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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Que Sera Sera”–Doris Day

Money in the Bank is coming up in a few days. Time to look at the top stars involved from the Raw side. Plus, the Wild Card Rule is still in effect.

My little opening quote is from the great actress/singer, Doris Day. She passed away on Monday morning at the age of 97. She was one of my earliest celbrity crushes. Smile.

Welcome to London. The WWE crew has jumped the big pond for a week of great shows. We are at the O2 Areana.


The Miz came out to introduce his first guest, Roman Reigns. The “Big Dog” pushed the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. We also saw a history lesson about the feud between Miz and Shane McMahon. Miz really worked the crowd. Miz asked Roman what the fans should expect on Sunday, Roman praised Elias until the crowd started their sing song chants. Then Roman started making fun of Elias’ musical performances. Miz tried to buddy up to Roman but failed. We then saw the flashback of the Miz/Shane battle from last week.

Miz said he finally understood learning respect. Miz said Shane has been handed everything in life. Miz knew how to win and planned to bring the fight to Shane, on Sunday.

Shane McMahon decided to stroll out from the back. The fans were so hostile towards the Golden Boy. Shane reminded both men in the ring that he is their bos.. Elias and Bobby Lashley attacked from out of nowhere. Shane had more in mind for the duo in the ring. That led to…

The Miz and Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley and Elias

The Finish:

Elias was in command after the commercial break. He choked Mizon the middle rope. Shane McMahon helped him. 2 count. Miz was whipped into the corner. Elias with a modified Old School, ending with a Meteora. 2 count, thanks to Roman making the save.

Lashley taggedin. He threw Miz intothe corner and then buried a shoulder. Stall Suplex by Bobby. 2 count, again. Tag back to Elias. Knife Edge Chop by the Drifter. Miz fought out of the enemy corner. Miz couldn’t reach his corner. DDT by Miz. Both men were down and stunned. Lashley prevented Miz from making the tag. Bobby rushed and hit the post. Shane McMahon pulled Roman off the apron and ran him into the ring steps.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): Miz and Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 75 out of a possible 100

The trio mugged Miz until Roman hit a Tope Suicida onto all the heels, on the floor. The pack then turned on Roman and beat him senseless. That stopped when Miz found a steel chair. Superman Punches all around.

We got a profile video about Seth Rollins and his title defense on Sunday. I just don’t see A.J. Styles taking the belt, Sunday. I am a huge fan of both men but Seth needs a good run with the Universal title.

We then looked at the issue between Braun Strowman and Sami Zayn. Sami ended up in a dumpster and then a trash truck. Braun was asked about risking Sami’s health, last week. Braun had no remorse. A page came up and said Shane wanted to see Braun.

Shane was talking with Sami Zayn. Sami was whining about how he was treated. Braun understood Sami was why he was called into “The Principal’s Office”. Sami said he was going to get Braun’s Money in the Bank spot. Sami asked for a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Shane made it happen. Braun promised to eat Sami alive.

Mojo Rawley vs Apollo Crews


Mojo now has a weird blue facepaint. Looks like the stuff you can create on the WWE video games. Go Behind by Crews. Corner Kicks by Apollo. Crews tweaked his knee on a Float Over/Somersault out of the corner. Chop Block by Mojo. Alabama Slam!

Your Winner: Mojo Rawley
Raw Score: 65

Alexa Bliss was on her phone. She was so upset because her luggage was lost. Nikki Cross talked with Alexa. Nikki was “normal” this week. Nikki said Alexa could talk to her. She rambled on and on. Nikki said she could take Alexa’s place in the Fatal Four Way match. Well, she didn’t exactly say it but the smile on her face showed she had this planned.

Women’s Contracts Signing Ceremony

Lacey Evans came out. Candy (Paula Marie) absolutely loves the Southern Belle. Charlotte Flair then strolled form the back. Finally, Becky “2 Belts” Lynch joined the party. Michael Cole wondered if Becky realized what she was about to deal with. “Becky 2 Belts” rang out from the crowd. Becky didn’t care what kind of beating she was going to take. Flair said Becky never learns. Becky still had to make digs. Flair said Becky’s mouth got her into a no-win situation. Lacey agreed with her. Becky took shots at both foes. Flair said Becky beating Ronda Rousey wasn’t enough. Becky set up a reputation that no one could live up to. Flair thought it was hilarious how jealous Becky was of Charlotte Flair. Lacey insulted the crowd and Becky Lynch. Lacey said she wanted to clean up the nasty. Becky offered a free shot to Lacey Evans. Lacey backed off. The fight was on. Becky held her own on both women. The numbers game took their toll on Becky. Lacey and Charlotte worked together to Powerbomb Becky through the table.

Barron Corbin vs Ricochet


Ricochet did some acrobatic moves as he got in the ring. They did an Insert Video from Ricochet. It looks like Ricochet has new ink on his arm.

Collar and Elbow and Baron with a Knee Strike. Ricochet was sent to the apron but came back in fast. RVD Roll and Dropkick by Ricochet. Corbin rushed his opponent into the corner. Float Over by Ricochet. Outside In Clothesline failed. Crossbody by Ricochet. Corbin went to the floor. Back Kick and Moonsault by Ricochet. Corbin ducked a Springboard move and decked Ricochet. Break time.

Corbin caught Ricochet as he went for a Jay Lethal-like Handspring Back Elbow. Ricochet was slammed down, brutally. Corbin stomped away. Ricochet snapped Baron over the ropes. Flying Forearm and European Uppercut by Ricochet. Big Boot by Ricochet. Rolling Dropkick by Ricochet. Pass Through Shoulder by Ricochet into a Top Rope Crossbody. 2 count.

Goozle but Ricochet reversed it into a Sunset Flip. Deep Six for a two for Corbin. Baron was ticked at the slow count. DDT by Ricochet to get another near fall. Baron dodged the 630 and hit a Big Boot. Top Rope Rana and Standing Shooting Star by Ricochet. Wow! End of Days as a counter to a Tornado DDT.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 75

Corbin went and got a big ladder. He slid it in the ring and set it in place. Corbin then climbed it to show shat it would take to get the briefcase. Ricochet tipped over the ladder and Corbin landed on the top rope.

We saw the confrontation between Samoa Joe and Dominick (Rey Mysterio’s son). Joe told Dom to tell his dad that the U.S. champ was looking forward to defending, on Sunday.

Rey Mysterio was asked about his thoughts. Rey was ticked off that Joe went to his son. Cesaro got up in Rey’s face. Cesaro asked Rey if Dominick was really his. That set off the diminutive masked man. The refs had to rush in to break them apart.Rey yelled that no one should mess with his family.

Raw ran a great video piece about Roman Reigns. Like him or not, he is very much an inspiration to us all.

A.J. Styles was interviewed. Styles was questioned about his actions. Styles said he didn’t mean to strike Seth Rollins but it happened. Styles admitted he had a huge chip on his shoulder. He was confident that he would take the Universal title, on Sunday,

Naomi vs Dana Brooke vs Natalya vs Nikki Cross
Fatal Four Way Match


Everyone except Nikki did Insert Videos. Nikki jumped on Nattie. Dana was whipped into the corner. Roll Up of Naomi but she kicked out. Nikki threw Nattie out but Dana tossed Nikki to the floor. Full Nelson Slam by Naomi. Nikki caught Nattie in the ring skirt and pounded away. Corkscrew Plancha by Naomi to take out the three other women. Cut to commercials.

Dana went for a Backspring Elbow but got blasted by Natalya. Surfboard by Nattie. Nikki got pushed off the top rope by Naomi, who then Bulldogged Dana. Nikki was thrown out to the floor. Double Team Gorilla Drop on Naomi. Nikki attacked everyone in sight and then tried to pin Naomi. 2 count. Side Full Nelson Stretch by Nikki. 2 count. Naomi hit all three women, 2 with the Rear View. Dana was slammed onto Natalya. Split Legged Moonsault onto Natalya. 2 count when Dana made the save.

Dana pulled a ladder out from under the ring. The ref warned her. Nattie clocked Dana. Spear by Nikki. Naomi pushed Nikki aside and puniched Nattie. Dana flew off the top of the ladder to take out everyone, including herself. Spinning Neckbreaker by Nikki to take the win.

Your Winner: Nikki Cross
Raw Score: 78

Nikki and Alexa put the ladder in the ring. They set it up and Nikki started to climb. Alexa stopped her and asked to go up, instead. Nikki cheered her new friend on as Bliss unhooked the white briefcase.

Sami Zayn cut a negative promo about his match against Braun Strowman. Sami was confident that he would win, since he fights for a cause. Whatever.

Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro


Brefore the match, we got a video message from Samoa Joe. Joe heard that Rey accused him of crossing the line. Joe corrected him that it was Rey who crossed the line when he brought in Dominick. Joe also hoped DOminick would be at the PPV.

Rey was ready to go and rushed Cesaro at the bell. Gut Wrench Throw by Cesaro. Rey escaped a Scoop SLam and hit a Dropkick and Rana DDT. Tornado Rana by Rey. Cesaro came back with a hard kick and Tit-a-Whirl Backbreaker. 2 count. Wheelbarrow into the Electirc Chair position. Rey flipped them both over the ropes. Rey launched Cesaro into the barricade as he had stayed in the Electric Chair. Sunset Slip but Cesaro used The Swing to send Rey into the barricade, twice. Cesaro then tossed Rey back in and got a two count.

Rey blocked a Suplex out to the floor. Cesaro crashed into the ring post. European Uppercut knocked Rey off the ropes. Dead Lift Superplex by the Swiss Superman. Nice. 1-2-Break Time.

Cross Tie Clutch by Cesaro. Rey got free but almost ended up in the Swing. Rey countered it into a DDT. Seated Senton by Rey into a La Magistral Cradle to get a deuce. Hard Forearms by Rey. Rana set Cesaro up for the 619. Cesaro not only blocked it but quickly put Rey in the Swing. European Uppercut and Cesaro went for the Swiss-1-9. He got all caught up in the ropes. Rey kicked Cesaro in the face and nailed a Canadian Destroyer for another 2.

Rey headed up top and went for the Frog Splash. Cesaro hit a European Uppercut. Rey escaped the Neutralizer and with several counters, Rey set and hit the 619. Frog Splash.

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 82

Since I worked on part of this review on Tuesday, I got an update that broke my heart. Tim Conway, from McHale’s Navy and the Carol Burnett Show, passed away on Tuesday morning. Rest in Peace.

Next, we got a video rewind of the feud between the Usos and the Revival. Dash and Dawson were out for revenge. They said the embarrassments were to stop now.

Firefly Funhouse:

I hate these segments. They are so creepy and will likely scare small children. Bray has a secret to share. The Rabbit is back from the dead. Bray revealed his new in-ring persona. He looked a lot like Iron Maiden’s Eddie crossed with Kizarny.The announcers were speechless.

Seth Rollins was the next to be interviewed. Seth was way past the strike, last week. Seth mentioned fighting Styles, 15 years ago. There was some footage of the old match. Seth said Raw was now HIS show, not Styles’. Seth was ready to Styles to look up to him.

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the final spot in Money in the Bank


No Count Outs. No Disqualifications. Braun came out first. The crowd sang along with Sami’s music. Sami danced up the ladder and down to the ring. Braun looked fit to be tied. Sami stepped on a poster to irritate Braun.We saw how Sami ended up in a dumpster and then a trash truck.

Sami seemed hesitatnt to get in the ring. Braun took off after Sami. They got in the ring and Braun hit a Clothesline and Corner Splashes. Braun ripped off Sami’s hoodie and then went to the floor. Braun ran over Sami. Braun ran around the whole ring to get some serious speed before running into Sami, again. Sami headed out into the crowd. Strowman went up and caught Zayn. Braun just kept hitting rights to Sami’s face. Sami bashed Braun in the face with a beer. Sami took off to get away from his much-larger foe.

They ended up in the concourse. Sami bashed Braun with a trash can. Braun fought back. Sami’s face was sent into a pillar, over and over. 2 count. Uppercut by Strowman. Baron Corbin came out of nowhere to attack Braun. He beat him senseless with the trash can. 2 count for Sami.

Corbin kept working over Braun, including Back Dropping him through a merch table. 2 count. Braun threw Baron into a wall as we went to break.

The two men were headed back to the ring but Sami stopped to get a steel chair. He walloped Braun with it. Braun caught the chair and threw it aside. Strowman popped Sami and threw him over a retaining wall. Braun went for a ladder. He dropped it to go after Sami. He threw stuff at Braun but Strowman just Steam Rolled him and then threw him into a metal shutter. Drew McIntyre joined the fight. DDT onto a steel chair by Drew. 2 count. Drew threw the chair at the ref. Drew was thrown into some rigging and bashed with a cooler. Sami was nowhere to be seen.

Sami was thrown out onto the rampway. Clubbing Double Ax Handle by Strowman. Braun cracked Sami with a ladder, several times. Braun dumped several ladders onto Sami. Corbin came back out, along with Drew, to attack Braun. They beat him down. Drew drove a ladder into Braun’s ribs. Drew set a ladder in position but Braun fought back. Double SUplex onto the ladder, which broke in half. Claymore! Baron dragged Sami on top of Braun. Drew and Baron added their weight. Could Be…Might Be…It Is.

Your Winner: Sami Zayn
Raw Score: 84

Braun chased after Sami and caught him. Chokeslam through the announce table!

Doris and Tim: Thank You for your years of entertaining us
Candy: Welcome Back, Babe
Jean: Thanks for the movie and lunch. Love Ya.


–Jay Shannon

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