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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“I got a10beautiful feeling…everything’s going my way”–”Oklahoma!”

I spent Sunday afternoon cuddling with my beloved Jeannie and watching the Flashback Cinema presentation of “Oklahoma!”. I’ve been humming the song (Oh What a Beautiful Morning) all day, so figured I’d use it as my philosophical opener. There are quite a few wrestlers who might be thinking that, as it relates to their careers.

Tonight, we get the final Raw team for the women’s tag team title Elimination Chamber match.

Stephanie McMahon was in the ring. She was cut off by Becky Lynch. We were in the hometowm of the late Roddy Piper, Portland, Oregon. He lived there for years with his family.

Becky got a fantastic reaction from the crowd. Stephanie seemed a bit surprised to see “The Man” in front of  her.  Lynch jumped the gun as far as coming out. I really wish she would lose that “The Man” nickname. She’s beautiful and no one in their right mind would EVER consider her a male. Smile. We saw the confrontation betweeen ROnda Rousey and Becky Lynch, last week. Ronda was so angry but Becky just grinned at her. Becky was confident that she will go to Wrestlemania and take the title from Ronda. Stephanie noticed that Becky had a braced leg and was limping. Stephanie showed stills from Royal Rumble where Becky injured her leg. Stephanie explained that Becky refused to get medical attention. Stephanie knew how tough Becky is but she ordered Becky to get evaluated or she would not be allowed to compete. Becky stood her ground against the Billion Dollar Princess. Becky told Stephanie that McMahon never had to struggle for anything in her life. Becky said no one would stop her. Stephanie said she would not risk the liability of letting Becky wrestle. Stephanie ordered Becky to go get cleared by the doctors. Becky was not going to allow Stephanie to take away her shot. Stephanie warned that Becky would be suspended until she was cleared. Becky was ready to kick Stephanie’s behind. Stephanie suspended Becky and Lynch went wild and attacked Stephanie. “Let them fight!”. Becky seemed to reinjure her leg during the skirmish with Stephanie. That one will cost her.

Becky was escorted out of the arena. She ran into Ronda Rousey on her way out. Ronda said she would remain a professional, no matter what. She was ticked off at Becky’s unprofessionalism. She read her the riot act and then headed to the ring.

Speaking of the Riott Act…

Ronda Rousey vs Liv Morgan
Non-Title Match


Liv ran from Ronda, at the bell. It irritated the champ, which is not the best idea. Liv rolled under Ronda and mocked her. Ronda tossed Liv down and Morgan hit the floor. Matrix by Liv but Ronda cracked her in the ribs. Arm Bar Submission. Done deal.

Your Winner (by Submission): Ronda Rousey
Raw Score: 50 (way too quick) out of a possible 100

Ronda got on the stick and called out Logan.

Sarah Logan vs Ronda Rousey
Non-Title Match


Ronda tried for the Arm Bar b ut Logan reached the ropes. Break time.

Logan ran Ronda into the corner. Ronda fought back with punches and knees. Arm Drags by Ronda. She punished Logan and slapped on the Arm Bar.

Your Winner (by Submission): Ronda Rousey
Raw Score: 50

Ruby Riott thought about getting in the ring but backed down.

The Riott Squad was interviewed. Ruby said she did not run away from Ronda. Ruby said her girls were hurt and needed her. Ruby said she would go after Ronda and the title, another time.

Seeing all these lovely ladies, I want to be sure to send out birthday wishes to two of the most important ladies in my life. My “little sister”, Sunny, has her birthday on the 8th. Today, my old friend, Cyndi, is celebrating her birthday. Much love to both of you.

Sasha and Bayley were asked about their recent failures. Sasha started to lose it but Bayley calmed her down. Bayley was confident that they will beat Alicia Fox and Nikki Cross. Those two came up and taunted the Boss and Hug Conneciton.

Heavy Machilnery vs Lucha House Party vs B Team vs The Revival


Gran Metallik and Lince Dorado kept Curtis Axel off his game. Tag to Dash Wilder. The Glorious Ones watched form the back. Tag by Tucker Knight. He threw WIlder around and almost pinned him. I noticed that the announcers are no longer mentioning Lars Sullivan. Tag to Otis. Double Team on WIlder. 2 count. Spinning Scoop Slam by Otis. Tag to Tucker. Double team on WIlder. It broke down into complete chaos. The B Team were both dumped to the outside. The Luchas did Moonsaults onto the floor. Bushwacker imitation.  Scott Dawson was thrown over the top. Commercials.

Dawson worked over Metallik and got a near fall. Double team by The Revival. Wilder took the tag. Tag back to Dawson. Double Gutbuster to Gran. Rear Chin Lock by Dawson. Tag to Lince. Crossbody off the ropes. Lince used a Dropkick to move into a Moonsault. Nice. 2 count. Double Stunner by Lince. Otis tagged into the match. B Team with a Double Team on Lince. Splash onto Bo Dallas by Otis. Caterpiller! I love that. 1-2-broken up by Axel. Axel was taken out.  Slam by Otis. Otis clocked Wilder.  Dawson tagged in and was almost pinned. Shatter Machine to Bo Dallas!

Your Winners: The Revival
Raw Score: 80

Curt Hawkins told Zack Ryder that Hawkins was toxic. He has lost every match for the last two years. Zack was ticked off that his name wrong, last week. Zack knew they were losers but that was going to change. Zack was confident they would get back on track.

Kurt Angle met several stars, backstage. He had a major announcement to make.

Speaking of announcements, I got a heads up from a good friend, in the business, that the first inductee to the Hall of Fame was ready to be announced. If they do, I will be thrilled to no end.

Kurt came out to a massive pop. Kurt thanked the crowd for their love and respect. He brought up the 3 “I’s”. Angle ran down some of his accomplishments, over the past 20 years. Several stars watched from the back. Kurt talked about his recent losses and the depression it caused. Kurt knew he could not defeat one opponent…Father Time. Kurt sounded ready to retire but he was cut off by the arrival of Baron Corbin.

Baron mocked Angle for being long-winded. Corbin told Kurt that Angle did this to himself. Baron called Kurt “a broken down shadow of a man”. Kurt invited Corbin to come in and get his ankle broken. Before Baron could accept, Drew McIntyre came out to join the party.

Drew said Kurt just can’t accept the truth. Drew said Klurt was no longer a warrior…just a man filled with fear. Drew said it was time to do something drastic to Kurt. The duo were ready to destroy Kurt. They circled the ring. Braun Strowman then came out to provide back up. Braun and Drew slugged it out. Kurt took the fight to Corbin and nailed a La Bandera Clothesline. Braun threw a chair at Corbin. Drew and Baron high-tailed it out of there.

Raw did a quick tribute to Martin Luther King,Jr. to kick off Awareness Month for African Americans.

Drew amd Baron will fight Kurt and Braun, later tonight.

We saw how Seth Rollins won the Royal Rumble. According to several sources, Seth is dealing with a nasty injury that COULD derail his Wrestlemania plans.  Brock Lesnar decimated Seth, last week.  Brock hit an impressive 6 F5s. The match betwen Seth and Brock is still on, at least for now.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox
Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match


Cross and Fox jumped Banks and Bayley, before the match. Officials ran out to try and get the action into the ring. No such luck. Bamks and Bayley were out. Fox and Cross sauntered to the ring as we went to break.

The match was on as Bayley ran over Nikki. Snap Mare and Slider Clothesline by Bayley. 2 count. Sasha Banks was in bad shape. Scoop Slam by Bayley. Nikki with a Sleeper. Tag to Fox. Bayley flipped both women off her and hit a Crossbody to drop them both. Whip by Fox. Hot Shot by Bayley. 2 count. Belly to Belly by Bayley but Nikki made the save. She got a Saito Suplex for her trouble. Stunner to Fox.  Bayley clocked Nikki and got in the ring. Scissors Kick by Fox to pull a deuce. Rear Chin Lock by Fox.

Tag to Nikki. She stomped away and then tagged back out to Fox. Nikki came back in and applied an Arm Bar with a Crossface. Kicks by Nikki. Sullivan Tree of Woe by the heels. Bayley popped Fox and tried to reach her corner. Splash by Cross. 2 count. Bayley was pushed out of the ring.

Cross hit a Crossbody off the apron onto Bayley. Nikki charged but Sasha pulled Bayleyout of he way and Nikki hit the ring post. Fox stopped a tag but Bayley rolled her up to advance to the Elimination Chamber.

Your Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 75

We looked back at Jeff Jarrett and B.G. James coming out, last week. Road Dogg and Jarrett got laid out by Elias. Elias and Double J are about to go.

Apollo Crews was interviewed. Crews was glad that Kurt wanted to perform. Crews said Kurt had a few bad matches but he was still Kurt Angle. Drake Maverick came up and got mouthy. Crews went off on Drake, which almost cost him a fight with Razar.

Road Dogg came out to do his typical intro. I have been in the house when he did that and all 400 of us sang along. Dogg mentioned getting older but it wasn’t about him. He then introduced Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett vs Elias


Jeff did the Strut. Double J got on the stick and did his intro. Dogg called for their music to finish their song. I loved this. Jeannie saw it and said “Babe, you sing it better”. And people wonder why I am so in love with her. Grin. Elias cut them off and drew serious heat as a buzzkill.

Elias got a shot in on Adam Levine. I was watching Half Time Heat, so I have no clue what he did. Elias demanded a standing ovation from the crowd. Elias said the nostalgia bit wasn’t going to last long. Jarrett called him down. “Hey Chico, don’t sing it…bring it”. Road Dogg had two words for Elias.

The fight started on the floor and quickly went inside. Hockey Fight. Elias bailed out nad nearly got taken out by Dogg. Break time.

The two were fighting on the floor. Elias was in control.  Elias stomped and chopped Double J.  Jeff fought back with a nice Hip Toss and Clothesline. Jumping Knee Strike by Elias. Elias strutted to mock Jeff and did the Crotch Chop as a slap at Dogg. Elbow by Elias to pull a two. Michael Cole did a brief history lesson about Jeff’s career. High Angle SUplex by Elias to get another near fall. Jeff punched the ribs of his foe. Jeff crashed into the corner and Elias took over with kicks and a Jumping Elbow Drop. Rear Chin Lock by the Drifter.

Sleeper by Elias but Jeff hit a Jawbreaker. Dogg was taken out.  Jeff punched away on Elias. Hard Clothesline by Double J. Skidmark and Strut by Double J.  Enziguri by Jeff. Elias popped Dogg. Drfit Away.

Your Winner: Elias
Raw Score: 68

Road Dogg tore into Elias, after the match. Hell, yeah! Jeff had the guitarJeff swung for the fences and sent Elias out to the floor with a guitar shot that would make the Honky Tonk Man proud. When is Honky going into the Hall of Fame? I’m just asking…

Finn Balor went towards the ring. He was banged up but he had a non-title shot at Lashley,next.

In three weeks, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ric Flair. Mom just smiled at hearing that he is only a couple years younger than her.

Finn Balor was interviewed, backstage. Charlie noticed that Balor was injured. Finn said he was stubborn. He admitted that he was hurt but he refused to stay down. Finn has his sights set on the Intercontinental Title.

Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley
Non-Title Match


We saw how Lashley beat down Finn, last week. Lio Rush was at Lashley’s side. “Catfish” had a microphone and praised his man. Lio taunted Balor for being all taped up. Lio said Bobby could curl dumbbells heavier than Finn. Lashley got on the stick and said Finn couldn’t beat Brock and he (Bobby) is better than Lesnar. I’d like to see Brock vs Lashley. Bobby said Lio would fight Finn, instead of him.

Lio Rush vs Finn Balor


Lashley kicked Finn and threw Shoulders in the corner. Bobby cracked the injured ribs, several times. The ref checked to see if Finn could go. He said yes. Running Knee by Lio. Finn threw Rush into the corner but Lio kicked the ribs. Lio pounded away on Finn.  Lio kicked at the ribs, again. Balor pushed down Rush and stomped away. Lio fell out of the ring. Basement Dropkick, through the ropes, to Lio. Lashley tripped Finn and pounded away. The ref ejected Lashley from ringside.

Lio nailed a Suicide Dive to take us to break.

Lio had Finn in an Abdomincal Stretch. Corner Shoulder by Lio. Finn brought up a knee to stun Rush. Jumping Enziguri by Finn. Balor climbed up top but got caught. Lio popped Finn and then climbed the ropes. Rana off the top to get a near fall. Lio applied a modified Abdominal Stretch but Finn turned it around to apply one of his own. Double Stomp and Sling Balde by the Irish Warrior. Lio rolled up Finn when an Inverted Suplex failed. Rush came off the ropes to nail Finn. Rush tried for a Frog Splash but missed. Shotgun Dropkick and Coup d’Grace!

Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 84

Bobby Lashley rushed back out but Finn was already out of the ring.

Paige came out from the back. She asked if she had been missed. She pushed the movie about her life. She showed a trailer for the film, Fighting with my Family. I will definitely see that one. Jeannie wants to see it to get an inside look at the sport that her man has adored for 50 years.

A Moment of Bliss

That girl is just way too cute. Alexa wanted to get to know EC3 better. Dang, Ethan is even more chopped up than ever before. He shook her trembling hand. She looked at him like a starving puppy seeing a fresh steak. Bliss flirted with him, big time. Bliss wanted to know which show EC3 would be on. Before he could answer, Tamina and Nia Jax came out. Nia said no one cared where EC3 was headed. Nia bragged about the Royal Rumble and the Elimination Chamber.  Nia said she just might take Becky’s place at Wrestlemania. Dean Ambrose then strolled out to join the party. Nia was ticked off. Dean had a message for Nia. He knew she had a huge crush on him. Really? Dean told Nia to stay away from him. He is, after all, a married man. Dean didn’t know who EC3 was. Seriously? Dean slapped the microphone out of EC3′s hand and threw out some wild questions. Ethan blasted Dean and walked down to the ring.  Cut to commercial.

EC3 vs Dean Ambrose


EC3 took down Dean with a Flying Clothesline. Scoop Slam. Jumping Elbow Drop by Ethan.  Dean threw Carter into the ring post. I know he doesn’t go by Ethan Carter III anymore but that’s how I remember him.  Dean stomped away on 3.  SHort Arm Clothesline by Dean. Rear Chin Lock by Dean. EC3 got to his feet and flipped Dean over. Straight punches by 3.  STO by EC3. EC3 crashed into the corner. Jackknife Cover to defeat Dean.

Your Winner: EC3
Raw Score: 77

Kurt Angle was warming up when he was interviewed. Kurt was asked about facing two men who have embarrassed him, recently. Kurt was proud to fight beside Braun Strowman. Braun felt honored to team with Kurt.  The main event is on deck.

Mojo Rawley was grumbling, again. Mojo is tired of being a team player.

Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman


Well, I guess we aren’t going to learn who is going into the Hall of Fame, this week. Breaks my Hart (wink wink).

Baron started with Kurt. German by Kurt. Drew pulled Baron out of the ring to avoid the Angle Lock. Braun ran over Drew. German by Baron. Drew clocked Kurt from the floor. Time for one more round of ads.

Baron threw a straight right fist into Kurt’s skull, numerous times. Keylock Crossface by Corbin. Kurt fought up to his feet. Tag to Drew.  Double team on the Olympian. Kurt punched away on Drew but McIntyre ran Kurt into the enemy corner. Tag to Baron. Kurt blocked a punch and blasted Corbin. Outside In by Corbin. Drew got the blind tag and attacked as Kurt tried to put the Angle Lock on Corbin. The ref had a hard time keeping Braun outof the match. Angle Slam by Drew! Drew talked serious trash and clamped on the Angle Lock. Kurt wouldnot submit, this time.  Kurt rolled under and tagged out to Braun.  Strowman Steam Rolled both enemies. Corner Splashes and a hard Club to Drew’s chest. Drew escaped the Bulldog Bounce and tagged to Corbin. Baron flew off the apron with an Ax bomber. Braun was thrown into the ring posts. Corbin rushed Braun into the barricade. Tag to Drew.

Kicks and Chops by Drew. Rude Awakening Neckbreaker. 1 count, only. Double team on Braun to get a near fall. Corbin was now legal. Tag back to Drew. Hard Corner Kicks and a quick tag back to Baron. Strowman Suplexed both Drew and Baron. Tag to Kurt. German to Baron and then one to Drew. Another German to Baron. La Bandera to Drew. Baron backed Kurt into the corner. Angle Slam! Drew made the save. Braun hit a Running Shoulder Tackle on Drew. Braun beat the daylights out of Baron, pulling a DQ. Huh? Braun just tore into both men, on the floor. Steam Roller to Baron. Claymore to Braun.

Your Winners(by Disqualification): Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 80

Drew and Baron dismantled the ring steps and threw a part into the ring. Braun prevented a double team and Chokeslammed both men onto the ring steps. Cool ending.

Cyndi and Sunny: Happy Birthday
Bertie: Thanks for the good news about your family.
Jean: I love you with all my heart


–Jay Shannon

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