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Weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than walk alone in the light”–Helen Keller

WWE.com has made it official. The next entrant into this year’s Hall of Fame will be Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. He joins Torrie Wilson, Harlem Heat, The Hart Foundation, Honky Tonk Man and D-X. Good class. Plus, the Warrior Award goes to someone who has given many years of dedicated service to the industry (Sue Aitchinson). Sue is credited with establishing the WWE’s working relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is so deserving.

We are in Washington, D.C. and home town anti-hero, Batista, is here to discuss his epic contest against Triple H, Sunday. Plus, Stephanie McMahon has a huge announcement that will shake up the main event of Wrestlemania. What could it be? Title Unification? Change of combatants? Bra and Panties Match? (Sorry, flashing back)

Tonight’s column is dedicated to one of hte most beautiful souls that I have known. Mrs. Lupe Alvarado sat next to me in Dialysis for the past several months. She spoke very little English and loved me for speaking Spanish to her. Her husband became a close friend to my family, as well. Last week, Lupe took a bad fall and passed away from her injurires. She was 83 and she was “Mama” to one and all there at the Center. Rest Well, Mama.

Stephanie McMahon strolled from the back. The announcers ran down the night’s card as Stephanie made her way to the stage. She pushed Wrestlemania. Stephanie put herself into the Women’s title match (April Fools). The true huge announcement was…Winners Takes All. THe winner will get BOTH the Raw and Smackdown titles. Not quite unification but close.

Brock Lesnar’s music then hit. Brock and Paul Heyman walked out onto the stage. I SO hope Brock drops the belt on Sunday. I will have my predictions, later this week. Paul started the segment, as always, with his “My Name Is…” schtick. Paul said Brock would truly take all, on Sunday. Lesnar was ready to take all that Seth had to throw at him and would then take all from Seth. Paul brought up Undertaker’s Streak and the destruction of Roman Reigns (last year). Paul was certain that Sunday will be the final match of Seth Rollins’ career. Brock held his title high to garner even more boos. Paul considered Seth “an After Thought”.

That brought out Seth. Paul stepped out of harm’s way. Brock just grinned at his challenger. Seth explained to Brock this was the biggest match of both of their careers. Seth made it clear that no one wants Brock around. “Burn Ir Down” rang out. Seth did praise Brock for his accomplishments. Seth knew it was possible to defeat Lesnar. Seth told Brock there wasn’t a damn thing Brock could do to stop the loss. The two got into it. Low Blows by Seth. Superkick after a German. Stomp by Seth. Seth held the crimson title belt high as Brock looked stunned. Awesome.

NXT Takeover will be on Friday Night, this time around. Sweet. I have a date with Jeannie on Saturday night, so that works so good for me.

Seth was interviewed, backstage. Seth knew he couldn’t deliver Low Blows, at Wrestlemania.

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs The Iconics and Tamina and Nia Jax
Eight Woman Tag Team Match


Beth still looks great. Sasha tagged herself in to start this one. She was taken to the corner by Peyton Royce. Sasha slipped on the second rope but still hit a pair of Arm Drags. Bayley took the tag and hit a Double Elbow Drop. Tag back to Sasha. Double Team. Tag to Billie Kaye. Drop Toe Hold by Sashla. Tag to Natalya. Suplex. 2 count.

Tag to Beth. Double Hip Toss failed but they grabbed the Iconic One by the hair. Beth worked over Billie’s arm. Flying Arm Bar ala George “The Animal” Steele. It broke down into momentary chaose, so Raw went to break.

By the way, Miz and M rs. Season Two starts tomorrow, right after Smackdown. Yes, I have the DVR set. Smile.

Bayley was wearing out Billie with hard knees. Peyton pulled Billie out of harm’s way. Royce tagged in and threw Bayley back in the ring. 2 count. Billie made herself legal, again. Double Team. 2 count after a pose down. Tag by Royce. The Island Princesses haven’t even gotten to fight, yet. When Royce tried for a tag, Tamina and Nia stepped down and refused to tag. Billie tagged back in. Stunner, in the ropes, by Bayley. Beth pushed Sasha off the apron and then tagged in. Snap Mare and Clothesline by Beth. Hard Slam. Tamina pulled down the ropes to make Beth fall out to the floor. Beth charged Tamina and drove her through the barricade. Dang!

The fans chanted “You Still Got It”. Royce brought Beth in and slapped her. Bad move, sweetheart. GlamSlam!

Your Winners: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Bayley and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 70 out of a possible 100

In the back, Batista showed up. He got a mixed reaction, to say the least. Batista was ready to talk.

The Animal’s music hit and hit walked alone, to the ring. We looked back at HHH’s reaction to Batista’s call for a Career Threatentin, No Hold Barred.

Dave stood in the center of the ring. He got a partial “Welcome Bank” chant. Dave sent it to a video package about the history of HHH vs Batista. It pushed the fact that HHH has not beaten Batista. “Hunter, Kiss my *ss” was all that Batista had to say.

Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano for the NXT title is the main event of Takeover. I’m pulling for Cole. My nephew, Lane, is home from the military for a few days. He will be at my side to watch Takeover.

Elias was at M et Life Stadium. He promised no interruptions to his musical performance on Sunday. Elias knew he would be the true main event of Wrestlemania.

Jindar Mahal and Apollo Crews
Lumberjack Match


Running Back Elbow by Jindar. Mahal clamped on a Side Headlock. Apollo powered up and hit an Olympic Slam. Jumping Clothesline by Crews. Frog Splash. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 70

After the match, the ring filled up with Battle Titus eliminated all three members of the Lucha House Party. Mahal dumped him. Crews then took out the Singh Brothers and Mahal.

Kurt Angle talked with Rey Myserio, backstage.

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio


Kurt took the stick, berore the match. The crowd had Kurt on the brink of tears. He thanked the crowd for their support, even when they booed him.

WWE ran a video package about the Olympic Hero.

Baron Corbin then came out to stir the pot. Sigh. He mocked Kurt’s “Stroll Down Memory Lane”. He said the video did not represent the man who now stands in the ring. Baron said Kurt could not hang with today’s superstars…especially Corbin. Baron was hot that people wanted someone better than Corbin to face Kurt. I have to agree. John Cena? C.M. Punk? Undertaker? They would all be a better choice. Kurt called for an exhibition match, right now. So…

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin


Corbin started to get in the ring but changed his mind. Baron talked garbage and said he would just wait. Rey Mysterio’s music went off. Rey took the stick and talked to Corbin. Rey issued a challenge to Corbin.

Rey Mysterio vs Baron Corbin


Corbin attacked both men. They rocked Corbin. Olympic Slam.

Your WInner (I Guess): Rey Mysterio
Raw Score: 49

Charlotte Flair was interviewed, backstage. Flair was asked about the Winner Takes All stipulation. Flair was super confident that she would collect all the gold. Flair knew she would take all the titles. Flair said she would keep her cool, during the Six Women tag m atch but made no promises, after the bell sounded to end the match.

Ricochet and Aleister Black vs Dash WIlder and Scott Dawson
Raw Tag Team Title Match


If you get the El Rey Network, some of Ricochet’s old work (as Prince Puma) is running on reruns of Lucha Underground. Worth a watch, definitely. Black then did his Rise from the Depths thing. We went to break before the match.

Black opened this one. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Dawson shrunk in the corner. Side Headlock by Black. Knife Edge Chops by Dawson. Universal but Dawson nailed a Back Elbow. Tag to Dash WIlder.

Knife Edge by Dash. BIg Boot by Black. Rolling Lew Sweep and Arm Drag. Tag to Ricochet. Ricochet worked over Dawson’s arm. Tag to Dash. Double Team on Ricochet’s kidneys. Knife Edges, again. Ricochet was choked on the form. Dash and Dawson with frequent tags. Double Rana by Ricochet. Massive Double Team by the NXT kids. Arm DDT on Black. Break time.

Dawson stopped a tag out and hit a Northern Lights Suplex on Black. Dawson worked over the left arm of Black. Hammerlock by Dawson. Black powered up and Elbowed his foe. Black went for a German but couldn’t do it. Leg Sweep. Tag to Dash. Hot Tag to Ricochet.

Ricochet took out both foes. Roll Up for a two count. Inside Cradle-2. Roll Up-2. Dang it. Cheap Shot by Dawson. Gory Bomb. 2 count. Amazing.

Ricochet prevented the tag. Black got involved. The fight went tot he floor. Tornado DDT to Black, on the floor. Ricochet with a wild Flip Dive over the turnbuckle to the the floor. Mom just walked past the office and saw that and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Ricochet tried to get back in ther ing but he was held.

Your Winners (by Count Out): The Revival
Raw Score: 90

Black Masses to both tag champs. Ricochet went up top to nail the 630.

Ronda Rousey warmed up. She refused to be interviewed. She only wanted to fight.

Roman Reigns stood backstage. Roman was on deck.

The announcers mentioned how the two guys from SNL would now be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

In the back, Alexa Bliss chatted with Tyler Breeze and EC3. Braun Strowman came up to the two and wondered why Ethan and Tyler were laughing. They had been watching clips of SNL’s Week-end Update. Braun found the two jobbers and said they were now the guys from SNL.

Roman Reigns was interviewed, next. Charli talked about the Claymore Kicks that he has endured, recently. Roman said he was 100% ready. Drew McIntyre ambushed Roman and threw him into equipment cases. Officials pulled him off.

Riott Squad vs Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey


If Flair, Lynch or Rousey betray their teammates, they are out of the Wrestlemania main event.

Becky Lynch was interviewed. She made it clear she was going to take both titles. Becky knew she can beat both Ronda and Charlotte.

The Main Eventeres Team looked icily at each other. Flair flipped Ruby and then unloaded with Flair Chops. Tag to Lynch, who mocked Flair’s strut. Becky begged Flair to smack her. Becky with a hard kick. Shoulder Tackle by Ruby. Dropkick by Lynch. Riott Squad hit the floor and we were off to break.

Logan worked over Becky’s arm. Lynch with a Spear off the ropes. Logan was kicked off the apron. Tags on the Riott Squad side. Logan with a Standing Cloverleaf. Flair and Rousey could care less. Tag to Morgan. Clotheslines by Lynch and a Leg Lariat. BeckSploder. 2 count.

Inside Cradle by Morgan. Flair tagged herslef in and then Ronda did the tag. Judo THrow into the Arm Bar.

Your Winners: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey
Raw Score: 70

Ronda attacked Charlotte. All Hell broke loose. They even called in the police (rent-a-cops). Ronda got handcuffed for striking an officer. Becky broke loose and jumped Ronda. Becky got handcuffed too. Flair attacked Ronda and kicked at Lynch. Flair got the special bracelets, as well. All three women were led out to the back. Ronda and Flair kept attacking the cops. Lynch kept her cool.

Flair fought going into the police cruiser. Becky was placedin a car with Ronda. They had a Kick Fight. Too funny. They kicked out one of the windows. Becky and Flair started kicking each other. Ronda drove the black car into the police car. This was just stupid. Flair Kneed Ronda in the face.

I want to send out get weel wishes to an old friend. Lottie had her second gastric sleeve surgery today. While we have moved on from each other, we will always love each other. Get well, Sweets.

The Glorious Ones vs Heavy Machinery


Otis and Tucker so remind me of Ole and Arn Anderson. Or maybe Crusher nad Bruiser. Otis took down Chad. Tag to Tucker. Bushwacker Walk. Leg Trip by Tucker. Chad flipped Tucker over. Tag to Roode. Clothesline by Bobby. They were stopped by the arrival of Lacey Evans. Why? That was one of hte ugliest dresses ever.

Roode was distracted. Back Elbow by Tucker and tag to Otis. The Former Rookie of the Year blocked Roode’s DDT. Corner Splash. Caterpillar! Chad made the save.

Chad with a tag. Otis caught Chad. Compactor!

Your WInners: Heavy Machinery
Raw Score: 75

We saw a video package about Kofi Kingston. I really want to see him win on Sunday. I can’t imagine that both Seth AND Kofi will win. Need a little more time to think on this one.

Braun Strowman vs two local jobbers
Handicap Match


Braun ran over both guys and Bieled them both. Both men got thrown over the top rope. Braun came out and Shoulder Tackled both poor guys. He then did it again. Braun tossed both guys back in the ring. Double Corner Slash and then Bulldog Bounces to both. He then did the Bounce to both, at the same time.

Your Winner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 30

Bobby Lashley (w/Lio Rush) came from the back. Break time

Lashley was interviewed, in the ring. We saw how Finn Balor earned his championship shot, at Mania. Lashley lost his cool and Speared his partner, Jindar Mahal. Lio stepped up and said the win, last week, was a fluke. Bobby was asked about The Demon possibly showing up. Lashley wasn’t concerned about alter-egos.

Finn came on the Tron. Finn transformed into The Demon. Bobby looked like he needed a fresh set of shorts.

Rey Mysterio vs Baron Corbin


Rey bounced around to avoid Corbin. Rey with hard kciks. Baron reversed a Whip but got Dropkicked in the knee. Rey kept Baron off his game with a Dropkick to the face. Baron yelled at the crowd as he walked around ringside.

Back in the ring, Corbin caught Rey. They both tumbled over the ropes. Corbin with a hard punch as Rey tried for a Tope Suicida. Off to commercials.

Baron and Rey were on the floor. Baron ran Rey into the barricade. Corbin then tossed Rey back into the ring. Baron lifted Rey up onto the corner. Baron tried to rip off Rey’s mask. Rey flipped out of a German but tweaked his knee. Corbin focused on the injured knee. Rey went to the floor and Baron followed. Corbin threw Rey into the barricade and then taunted Rey.

The ref checked on Rey to see if he could keep going. Rey kicked Baron in the face, several times. Gorilla Press Dop by Corbin. Baron threw Rey under the bottom rope. Corbin came out and connected with a vicious Clothesline.

Rey was sent into the ring post. Baron came out to collect his prey. Baron pitched Rey back into the ring. Rey locked in a Sleeper after escaping a Powerslam. Corbin rushed the corner and the well was dry. Rana and Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by Rey. 2 count. Corbin kicked Rey onto the apron. Rey flipped Baron into the ropes. 619! Frog Spash….missed!

Baron picked up Rey but Mysterio fought back. Modified Drop the Dime. Deep Six! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 85

Kurt Angle attacked Baron and applied the AngleLock! Corbin tapped out, over and over. Refs rushed out to break it up.

Lupe: Vaya Con Dios, Amiga
Lane: Welcome Home
Lottie: Get Well, Honey
Jean: I Love You


–Jay Shannon

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