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WWE Smackdown Live Recap

From: Phoenix, Arizona

Arena: Talking Stick Resort Arena

Air Date: January 29th, 2019

The post-Royal Rumble Smackdown kicked off with “The Man,” Becky Lynch. Highlights were shown of her winning the Women’s Royal Rumble match then of Lynch showing up at Raw Monday to challenge Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey for Wrestlemania. Her music hit and she came to the ring nursing a limp. The announce team of Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves checked in on commentary.

Lynch opened with “What a couple of days!! A lot has happened.” She then flew by he loss on Sunday to Smackdown Women’s Champion, Asuka. She pointed out that she didn’t get down she went out on one leg and won the Rumble, unlike Rousey who folds when she loses. She wanted to look Rousey in her eyes last night and she noticed that they are very different. Lynch now sees doubt in Rousey’s eyes which she no longer has. Lynch then talked about an earlier comment from Rousey that she had finally made it off a pre-show. She commented that she was proud to have fought from nothing and made it to the main event. Lynch concluded saying she would break Rousey’s arm at Mania.

Charlotte Flair came to the ring mockingly clapping for her and celebrating the fact that Lynch finally made it off a pay per view pre-show. Flair took credit for rescuing Lynch from the pre-show saying she was happy to do it. Flair continued to mock Lynch with phony applause until Lynch sucker-punched her in the mouth then tried to leave. Flair recovered and came after her, knocking her down from behind. A brawl resulted until WWE officials came out and pulled the two women off each other.

The announce team hyped an appearance from WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan who is going to “…change the WWE climate.” The new Smackdown Live tag team champions will also appear later. Next, R-Truth will challenge new United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. The show heads to break.

R-Truth made his entrance with Carmella while still shots of Nia Jax jumping Truth and taking his spot in the Royal Rumble were shown. Truth told the crowd “Whats Up?” saying he got “jacked up by Nia Jax and he never got to be number 30 in the Royal Rumble. Carmella supported him saying they worked hard to win Mixed Match Challenge and he deserved that spot. Truth said he didn’t really doesn’t know what happened but he knows he would have won the Rumble match had he competed. Truth then announced that the McMahon’s agreed with him and granted him a match with Nakamura for the United States title. “Right Now!!” Nakamura makes his way to the ring.

Match 1: Shinsuke Nakamura defends against R-Truth (with Carmella) in a United States Championship Match.

Nakamura dominated the action early hitting a jump kick and an exploder suplex. He tried to win it early with a Kinshasa but Truth countered with a Lie Detector. Nakamura rolled to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.

During the break, Nakamura dominated the action. He locked him in a front face lock and kicked him. Then he set Truth on the top turnbuckle and hit him with repeated strikes. He covered but Truth kicked out at two. Nakamura then put Truth on his shoulders appearing to attempt a Fireman’s Carry but Truth countered into a rollup and got a three-count!!

Winner: and New United States Champion, R-Truth

After the match, Nakamura was livid arguing with the referee. Replays seemed to support the fact that Nakamura kicked out but the decision stood.

Rusev and Lana came out and confronted Nakamura. Rusev said that if he beat Nakamura because the title deserved better, surely then it deserves better than R-Truth. This prompted Lana and Carmella to get into a shoving match. Carmella eventually shoved Lana to the mat prompting Rusev to get in her face. R-Truth stepped up and got in Rusev’s face defending Carmella. The two men argued then Rusev goaded Truth to give him a title shot. Truth eventually agreed. The match will take place after the break.

Match 2: R-Truth (with Carmella) defends against Rusev (with Lana) for the United States Championship

The match, joined in progress, was dominated by Rusev. He went for a pin after a kick but Truth kicked out. Rusev continued to dominate and hit Truth with several corner splashes. Truth caught Rusev with a surprise rollup and pinned him.

Winner and still United States Champion: R-Truth

Nakamura showed up and attacked Truth after the match. Nakamura and Rusev looked at each other and seemed to form an alliance over pummeling Truth. Nakamura held Truth for a Matchka kick then Rusev held Truth for the Kinshasa. The two men stood over Truth and gloated to end the segment.

The announce team showed a highlight reel from the Lynch, Flair brawl earlier in the show. They said that they were waiting on a medical update regarding Lynch’s knee. Lynch was shown leaving backstage when backstage interviewer, Dasha Fuentes caught up to her and asked why she refused medical attention. Lynch responded that she did not want to spend any more time laid up. Rey Mysterio made his entrance for the next match.

Zelina came out and verbally attacked Mysterio for getting her banned from ringside because he is distracated by her beauty. She held his attention long enough for Andrade to ambush him from behind. Andrade hit the Three Amigos before Mysterio fought back briefly to set up Andrade for the 619. Andrade was able to block the move then finish Mysterio with the Hammerlock DDT.

In the backstage area, Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson approached Rusev and voiced their displeasure over the treatment of R-Truth. Anderson said Rusev and Nakamura deserved each other and R-Truth had embarrassed both of them. They got the better of Truth 2-on-1 but would not do so well against the “Good Brothers.” Nakamura came up and accepted the challenge. Rusev agreed to team with Nakamura once but better not screw him. The show heads to break.

We return to an extended highlight reel of Fighting With My Family, the movie about Paige’s life, before Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Miz and Shane McMahon make their entrance. The crowd chanted for them as Miz announced that the champs were ready to party with Phoenix. McMahon chimed in and said they could do a traditional celebration but had something a little bigger in mind. Shane said he struggled coming up with something but finally thought of something the Miz will never forget. Mcmahon addmitted it had been stange but overall an enjoyable ride tagging with Miz. He introduced a video detailing their relationship and title win.

McMahon thanked Miz and the crowd then finished by telling Miz that he knew one thing had motivated him to form this team and that was his father, George Mizazin. Mizazin came to the ring and hugged both Miz and McMahon and said he was proud. McMahon closed the segment saying they would find their next opponents right now in Fatal Four-Way match. The Uso’s made their entrance as the show goes to commercial.

Backstage, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville wee interviewed and said they would be in the Elimination Chamber Match to crown the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. Rose then continued saying its not easy being her and also being part of the hottest team on the planet.

She said that Naomi has always been jealous of her. Footage was shown from Tough Enough from 2015 showing Team Bad featuring Naomi picking on Rose. Rose said she develpoed a complex after that then her boyfriend dumped her. Rose admitted this is why she wants to ruin Naomi’s relationship. Interviewer, Kayla Braxton asked how it felt not to break them up. Rose replied it would never be over.

Heavy Machinery made their entrance.

Match 3: Heavy Machinery vs. New Day vs. the Usos vs. The Bar in an elimination match for a shot at the Smackdown Tag Team Championships at Elimination Chamber.

Heavy Machinery dominated early with power moves against Kofi Kingston and Big E as rhe show goes to break.

Jimmy Uso and Cesaro tagged in and Cesaro got the upperhand using his strength. He tagged in Shaemus as McMahon and Miz were watching backstage. Shaemus deposited Jimmy Uso to the floor but didn’t notice Big E tagged himself in. New Day nailed an Electric Chair Drop and tried to pin Shaemus but Cesaro made the save. Dozovic tagged in and caught Kingston coming off the top rope. Heavy Machinery nails a Compactor to eliminate New Day.

Jey Uso tagged in and worked over Tucker Knight. Knight got hit low on the outside so the Uso’s went for a double-team splash but Shaemus made a blind tag on Jimmy and pulled him outside the ting then threw him in the timekeepers area as the show heads to commercial.

The Bar stayed in control throwing Jimmy Uso into the barricade before working over Tucker Knight. Knight came back with a lariat and made the tag to Dozovic. Otis came in throwing lariats of his own. He was able to clear Shaemus and hit the caterpillar elbow on Cesaro for a near fall. Heavy Machinery got another near fall after a catapult powerslam. Jimmy Uso turned the tide when tagged Cesaro and hit Knight with a top-rope splash. Shaemus tagged in and cleared Uso from the ring before nailing Knight with the Brogue Kick to score the elimination.

The match ended when Jimmy Uso hit superkicks on The Bar then dove on Cesaro outside the ring. Jey nailed Shaemus with a top-rope splash for the win.

Winner: The Usos

The camera caught the reaction of McMahon and the Miz. Daniel Bryan is up next.

Bryan made his entrance while still shots were shown of his match with AJ Styles from Sunday. Bryan asked the people if they knew who won at the Rumble which started a “Becky” chant. Bryan corrected them saying the fans won because he is the planet’s champion. He explained to the crowd what it felt like to win since no one watching had ever experienced it before.

Bryan continued saying he found someone on Sunday who was there not for himself but the greater good. He introduced Eric Rowan. Rowan made his entrance to boos. Bryan said he expected it because the fans think Rowan is stupid when in fact he is very intelligent.

Bryan said AJ Styles was right to call him a hypocrite. He said the WWE Championship is a symbol of excess made from the body of an animal. He said that made the WWE Championship a symbol of pain and excess and threw the belt in the garbage. Bryan said we needed new symbols so Bryan introduced a wooden belt that Rowan had brought to the ring.

Styles came out and told Bryan that, for someone who despised big business, he found the biggest insurance policy ever. Randy Orton made his entrance as the show went to break.

We come back to Mustafa Ali making his entrance telling everyone why he deserves to fight for the championship. Samoa Joe made his entrance and popped off about everyone in the ring. Jeff Hardy, who was among the superstars in the ring tried to silence but Joe told him to pretend it was an AA meeting and shut up. As Joe entered the ring, Bryan and Rowan exited to ringside. Joe brought up Wendy to Styles and the brawl began.

Bryan got on top of the desk and declared it didnt matter what they did, not one of the wrestlers in the ring would get a title shot. Triple H, WWE COO, then appeared on the monitor and told Bryan he would be fighting all of them in the Elimination Chamber. Bryan ran to the back as the brawl continued to close the show for this week.

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