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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“To be Normal is the ultimate aim of the unsuccessful”–Carl Jung

Alexa Bliss was ready to reveal the male and female Raw entrants into the Money in the Bank matches. Plus, we get another trip into Mr. Wyatt’s Neighborhood…err…Bray’s Funhouse…whatever.

A Moment of Bliss

Dang. She looked so good. The briefcases was hanging over the ring. She explained the conecept of the Money in the Bank matches. Braun Strowman, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre and BaronCorbin were the male representatives. Corbin came out, runnning off at the mouth. Corbin knew he would be a two-time Money in the Bank winner. Ricochet mocked Corbin for failing to utilize his MitB briefcase, the first time around. Drew chimed in to taunt Corbin. Drew ranted on until Ricochet interrupted him. Drew warned Ricochet to back off. Drew threatened to drop Ricochet where he stood. Corbin sounded like Jim Duggan as he went off on COrbin. Braun screamed at them both to shut up. Braun said no one could stop him from winning. Braun wanted a fight. Baron and Drew vs Braun and Ricochet. Sweet.

Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet and Braun Strowman
Special Challenge Match


The bell rang and Braun took it to both foes. Baron with a boot to the face. Ricochet got a tag and did a Moonsault from the apron. Ricochet kicked Corhbin in the face and then flew off the ropes. Tag to Drew. Drew pitched Ricochet into the corner. Ricochet came back with wild kicks. Ricochet escaped a Slam but still got dropped. The fans chanted for Ricochet. Running Back Elbow by Drew and tag to Corbin. Straight Right by Baron. Punch to Ricochet’s chest. Arm Extender/Crossface by Corbin.

Ricochet turned inward to break the momentum. Ricochet punched the ribs. RVD Roll and Rana by Ricochet. Dropkick to Corbin and shot to Drew. Ricochet flew off the ropes but Corbin blasted him. Break time.

NXT is coming to Dallas. Sweet!

Ricochet was still down. Elbow Smashes to Ricochet’s chest. Drew jumped Ricochet, during the break. Baron talked trash to Braun. Corbin threw Ricochet into the corner. Baron side-stepped a Dropkick and threw Ricochet to the floor. Corbin rushed and hit Strowman from behind. Claymore to Strowman! Corbin threw Ricochet in and got a two count.

Ricochet went to his corner but Strowman wasn’t there. Punches by Baron. Tag to Drew. Knife Edge Chop by Drew to garner a two count. Drew went after Ricochet’s arm. Drew was all smiles as he unleashed the pain. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Drew. Tag to Corbin. Baron taunted Ricochet for not having a partner. Step-Up Enziguri.

Tag to Braun. Strowman ran through both foes. Clubbing shot to Drew. Braun hit the ring post. Tag to Ricochet. Glasgow Kiss Headutt to Ricochet. Drew called for his finisher but Corbin tagged himself in. Ricochet escaped and tagged out. Drew popped Corbin in the face. Bulldog Bounce. Tag. Shooting Star Press. 1-2-3.

Your Winners: Ricochet and Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 87 out of a possible 100

The Usos came out for the next match. They are going to do so well on the Red Brand.

So, this Saturday, I will be at Frightmare. Hope to meet my heroes, Tim Curry and Meat Loaf. I’ll be wearing my official “350 Days” T-Shirt. If you see me, stop me and say hi. Smile.

Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows


We got an Insert Video from the Good Brothers. They got a nod in to their former alliance by talking about being “Bullet Proof”.

Jimmy and Karl opened this one. Shoulder Tackle by Uso. Clothesline by Jimmy. 2 count. Tag to Jey. Double Team on Anderson. Big kick to Uso. Karl threw wild fists. Tag to Luke. Hard kick by BIg Luke. Jey put on the brakes and hit an Uppercut. Corner Mount Punches by Uso. Low Bridge sent Luke to the floor. AIr USO grounded by a punch to the jaw. Uso was thrown into the opes and Jimmy was hurt. The ref checked on Jimmy. Uso refused to give up the fight. Jimmy with Knife Edge Chops. Luke countered with a Big Boot. 1-2-not yet.

Jimmy was dumped to the outside and thrown into the barricade. Commercial time, again.

Tag to Karl. Double Team on Uso. 2 count. JImmy was so worn down, at this point. Rear Chin Lock by Karl but Jimmy nailed a Jawbreaker. Back Elbow by Karl to pull a deuce. Tag to Luke.

Double Team Neckbreaker by the Good Brothers but they couldn’t get a three. Luke tore at Jimmy’s face. Punches and stomps by Gallows. Spinning Enziguri by Jimmy. Hot Tag on both sides. Jey tore into Karl. Samoan Drop and Rikishi Run by Jey. 1-2-kick out. Jey hit the post on a Corner Splash attempt. Spinebuster by Anderson. Tag to Luke.

Jimmy prevented the Magic Killer. Superkick. Double Superkick. Superfly Splash by Jimmy.

Your Winners: The Usso
Raw Score: 80

The twins had the stick. They paid respect to the Good Brothers. They showed a video about the Revival in the shower together. That was just weird. Dash and Dawson were seriously ticked about the privacy thing. Dawson was getting his back shaved by Dash. Eww. Dash and Dawson tried to explain their actions. The Usos kept poking fun at the Revival. The Usos threw out a challenge to the Revival for some time in the future.

The announcers talked abuot the Mysterio vs Joe match at Wrestlemania. That match was a major insult to the fans. Rey went in to the match injured but it was still such a disappointment.


Miz really worked the Kentucky crowd. He pushed his reality show. I’ve gotten hooked on it. Miz introduced his guest, Bobby Lashley. Lio Rush wsn’t with The Almight One. The fans nated Lashley. Bobby cut off Miz, quickly. Miz joked about Lashley talking in Third Person. Miz praised Lashley for his raw talent. Miz questioned if Lashley was reaching his true potential. Lashley ran down his resume. He then asked Miz what the A-Lister has done. Miz drawfed Lashley’s accomplishments in seconds. Miz got a nod in to his lovely wife. Lashley brought up Miz’s loss at Wrestlemania. Bobby insulted Miz’s dad, as well. That was all it took. Miz went off on Lashley. Miz held his own against the muscle-bound battler. Guess what the next match will be?

Miz vs Bobby Lashley


Vertical Suplex by Lashley. Miz with a Big Boot and It Kicks. SHotgun Knees by Miz, multiple times. Shame McMahon came out to interrupt. La Bandera sent Lashley out. Baseball Slide Dropkick by Miz. Shane distracted Miz, over and over. Miz with a Roll Up for two. Shane stayed out to irritate Miz. It Kicks, again. Shane got up on the apron. A photo of George Mizanin was on the Tron. Spear by Lashley.

Your WInner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 70

Shane lifted Lashley’s arm in victory. Shane took shots on Miz. Miz fought back but Lashley got involved. Shane mounted Miz and threw hard punches and kicks. Leg Scissors Choke by Shane. Miz was out cold. Shane took the stick and talked trash to Miz. Then Shane headed to the back and went headed to the land of bad ads.

The Viking Raiders (Ivar and Eric) vs Lucha House Party

Insert Video. Settle on a name, will you? The Masked Trio went off on the Vikings. Kalisto and Gran Metallik both went off on Ivar. Backspring but Ivar Cartwheeled and hit a Clothesline. Tag to Erik. Erick worked on Gran’s arm. Tag back to Ivar. Tag to Kalisto. Erik flipped Kalisto around and slammed him. Double Team on Gran. Tag to Ivar. Viking Experience to bring this one to a quick end.

Your Winners: The Viking Raiders
Raw Score: 60

Lince Dorado tried to fight bout Ivar hit a Clothesline off the ropes. Next week, they may end up called the Sons of Odin. Jeez.

Video profile of The Iconics. They are so annoying but they are talented.

A Moment of Bliss, Part Two

She was on the stage to announce the women in the Money in the Bank match. Natalya, Dana Brooke, Naomi and Alexa Bliss were the four women. It was a verbal Catfight. Naomi wanted to fight Bliss, now. Bliss didn’t want to fight. Naomi poked the Bear until Bliss accepted.

Firefly Funhouse.

Bray was painting. Rambling Rabbit helped Bray. It was a creepy painting of a house on fire. Abby the Witch also chimed in. It’s like PeeWee’s Playhouse goes to Hell. The word of the day was “Sociopath”. Sigh. Split personality? Ya think?

Naomi vs Alexa Bliss


Bliss was having issues with her shoes. Naomi worked over Alexa. High Crescent Kick by Naomi. 2 count. Flapjack by Bliss. She keptmessing with her shoelaces. Alexa slammed Naomi into the corner and stomped away. Snap Mare and Rear Chin Lock by Blisss. Arm Drag by Naomi. Repeated Kicks by Naomi but a Back Heel Trip dropped Naomi.

Alexa choked Naomi on the middle rope. SMall Package by Naomi but she only got a two. Rear Chin Lock by Bliss. Naomi Elbowed free and then ended up getting thrown into the corner. Bliss pulled Naomi down, hard. Face Slam by Alexa. Bliss talked serious trash to her opponent. 2 count. Naomi punched away but took a knee to the ribs. Naomi was dumped to the outside. Shoelaces Redux. Sunset Flip by Naomi. Code Breaker by Naomi. Naomi pulled off Bliss’ shoes. Naomi was thrown into the conrer. Rear View! Split Legged Moonsault!

Your Winner: Naomi
Raw Score: 80

Rey Mysterio and his kid were interviewed, in the locker room. Rey talked about being a small guy in a world of giants. Rey felt he let a lot of people down, including Dominick. Dom has started inking up, big time.

Becky Lynch came out for the next segment. She was asked about why she would fight twice, in one night. The fans answered with the chant of “Becky Two Belts”. Becky didn’t care about the ods being against her. Becky ran down her resume, over the past year. She got a shot in on Ronda Rousey. She knew she was at a huge disadvantage but she was still ready to prove herself. Lynch was confident she could beat both women. Lynch warned Lacey Evans that she made a huge mistake. We saw how Lacey Evans attacked Becky, after last week’s match against Alicia Fox. Becky grabbed the stick and called out Lacey.

Lacey sauntered from the back, looking like one of the Andrews Sisters. Bonus points if you get that one. Lacey ran off at the mouth and then Lacey rushed the ring. The fight was on and the refs had to break it up. They failed to stop the fight. “Let Them Fight” rang out but it didn’t happen.

The announcers talked about Make A Wish. Nice video feature. Very touching.

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs Dash WIlder and Scott Dawson
Non-Title Match


Side Headlock Takeover by Curt, followed by a wild Dropkick. Tag to Zack. Double Team on the former champs. Tag to Dash. Dropkick by Dawson. Legdrops and Falling Headbutts to Zack’s chest. Jumping Knee Drop for a two. Tag on the Revival side Double team. Stomp on Ryder. Tag back to Dawson. Runing Slider Elbow Drop for a two. Modified Stump Puller. “Shave Your Back” rang out. Dawson cinched in a Front Face Lock. Double Team on Ryder. Keylock by Dash. Zack reversed a Suplex into a Neckvbreaker. Tag to Dawson. Crucifix Backslide.

Your Winners; Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
Raw Score: 70

Miz was interviewed, backstage. Miz was hot about Shane’s actions. Miz issued a Steel Cage Match challenge for Money in the Bank.

Sami Zayn bounced from the back. Before he talked, we got a fun look back at Jimmy Hart. I’ve had the honor to work with Hart, a few years back, and I learned more from him in a couple days than I had from anyone else in the business, with the exception of my mentor and dear friend, Bill Apter.

Sami started rambling about psychology and such to insult the fans. He blathered on about Psychological Entitlement. Yawn. Sami kept blaming the fans. Shut Up and Wrestle! Cheap Heat by Zayn. He started talking about dad he ran into. No one cared. Cut his microphone…PLEASE! Sami knew people wanted him to quit. I don’t want that but I would like him to Shut the Hell Up. He wanted to make people accountable. They need to make the one who okayed this waste of so much TV time accountable.

Shane McMahon has accepted the Steel Cage Match at Money in the Bank.

Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio
Non-Title Match


Joe got on the stick and insulted Dominick and Rey’s relationship. Joe suggested Dominick needed a mask to hide his shame. Joe also has issues with A.J. Styles. Joe said there would be a reckoning, tonight.

Joe hit a Big Boot at the bell. Joe pounded on Rey, who began to fight back. Rey was dumped to the outside. Rey avoided a Suicide Dive. Rey Dropped the Dime, off the apron, to the floor. Baseball Slide to the outside but Joe got his knees up. Off to break time.

Rey punched and kicked the US champ. Snap Powerslam by Joe. 2 count. Joe kicked the ribs. Neck Wrench by Joe. Kick to Joe’s face. Backsplash Senton missed when Rey rolled towards the ropes. Drop the Dime (Seated Senton) again. Joe caught Rey flipping off the ropes but Rey turned it into a Tornado DDT. 2 count, again.

Joe shoved Rey into the corner. Rana sent Joe into the corner. Modified 619 and Top Rope Rana. True 619 failed. Rey blocked the Kokina Clutch. Corner Urangage by Joe. Rey countered a 2nd one amd pinned Joe!

Your Winner: Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 75

Dominick came out to party with his dad.

Contract Signing

Michael Cole hosted this final segment. Cole brought out A.J. Styles, fierst. This match should be one of the best in recent memory. Seth Rollins then joined them in the ring.

Michael turned to Styles and asked him what it would mean to win the title. Styles said he came to Raw to win the title. He was proud of his time on Smackdown but he was ready for new challenges and opportunities. Styles showed respect to Seth. Styles made it crystal clear that he wanted the Universal title. Styles knew Seth was a winner but that would change at Money in the Bank. Styles knew people often called Seth “THe New A.J. Styles”. A.J. said Seth would never be him.

Seth agreed. Rollins said he wanted to be the next Styles, he wanted to be the first Seth “Freakin’” Rollins. Seth talked about how Raw is Monday Night Rollins. Seth warned A.J. that he would have to be better than ever to take the crimson strap. Styles wondered if Seth had spread himself too thin. Styles said Seth didn’t have back up, anymore. Styles wondered if Seth had anything left. Styles was ready to go. Styles was super confident. A.J. then signed the contract.

Seth smiled and answered Styles’ comments. Seth talked about their differences. Seth got in the shot that he beat Brock Lesnar, which Styles could never do. Seth promised to beat Styles at Money in the Bank. Seth then signed the contract. Styles picked up the Universal title belt and handed it to Rollins. Seth refused a handshake and held the belt aloft. Styles then clocked Seth and started beating on the Universal Champ. The fight got hot and heavy at warp speed. Suicicd Dive by Rollins. Phenom Fore-Arm sent Seth through the table.

Phil: Hope you feel better
Candy: Hugs to you, my dear friend
Jean: I love you


–Jay Shannon

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