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The Raw Score

A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“Being sick feels lilke wearing someone else’s glasses”–Megan Boyle

Yep, I’m not at 100% today. Got a nasty cold and a case of strep throat. All wrapped up in the blankie my beloved Jean gave me for Christmas and a fresh glass of iced tea on my desk. We are well on our way to the Royal Rumble.

I want to send out a congratulation to the men and women of NXT-UK. They put on an amazing show, Saturday Night.

The limo door was opened and VInce McMahon emerged. He wasn’t happy about scuff marks on his limo. He Power Walked into the arena.

Braun Strowman came out to address the WWE Universe. We were in Memphis for this one. Wonder where Jerry Lawler is? Braun feels that Brock Lesnar is afraid of Strowman. Braun mentioned how he had gotten screwed out of the Universal title, several times. Braun was confident that he would take the Universal title at Royal Rumble.

Braun was cut off by the arrival of Baron Corbin. Braun got a “You Got Fired” chant going. Baron mocked Strowman for losing so quickly to World Cup. Corbin promised to win the Royal Rumble. Braun chased after Baron. He attacked the Singh Brothers, backstage. Braun just stormed through the depths of the arena.

Elias was singing away, making fun of Baron Corbin. Elias sang Braun towards the limo, which is where Corbin was supposedly hiding. Vince is NOT going to be happy about this. Braun got a metal pipe and smashed the back window. He then tore the door off its hinges. Baron ran away as Braun met up with Vinny Mac. Vince was so ticked off, he couldn’t say a word. We went to break.

Braun tried to put the door back on the limo, but failed. Vince called Braun “a Danger Zone”. Vince fined Braun $ 100 ,000 and cancelled Braun’s title shot at Royal Rumble. Braun lifted the limo and tipped it over.Wow!  He bellowed like a wounded animal and walked off.

Ronda Rousey’s music hit as the Raw Women’s champ came from the back.

Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks vs Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax


In the back, Braun was escorted out by security. Baron Corbin cackled.

In the ring, Nia and Sasha opened this one. Nia circled and called for Ronda to get in the ring.  Sasha threw Forearms instead. Rana by Banks.  Double Knees in the corner. Sasha ried to work over NIa’s arm but failed. She jumped on Nia’s back and applied a Sleeper. Nia flipped Sasha up and over. Sasha with a Rope Jump Bulldog. Tag to Ronda.

Rousey punched Nia into the enemy corner. Tamina got the tag and blasted Ronda with a wicked Headbutt. Ronda tried to cinch in the Cross Armbreaker but Nia pulled her cousin out of the ring.  Tamina slid in and out of the ring to break the count and frustrate the champ. We took another break.

Nia had Sasha in a nasty Bear Hug. Sasha tried to get rowdy but that stopped with a Powerbomb. Rear Chin Lock, modified, by Nia. Jawbreaker by Sasha but Nia nailed a Back Elbow. Tag to Tamina. The Fijian stomped away on the purple-haired combatant.  Tamina prevented a tag and then clocked Ronda. Sasha kicked Tamina and blasted Nia. Tamina crashed into Nia. BankStatement!

Your Winners (by Submission): Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 85 out of a possible 100

The winners were interviewed. Ronda said she respected Sasha, which is why she wanted to battle Banks. Sasha was offended that Ronda  already felt she had Sasha beaten. It got pretty heated between the two women. Sasha started to leave but Ronda chased after her. It didn’t get physical but it came close.

Several teams were outside Vince’s office. Jerry Lawler walked out! Sweet!

Ronda and Sasha were ready to tear each other apart. Bayley and Natalya played peacemakers until those two got into it. The Riott Squad came up to stir the pot. Natalya accepted a six women tag match, for later on.

The Lucha House Party vs The Revival


Dash amd Dawson complained that the Luchas didn’t tell the ref about the false pin, last week. They wanted to get revente.

Kalisto and Gran Metallik represented the Luchas. Dash and Kalisto started it. Deep Arm Drag and Dropkick by the masked man. Double team by the Luchas. 1-2-kick out. Tag back to Kalisto. Ax Bomber to the arm. Tag to Dawson.  Double team by The Revival.

We left the match to find out who would fight Brock Lesnar at the Rumble. Apollo Crews wanted to get the shot. Curt Hawkins put in his bid.

In the ring, Dawson brutalized the masked man. EC3 was waiting to hear from Vince. So did Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Heath Slater wanted a shot, too.

Tag to Gran Metallik. He hit a wild Springboard and a Sling Blade.  Gran missed a Dropkick. Kalisto prevented a Double Suplex. Dawson took out Kalisto. Sunset Flip for Gran to get a two. DDT by Dawson. 1-2-3.

Gran Metallik’s foot was on the ropes.

Your Winners: The Revival
Raw Score: 73

Vince was asked about who would take Braun’s place at the Rumble. Vince said he was on his way to the ring to make the big announcement.

Vince got serious love from the fans as he came out. Vinny Mac is still in amazing shape for a man of his age. He was cut off by the arrival of John Cena. Wow! I would hate to have his nerve in my tooth, as my grandpa would have said. John said he knew Vince wanted someone to stand up. Cena talked about how everyone turned their backs on McMahon. John stepped up, 20 years ago, and has never back stepped. John said he never let Vince down. John crowed about how wrestling is his life. John asked for the title shot. John said he was bringing back Ruthless Agression. Drew McIntyre came out to counter Cena’s request for the title shot. Drew got right up in Vince’s face and said he had the Ruthlessness. Drew said Cena’s time was past. Next out was Baron Corbin to make his pitch to get the title shot. The party needed more players, so we got Finn Balor. He reminded the others that only he has held the Universal title. Vince shot him down, quickly. Finn accused Vince of never believing in him. Finn attacked Corbin and Drew laid out Cena. Drew then nailed a Claymore to Finn and one to Cena.  Vince set up a Fatal Four Way to determine who gets Brock. I’m hoping for Balor to win it but it will likely go to Cena.

Vince was confronted by Jindar Mahal. Mahal was upset taht he was denied entry into the Fatal Four Way. Mahal said he would have come out to ask for the shot but he was taking care of the Singh Brothers. Vince said if he beat  one of the men in the Fatal Four Way, he would take their place. Mahal wanted Finn Balor.

The Riott Squad vs Natalya, Bayley and Nikki Cross
Six Women Tag Team Match


Awesome! She is my current favorite female wrestler. All the new talent will appear on both brands to find the best fit. I see her ending up with her Sanity family, over on Smackdown. She is just so darn cute. I know, I’m way too old for her and I have my girl, Jeannie.

Nikki tagged in and went after Logan. Tag to Morgan. Nikki dropped her like a bad habit. Ruby then tried her luck. All six women got in the ring. Cross said “Let Nikki Play!” She went after all three members of the Riott Squad. Bayley and Nattie jumped in. Nikki trapped Ruby in the ring skirt. She threw wild forearms as we headed to break.

Logan worked ober Bayley with stiff kicks. Springboard Crossbody by Bayley to pull a two.  Morgan took the tag and brutalized Bayley’s back. Morgan got a two count. Bayley kicked away and tagged in Logan. Shinu Numaki by the Viking Warrior. Bayley tried to punch free but got sent into the corner. Whip by Morgan. Snake Eyes by Bayley. Tag to Natalya. Dropkick and Back Drop Suplex and Clothesline by Nattie. Wheelbarrow Powerbomb by Nattie but Ruby made the save. Tag to Morgan. Rana to Nattie. Nikki saved things for her group. Tag to Nikki. Inverted Doomsday Device to her foe. Nikki with a Corner Splash and Bulldog. Monkey Flip. Crossbody off the apron by Nikki. Morgan threw Nikki back in the ring and tried for a Roll Up. Cross hit a vicious Neckbreaker off the ropes. Tag to Bayley. Savage Elbow!

Your Winners: Bayley, Natalya and Nikki Cross
Raw Score: 80

Finn Balor ran into Lacey Evans, backstage.

Jindar Mahal vs Finn Balor


Before the match, Dean Ambrose cut a promo about right and wrong. He grumbled about having to do a Triple Threat Match for his Intercontinental title. This is 40th anniversary of when that belt debuted as part of the legendary tournament in Rio (wink wink).

Jimdar attacked a distracted Finn. Mahal whipped Finn into the outside barricade. Mahal screamed he wanted to face Brock. Mahal pitched Finn into the ring and called for the bell. The ref hesitated until he could see if Finn could compete. Finn clutched his ribs. Finn told the ref he wanted to go.  Running Big Boot by Mahal to pull a quick two count. Punches by the Indian Superstar. Rear Chin Lock by Mahal. Finn rolled through a Sunset Flip and hit a Basement Dropkick. The two went tothe apron, where Finn hit an Enziguri. Mahal swept the leg and  Finn crashed onto the apron. Break time, again.

Mahal dropped knees to Finn’s chest. He almost got disqualified for not listening to the ref’s instructions. Hammer Throw by Mahal. Elbow Drop to the face of Balor. Keylock but Finn converted it into a Back Drop. Mahal quickly went back into a Rear Chin Lock. Jawbreaker by Finn. Overhead Kick by Finn. Double Boots and Flying Forearm by Finn. Double Stomp to Mahal’s chest. Mahal blocked the Shotgun Dropkick. Finn flipped Mahal to the outside. Flip Dive! Finn nailed the Sling Blade. SHotgun Dropkick. Coup D’ Grace!

Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 89

Lio Rush cut a promo for Bobby Lashley. “The Catsish” is a great talker. He’s also being overlooked for his in-ring ability. He is a former Rookie of the Year.  Lashley was ready to take the IC strap.

Dean Ambrose vs Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins
Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Title


Renee Young wasn’t happy that Bobby Lashley was put in this match. We went to the world of commercials before this title match got rolling.

We saw a flashback of when Shawn Michaels turned on “Party” Marty Janetty on the Barber Shop, so many years ago. It was a tie -in to the new movie, Glass. If I’m feeling better, I may ask Jean if she would like to see it on Sunday.

Back into the ring, Dean waited for his opponents. First out was “Almighty” Bobby Lashley, with Lio Rush. Then “THe King Slayer” Seth Rollins was ready to go. He was interviewed and asked if he felt that was his last shot at the title. He said it might well be but he was going to make the best of it. Seth brought up Roman Reigns and the betrayal by Dean. Seth was impressed by Bobby but physique will only get you so far. Seth was ready to lay it all on the line to win back the IC title. Seth then arrived on the scene for this wild fight.

Dean tried to call on his former partner to double team Lashley. Seth threw Dean out of the ring and pounded away on Bobby.  Dropkick by Seth. Tope Con Hilo by Rollins onto Dean. Seth Shouldered Dean and then hit a Top Rope Crossbody to pull a deuce. Dean tore into Seth until Bobby pulled him off. Dean urged Bobby to punish Seth. He obeyed but Dean would not let Lashley get the pin.  Double team on Seth’s ribs. Bod bby ripped at Seth’s face. Dean talked trash and kicked away. Flying Forearm by Dean to Seth.  Running Corner Shoulder by Lashley to Seth. Dean wanted to whip Bobby into Seth but Rollins moved. Huge Chokeslam by Lashley. Roll Up by Seth to almost pin Dean. La Bandera and Suicide Dive by Seth to Dean.  Lio Rush got involved and showed just how good he can be. Lashley planted Seth. Bobby then hit an Oeverhead Throw to Dean. Break.

Bobby twisted Seth’s neck in a brutal Rear Chin Lock. Dean just watched the carnage from the apron. Seth booted Bobby. Dean hit a Clothesline on Lashley. Seth and Dean took turns to beat down the Almighty One.  Double La Bandera to send Lashley to the outside. They worked together to drive steel steps into Lashley’s shoulder. Seth slid back in the ring and called his former friend to join him. Hockey Fight into a Chop Fest. Sunset Flip by Seth to get a two. Falcon Arrow but Lio Rush stopped Seth from getting the three count. Seth headed after Lio. Dean drove a knee into Lio, sending him to the floor. Superkick to Dean. La Bandera by Lashley. Seth prevented Dirty Deeds.  Enziguri by Rollins to Lashley. Frog Splash by Seth. Dean threw Seth out of the ring and tried for the pin. Could be…might be…Denied!

Dean went up top and waited. Seth ran the ropes and Lashley then turned it into a Doomsday Device attempt. Spear by Lashley. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (And NEW Intercontinental Champion): “Almighty” Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 95

The announcers sent it to a preview of Glass.

They also ran a lot of promos for Temptation Island. That show has to be the most offensive show to ever find its way to television. TV sure isn’t what it was when I was a kid. Heck, Three’s Company was considered scandalous.

A Moment of Bliss

Sigh. I so miss Roddy Piper. Bliss brought up the women’s tag titles. Bliss knew that the titles would be determined in a six team fight in the Elimination Chamber to crown the first “WWE Women’s Tag Champions”.  WWF had female tag champs but not WWE.  Bliss went o introduce Paul Heyman, but he did it for himself. Alexa asked Paul abouthis thoughts on the change in the Universal title picture. She wanted to know what was going on in Paul’s head. Heyman said emotions did not play a part in all this. He knew Brock would defeat whoever was thrown at him. Brock would eat through them all. Paul went all “Highlander” with his “There can only be one” quote. Heyman reminded the fans how Brock introduced Suplex City through John Cena. Paul knew Drew McIntyre would one day be the champion, but not now. Baron Corbin was being discussed when Otis of Heavy Machinery came out.  The 2017 Roosie of the Year was taken back by his partner. Otis was taken by the loveliness of Miss Bliss.  The bell rang for the big match.

JohnC ena vs Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin
Fatal Four Way to determine the Number One Contender.


I have to be honest. I don’t think any of these four could unseat Lesnar for the title. Drew might have the best shot.

Drew went after John and Baron tried to take out Finn. Baron pulled Finn off the top and hit a Chokeslam Backbreaker to get an early near fall. Break.

Cena punched away on Baron. Corbin crashed into the ring post. Drew threw Cena out of the ring. Balor almost pinned Drew. Balor went to jump on Drew but Corbin laid him out. Tornado DDT by Cena to Corbin. Drew made the save. Drew pounded on John. John went Vintage on Drew. John nailed the AA but Corbin stopped the pin attempt. Drew was out, at this point.  Baron worked on Cena’s kidneys. John wanted the AA but couldn’t get it. Finn and John worked together to Double Suplex Corbin. They double teamed the former GM-in-training. Tower of Doom!

Baron pushed Drew into the Sullivan Tree Of Woe. Drew arched up and Suplexed Baron to mid-ring. More commercials.

Finn  fell to the End of Days but Drew stopped the count. Baron and Drew went at each other.  Glasgow Kiss to Corbin. Flying CodeBreaker was turned into a Powerbomb by Drew. All four men were down and almost out. They all got up and started punching and kicking away. Drew stomped on John’s hand, a couple of times. The fists were flying, left and right. Sling Blade to Baron. Double Kick to Cena. Finn wanted his finisher but Cena stopped him cold. Cena set and hit the Super AA. Baron tossed John out and tried for the cheap pin. He failed. Corbin got a chair and used it on John and then Drew.

Baron stalked Finn with the bent chair. He cracked Finn across the back, multiple times. Cena would not allow the pin. Baron popped John and got the chair. John nailed the AA on Corbin.  Claymore. Tornado DDT by Finn to Drew. Coup D’ Grace to Cena. 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 98

John asked for the house mic. He told Finn that while Vince didn’t believe in Finn, Cena now has massive respect for Finn Balor. Cool.

I wanted to finish with a quick little story. From the time I was a small child, I spent much of my life down on Cadiz and Industrial, at the old Sportatorium. I had to go into Dallas, on business, today. We drove past that infamous corner and I was heartbroken. While I knew that wonderful old building was long gone, I hadn’t been past there. Today, I had to wipe tears from  my eyes as I stared at that empty lot. My mind flooded with memories of Brody, Kamala, Kabuki, the Von Erichs and hundreds more. Sometimes, growing up can be so painful.

Tia: Enjoy Puerto Rico.
Bertie: Thanks for the Hug…it helped.
Jean: I love you with all my heart.


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