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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“I Have a Dream”…Martin Luther King Jr.

I couldn’t think of a better quote to use today because Dr. King’s speech is so amazingly profound. It was when he made it and it is still extremely relevant to this day.

We were live in the OKC (Oklahoma City). My mother and grandmother lived there for yers and my (hopefully) future mother-in-law lives close to there. Smile. Hugs to Miss Claudia.

We started with a “Long Live the Dream” video package. If he had not been murdered, I truly believe Dr. King would have become our first African-American President. Just my feelings. I have the upmost respect for that great American.

Brock Lesnar’s music went off and the Beast came out. Paul Heyman was at his side. I do like Brock’s new shirt. Brock will fight Finn Balor, on Sunday, at the Royal Rumble. This will be one of those ultimate David vs Goliath contests and I don’t know if David (Finn) will have enough stones for his slingshot.

Paul did the typical intro, introducing himself and his client. Paul was ready to get down to business. The crowd over-powered Paul with cheers for Finn Balor. Paul admired Finn for stepping up and taking charge and earning the title shot. Paul knew the WWE Universe believes in Balor. Paul also believes in Finn. Paul didn’t want to disrespect Balor. Paul was not happy that Brock now has to face someone he (Lesnar) hadn’t trained for. Paul said Finn’s voice was the one that matters but Paul’s was the voice of one who Martyrs. Paul promised that Brock would sacrifice Balor for his belief that he could take the title from Lesnar. Brock grinned at hearing about sacrificing Balor. Paul said “Even miracles fear B rock Lesnar”. Paul said Balor will say he believes in Brock Lesnar.

Vince McMahon came out in a sharp blue suit, Power Walk Alert! The crowd cheered, big time, for Vinny Mac. Vince accused Paul of trying to sound like an old school promoter. Vince brought up David and Goliath. Vince kind of put a weird spin on the story. I was a Sunday School teacher and I NEVER heard that version. Vince got cheap heat by insulting the Oak City crowd. Vince knew Finn would never beat Brock.

Out came a very ticked off Braun Strowman. Brock bounced as Strowman came to the ring. Brock actually laughed at Braun. Vince wondered what the Hell was Braun doing out there. Vince asked Brock to back down. Brock thought Braun was a fool for letting Baron Corbin cost him the Universal title shot. Braun said he would be waiting for Brock, after the Rumble.

Finn Balor decided to join the party. He got a huge pop from the fans. Brock was amused at the site of the much-smaller challenger to his title. Finn said it was typical Raw. Finn reminded everyone that he beat John Cena, last week. Finn knew he earned his shot at the U-Title. Finn said the Balor Club believed in him, even if Vince didn’t. Braun told Finn he damn sure better beat Brock. Finn twisted the knife when he reminded Braun that Strowman has never beaten Lesnar. Brock exited the ring and headed to the back. Finn corrected Vince on the story of David and Goliath. Vince set Braun vs Balor.

Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman


Jawbreaker and Dropkick by Finn. Jumping Enziguri stimmed Braun. Braun swatted down Balor. Double Boots by Finn. Braun blocked the Sling Blade and hit a Sledge to Balor’s chest. Finn ended up on the floor. Running Shoulder Tackle, on the floor, by Braun.

Back in the ring, Braun brutalized the number one contender to the Universal Championship. Finn ended up back on the floor. Sling Blade! Finn slid back in the ring as Brock seemed impressed. Flying Forearms by Finn. Braun picked up FInn but Balor swung around and locked in a Sleeper. Braun got free but Finn went back to the move. Braun powered out. Finn drove wild elbows into Braun’s neck. Double Stomp. Finn wasted so much time and it cost him. Braun threw Finn into Brock, who nailed a Belly to Belly Suplex. And that was not a DQ? Brock got up on the apron and stared down Braun. Finn attacked Brock with a Shotgun Dropkick and a Flip Dive. Braun chased Finn and fell to another Sling Blade. Baseball Slide Dropkick and Shotgun Dropkick to Brock. Damn. Braun Palmed Balor’s skull and brought him back into the ring. Braun hit the ring post. Shotgun Dropkick and Coup d’Grace! Brock hit the ring and nailed an F5 on Balor.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Finn Balor
Raw Score: 90 out of a possible 100

I really want to see Finn take the Universal title but I just can’t imagine him overcoming the Beast. Brock is seriously rested (since he so rarely bothers to wrestle, these days).

The announcers wondered if Finn can beat Lesnar. They pushed the WWE Network, Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber.

“Almighty” Bobby Lashley came out with “Catfish” Lio Rush. Why do I call him Catfish? Cause his mouth is always moving. We saw how Lashley won the Intercontinental title. Rush talked about how great Lashley is. Rush said they were there for the money. Tonight was a chance to celebrate. Rush had Lashley step onto a platform. Rush put the IC strap around Bobby’s waist and called for special lighting. Yawn!

They were interrupted by the arrival of Apollo Crews. Crews is pretty chopped up and ready to go after the ivory belt. Crews congratulated Bobby for his win. Crews knew no one paid their hard-earned money to pose. Crews challenged Bobby to a non-tilte match. Rush started running off at the mouth. Rush said that Crews would have to win a Pose Off to get a non-title match. Crews didn’t know the proper way to pose but still accepted. Bobby and Apollo took turns posing. Both men were seriously impressive. I start in the gym, this week, but I will NEVER look like either one of those dudes. Bobby attacked Crews at the end of the posing. Crews tossed Rush out onto Lashley. I guess…

Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: N/a (since it wasn’t a wrestling match)

Apollo Crews vs Bobby Lashley
Non-Title Match


Flatliner by Lashley. Bobby tossed Crews into the corner and pounded away. Hammer Throw and Running Shoulder by the IC title. Missile Dropkick by Apollo. Crews kicked away and hit a Jumping Clothesline. Crews went up topCrews jumped over a charging Lashley. Crews lifted Bobby but dropped him quickly. Crews went back and hit the Gorilla Drop. Standing Moonsault failed but the Step Up Enziguri didn’t. Apollo attacked Rush, who got involved. Spear by Lashley!

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 80

After the match, Seth Ro llins came from the back. Seth was scheduled to fight Drew McIntyre, later on. Bobby was ticked off that Seth ruined the post-match celebration. Seth and Bobby had a staredown. Seth then headed to the ring for his match.

Seth Rollins was in the ring to speak before fighting. He brought up Dr. King and said how we can learn from him, even today. He threw out a quote or two to a good reaction. Seth talked about losing two titles and his wrestling family. Seth said he still has his love of wrestling. Seth was super confident that he was going to win the Royal Rumble. Seth said he was a normal guy from a small town, not some kind of genetic superman. Seth wrestling was in his soul.

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre


Drew said he was going to kick Seth’s head off, after he gave his rebuttal to Seth’s comments. Drew knew that there was a Zero Chance of Seth winning the Rumble. Drew said he had Seth’s passion, but it was controlled. Drew hoped it came down to Drew vs Seth at the end of the Rumble. Drew wanted Seth to hear the announcers proclaim him the winner of the 2019 Royal Rumble.

La Bandera and Suicide Dive by Seth as we returned. He pitched Drew back in and hit a Clothesline. 2 count. Knife Edge Chop by Seth. Drew was flipped out of the ring. He landed hard on the floor. Seth went up top and jumped off. Drew moved and Seth hit the barricade. Ouch! Drew twisted Seth around the ring post. John Cena is out with an ankle injury, possibly. Drew wrenched Seth’s arm. Jawbreaker by Seth. Back Elbow by Drew. 2 count. Drew then stomped away on his foe. They traded wild fists. Drew reversed a Whip and Seth did the Flair Flip in the corner. Stomp by Drew. Knife Edge Chop by the Scottish Psychopath. Huge throw by Drew for another two. Drew with a Dropkick as Seth tried for a Float Over. They went to the floor and Drew with his version of the Alabama Slam. Break time.

The former Jack Swagger (Jake Hager) is now doing MMA, He was also Jake Strong on Lucha Underground. Wow! Busy guy.

Back to the action…

Seth unloaded on Drew with chops and punches. Sling Blade and Blockbuster by Seth. 1-2-no. Drew blocked the Buckle Bomb. Seth converted the Powerbomb into a Rana. 2 count, again. Falcon Arrow! Could be…might be…Denied!

Seth clutched his left knee and ribs. Seth tluned up the band. Superkick but he missed the Curb Stomp. Seth drove Drew into the corner and put McIntyre up on the top turnbuckle. He was able to knock Drew into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Drew arched up and threw Seth into the ring. Seth landed on his feet. Seth avoided the Claymore Kick by way of a Superkick. Seth has one of the best Superkicks, only second to the Young Bucks. Knife Chop Fest by the two men. Glasgow Kiss Headbutt by Drew but McIntyre couldn’t follow up. Drew lifted Seth for a Super Celtic Cross and he nailed it. How did Seth kick out? Powerbomb–2 count. Incredible.

Drew talked trash and went for a move. Seth rolled over and pinned Drew!

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 90

The Revival pleaded their case to Vince McMahon to allow them another shot at the tag titles. They wanted a special ref. Curt Hawkins came up and wanted another chance to shine. VInce made Curt a special guest ref for the tag title match. Dash and Dawson sucked up to Curt to make him their buddy.

Dean Am brose cut a promo in the backstage area. He also used a Dr. King quote. Dean was ready to eliminate both Lashley and Rollins in the Royal Rumble. Dean knew no one appreciated him but they will when he wins the Royal Rumble.

The Lucha House Party vs Jindar Mahal and the Singh Brothers
Six Man Tag Team Match


Lince tried to over-power Mahal and failed. Lince took out one of the Singh Brothers and then the other. Tag to Kalisto. Cool Double Team by the Lucha House Party. Arm Drags by Kalisto. Kalisto was thrown out of the ring. Mahal tagged back in and almost got the pin. Tag on the heel side. Kalisto went for his corner. Spin Kick by Kalisto. Tag to Gran Metallik. He took out all three opponents. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker to get the three count.

Your Winners: The Lucha House Party
Raw Score: 80

We got a profile video about EC3. Elias walked right past him.

Elias came out to perform. It was the first time my sister, Lucy, heard him. She was impressed. Elias said he was going to win the Rumble. He did his typical schtick about W-W-E. Elias has a new song but he didn’t get to sing it. Baron Corbin came out. He insulted the crowd. Baron was upset that Elias told Braun Strowman where Baron was hiding, last week. “You Got Fired!” rang out. Baron said he was going to come down and kick Elias’ butt. Elias decided to finish his song but Baron didn’t want to hear it. Elias had Baron’s microphone silenced. Elias insulted Baron via song lyrics. Baron rushed the ring and just barely missed getting bashed by the guitar. Break time, once again.

They showed Sasha vs Ronda as a main event for Royal Rumble. Since I figure Sasha will join Bayley as the first modern-day Women’s tag champs, I have a feeling that Miss Rousey will retain, on Sunday.

Elias vs Baron Corbin


Elias went Old School on Baron, ending with a Deep Arm Drag, Elias ran Baron into the barricade. The two fought on the ring apron. Baron kicked Elias into the ring post, spine first. Baron pitched Elias back into the ring. Baron pounded on Elias’ skull. Elias started fighting back. Outside In Clothesline by Corbin. 2 count.

Corbin threw Elias over the top but Elias landed on the apron. Jumping Knee and Twisting Neckbreaker by the Drifter. Elias kicked and punched away. Corbin hit End of Days, out of nowhere.

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 75

A Moment of Bliss

She brought up the Women’s Rumble match. She showed off some of the women who will be in teh Rumble. Carmella will come at Number 30. There were 21 pictures up, so 9 open spots. Returns? New Stars? NXT kids?

Nia Jax was brought out as the oficial guest. They talked about the Rumble match and Nia was asked who should would like to fight if she wins. Before she could answer, Ember Moon interrupted. Bliss said she did not invite Moon to the show. Ember said she was tired of waiting. Moon was certain she was going to win the Rumble. Next out…Alicia Fox. Foxy said as the Captain of the division, she was going to go through all the others. Mickie James had to make her claim, as well. Mickie talked about stealing the show at Wrestlemania and she was going to do it again. The Riott Squad came out, along with several others. Bliss lost her cool. She went off and said the women were ruining her show. Bliss told everyone to calm down. All Hell broke loose, on the stage. The fight went to the back. Nikki Cross tore into Ruby Riott. Bliss looked a bit confused. Bliss knew the women of the WWE were passionate. Bliss put herself in as entrant number 22. Out walked Lacey Evans. She said she was going to win the Rumble. She called Bliss a Runt. Bliss stared daggers as Evans sauntered to the back.

Heavy Machinery were ready to kick off their Raw career, next. Sweet!

Titus O’Neil cut a promo about his entry in the Royal Rumble. He got upset when someone walked into his shot.

The Ascension vs Heavy Machinery


They definitely are “Heavy”, weighing in at ove 650 pounds. Tucker is the taller of the two. Otis started the match. He was a former Rookie of the Year. Viktor got flund away. Weird version ot he Airplane Spin. Double Team by Knight and Otis. Knife Edge and Whip by Viktor. Otis came back in and did their Bushwackers imitation. Konnor was dropped and Otis did the Caterpillar Elbow Drop. Otis then did the full on Caterpiller (Worm). Double Team Compacter by Heavy Machinery.

Your Winners: Heavy Machinery
Raw Score: 70

The Revival vs The Glorious ONes
Special Guest Ref: Curt Hawkins
Raw Tag Team Title Match


Rumors are running rampant that Dash and Dawson are considering leaving the WWE. If they win the tag belts, tonight, I guess that is out the window.

Lucy came past my office and asked when was I going to get a robe like Roode and Gable. “Soon…I just need it to be green”. LOL.

Gable and Dash opened up the contest. Gable flipped and rolled around to keep Dash off his game. Dawson got the tag and worked over Chad Gable. Huge shot by Scott Dawson. Double Team backfired. Dual T-Bone SUplexes. Gable was flipped out onto Dash but Dawson took out Chad. Commercials time.

Gable hit a nice Back Drop Suplex. WIlder stopped a tag to Roode but only for a moment. Roode hit a pair of nice CLotheslines and a Uranage to his foes. Running Shoulder to Wilder’s ribs and a La Bandera and Double R Spinebuster. Wilder rolled out to the apron. Dawson tried to hold the leg but got caught. Dawon popped Roode in the face. Dash put his feet on the ropes but Curt was too quick for that silliness. Chad got the blind tag. Dawson got caught holding the tights. Dawson popped teh ref. Chad with a Sunset Flip. Dash tried to hold on to his partner but Curt broke it up. Roll Up.

Your Winners: The Glorious Ones, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable
Raw Score: 75

Curt would not back down from Dash and Dawson. They beat the tarnation out of Curt Hawkins. Zack Ryder rushed down to protect his old tag team partner. Good to see Long Island Iced Z back in the ring. Zack helped his buddy to his feet. I smell a new feud.

The announcers ran down upcoming events on the WWE Network. In the back, Ronda Rousey was interviewed about the tag match, later on. Ronda wondered if she owed Sasha Banks an apology. She thought about it and said there was no need to apologize. Ronda stumbled as she talked about being disrespected by Sasha Banks. She so needs classes in cutting a promo. I used to teach those and she would have caught Hell from me for that one.

Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs Sasha Banks and Bayley


Ronda was ready to rip Sasha apart. Nattie had to hold her back. Sasha got the house microphone and went off on Rousey. Sasha ran down her resume to slap Ronda in the face. Sasha didn’t appreciate that Ronda was handed everything. Sasha promised to make Ronda tap out at the Rumble. Bayley and Nattie had to keep the women apart. Nattie asked Ronda to step out nad let her start the match.

Sasha clocked Ronda and that set Ronda off. Front Face Lock on Nattie. Tag to Bayley. Doube Team on Natalya. Double Team on Nattie. Knee Strike by Sasha. Ronda ccame in and took out both Sasha and Bayley. Time for a round of commercials.

Bayley used Back Elbow to get free. Tag to Ronda. Hart Attack on Bayley. Sasha took swipes at Ronda. Tag back to Natalya. Nattie went out and kicked away at Bayley and threw her back in the ring. Snap Suplex by Nattie. 2 and out. Bayley got a tag. Double Team on Natalya to pull the deuce. Sasha talked trash to Ronda but didn’t get too close. Ronda rallied the crowd. Rana by Bayley. Meteora by Banks to get another near fall. Ronda got the tag but got caught in the BankStatement. Natalya made the save but got laid out. Ronda got a boot to the Onda blocked a Double Team and laid out Bayley. Ronda went into the Zone. Vicious Knee Strikes by the champ. Front Kick by Ronda. Ronda with an Arm Drag on Bayley. Bayley flipped Ronda over and tagged in Sasha. Ax Bomber by Sasha. Sasha tried to fight out of the Arm Bar and ended up in the rope. Tag to Nattie. Nasty Suplex and Step Over and Basement Dropkick. Sharpshooter applied. Bayley prevented the tap out and then laid out Ronda. Hard Clothesline to Bayley. Back Stabber into the BankStatement to Natalya. Tap Out!

Your Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 90

Ronda and Sasha got into a scream match in the center of the ring as the show drew to a close.

Dawn: Praying for your student’s family
Sister Sue: Hope you feel better
Jean: I love you


–Jay Shannon

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