news brought out Samoa Joe. Joe was smiling. Joe knew he would get back his rightful possession, the U.S. strap.

We were back at the Block Party.

Miz and Braun Strowman cut promos about the pending Fatal Four Way. Miz announced he and Maryse are having a 2nd baby girl. Braun growled but did congratulate Miz on the news of the new baby girl.

Braun Strowman vs The Miz vs Bobby Lashley vs Baron Corbin
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender to the Universal title.

This is classified as an Elmination Match.

THe FInish:

Miz kicked out of a pin attempt by Corbin. Braun Headbutted Corbin. He also hit Corner Splashes on Corbin and Lashley. Strowman was standing tall. Braun slammed Miz on the ring apron. Shoulder Tackle to Corbin. Lashley jumped up on the apron and then nailed Braun. Lashley avoided a slam on the floor. Strowman and Lashley fought up into the crowd. They fought all through the crowd. They disappeared into the back. One assumed they were counted out. Miz with a Roll Up on Corbin for a two. It Kickcs by Miz. Shotgun Knees to Corbin. End of Days! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 78

Heyman and Lesnar chatted backstage.

Firefly Funhouse:

Candy asked Sara to go check on the new puppies because she did not want her to see this disturbing segment. I agree 100%. Before the segment, R-Truth crashed the party and almost got pinned for the 24/7 title. All Hell broke loose. Truth and Carmella ran away.

Bray was back to being his semi-normal self, this week. Bray’s alter-ego is called “The Fiend”. Bray is doing a serious split-personality gimmick. Bray went into Doctor Mode. He called Abby the WItch a bully. They did a limbo thing, with Beay Spider Walking under the cane.

The Electric Chair:

Corey Graves and Sami Zayn were in the ring. There was a very ancient electric chair in the ring. There were several “plants” in the audience asking dumb questions. Eventually, Seth Rolllins stormed down and destroyed the chair. He also cleared the ring.

Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

After a pretty even match, Seth nailed a Tope Suicida. Sadly, he tweaked his knee on the landing. DDT by Sami. Could be…might be…denied. Seth had been trying for a Buckle Bomb but his knee gave way. Sami stomped on the bad knee. Seth drove Sami into the corner. Superkick. Seth tried for the Curb Stomp but missed. Figure Four by Sami. That’s new. Seth would not surrender.

Seth reversed the Figure Four. Sami reached the ropes to force a break. Seth was pulled off the ropes and jammed his knee. Blue Thunder Bomb by Sami for a two. The ref checked on the Universal champion. Sami Paint Brushed Seth, which ticked off Rollins. Headbutt by Seth. Frog Splash but Sami got the knees up. 1-2-no. Sami and Seth went into a Hockey Fight punch fest. Seth kicked out of a Figgure Four. Stomp by Seth. He couldn’t follow up, right away. Seth screamed “This is my life”. Stomp.

Your WInner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 84

Bart Starr: Rest in Peace
Jean: Thanks for being my best friend, Love Ya always
Candy and Sara: Thanks for being in my corner and loving me. Love you back.


–Jay Shannon

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