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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla with the final stop on the road to WrestleMania. FastLane comes Fast and Furious Sunday evening March 10th, 2019 only on the WWE Network.

The Shield vs Drew, Bobby and Baron – Its good to see the band back together one final time but I do not see this ending very well. Roman does not have an opponent for Mania yet, but after this match he will. I clearly see Dean turning on Roman at some point either during or after the match and that will set up Roman vs Ambrose at Mania. My prediction Lashley, Baron and Drew will get there hands raised. I could also see Brock coming out and giving Seth a couple of F 5′s as well leaving Dean an open chance to turn on Roman.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship — The USO’s vs Shane and Miz. Another likely scenario where a WrestleMania Match maybe in the works. Everyone is waiting for Shane to turn on Miz here and go heel which will set up a match between the two at Mania. I see the opposite, I believe Shane and Miz get there titles back and move onto WrestleMania as Champions and let the story play out a little longer. Prediction. Shane/Miz recapture the titles.

Women’s Tag Team Championship — Boss N Hug Connection vs Nia/Taminia. After Monday night huge pin fall recorded by Taminia over Sasha everyone thinks the titles changes hands. Not so fast. The Boss N Hug Connection are not losing tonight and maybe not for awhile. I expect we will see and exciting match with Bayley hitting the finisher and helping her team retain the titles and move to WrestleMania. Prediction — Champs retain in one of the better matches on the show.

Smackdown Women’s Championship — Asuka vs Mandy Rose — i read online Asuka suffered a legit injury recently at a house show — so this will be interesting to see how she is coming into this match. Unfortunately, with Becky/Charlotte/Rhonda feud going on allot of people seem to forget there is another Women’s Champion in the company. Asuka has been some what low key compared to what has been going on. I think this will be a good match with some decent spots but not expecting Mandy to walk out champion. I think she will hold her own here but not enough to take the title, especially with Mania coming up. Prediction Asuka retains via pinfall

WWE World Championship — Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens — i honestly do not believe the fans are going to buy into Kevin Owens as face, as he is naturally a heel. Bryan has turned to the dark side and doing very well at that as well. I do not see the energy coming from the crowd here, although it will be interesting to see how long these two will go at it. I believe Rowan will interfere in the match at some point and Daniel will retain via DQ. As Kevin Owens, is getting beat down I can see Sami making his return to help his former tag team partner. Prediction – Daniel retains via DQ.

Raw Women’s Match – Charlotte vs Becky — If Becky wins she goes to Mania in a triple threat match for the title against Rhonda. This should be the last match on the card hands down. No way, this can not end the show. This will be a teaser and sign of things to come for WrestleMania. Becky is going to beat Charlotte via submission. I do not see Rhonda interfering before the match is over. Becky gets the win and we finally have our triple threat Main Event for Mania. After the Match, I can see Rhonda, coming in and delivering a beat down to both women and the show ends with her holding the Women’s title in the air. Rhonda has turned heel now and the fans are letting her know how they feel about her. It will be a great way to end the show with just enough anticipation for Mania.

Overall, the show will be decent for a final tune up before the big one commences. The women are being showcased here which is a sign in the right direction going forward for the division. The most likely scenario in my eyes is Dean turns on Roman to set up a Mania match between the two. Other than that, we will see some good solid performances but this is about Charlotte and Becky and we all know the crowd is going to go into a frenzy when Becky defeats Charlotte.

Also, Alexa “The Goddess” Bliss has not been wrestling for a bit. There has not been a story for her as of yet but here is one. How about Ember Moon and Alexa team up to face the Boss n Hug Connection at Mania? i think it be a great match. On Raw, Ember Moon comes out to join a Moment of Bliss and then the Champs coming out and offer the challenge. This will give Alexa a few more weeks to be ready and it will be Main Event caliber. One question looms — We need a name for Bliss and Ember ? Any suggestions?

I want to take a moment and congratulate our own Bill Apter — He is going to be inducted into the New England Hall of Fame. Congratulations my friend — If only the WWE would give Bill his due — he deserves it everyone.

We lost Luke Perry and King Kong Bundy in the past week. A major part of my childhood has indeed died. King Kong Bundy was a notorious heel. In case you do not know, the 5 count gimmick that Bundy used as part of his persona was created by our own Jim Ross. Good ole JR, many moons ago recommended Bundy use the 5 count. Bundy held the record for fastest win at Mania 9 seconds over S D Jones in WM1. I also wanted to acknowledge the inspiration for the Married with Children sitcom, the Bundy’s last name was inspired by King Kong Bundy who appeared in 2 episodes. Also, Steve and Marcy’s characters the Rhodes in honor of Dusty.

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