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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla with an after thought edition of rough cuts — WrestleMania 35 –

There were allot of adjectives used to describe WrestleMania — Hometown, iconic, trailblazer, death defying, moment, first time ever, the streak is over, women stealing the show, etc.
Many of the baby faces at WrestleMania 35 had won there respective matches this time around — Understandably, so since the show came from NY/NJ and you want to keep the crowd happy to an extent and i was ok with that but i hope next year the Heels even the score a bit because you need to have that balance to keep the crowd and the audience in tune with the story going forward.
I think we all knew Shane was going to do a death defying stunt at Mania — Every year that he competes he does perform one.  The one with the Miz was truly even better than the one off the Hell in Cell against Taker — If i may quote, Joey Styles, “OH MY GOD !!!!”.  That is exactly what I said and a moment no one will ever forget.  it was truly one of the many highlights of the show.
We had allot of the local wrestlers win on the grandest stage of all — Carmella being from Staten Island ( where i grew up — on Arthur Kill Rd), won the Women’s Battle Royal.  Shane from CT won his match, Tony Nese from NY taking the title from Buddy Murphy — Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins winning the tag titles — Kurt Angle from PA, losing was expected and one of the few matches I predicted correctly but in all fairness when a wrestler is going to officially retire taking a pin fall is an honor and passing of the torch per say.  Its the code of honor for wrestling to go out on your back — Needless to say, though, we did see many locals win there respective matches and that helped get the crowd going as they usually cheer there local favorites.
A record number of titles changed hands this time around — 7 out of the 9 belts switched hands with only Samoa Joe retaining the US title and the Uso’s retaining the Smackdown Tag titles (Uso’s have since lost to the Hardy’s on Smackdown live on Tuesday April 9th.  Was it necessary for so many title changes?  I thought 7 was a bit much even for my eyes– I think when you are showcasing champions that at least some of them should have there respective belts going forward -I would have booked no more than 4 changes, if it were me  — I would have kept the Tag Titles on Sasha and Bayley a bit longer since the titles are brand new and they are trying to elevate the division and go to different brands and bring validity to the new titles created — I mean they fought a very difficult match in Hell in a Cell and now lose a fatal 4 way at Mania — the odds were completely against them and a win would have given them supreme reign over a very competitive division that has not ever been seen before in Women’s Wrestling.   I also, would have kept the IC title on Lashley because he is a dominating force and he needs the title to demonstrate his superiority as true champion — plus it can open the doors for him to face Braun or Lars Sullivan and they can have some solid programs together.  Finally, you have women Main Eventing on the grandest stage of all — this is what has been built up for over a year ago — Having Kofi win took the wind out of the crowd for the Main Event because so much crowd energy was used in the match and nothing was left for the women — if Kofi, loses then you keep the story going and it makes Becky’s win that much more incredible because the crowd would have been even more excited with anticipation that Becky can win it all.  Kofi could have chased Daniel to SummerSlam and won it there.
The streak is over — Curt Hawkins 279 match losing streak is over — finally — good for him winning the tag titles with Zack Ryder over the Revival — this streak reminded me when Susan Lucci, who played Erica Kane on All my Children snapped a 19 time nomination as best actress for daytime drama.  The losing streak ended when she won her only Emmy Award in 1999.  This streak had the same feeling because Susan at the time never believed she was ever going to win an Emmy and she deserved it and when it finally happened the weight was lifted off her shoulders and everyone around her.  It was a defining moment in television history.  For Curt the build up had the same feeling and the anticipation of finally ending this long losing streak was a culmination of hard work, dedication and devotion to his craft and glad the WWE gave him a chance to finally have his hand raised in front of 82,000 plus in front of his home town – Congrats Curt !!!  Your hand always got raised in victory when you walk through that curtain.
Becky, Charlotte and Rhonda did an incredible job with there match — and glad Becky won — the crowd seemed a bit out of it — now mind you, these ladies got in the ring just passed midnight — Seven hours after the show started the women closed the show — Now mind you, these women had to get to Met life around 8 or 9 am and going through the rehearsals, last minute planning, etc — Allot happens behind the scenes and these women went out there about 14 or 15 hours or so later and performed in front of 82,000 plus and gave us an iconic match that will undoubtedly set the stage for women to close Mania and other shows respectively.  In my eyes they stole the show even though the crowd was a bit tired. Still, they stole show in my eyes hands down.
Chyna a k a Joanie Laurer was inducted over the weekend at the HOF at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY-  She is credited as being a Trail Blazer for women’s wrestling and rightfully so to a degree — She came along at a time and did things no woman has ever done before — She was the inspiration and master mind behind D-X and glad to see she got acknowledged for her work finally and hope one day she will have her own induction as an individual.  Even though she has since passed away, her work will never be forgotten and it was nice to see her sister in the audience and recognized — it truly brought a tear to my eye of both sadness and joy that Joanie is no longer with us but will never be forgotten.  Than you Chyna !!! YOU DESERVE YOUR INDUCTION — YOU EARNED IT !
The biggest disappointment to me over this weekend were 2 things — The first being that Cyndi Lauper was not inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame — 35 years after the first one took place in the world’s most famous arena Madison Square Garden.  It truly, in my eyes was an injustice because Cyndi was truly instrumental in getting WM1 off the ground and getting the women’s evolution on the map — The Rock N Wrestling Era might now have happened without Cyndi and she is truly a trail blazer and a pioneer in the world of sports entertainment and without her I do not believe we are where we are today 35 years later.  Cyndi you deserve this accolade and  I hope it happens soon because you EARNED IT !!!
The second being the show has gotten way too long.  The main event did not start till just past ,midnight — I understand you want to show case all of your talent but this is not back in the day — The talent pool and roster sizes are much bigger and greater due to the tremendous growth of the WWE and its time to consider making this a 2 day event — Remember, 82,000 people and many brought families with children, people have to go to work the next day, school, etc — by the time these people get home it be time to get up again — plus the people watching at home — it is late for the younger kids who want to see there heroes that show ended so late.  it’s time to move the show 2 day event — Combine NXT Takeover with WrestleMania Day 1 — 5 NXT Matches and 5 or 6 WWE matches over a 3 – 3 1/2 hours and then leave the main card at no more than 4 hours with an hour pre-show and have the program end by 11 pm est — it needs to be done — Or you do not have to have so many titles showcased — Those titles are always defended on most monthly shows and weekly basis.  It would be unfair to the champion to not compete at Mania but we need to be fair to the public as well and the families — the show is just too long and that is why I give the women who closed the show A+ for there work because they brought it under adverse circumstances and delivered a Main Event quality match considering the time they had to work with and started with.
The WWE could cut down the pre-show to 1 hour and eliminate the battle royals and save them for RAW/SmackDown if need be — and perhaps 1 or 2 non grudge matches can be saved as well — showcase the biggest feuds — that is what its all about but give everyone there pay day for being apart of the company and years long work — it is a team effort all the way around.  also, they could start sooner — why not the pre-show at 4pm — and the main show at 5pm and be done by 10 or 11 pm ? Suggestions? — if you want to be fair to the entire roster then it should be a 2 day event — hopefully one day we will get that.
Going forward i see allot of things happening that will continue to shape, evolve and entertain us for the next year and beyond — WWE has a contract with Fox in the fall to move Smackdown to Friday’s live and that may or may not be ideal since generally since its the weekend per say so it will be interesting to see how the ratings compare on Friday’ as opposed to Tuesday –
Rhonda is on hiatus now — Reports were she broke her hand during the main event but even still she was not scheduled beyond Raw the next night — One of two things will happen with Rhonda for sure — One is she is not done wrestling — that I can guarantee — she is coming back — When ? If she decides to have a baby with Travis then the earliest I can see her back is for the Rumble in 2021 and win it and face whomever the Champion is at the time — If she does not decide to have a child then I could see her back next year to face Becky on one on in Tampa for the Next Mania — only Rhonda knows what she is going to do — but she will be back — you can count on it –
Of all the titles that changed hands i predict Becky will hold her titles longer than the others — We need someone to rally around and to continue to push and elevate the women’s movement Becky is the right choice — I predict she will be the longest reigning champion in the history of the WWE Women’s division — Shortest reign? i am going with either Hawkins/Ryder or Kofi losing there respective belts first — kofi had has moment and Daniel will be back to get his title and its needed since we have allot of baby face champions right now so the balance needs to be there — I also, can see Hawkins/Ryder losing to either Heavy Machinery or Black and Ricochet –
i want to go on record and state right now — on 1wrestling.com — the Main Event for next year’s WrestleMania — Sting vs Taker — you read it right here — Sting was in attendance at the HOF and at Mania — he has publicly stated he wants one more match in his career against Taker and only Taker — Taker has lost 25 lbs and looks great and i think this would be the perfect match to end the show of shows — Taker can lose and retire and Sting gets a win on the grandest stage of all — it be only fitting — if it does not happen next year it will never happen but I believe its going to happen finally and it may not be what it could have been 10 or 15 yrs ago but just to see the promo’s leading up and seeing both icons in the ring together will be magic– it won’t matter what type of match they do — it will still give us something to never forget — a memory that will last a life time –
I do predict Seth Rollins will face Roman Reigns next year at Mania — Former shield members and brothers will square off — Roman can win the Rumble and challenge his brother for the title and i believe it will be an amazing match and likely Roman will become Champion — i do not want to see this match any sooner — allot of people are saying Brock will be back — Remember, Brock is scheduled to face Cormier at UFC in August or September — its practically a done deal — I hope Paul Heyman goes to the press conference and does his thing — I mean, imagine Heyman walking Brock to the Octagon — it be must see tv for sure — if Brock wins against Daniel which I know the WWE Universe is hoping for then Brock is not coming back anytime soon — if he loses, which i predict Cormier will get a TKO/KO by the end of the 2nd round/early 3rd round then Brock is coming back sooner– but why go after Seth — ?  He can go for whomever is the WWE Champion on Smackdown — shake things up? why not?
Finally, Hogan will have his last match in his home town of Tampa — The perfect fitting is Elias does his thing and insults the Tampa crowd. — Then Hogan’s music plays and he comes out and Elias attempts to hit Hogan with the guitar but misses — clothesline, and leg drop and the crowd along with Jimmy Hart counts 1-2-3 and Hogan music plays and he has his swan song — nothing difficult or stressful –  Hogan has closure to his in ring career and I am ok with that — He earned it –
For this edition of Rough Cuts, this has been Sal LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla.  May all of your matches be a main event.

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