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This is Sal “Rough Cuts” LaSardo, reporting in from Orlando, Fla with a Hall of Fame edition of rough cuts.

The 2019 Royal Rumble is the first major show of the new year and also the start of Wrestle Mania Season.  The winners of the men and women rumble will get there choice of who they want to face for a World Title match at Mania.  This time also brings about the potential inductees to the 2019 Hall of Fame.  A time to reflect, remember, and appreciate the hard work of the men and women who passed through ropes.
Here are my 5 deserving picks for this year’s 2019 WWE Hall of Fame.
First and foremost, Cyndi Lauper is the last of the Wrestle Mania 1 contingent that has not been inducted yet.   Cyndi is the most deserving of this honor for starting the rock n sock connection.  She managed Wendi Richter who was the Women’s Champion.  She is a part of the famed Land of Thousand Dances video (she wore a wig and trench coat).  Her involvement was 2nd to none and she had largely contributed to laying the ground work for Wrestle Mania 1 and beyond.  It is time to honor this very special, talented, Grammy winning lady for her work as no one has contributed more than Cyndi from a main stream stand point.
Keith A. Franke, Jr. a k a Adorable Adrian Adonis who sadly passed away in a car accident in 1988 at the age of 34.  Thirty one 31 years after his passing and Adrian is still not inducted and i believe its long over due — Adrian and Jesse Ventura were AWA tag team champions from July 20, 1980 – June 14th, 1981.  They simply known as the East-West Connection.  Adrian was managed for sometime by Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan.  Adrian gained notoriety when he became Adorable Adrian with the blonde hair and makeup — similar to Gorgeous George when he wrestled.  Adrian had the flower shop as a result of Piper leaving to make movies.  However, Piper came back and started a feud with Adrian which culminated in a hair vs hair match at WM3 with Piper winning. Adrian’s life may have been short but his impact as a wrestler should not go unnoticed.  He was a very important part of the AWA and WWF/E and its time to honor him and his family with the induction into the hall.

Danny Davis — Dangerous Danny Davis — a corrupt referee turned wrestler who became a household name in the 80s by helping the heels win matches.  Danny is not the first to be an official to play the corrupt part but he did it with class and dignity and made you really want to hate him.  Danny got very strong crowd reactions whenever he was the man in charge but after while the powers that be had enough and he became a wrestler managed by Jimmy Hart.  With all this heat, you can see how badly the baby faces wanted to get there hands on Danny and with that generated more crowd reactions.  My favorite memory was at the Continental Arena when George Steele faced Danny Davis inside a steel cage, which was the main even of the non-televised house show — the fans were raucous and couldn’t wait for George to go Animal on the Dangerous one.

Stacy Keibler, who many have may forgotten about since she has not been apart of the wrestling scene in many years.  It’s hard to believe she has not come back in some way, however Stacy was a vital part of the Monday Night Wars and then eventually her run in the WWE.  In 1999, nearly 20 yrs ago she beat 300 girls to become a Nitro girl.  She also received $10,000 as well for winning the contest.  She was also a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, so she applied her love for dance to become one of the most famous of all the Nitro girls.  But before long, with someone as beautiful and talented as Stacy, the itch to get more involved in the business was bound to happen.  She became a valet known as Ms. Hancock.  She would walk the aisle and enter the ring with her legs in a very sexy, sensual way to get a crowd reaction.  She wrestled in several gimmick type matches along the way.  She came to the WWE around 2002 and was involved in several on screen type roles with Vince McMahon, among others and by 2006 the WWE and Stacy parted ways for good.  Stacy’s time may have been short but memorable.  She is one of the most beautiful women to come across the wrestling world.  She is very intelligent and has gone on to a better life outside the squared circle.  She had competed on DWTS and finished 3rd although many feel she should have won.  As of 2019, she is happily married with 2 children but to me i will never forget her as this incredible 19 – 20 year old who burst onto the scene and had a look that said it all.  Stacy deserves the honor to go in to the Hall and rightfully so.  She took advantage of an opportunity and created a legacy that will last forever.

Bill Apter — One of these days our boss is going to get in.  If there is 1 person on the face of the earth that truly belongs in the Hall of Fame, it is our own Bill Apter.  Just because Bill never worked for Vince does not mean he doesn’t belong in the hall.  When you become part of the business you become part of a fraternity regardless of the promotion you work for.  You are all part of a family, even if its a rival.   The goal is just the same and that is to entertain the paying public.  For over 50 years, Bill has done above and beyond entertain us.  From Pro Wrestling Illustrated, his work with the AWA, the conventions, his #1 selling book, “Wrestling is fixed, I didn’t know it was broken”, his podcasts, our websitewww.1wrestling.com.  he introduced Andy Kaufman to Jerry Lawler that started the biggest mainstream story-line in the history of pro wrestling. He is a husband, a father, and a  legend.  He has been inducted to every hall of fame known to journalists except for one and the only one that matters and that is The WWE Hall of Fame. It is long over due that those in charge acknowledge what Bill has done and continues to do and that is entertain us fans.  Because of Bill, i have the chance to express my views on 1wrestling.com, as does Jay Shannon and countless others who continue to submit our thoughts and views on pro wrestling.  Bill, gives us a chance because he believes in us and values our voices and there is no other man more gracious than Bill.  For that I applaud him and hope and pray that the WWE does the most honorable thing and finally inducts our own Bill Apter this year in NY because not only did Bill earn it, he deserves it.

For this edition of Rough Cuts, this has been Sal LaSardo reporting in from Orlando, Fla.  May all of your matches be a main event.

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