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The Raw Score

A recap and reviw of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“How Lucky I am to have something that makes saying Goodbye so hard”–Winnie the Pooh

Tonight, Dean Ambrose makes his swan song with the WWE. He has chosen not to renew his contract.

Last week, we lost 2 great Legends of the business. King Kong Bundy and Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer left us after many years of dedicated service to this industy that they both loved dearly. Rest in Peace, Gentlemen, and God Bless.

We were live from the home of Kurt Angle and adpoted home of the late, great Bruno Sammartino…Pittsburg, PA. Batista is in the house to confront Triple H. This is going to be explosive, to say the least.

The Shield came out to start the show. They made their trademark entrance, through the crowd. Cool shirts. This was to be their “Farewell Address”. Last night, The Shield was triumphant in destroying Lashley, McIntyre and Corbin.

Seth Rollins was the first to take the stick. He paused to drink in the love from the fans and then handed the stick to Roman. Reigns said he knew life was short and he has no regrets. Roman admitted his love for his “brothers”, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Roman then brought up Wrestlemania. Roman wanted to fight one-on-one tonight. Dean also had some business to finish. Roman then mentioned Seth and the business he had to follow through on. Roman got a “Burn it Down” chant going. All 3 of the Shield members hugged and did the Fist Punch Symbol. The music played as The SHield officially disbanded. Roman and Dean headed to the back and Seth stayed behind.

Paul Heyman cut off Seth’s speech. He did his typical introduction. He needs a new schtick. Seth mocked Paul’s announcements. Seth mentioned how Daniel Bryan and A.J. Styles pushed Brock to his limits. He also brought up Finn Balor. Seth realized that Brock has a problem with smaller guys with superior speed and skills. Seth said he would take the title of Paul’s “Beast” at Mania. “Slay the Beast!” rang out. There’s the next t-shirt for Rollins. Paul tried to make excuses for Brock’s short-comings in recent months. Paul sent it to a video package about Brock Lesnar.

Paul claimed that Brock has been having “Sadistic Fantasties” about hurting Seth, at Mania. Shelton Benjamin slid in the ring and attacked Seth with a series of German Suplexes. Huh? Break time.

Seth Rollins vs Shelton Bemjamin


Heyman was on commentary. Paul tried to deny his involvement in Shelton’s attack, in the last segment. Side Headlock by Shelton. Push Off by Seth but Shelton with a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a Clothesline by Seth. Wild Dropkick by Seth that sent Benjamin to the floor. Seth bounced Shelton off the barricade and threw him back in the ring. Knife Edge Chop and Whip. Blockbuster by Seth. Seth Tuned up the Band. He missed the Stomp but escaped the German. Knee Strike as Seth tried for a Tope Suicida. 2 count for Benjamin. Commercials again.

Rear Chin Lock by Benjamin. Seth punched his way free. Shelton dumped Seth out to the floor. Heyman admitted to paying Shelton to attack Seth. Paul got a phone call. Shelton stood over Seth then pulled him in for a Piledriver. Seth countered it. Shelton tried it again but Seth nailed a Rana. Paul announced that Brock will be in the house, next week.

Sling Blade by Seth. Shelton flipped Seth onto the apron. Enziguri and Springboard Clothesline by Rollins. Shelton hit a Release German after dodging a Superkick. Shelton tried for his own F5 but Seth escaped and nailed The Stomp to take this one home.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 89 out of a possible 100

Finn Balor came out before Seth Rollins left the ring. The two shook hands and Finn headed to the ring. Finn was set to defend the Intercontinental title, next.

Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley
Intercontinental Title Match


Lashley came out without “Catfish” Lio Rush. The two men circled each other and Lashley tossed Balor down, hard. Corner Stomps by the former champion. Bobby then choked Finn on the middle rope. Cravat by Lashley. It was explained that Braun Strowman injured Lio Rush, last week. Bobby boxed the ribs of the IC champ. Balor came back with a hard Dropkick. Lashley took Finn tothe corner and blocked an Enziguri. Finn escaped the Stall Suplex and nailed Bobby. Dropkick, on the apron, and we are off to the land of movie trailers and food ads.

Lashley squeezed Finn and then hit a Flatliner. 1-2-kick out. Balor escaped a Powerbomb and threw Lashley out of the ring. Spinebreaker, on the apron, by Lashley.

Back in the ring, Lashley lifted Finn and punched the champion in the jaw. Arm Bar with a Crossface combo by Bobby. Bobby went back to the Powerbomb but Finn turned it into a Sunset Flip and Basement Dropkick. Flying Forearm by Balor. Knife Edge Chop by Balor. Bobby caught Finn on the Float Over but Balor escaped, again. Double Stompby Finn. Corner Shoulders by Lashley. Finn barely avoided the DOminator. Lashley threw FInn intothe top turnbuckle. Sling Blade by Finn. SHotgun Dropkick by Balor. Finn started up the ring when someone rang the bell. It was Lio Rush! What the heck?

Finn took out both Lashley and Rush. Springboard by Baloor was met with a Spear! Could be…might be…It Is!

Your Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Champion): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 85

Baron Corbin was interviewed. They showed Corbin’s cruel comments about Roman Reigns, several months ago. Baron owned what he said. Baron admitted he wanted Roman off Raw. Corbin felt Roman couldn’t possibly be at 100%. Corbin said he would “House Train the Big Dog”. Really?

Ronda Rousey has something to say…next.

Over the next two weeks, the most important women in my life will celebrate their birth. This Wednesday, my biggest fan (my Mom) reaches 72. Next Monday, my beloved Jean has her special day. (Won’t mention her age, but we are close to being born in the same year). Love you both.

Rona Rousey came out to the ring. She had some ‘splaining to do. Ronda attacked Becky Lynch so Becky would win, by Disqualification, at Fastlane. That makes the title match, at Mania, a Triple Threat Match.

Ronda drew Heat by insulting the crowd. She said she would humiliate both Becky and Charlotte at Mania. She dissed the WWE as being a Carny environment. Suddenly, she starts to sound like Brock Lesnar. Ronda said she would fight the two women in a Handicap Match. Dana Brooke came out and told Ronda to stop it. Dana felt she had nothing to lose and she would not allow the disrespect of the WWE or the Universe or the Women’s Locker Room. Dana got in the ring and complained about beig passed over for someone so ungrateful as Ronda. Dana wants a chance. Dana accept the unissued Open Challenge. Ronda attacked Dana and took the fight to the floor. Piper’s Pit, back in the ring. The refs came out to stop thisinsanity. She slapped a ref. FINE! SUSPENSION! Ronda stormed to the back like a spoiled brat.

We flashed back to the attack on Ric Flair, two weeks ago. Batista jumped Flair, in the dressing room. It was such a bogus attack.

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs The Glorious Ones (Roode and Gable)


Gable tossed Black around and tagged in to Roode. Black with a lot of Martial Arts movs until Roode hit the Double R Spinebuster. Bobby worked over Aleister’s arm. Tag to Gable. Double Team on Black. Modified Indian Death Lock by Gable. Tag back to Roode. Double Corner Stomps by the former champs.

Backbreaker by Roode for a two count. Inverted Bear Hug by Roode. Black punched free. Knee Strike by Bobby. Rodde charged and hithte corner. Tag to Ricochet. Neckbreaker on Gable. Rana to Roode. Tag to Gable. Double Team Blockbuster/German to Ricochet. Ricochet with a sicked Lariat. RIcochet escaped the Glorious DDT. Tag to Black. Knee Shot to Roode. Dropkick to Gable. Black Mass!

Your Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black
Raw Score: 84

The Revival (Dash and Dawson) attacked Ricochet and Black, on the ramp.

Kurt Angle will be out, shortly, to discuss his future.

Alexa Bliss will host her talk segment, after the break. So happy to see that Miz and MRS is back, starting April 2nd. It’s my true guilty pleasure show. Plus, Walking Dead is about to end the season. Smile.

They ran a touching video about how Roman Reigns and a few others visited a sweet nine-year old named Kelsey, who had sent a video to Roman to keep fighting.

A Moment of Bliss

Alexa explained this was a special episode of her show. She was about to reveal the host of this year’s Wrestlemania. She mentioned a few past hosts,. This year’s host will be…Alexa Bliss. Oh, seriously? Sigh. She was so honored to be chosen. Who chose her? She crowed about how great she is. What the heck ever.

We looked back at the guys from Saturday Night Live coming to Raw. Braun Strowman was asked about roughing up the guys, last week. Braun enjoyed jacking up the kid by the neck. Braun was told his car was there. Strowman had no clue about a car waiting for him. Hmmm….

There was a fancy car from the guy from Saturday Night Live. Braun told destroyed the car in a hissy fit. Jeez. Braun told the guy to give a piece of the car to the two clowns from SNL and said that he would see them at Mania. Yawn.

Elias was in the ring. Elias was in his hometown, this week. He began to play for the fans. Elias drew cheap heat by insulting the home town crowd. He’s been talking to Mick Foley, again. Elias was cut off by the arrival of No Way Jose! Love the new hair!Elias jumped Jose as he danced around the ring. He even jumped a few of the Conga Line Guys, including the Cheeseburger. Drift Away on the steel rampway. Elias demanded a microphone.

The newest inductees intothe Hall of Fame are…Harlem Heat! Glad to see Stevie Ray finally get some recognition. I have to admit I would prefer the Hart Foundation be there but Booker and Stevie started their career, right here in Dallas. I saw them, early on. Shouldn’t Sherri Martel go in as their manager?

Lacey Evans waltzed out from the back. Is she ever going to do anything beyond being a Walkway Fixture. Nia Jax and Tamina came out and blew her off.

Natalya vs Nia Jax


We saw how the Samoan Slaughterhouse attacked Beth Phoenix, at Fastlane. Natalya had a microphone in hand. Nattie said Ronda Rousey abandoned her. Nattie brought out Beth Phoenix to “have her back”.

Natalya tore into Jax but Nia ran over her. Tamina got involved. Beth got in the ring nad threw hard punches on Nia. RIng the bell. Beth also took out Tamina.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Nia Jax
Raw Score: 30

Sasha and Bayley jumped Nia and Tamina, right behind the curtain. Finlay and a few others held the tag champs back.

Batista showed up on the scene. He will appear, right after these words from the sponsors.

Hide the little ones….this is about to get nasty. HHH came out in his leathers, ready to kick behind. Triple H demanded that Batista get out to the ring. “THe Animal’s” music hit and Dave strolled from the back. He’s lost a ton of muscularity since going to Hollywood. Batista was joined by his personal security force. That seems like a cowardly move, to me. HHH invited Batista to quit acting like a Nose Ring Model. He poked fun at Batista for the squad. Batista said he was not stupid. He learned from HHH and Flair, two of the dirtiest guys in the business. Batista felt HHH underestimated him. HHH said he would not give Dave a damn thing because Batista was such a quitter. HHH made fun of the security squad “Guardians of the Independent Scene”. Batista screamed things were not going to be done HHH’s way. Batista whined about being mistreated, for years. HHH told Batista to be a man and face him, in the ring. Batista kept mocking HHH. Batista demanded to face HHH at Wrestlemania. HHH accepted the challelnge for a major fight at Mania. Sweet! I hope HHH shuts Batista’s mouth, for good. Batista said he was going to end HHH’s career, on his terms. HHH warned “Hollywood” to dig deep to find the real Animal. HHH said the match would be a No Holds Barred Match! Batista threw down the microphone and stormed off. I’m predicting HHH embarrasses Batista on the Grandest Stage of them All!

Kurt Angle came out. He mentioned he would be wrestling his Farewell Match at Wrestlemania. He thanked the crowd and said he wanted to fight in his home town before going to Wrestlemania.

Kurt Angle vs Apollo Crews


Collar and Elbow. Shoulder Tackle by Apollo. Hip Toss and Arm Drag by Kurt. Apollo took Kurt tothe corner and punched away. Belly to Belly Throw by Kurt. Dropkick by Crews. 1 count only. Suplex by Crews to get a deuce. Rear Chin Lock by Crews.

They traded punches and Kuft hit the Hat Trick Germans. 1-2-kick out again. Kurt stalked his foe. Arm Drag and Step Up Enziguri by Crews. Standing Moonsault to get a near fall. Crews went up top and tried for a Frog Splash. He missed and Kurt aniled the AngleSlam!

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Raw Score: 88

Kurt showed respect to his opponent and friend.

Wrestlemania Week-end is going to be amazing. My sweeite has her Spring Concert on Saturday. Hall of Fame, NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania all in the same week-end. Sweet!

Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin


Drew McIntyre jumped Roman, instead of Baron Corbin. Drew therw Roman into the ring post. Roman started to fight back, on the floor. Claymore Kick! Roman was seriously stunned.

Drew hit a 2nd Claymore, which sent Roman’s head into the ring post. Ouch! Medics choked on Roman. Reigns refused to give up. Looked like a possible concussion. Seth Rolllins rushed down to check on his best friend. Roman was having issues with his balance as Seth walked him up the ramp.

Your Winner: No Match
Raw Score: N/A

The Shield members walked, backstage. Dean was especially livid at the cowardly attack. Dean let Seth and Roman enter the training room and then went to HHH. Dean demanded to fight Drew in a NO-DQ, No Count-Out, Falls Count Anywhere Match. HHH thought it was a great idea.

Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre
No Holds Barred Match


Drew came out to mock Dean. It set Dean off. Dean threw wild punches and knees. Suplex, on the stage, by Dean. Ax Bomber to the stadium floor by Ambrose. Drew kicked away but Dean slammed Drew’s face into the barricade. Dean punched away but Drew went to the eyes. They fought up into the crowd. Knife Edge Chop-a-thon by both men. Drew bounced Dean’s face off the guardrail. Drew slung Dean into the retaining wall. They battled into the Press Box. Dean bit Drew’s fingers and hit another Ax Bomber. Break time.

Dean and Drew fought back down the stairs. During the break, they fought in the concession stands. Dean had a second to grab some popcorn. They dismantled the entire t-shirt display area. Belly to DBelly Throw by Drew. Drew took apart the ring steps and popped Dean in the face. 2 count. Drew lifted the ring steps again and bashed Dean between the eyes. Uno…Dos…Nada.

Dead Lift Suplex by Drew to gain another Near Fall. Drew took Dean back out into the crowd. Drew screamed he would take out the Shield, one by one. Low Blow by Dean. Dean slid into Drew and pounded away. Drew bashed Dean with a steel chair.Drew dropped Dean off the Penalty Box.

Dean slammed Drew’s face into an equipment case and rolled him into another one. 2 count. This is likely the best match in Dean’s career. They came up by the announcers. Roll Up for a two. Dean dismantled the announce table. Dean with a Side Russian Leg Sweep to put Drew on the table. Dean pounded away. Low Blow by Drew. Drew stabbed Dean with a pencil. Holy Abdullah the Butcher. Drew slammed Dean intothe LED boards. Lawn Dart into the board for a near fall. Dean would not give up. Dean slapped Drew in the face. Drew slapped back. Drew trapped Dean in the railing. Claymore! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 94

Dean refused to stay down and he took another Claymore Kick tothe face. Fade out.

If anyone happens to find themselves in Waxahachie, Texas on Wednesday evening, I’ll be doing a personal appearance at the local movie theater. Ok, I’m taking my Mom and Jean to see the 80th Anniversary showing of the Wizard Of Oz. Stop by and say hi.

Chris and Dick: Rest in Peace
Mom: Happiest of Birthdays
Jean: I love you


–Jay Shannon

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