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Jon Moxley was the guest on a special edition of Talk is Jericho today and talked about his decision to leave WWE, largely because he was unhappy with the creative direction of the company.

Moxley opened the episode by saying “It’s time to talk, finally after a bizarre few months”. He said of his decision to leave WWE, “I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. Nothing but gratitude to wwe, that place changed my life.” He continued, “I got to live my dream. I got the real blessing to be part of the Make a Wish program. ” He pointed to having a chance to meet his wife, “I met my wife in wwe. All we need is each other.”

He said, “Last 8 years couldn’t have been any more successful.”

Moxley said he knew in July of 2018 that he would leave when his contract ran out. He said he didn’t ask for his release or try to get fired and chose to instead just wait for his agreement to run out. His decision was largely because of the way creative, primarily Vince McMahon dealt with the direction of his character.

Listen to the full episode

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