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The Raw Score

A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution”–Albert Einstein

I want to start this week by saying good-bye to a true legend that has been very over-looked in recent years. The great Pedro Morales left us, last week. He was the first Puerto Rican to hold the World title and the first performer to hold the World, Intercontinental and tag titles. He was a trailblazer who opened so many doors for future generations. Gone but never forgotten…

We opened with a graphic about Pedro.

Triple H was on his way to the ring as we went live. He wanted to know if people could feel it in the air. It was Wrestlemania season. HHH praised Sasha and Bayley for winning the first WWE (not to be confused with the old WWF) Women’s tag title holders. Plus, Finn Balor got the Intercontinental title. Kofi Kingston stole the show, no doubt. HHH then brought up Becky Lynch’s actions, this past week-end. HHH warned that Becky was risking aresst and prosecution. HHH did think what she did was “pretty damn cool”. HHH was finally going to announce the first inductees into the Hall of Fame…D-Generation X! Chyna was even included. Chyna joins Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and X-Pac. Cool.  Triple had a few NXT call-ups to share. Ricochet was first! Hot Damn! The former Prince Puma of Lucha Underground has made it! Got my special “Got Ricochet” hat on (Thanks, Joe). He was joined by Aleister Black! In addition, we got Johnny Gargano. Add to that group…Tommaso Ciampa. About darn time for him to get the spotlight! Triple kicked off the action with a Tables Match…

Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman
Tables Match


Corbin was in no hurry to get in the ring. He taunted the crowd as he circled the ring. Corbin picked up the ring steps and we went to our first break.

The bell rang and the men stared at each other. Baron cracked Braun in the ribs.  Braun pushed Corbin over the ropes and then threw him into the barricade. Strowman went for a table but didn’t get to use it. Corbin sent Braun into the barricade to further hurt the ribs.  Uppercut by Strowman. Baron kept working the ribs. Braun reversed a Whip and Corbin crashed into the barricade. Hard fists to Baron’s jaw. Braun went back for the table. Strowman kept clutching his ribs.  Corbin  kicked at the ribs, over and over. Strowman was heavily taped. Corbin pushed the table out of the ring. They went back to the floor. Baron was laser focused on the taped-up mid-section. Corbin screamed at the crowd. He boxed Braun’s ribs. Braun blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own. Both men were down.

They got up and fought up the ramp. Braun threw Baron into the video wall. Strowman cleared off the announce desk. Strowman picked up Corbin and headed towards the table.  Corbin slid free and pushed Strowman into the desk. Braun fell off the stage as we headed to break.

Corbin missed a Corner Splash. Strowman hit the ring post. They were both almost sent through a table in the corner. Outside In Clothesline by Corbin.  He mounted Strowman and slugged away. Out to the floor, again, and Corbin worked the ribs. He found a Kendo Stick. I’ve felt one of them (Thanks, Pork Chop) and it hurts like all Hell. Corbin bounced Braun’s face off the ring steps. Strowman popped Baron in the face with the ring steps, as Baron flew off the aoron. Braun seriously brutalized  Corbin with the ring steps.  Back in the ring, Braun Strowman drove Baron Corbin through the table with a Spear!

Your Winner: Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 84 out of a possible 100

Paul Heyman came out and stared at Strowman. He didn’t want a problem but he got one. Braun grabbed Paul by the neck. Heyman begged to be let go. Braun just pushed Heyman away, in disgust. Paul shook his head and headed to center ramp. He had a hard time doing his speech. They sent it to break.

Paul was in the ring. He wasn’t surprised by Braun’s action. It just showed that Strowman was jealous of Brock Lesnar. Paul created a video package about his client. Paul culdn’t believe fans were still upset about Lesnar beating Undertaker and ending the legendary Streak.

Paul was cut off by the arrival of the new Intercontinental Champ, Finn Balor. We headed to break before the confrontation.

We got stills of how Finn won the IC title. Finn said it felt good to hold the gold. Finn was proud to continue the legacy of the title. He was cut off by Lio Rush. Lio didn’t feel that Balor deserved to be champion. That honor belonged, according to Rush, to Lashley. Bobby Lashley Pearl Harbored the new champ. Lio joined into the beatdown.  Scoop Slam of Balor by Lashley. Lio went up top and nailed the Frog Splash. They were halted by the great Richochet. He flew all over the place, taking out both men! Yeah!

Ricochet and Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush


Shoving contest by Richochet and Lio. Side Headlock by Ricochet. Push Off by Lio. Aborted Universal and Lio went for a Rana. Ricochet landed on his feet. Lio ducked and dodged punches. Head Scissors and Dropkick by the newcomer. Lio cringed in his corner. Lashley took the tag.

Side Headlock but Bobby just threw Ricochet off. Arm Wringer by Lashley. He cranked on the tattooed arm of Ricochet. Ricochet flipped around to get free. Lashley reversed a Whip. Enziguri into a Rolling Dropkick. Lashley went to the floor. Ricochet did a cool Springboard Bakflip to inpress everyone. Lio wanted the tag adn got it.

Lio asked to fight Finn. He got his wish. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Lio scooted out of the way to avoid a punch to the face. Lio tagged back out.  Bobby with a vicious kick to Finn’s ribs. He then threw him into the corner and nailed a Snap Suplex. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by the former champion.

Finn got to his feet but got dropped, quickly, with a Flatliner. Lio tagged back in and choked Finn on the bottom rope. Sunset Flip into a Basement Dropkick by Finn. Finn kept Lio from reaching his corner. He threw Lio into the corner and stomped away.  Lshley as getting very upset at his partner. Hard Whip and Knife Edge Chop by Finn. He then sent Lio across to do it again…and again. Sling Blade by Finn.  Shotgun Dropkick! Bobby distracted Finn. Chop Block to Finn’s knee by Lio. Lashley threw Finn into the barricade and yelled at Ricochet.

Back in the ring, Lashley dropped all his weight onto Finn’s back. Rear Chin Lock by Lashley. Balor with a Sunset Flip but he couldn’t take Lshley over. Scoop Slam by Bobby for a two. ANother break.

Keylock by Lashley into a Shinu Numaki. Ricochet was chomping at the bit to get in the ring. Finn powered up to his feet. Finn with double boots. Bobby prevented the tag and drove Finn into the corner. Tag to Lio. Front Face Lock and slap by Lio. He talked trash and kept slapping Balor. Dragon Cutter by Balor. Hot Tag to Ricochet blocked. Lio Gator Rolled Finn into enemy territory. Bobby tagged back in and set for a Powerbomb. Finn got free and hit a Double Stomp off a Double Heel Trip. Hot Tag!

Ricochet went to town on Lio. Neckbreaker.Springboard Dropkick. Ricochet with a Corkswcrew Plancha (David, that is what that move is called). Springboard Back Elbow by Ricochet. 630!

Your Winners: Ricochet and Finn Balor
Raw Score: 93

Drew McIntyre confronted Triple H. Drew asked to fight Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose stood and looked at the big Scottish wrestler. Dean said he had nothing to do and proceeded to slap the taste out of Drew’s mouth. Drew said he would rather destroy Dean, this week.

We flashed back to Vince McMahon pulling Becky Lynch out of the Wrestlemania match and putting in Charlotte Flair. So wrong. I still expect another (yawn) Triple Threat. Becky is under a sixty day suspension. We saw how Becky assaulted Flair, twice, over the week-end.

The Lucha House Party were out for the next match.

Lucha House Party vs Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins


Gran Metallik and Lince Dorado were the duo for the masked group. Zack ran Gran into the corner. Dropkick to Lince, off the apron. Lince with a Rana, on the loor. 2 count, back in the ring. Lince clutched the jaw of Long Island Iced Z. Double Team by the Luchas.  2 count. Double Suplex converted into a Double Neckbreaker by Zack. Tag to Curt.  He threw wild fists. Flying Forearm and Dropkicks by Hawkins. Rolling Backslide for a two. Roll Up by Curt for a two. Powerslam by Gran made the save. Enziguri by Curt. Head Scissors and the losing streak continues.

Your Winners: The Lucha House Party
Raw Score: 70

Heavy Machinery were interviewed. I like these guys. They remind me of Ole and Lars Anderson (Yes, I am THAT old). They were cut off by the arrival of Lacey Evans. Otis and Tucker were very impressed. Not bad for a somewhat skinny blonde. Otis and Tucker strutted to the ring. They did their Bushwackers impression. Off to commercials.

Tucker and Otis talked about steaks. Tonight, I had BBQ Chicken Fajitas, using Jim Ross’ Sauce. That stuff is amazing.My niece likes the really spicy stuff , while I prefer the sweet and spicy.

DIY chatted, backstage. They were confronted by The Glorious Ones. Chad said Ciampa and Gargano were great, even though they lost to him in NXT. Gable didn’t know why DIY was getting this shot. Gargano said they were here to take over. Dash and Dawson came in and mocked their challengers. Dawson declined the offer of Good Luck, as they didn’t need luck.

The Revival vs DIY
Non-Title Match


Johnny opened up with Dash. Arm Bar by Wilder. Gargano rolled into a Front Face Lock. Tag to Tommaso. Vicious Face Lock and tag to Johnny. Scott Dawson made himself legal. Brutal fists and chops to Gargano. Johnny turned things around but Dawson wouldn’t let him keep the advantage long. Shoulder Tackle by Dawson. Rana by Gargano. Dawson hit hte floor. Suicide Dive. The fight went wildon the floor. Break time.

Rear Chinl Lock on Johnny but he got free, quickly. Tag to Dawson. Johnny escaped the double team and planted Dash with a Tornado DDT. Tag to Ciampa.  Hard Kicks and German Suplexes by Ciampa. He completed the Hat Trick. Flying Knee Strike to get a near fall. Tag out to Wilder. Double Team German to Ciampa to almost take the win. Tag to Dawson. Ciampa threw wild Forearms and Slaps. Tag to Wilder. Shatter Machine blocked and Ciampa almost got he win. Hip Toss into the corner. Tag to Johnny. Springboard DDT for a deuce. Dawson pulled Ciampa off the apron. Roll Through Kick.  Johnny almost pinned Dawson. Spear but it was blocked. Doomsday Device by the tag Champs. 1-2-Save by Ciampa. It got all chaotic and Johnny looked exhausted. Enziguri by Johnny. Johnny may have lost a tooth. Spear Through by Gargano. Tag to Ciampa. Super Kick and Knee by DIY!

Your Winners: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano
Raw Score: 93

Finn and Ricochet were interviewed, backstage. Finn was gracious to his tag partner and stepped out to give Ricochet his time to shine. Ricochet said this was just the beginning for the “One and Only”.

Ronda Rousey warmed up, backstage. So did Ruby Riott.

Kevin Owens presented another video package about his pending comeback.

Sasha Banks and Bayley came out with their newly-won tag team championships. I will always have a soft spot for Bayley. I met her, nine years ago, in her home town. She was just getting started. She then came to Reno and I got to ring announce for her. I’ve followed her career with a certain pride as I will always consider her one of my “Students” at the PWD Compound. I didn’t do much but she’s still one of “my kids”. Smile. Yes, Sunny, Bayley has stars painted around her eye. I don’t  think it’s a tattoo. Sasha talked about working together, over the years, to becoming the best. Sasha said they both had the same dream. Bayley admitted being at war with each other brought them closer. Bayley and Sasha felt they would hold the titles for a long time. They issued an open challenge to any female team to face them. The women said the Boss and Hug connection had the strongest bond of any team.

Nia Jax and Tamina (The Samoan Slaughterhouse) came out to confront the new tag champions. Nia mocked the girls. Nia tried to drive a wedge between the two friends. Nia brought up how Sasha always loses. Nia nad Tamina rushed the ring but got Dropkicked. BankStatement by Sasha but Tamina yanked Nia out of the ring. The Islanders headed to the back.

We got a look at D-X, the first inductees into this year’s Hall of Fame. I am proud they included Chyna. She shold go in by herself, to be honest. They ran a highlight video.

I’m betting the rest of the Class will include: Hart Foundation, Big Show, Kane, JBL, Molly Holly, Aretha Franklin (Celebrity), and maybe King Kong Bundy.

Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre
Special Challenge Match


Dean tore into Drew at the bell. Glasgow Kiss by Drew. He mounted Dean and punched away. Knife Edge by Drew that took Dean to his knees. Drew talked trash, big time. Dean came back with shots. Back Eblow by Dean and Low Bridge sent Drew tothe outside. Suicide Dive to Drew. Flying Neckbreaker by Ambrose. Claymore Kick! Drew wouldn’t take the pin. He waited for Dean to get up. Claymore!

Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 60

We got a look at part two of Lesnar’s career, hosted by Paul Heyman.

Seth was asked if he wished he hadn’t chosen to face Lesnar. Seth explained he had an acceptance of his fate, not a death wish. Seth promised it would be all over for Lesnar, at Mania. He knew he would have the Universal title. Dean Ambrose came up to talk with his buddy. Dean wondered where Seth was during the last match. Seth knew Dean must have lost his mind. Dean just blew it off. Funny.

Elias was up next.

Elias didn’t want to perform, tonight, because of how he has been mistreated. He called himself a “musical genius”. He went off on the invasion of NXTers. He did decide to sing a song, for himself. He was immediately cut off by the debut of…Aleister Black! Cool as Hell entrance as Black rose from a coffin-like set-up. He was surrounded by candles and such. Elias look like he was scared to death. Black flipped into the ring and went into the Lotus Position.

Aleister Black vs Elias


Black cut a quick promo. Collar and Elbow. Knee Strike and Chop by Elias. Black tossed Elias to the floor. He went back into the Lotus Poition and we went to break.

Elias had Black trapped in the ropes.  Elias kicked and clubbed away. The two traded Forearm Shots. Running Elbow by Elias for a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Elias. Black flipped Elias over but The Drifter just took it back.

Man, Black is seriously covered in ink. Black threw straight punches. Leg Sweep by Black and a Slider Knee. Springboarg Moonsault DDT by Black. Back Fist by Black. Jumping KNee as Black came off the ropes. 1-2-no. Black Mass!

Your Winner: Aleister Black
Raw Score: 78

I believe that makes it a Clean Sweep for the NXT crew.

Next week, it will be Ric Flair’s 70th Birthday Party,

Ruby Riott vs Ronda Rousey
Raw Women’s T itle Match


Quick Arm Drags by Ronda. Ronda with hard fists and Ruby bailed out of the ring. Liv and Sarah were out to support their leader.

Back in the ring, Ruby tried for a Rear Chn Lock. She dropped Ronda, hard. Ruby stretched Ronda after the STO.  Ruby kicked the ribs. Knuckle Lock and Monkey Flip by Ruby. Riott had to fight out of a Triangle Choke. FInal break.

Ruby had a Side Headlock with an Arm Bar. Forearms by Ruby but Ronda threw Ruby outside and then back in. Ruby took down Ronda with a Spear for a near fall. Arm Drag by Ronda. Kick and Punch by Ronda. Ruby swerved to miss the punch but still fell. Jumping Elbow by Ronda. Ruby rammed Ronda into the corner. Swanton by Ruby. Could be…MIght Be….Denied! Ruby wanted the Riott Kick but didn’t get it. Ruby escaped the Piper’s Pit and hit the Riott Kick. 1-2-Kick Out.

Ruby talked trash. Gut Wrench Powerbomb by Rousey. Ronda dragged Ruby over and went up top. Morgan and Logan provided distracttions. Riott Kick. 2 count. Ruby was shaking with emotion. Ruby rolled Ronda into position and went ot the Penthouse.  Swanton missed and the girls had to drag Ruby out of the ring to avoid the Arm Breaker.  Ronda took out Morgan and Logan. Cross Arm Breaker!

Your Winner (by Submission): Ronda Rousey
Raw Score: 75

Morgan and Logan attacked Ronda. SHe took them both out, easily.

Scooter: Happy Birthday
Dawn: Feel better soon
Cheryl: Challenge Accepted
Jean: I Love You


–Jay Shannon

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