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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla with this Wrestle-mania edition of rough cuts to be held Sunday April 7th only on the WWE Network.

WrestleMania is coming live from Met Life stadium, home of the NY/NJ football Giants and Jets. The last time Met Life stadium held Mania was in 2013 which saw John Cena defeat the Rock for the WWE Championship in front of just under 81,000. I do expect the attendance to be right around 81,00 or slightly higher especially with the card as loaded as it is going in.

The Goddess Alexa Bliss will be the host of Wrestlemania and the WWE did the right thing because only a true Goddess such as Alexa can host an event as worthy as Mania. With that being said I expect Carmella to come out and interrupt with R – Truth and try and sabotage Alexa’s moment and perhaps lead to a confrontation. I can also expect since Nikki Cross has taken a few jabs at Alexa too that she may try and do something here too. (Alexa and Nikki have been wrestling on house shows recently). This may well lead to Alexa getting back into the ring the following the night on RAW against either Carmella or Nikki in singles action or tag team action with Alexa and Micki James teaming up.

Raw Women’s Championship — Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair: Stephanie McMahon announced on Raw the main event will be winner take all — Someone is leaving with both titles. it was not mentioned as a unification match but simply winner take all — so i believe whomever walks out with both titles will choose which one to keep and the other one will be vacated and a women’s tournament will be held to determine a new champion. The other possibility is the Champion will hold both titles for the time being and defend on both shows but I doubt it unless the titles become 1. When Ronda signed with the WWE the goal was to main event WrestleMania against Charlotte — this was the plan from beginning, but some where along the way, Becky Lynch became the Man and has taken over and gained such a following and support from the fans all over that she worked her way into the Main Event and deserves it. I expect this will bring down the house and Met Life will go absolutely bonkers from the opening bell. This will be a war between three women who despise each other and no one will be the same when its over. Rhonda last appearance is scheduled for the following night on RAW and then it seems likely she is taking a break for a bit — I do not think she is done or retiring just yet. So, with that being said, Rhonda does not leave as Champion. The fans are not going to allow or want Charlotte walking out as Champion — NY/NJ is a tough crowd and no way can Charlotte leave with both titles — This is not how you close a show especially since all the time and effort went into this from get go. Becky is going to pin Charlotte and get both titles and she is going to become the Champion. The crowd will cheer and stand and go crazy for the Man — When its over though, since Rhonda was not pinned or defeated by Becky, Rhonda is going to attack Becky and this will lead to Rhonda vs Becky the following night on RAW where Becky will force Rhonda to tap out. Prediction — Becky wins by pinning Charlotte — Becky faces Rhonda the next night and successfully defends both titles and Rhonda goes on a hiatus.

Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins: i truly believe Brock is going to leave after this because he wants to face Daniel Cormier and have a huge pay day from the UFC. I do not see how Dana White is going to allow Brock to continue to risk wrestling when he signs on to face Daniel. So, the forgone conclusion is Seth is going to take a beating of epic proportions in this. Daniel Cormier will make an appearance at the top of the ramp that will distract Brock and Seth is going to get the pin 1-2-3 and leave as champion. i do not believe this will be match for the ages but it will allow Seth to get the title and allow Brock and Daniel to start there feud and get the contract done. Prediction — Seth walks out Champion.

WWE Championship — Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kofi Kingston: It took over 11 plus years for Kofi Mania to get going and now is faced with the inevitable task of trying to dethrone Daniel Bryan. I know the crowd is so behind Kofi, but Daniel has re-invented himself as true heel and I can not see how Kofi is going to walk out as Champion. Daniel is needed to be a heel champion and keep the momentum going and if he loses there is not much left for him to do. Kofi has earned his shot no doubt and this will be a solid match from the beginning. Rowan will likely try and interfere — Kevin Owens may as well — Even Luke Harper might get involved — but in the end I see Daniel retaining his title in one of the better matches on the entire card. Prediction — Daniel retains.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre: The Big dog is back and welcome back Roman – Drew has totally re-invented himself and becoming a major player now. i can see a title coming very soon in the near future as he truly deserves a run. I do believe we will see allot of power in this match and bumps along the way — However, I do not see a clean finish here. I think there will be more to tell and this could continue on Monday Night Raw — Prediction – Match ends via countout or DQ — no finish —

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton: Can you imagine if Dixie Carter came out and walked AJ Styles to the ring? The crowd will go crazy — I would jump out of my chair if Dixie did indeed walk out and support AJ — I do believe this will be good match with two solid veterans — not much true heat between the two — but has been built up nicely — both guys coming towards the end of there careers — AJ will get the pin fall but when its over Randy is going to hit an RKO and further the feud along a bit longer — Prediction – AJ pins Randy — but Randy will get revenge and hit an RKO leaving AJ laid out in the middle of the ring.

Triple H vs. Batista (No Holds Barred; Triple H’s career on the line): The promo that Batista cut on Raw was epic. No confrontations between the two, just smack talk and high innovative promo’s. We won’t see a classic match but we get a true ending to someone’s career — I do not believe HHH is done wrestling just yet and I doubt he want Batista as his last match — especially after what Batista did to Flair — so this seems to be more about honor than anything else — HHH will hit a number of pedigrees and one of them will be the final blow and HHH will pin Batista and end Batista career while HHH will live to fight another day. I would not be surprised if Ric Flair came down to celebrate with HHH when its over or even walk HHH to the ring. Prediction – HHH pins Batista.
Intercontinental Championship — Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Finn Balor: The demon seems to coming for Mania and the Demon wants the title back around his waist – However, as much as the demon wants it — i believe Lashley will find a way to retain in a so so match — Bobby has no where to go if he loses the title now and it just makes more sense to keep the belt around his waist longer and perhaps Finn chases after one of the WWE titles at some point — I think Seth vs Finn would be a heck of match up — I do not see much excitement — Bobby is a power type wrestler so I expect lots of power and high flying from the Demon but Bobby will catch and slay the demon and retain — Prediction — Bobby retains —

United States Championship — Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rey Mysterio: Rey son Dominic is going to be ring side — and that would send the signal that Rey is going to get the US title and have a final run before he retires — I think this will be a very solid match up — Although, Rey just got pinned on Raw by Baron Corbin no less — but that was then and this is Wrestle Mania — Rey hits the 619 and celebrates in the ring with his son as NEW United States Champion — Prediction — Rey leaves as Champion –

Women’s Tag Team Championship — Sasha Banks & Bayley (c) vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs. Nia Jax & Tamina Snuka vs. The IIconics: This has chaos written all over it — no one likes each and everyone wants to be the Champion. it will be nice to see Beth back in action on the grandest stage of all — but i just can not fathom Sasha/Bayley losing here — I can not see it happening because they just got the titles and need to show they are the most dominate tag team in all of wrestling — i think this will be very entertaining with allot of close finishes but in the end the Champs will and should retain there titles — Prediction — Champs retain —

The Miz vs. Shane McMahon (Falls Count Anywhere): The writing was on the wall from the get go that these two would clash on the biggest stage of all — i think this will be very intriguing with allot of spots especially from Shane — and I truly believe since Shane is the self professed Best in the World that he should be able to defeat the Miz — and I believe he will find a way to do just that get the pin fall over the Miz in a very fast, high risk match. Prediction — Shane gets the pin fall —

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin: Baron picks up a huge win over Rey on Raw only to get caught from behind by Kurt who applies the ankle lock — What I would like to see — is Baron gets taken out prior to the match and they show it on the jumbo tron and it leaves Kurt wondering what is going on — then John Cena’s music hits and comes out and tells Kurt, that he is taking Baron place and going to retire Kurt himself — if that happens — John Cena is going to win and retire Kurt Angle — they will embrace at the end of the match and both walk out to cheers — i can see it happening because WrestleMania is about swerves and John is scheduled to wrestle and the opponent has not been named so i can see it happening and why not –? Now, that scenario does not happen and the WWE does indeed decide to go with the current match up then I see Baron getting the pin fall because he can then claim he defeated Rey and retired Kurt Angle and use it as motivation going forward — Prediction — Kurt last match will end with him taking the pin fall either against Baron or John Cena — (remember it kind of an honor for a wrestler’s last match to take the fall — its the code of honor type deal –remember Ric Flair lost his last match) —

Cruiserweight Championship — Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Tony Nese: Buddy Murphy has proven to be a solid Cruiserweight Champion — likely this is on the pre-show — Tony defeated Cedric Alexander to earn the title shot — I expect allot of high flying solid wrestling action even for pre-show type match — I like to see Buddy move on to the main roster and see what he can do with the likes of Rollins, Drew, AJ, etc — Prediction — Buddy retains in a fast action packed match —

i have read on line that both the Raw and Smack Down titles will be defended at Mania so that will increase the card to 16 matches including the two battle royals — one for the men and one for the women — as of writing this article on 4/2/2019, there has been no opponents set for either tag titles from both brands — one or both could change hands — I like to see the USO’s defend against Sheamus/Cesaro and get there titles back — The Revival may end up facing a number of teams in a fatal 4 way or just one team — it could be anything — but since both titles will be defended I am predicting the USO’s will lose and Revival will retain —

As far the two battle royal’s are concerned — Personally, I like to Asuka win the women’s because she took one of the company when she dropped the title to Charlotte to set up a winner take all main event — i know allot of people feel Asuka got the shaft in this and she did but she is a team player and a company person and I can see her winning the battle royal — it may not mean much but it does, especially to her since she did do one for the company and she deserves this moment —

The men’s match — its too obvious for Braun to win and i believe he goes out at some point — without knowing all the competitors — I could see Rusev emerging as victorious — i think it would be fitting to have Rusev Day celebrated on WrestleMania Day — so i will go with Rusev as the winner —

Elias is going to walk on WrestleMania and perform in front of 80,000 plus — the question is who is going to interrupt him and face off with Elias in an impromptu match not scheduled — If John Cena does not face Kurt and that swerve does not happen — then its going to be John for sure — or — why not the Under Taker makes an appearance — the gongs go off – Elias is looking around and take appears and gives Elias a tombstone — then as the fans start cheering — and the Under Taker looks to the sky and fans — Sting appears — yes, Sting appears — Taker looks in shock and awe and we fade to black — leaving us wondering is this a set up for next year in Tampa — it will get people talking for sure — it can happen — i read online that Sting said he wants 1 more match and only will come out to face Taker — Taker has lost 25 lbs recently and looks great — they have a whole year to build this up and close the show in Tampa next year — and this be the perfect setting to lay the ground work for the match we all want to see —

Overall, this is the signature event of the WWE — this is event is bigger than the Super Bowl, World Series, Daytona 500, etc — this is the event that showcases all the talent the WWE has and while there will be hit and misses over the course of 7 hours we are assured of being entertained — no doubt we will be entertained and talking about this for years to come —

The problem with this is i feel is there are too many matches on the card — by the time the wrestlers get to the ring from there entrances it does not leave much time to execute and tell the story properly — each match will have a set time of about 10 minutes or less but the main events will go close to 20 minutes — so it does not leave much room — i think the WWE should consider breaking this event into a 2 day affair — Friday night you have the Hall of Fame Ceremony, Saturday you combine NXT and Mania as Day 1 and Sunday the main course — this way you allow enough time to showcase your talents have better more productive matches — The main card does not need both battle royals — you can also move 1 of the tag titles and either the US or IC belt to the day before and one of the grudge matches — that gives you about 4 or 5 matches plus 4 or 5 NXT matches and you have a full 3 hour card the night before and save about 10 or 12 matches for the big day — everyone gets a piece of the action — i think its only fair considering the show is getting longer and longer and there is allot of talent out there now — The WWE will still make allot of money in the long run and the fans will be in tune — it can be a huge weekend extravaganza —

For this edition of Rough Cuts. this has been Sal LaSardo reporting in from Orlando, Fla. May all of your matches be a main event. Enjoy the show everyone !

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