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Smackdown Live Recap
From: Columbus Ohio

Venue: Schottenstein Center

Air Date: April 30th 2019

The Money in the Bank build continues as Smackdown Live opens this week with Michael Cole in the ring. The announce team of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves check in on commentary as Cole introduces WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston. Cole says Kingston waited a long time for a title opportunity then threw it to Elimination Chamber and the gauntlent match from Smackdown Live earlier this year.

Cole then set up WrestleMania and Kingston’s big moment. Kingston said he learned a long time ago to never stop pushing. Cole remarked that Kingston winning the title was arguably the greatest single moment in Mania history but that also put a target on Kingston’s back and the first person to take his shot is Kevin Owens. Footage was shown of Owens turning on New Day from last week.

Kingston said there was no need for Owens to do what he did, if he wanted shot all he had to do was ask. Kingston told everyone that, as Owens was beating him up last week, he told him he did it for the WWE Championship. Kingston challenged Owens for Money in the Bank.

Owens made his entrance to the stage and accepted Kingston’s challenge and he congratulated Kingston for winning the title and having his moment. He then said that no one actually believes that Kingston is actually championship material. Xavier Woods jumped Owens from behind and Owens put him out with a super kick. Kingston ran down to check on Woods as Owens high-tailed it backstage.

The announce team set up the rest of the show with Roman Reigns addressing his confrontation with Mr. McMahon plus the Hardy Boys talk about the Smackdown tag team championships. Bayley makes her way out to the ring, she will be in action, next!!

Bayley was announced for the Women’s Money in the Bank match, then Becky Lynch made her entrance.

Match 1. Becky Lynch vs. Bayley in a non-title bout.

It was back and forth early as the show goes to break. During the commercial break, Lynch took over working on Bayley’s arm. As we come back to live action, Bayley begins her comeback as she slugs it out with Lynch in the center of the ring. After near-falls with a small package and a knee to the side of Lynch’s face, Bayley goes to the top rope for an elbow smash. Lynch was able to block the move by getting the knees up and she locked Bailey in the Disarm Her. Bayley tapped out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match, Charlotte Flair hit the ring and attacked Lynch with a boot to the face. Lynch rolled to the floor so Flair picked up Bayley and through her shoulder-first into the ringpost before leaving the area.

An Aleister Black pre-taped interview played with Aleister stating that people fear what they don’t understand. People said they try but every time they try they hear the referee count one, two, three. Black said they have no chance of extinguishing the fear and just fade to black.

The Hardy Boys walk to the ring with a big announcement concerning the tag team championships after the break.

We return to the Hardys are in the ring. Jeff is on crutches. Kayla Braxton interviewed Jeff and asked him how he got injured. Jeff offered to show us and we go to footage of Lars Sullivan taking out Jeff. The Hardy Boys announce they will have to vacate the titles. Hardy vows to come back better than ever and get the titles back when they are interrupted by Sullivan.

Sullivan gives a Freak Accident to Matt Hardy. Jeff raised his crutch to fend off Sullivan when R-Truth came up behind Sullivan and tried to take him out with a steel chair to the back. He failed and paid for it with a Freak Accident and Power Bomb.

When Smackdown returns, we get the four Smackdown entrants in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The four Smackdown Money in the Bank entrants are Ali, Finn Balor, Andrade and Randy Orton. Kairi Sane and Asuka make their entrance with Paige.

Match 2: Kairi Sane and Asuka (with Paige) vs. non-introduced opponents with the Iconics are on commentary

Asuka and Sane dominate and Sane finishes things with an Insane Elbow.

Sonya Deville was watching the match backstage when Mandy Rose came in excited. Deville asked why when Sane and Asuka just dominated. Rose said that Shane McMahon has given one of them a shot at the Money in the Bank ladder match. Deville tells Rose to take the position because she came so close to winning the title already.

Roman Reigns is next.

Reigns came out to the ring to explain why he punched Mr. McMahon 2 weeks ago. He said he just wanted to show people this is still his yard. That brought out Shane McMahon to the stage. Shane reminded him that the McMahon family owns the land. Reigns corrected him saying his father actually owns the land. Reigns also said that when Mr. McMahon was in the ring with him the chairman was on the ground. Shane reminded him that Reigns was laid out by him last week. Reigns reminded him that he had Elias’ help. Reigns then asked if Shane could do it on his own.

Shane said he could but hes on his way to Michigan so “Coach Harbaugh” can help him get into shape for his match with the Miz. He said several people are waiting to beat Reigns, including these two people.

The B-team comes out and Shane makes a handicapped match. Reigns asked what other stipulation he wanted to add so McMahon introduced Elias as special guest referee/enforcer.

Match 3: Roman Reigns vs. The B-Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel) with Elias as special referee/enforcer.

The B-Team uses its numbers advantage to work over Reigns early. Reigns punches his way back in the match and gets a near-fall on Axel with a Samoan Drop. Elias distracted the ref to allow the B-Team to take back the advantage as the show goes to break.

After the break, Elias tried to manipulate the time keeper as Reigns fights out of a headlock to make his comeback. Reigns made a cover on Dallas but Elias pulled him from the ring. Reigns chased Elias around the ring and Elias snags Reigns and tosses him into the post. Axel gets a near-fall on Reigns with the Perfect Plex.

Reigns wins after Elias tries to take him out with a guitar shot. Axel was holding Reigns for the blow when Reigns broke free and took out Elias with a Superman punch then spears Axel for the victory.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Still to come, the KO show with Xavier Woods plus the tag team main event of Ali and Finn Balor against Andrade and Randy Orton.

We return to the show for week two of the Firefly Funhouse featuring a new character, Rambling Rabbit.

Finn Balor, Ali and Andrade and Randy Orton make their entrances for the main event

We return and get a recap of the first two names in the Money in the Bank Women’s match. The first two names representing Smackdown are Mandy Rose and Bayley.

Match 4: Andrade (with Zelina Vega)and Randy Orton vs. Finn Balor and Ali.

The match began with Orton sending Ali to the floor as the show goes to break. Ali is still in trouble when we come back but catches Orton in the throat to reach his corner and tag Balor as Orton tagged Andrade. Balor cleared the ring of both opponents. Andrade tried to come off the top rope but Balor knocked him to the floor with a kick. Ali and Balor hit Orton and Andrade with splashes on the floor.

Finn Balor tried to climb the ropes on Andrade when Vega grabs his leg giving Andrade a chance to recover and plant Balor in the corner. Andrade hits the running knees but Balor blocks the Hammerlock DDT into a Scorpion Death Drop with a forearm. Ali makes the tag and hits the 450 splash to pin Andrade.

Winner: Ali and Finn Balor

After the match, Orton RKO’s Balor but gets kicked from the ring by Ali. The KO Show is next.

We return to hear the final two entrants of the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Ember Moon is introduced and starts to cut a promo on how the MITB match changes lives when she is interrupted by the final participant, Carmella. Carmella tries to put down Moon but Moon shot back saying Carmella had help to win the MITB match. Mella said that doesn’t matter and she will show everyone why “Mella is Money!!”

Kevin Owens makes his way out for the KO Show segment happening next.

Owens said he was interrupted earlier in the night and said he believes Kingston is in over his head but help is on the way. He will take the title from Kingston and unburden him. He called for Woods to come out but Woods was nowhere to be seen so he pulled out the Xavier Woods action figure. He said little Woods looked lonely so he pulled out a Big E action figure so Woods wouldn’t be lonely. Owens soon tired of the game and kicked the action figures to the floor.

Kingston came out and charged the ring and attacked Owens. He pushed him from the ring and clothes lined him from the top of the ring stairs. Owens is thrown over the announce table and Kingston goes after him. Owens gets away by raking Kingston’s eyes and escaping through the crowd. Kofi climbs the turnbuckle and Owens and Kingston have a stare down to close the show.

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