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The Raw Score

A weekly review and recap of Monday Night Raw.

Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon

“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people”-Maya Angelou

We lost four great North Americans, last week. “Mean” Gene Okerlund, “Captain” Daryl Dragon, Super Dave Osbourne (Bob Einstein) and Herb Keller (Southwest Airlines) While Okerlund was the only one directly involved in pro wrestling, all four gave their all in their chosen field to make things better for others. May you all find peace and joy in the next reality.

Now, let’s get to the action…

The crowd applauded the graphhic of “In Memory…Gene Okerlund”.

There was one Hell of a fight, in the backk. Seth Rollins just exploded on Bobby Lashley. All kinds of wrestlers and officials tried to break things up but failed, big time.

John Cena’s music then hit and the multi-time champ came out in lime green. We were live in Orlando, Florida. John pushed Wrestlemania. Cena mentioned wanting to win the Royal Rumble, again. John entered himself in the Rumble match.

That brought out Drew McIntyre. Drew mentioned waiting for years for this moment. Drew tried to insult John but Cena deflected the remarks. Drew was upset that Cena was considered the best of all time, even though he agreed with the thought. Drew brought up tearing down The Shield and Dolph Ziggler and Kurt Angle. Drew has now set his sights on finishing John Cena. John said Drew was just like all the rest who ran off at the mouth about taking out John Cena. Drew said he would bloody show John.

Lio Rush came out and whined about how Seth Rollins has been acting. “Catfish” Lio swore they get a lawyer. Lio and Lashley were jumped, from behind, by Seth. Dean Ambrose rushed down and John and Drew got involved. Finn Balor rushed out as we went to break. Six Man Tag Match?


Bobby Lashley, Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre vs Finn Balor, John Cena and Seth Rollins


There were tons of quick tags to let eveyrone shine. Finn took control of Dean’s arm Basement Dropkick by Balor. Drew tagged in and pounded away. Dead Lift Spinning Suplex by Drew. Tag to Lashley. Bobby clamped on a Rear Chin Lock. Finn was driven hard into the corner. Tag to Dean. Ambrose stomped away on the Irish Superstar. Hammer Throw by Dean. Pele-like Kick by Finn. Tag to Cena. He immediately went Vintage on Dean. Drew made the tag as John hit the AA. Glasgow Kiss to pull a deuce. Break time.

Dean was in charge as we returned. John was punished by Dean and then Drew. Spinebuster into a Jackknife Pin by Drew. 1-2-not yet. Tag to Lashley. The Almighty One flipped John over to get a near fall. Bobby wasted a ton of time flexing. Yean. He cracked Seth. AA by John. Both men were down. Tag to Dean. Sleeper by the IC Champ. John rolled under to take off some of the pressure. Kitchen Sink by Dean. John fell out of the ring. Dean threw Cena into the ring steps. Off to more commercials.

Snap Mare by Dean to John. Rear Chin Lock by Dean. Dean rode John’s back as Cena tried to get to his corner. He was so close. Dean ripped at John’s eyes. Double Clothesline.

Finn got the tag. He erupted with Forearms and a Final Cut. Balor escaped Dirty Deeds. Shotgun Dropkick by Balor. Coup d’ Grace. Claymore by Drew. Drew betged for a tag. Seth also demanded entry. Hot Tags on both sides. Enziguri by Seth to Drew. Moonsault onto Bobby and Dean, on the floor. Falcon Artrow to Drew but he couldn’t quite pull the trigger on the pin. Superkick but Drew ca,e back. AA-Cema. Spear-Lashley. Superkick-Rollins. Frog Splash missed. Tag to Ambrose. Seth escaped Dirty Deeds and hit the Curb Stomp!

Your Winners: Finn Balor, John Cena and Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 96 out of a possible 100

HHH was on the Tron, speaking with Bayley and Sasha Banks. Seth headed to the back to find Triple H. Seth slapped the cup out of HHH’s hand. Seth demanded a shot at Dean Ambrose’s IC title, tonight. HHH said it would happen…in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Hulk Hogan was wearing a Mean Gene-o-Mania t-shirt. Get the tissues ready. This one WILL bring tears.

Mean Gene was a major influence on me. He didn’t look like a typical announcer, which gave a 20-something year old fat kid hope. When I got the chance to get in the ring to announce, Gene was in my head. I tried to channel him as Don Mega and I did PWD Primetime. Gene was always a class act and I was so proud to model my own career somewhat in his image. I will never be as good as “Mean” Gene, but I thank him for showing me how to get it done.

We saw tons of tweets paying respect to Mean Gene, along with pictures. They rang the bell 10 times in tribute. That made my blood run so cold. I remember when we did that for Randy Savage.

Hulk Hogan came out to a monster pop. The fans chanted in unison for the Immortal One. Hogan said he came out in character because that is what Gene would have wanted. Hulk sent it to a fantastic video package about Gene’s career. Hogan gave Gene credit for pushing Hulkamania to the levels it reached. My favorite memory of Gene was him and Bobby Heenan flirting with Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah at one of the Wrestlemanias. God Bless you, Gene, and thank you.

Hogan fought back his own tears as he praised his dear “Brother”. The crowd broke out with a “Thank You Mean Gene” chant. I couldn’t agree more. Hogan had to put his glasses on to prevent everyone from seeing him cry. Hogan did a heart touching promo for his fallen friend.

The Glorious Ones vs The Revival
Lumberjack Match for the Tag Team Titles


They showed how Chad Gable pinned the illegal man, a couple weeks back. Dash and Dawson did an insert video.

Roode started with Dash. Side Headlock by Bobby Roode. Universal. Dash avoided the Glorious DDT but just barely. Scott Dawson took the tag. Chad Gable became legal and ate a Back Elbow. Chad escaped a Slingshot Suplex. Crossbody for a two. Flying Arm Drag by Chad and two Ranas. Roode tagged in. Double Back Body Drop. Dash and Dawson were quickly thrown back in. The v arious teams looked ready to go off on each other. 2 count by Roode. Chad tagged back in nad hit an Ax Bomber. Tag to Dash Wilder. Suplex Drop to put Chad over the ropes. Gable was thrown right back in and we went to break.

Arm Drag by Chad. Tag to Roode. He went wild on both members of the Revival. Running Shoulder by Roode. La Bandera Clothesline by the lumberjacks were right there. Spinebuster. 2 count. Tag to Chad. German Blockbuster combo by the champs. Dash saved his partner. Chad hit a Crossbody but Dash rolled through. Frog Splash by the now-legal Dawson. Could be–might be–

Sunset Flip but Chad escaped. They fought over the Backslide. It broke downand Roode rolled over Chad. Dawson’s foot was on the ropes but the ref didn’t see it.

Your Winners: The Glorious Ones
Raw Score: 92

We got another look at the stars coming to the WWE main rosters: Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery, Nikki Cross, and EC3.

Elias was introduced. The crowd got into his musical number, as did I. Elias cried about how fast he has become a star in 2018. He so reminds me of a young Savage. Elias put himself in the Royal Rumble and swore he will win it. He then started talking trash about Baron Corbin. Elias was cut off by the arrival of Baron Corbin. Baron said no one wanted to hear another mind-numbing number by Elias. Corbin tooted his own horn about being a great General Manager (in Training). Baron demanded respect from the crowd and from Elias. Corbin put himself in the Royal Rumble, as well. Elias told Corbin to shut his Mouth.

Elias vs Baron Corbin


The two went wild on each other. Elias flew off the ropes to drop Baron, who was on the floor. Break.

Elias tried to fight out of a Keylock but took a knee. Baron threw Elias out onto the apron and then knocked him down to the arena floor. Baron ran Elias into the ring barrier. Elias punched away as they got back in the ring. Baron went out and back in to hit a huge Clothesline. 2 count. Corbin screamed at the ref. Baron bashed Elias in the head, over and over. “You got Fired” rang out for Baron. Elias Kneed Baron in the face. Running Clothesline and hard right by Elias. Clothesline by The Drifter. Corner assault by Elias. Elias lifted Baron for an Electric CHair but had to settle for a Swinging Neckbreaker. Elias went up top and flew. He missed his target but took a wicked punch to the jaw. Elias was thrown into the ring post. End of Days!

Your Winner: Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 83

Dean Ambrose cut a promo, backstage.

Paul Heyman was outside Brock Lesnar’s dressing room. Brock will confront Braun Strowman, next.

For all of you, in and around the North Texas area, Big Al’s in Waxahachie will be presenting Extreme Midget Wrestling on Thursday night. I will be in the front row, covering this fun show for 1Wrestling.com. You can look them up on Facebook or their website, ExtremeMidgetWrestling.com. Going to be a lot of fun on The Square in downtown Waxahachie, Texas.

Braun Strowman came out without any bandages on his injured elbow. Braun did an Elvis-like snarl into the camera and yelled for Brock to come out. Heyman stumbled over the promo, from the Tron. Paul said there would be no face-to-face confrontation between Braun and his client. Paul said Brock would destroy Braun if Lesnar came to the ring, tonight. Braun called Brock “Beastie Boy” and then called him out. Braun felt Brock was hiding behind Heyman. Braun invited Brock to come get in his face. Braun accused Brock of being afraid of him. He called Lesnar a Coward. Braun said Brock wouldn’t make it to the Rumble if he had the guts to come out. Brock decided to see what Braun had. Paul freaked out as Lesnar strolled towards the Gorilla Position.

Brock’s music went off and Lesnar came out bathed in red and yellow lights. Braun didn’t back up a step. Paul stayed in the back. Brock circled the ring but didn’t commit. Brock then headed up the ramp to leave. Braun got on the stick and ordered Les nar to turn around. Braun promised to leave Royal Rumble as the new Universal Champion.

Jindar Mahal and Alicia Fox and the Singh Brothers were in the ring. Fox tried to get everyone to meditate before Mahal fought Apollo Crews. Mahal was offended that some of the people in the crowd and insulted several people.

Jindar Mahal and Alicia Fox vs Apollo Crews and Ember Moon
Mixed Tag Team Match


The men started the match. Corner Shoulders by Mahal. Float Over and Flip by Crews. Universal into a Crossbody. Crucifix Backslide gave Apollo a two count. Flying Back Elbow by Crews. Tag to Fox

Ember with a wild Dropkick and the Eclipse! Done deal.

Your Winners: Ember Moon and Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 80

I so want to see Asuka vs Ember Moon at Wrestlemania!

A Moment of Bliss (sigh)

I really hate these talk shows. The only one worth a darn was Piper’s Pit. All the rest are just pretenders to the throne. Ok, I’ll get down off my soapbox.

Bliss insulted Orlando and then pushed her new show. Bliss demanded coffee and quickly dispatched the guy who brought it out. We saw a highlight video of the career of Ronda Rousey. Bliss then brought out the Women’s champ, Rousey. Bliss asked Ronda to discuss her past, present and future. Ronda wanted to face…Sasha Banks…for the Women’s title. Bliss thought Ronda meant her.

Nia Jax came out and poked fun at both of them. Jax said she wasn’t her best, the last time they fought. Jax wanted a rematch. Sasha came out to stop Nia’s rant. Banks was honored by Ronda’s words. Nia let us know she was a 300.5 pound Samoan. Sasha challenged Nia to fight her to see who gets Ronda. Jax just sat down. Nia said she was not ready. Off to break time.

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax
Number One Contender Match


Bayley and Tamina were at ringside. Banks slid under the ropes to jump on Nia. Didn’t get her anywhere. Baseball Slide Dropkick to Nia’s chest. Sasha with a hard Dropkick to pull a two. Guillotine by Sasha. Jax turned it into a Vertical Suplex. Corner Splash by the big Samoan. Banks with a Jumping Knee but Nia hit Sasha in the face. Bayley and Tamina got into it. Sasha then attacked Tamina nd Nia Gorilla Pressed Sasha and walked around. She dropped Banks on an equipment case. The ref started his count. Sasha slid in around 8. Sit Out Powerbomb by Nia to get a two plus. Break.

Nia had Sasha in a Torture Rack but Banks escaped. Kicks and Jawbreaker by Banks. Facebuster off the corner. 2 count only. Running Knee Strike by Banks. Sasha climbed the ropes and hit Metora to get so close to a win. Modified BankStatement. Jax powered up and tried for the Facebreaker. She didn’t get that but did hit the Samoan Drop. 2, one more time.

Huge Biel and Corner Splash by Nia. Sasha barely avoided the Super Samoan Drop. Samoan Drop onto the top turnbuckle. Nasty. Jax missed the Leg Drop. Tamina went for a cheap shot but Bayley attacked her. I see these two teams in the finals for the tag titles, down the road. Nia ran into the post, accidentally. Ring Apron Rana didn’t go so well for Sasha or Nia. Banks hit the floor hard. BankStatement!

Your Winner (By Submission): Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 85

Dean psyched himself up, as did Seth. They were set to go to war…next!

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Intercontinental Title

This year is the 40th anniversary of the secondary title. Seth jumped Dean, on the floor. They got in the ring to start the match and quickly went to the floor. Seth just annihilated his former tag partner. Suicide Dive and a pin attempt gave Seth a two. La Bandera to send Dean out intothe crowd. Seth chased after Dean and they ended up in the equipment area. Dean ran away from his challenger. They went backstage. Seth smacked Dean in the back and threw him into some ladders. Seth missed with a snow shovel. Seth punched away and slammed Dean into various items. Dean dropped Seth on some storage cases and almost got the pin.

Dean threw a ladder into Seth and tried for another pin. He failed and we went to break.

Dean and Seth were up in the crowd. Dean tried to rip Seth’s face apart like a zombie going after fresh meat in a George A. Romero film. I miss George. Seth punched Dean in the face. Seth jumped off a railing and almost pinned the champ. Straight right to Dean’s nose. Seth threw Dean over the barricade into the ringside area. Seth tossed Dean into the barricade. Dean pushed Seth away and grabbed a chair. He wore out Seth with it and pulled a two count. The fans called for tables. Dean pulled back the protective padding and then beat Seth senseless with shot after shot to the face. Seth converted Dirty Deeds into a Back Body Drop. Dean poked Seth in the eyes and went up top. Rope Run Superplex into a Buckle Bomb by Seth. Superkick to the jaw by Rollins. Curb Stomp! Bobby Lashley dragged Seth to the outside nad assaulted the challenger. Dominator! Lashley set for it and then nailed the Spear! Dean crawled over towards Seth. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Score: 84

Lio got a table for Lashley. Bobby and Dean sat it up for Rollins. Bobby Chokeslammed Seth through the table.

EMW: Thrusday is going to be fun
Jean: I love you


–Jay Shannon

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