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The Raw Score
A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“The best of any gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other”–Burton Hills
It’s the week before Christmas and all through the “house”, wrestlers are shaking in their boots because Vinny Mac is coming to town. Grin. Vince McMahon is there to “Shake things up”. Who will be the GM, since Baron Corbin got pinned by Braun Strowman (with a little help from his friends).  Will we see some roster changes…ala Nia Jax goes to Smackdown to battle Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair comes to Raw to deal with Ronda Rousey? Yes, my mind has been working overtime on this one. Well, let’s kick back, stir the marshmallows in our hot cocoa, and wait for all the craziness to kick in.
I want to start with a special shout out to my two very best friends in the Universe: Summy (no, not THAT Sunny) and her hubby, Rey. They called to check on me, this afternoon. We are planning a nice double date, that will inclucde Jean, for us to hear one of the best bands in Texas, Desperado. Plus, the four of us have plans to enjoy Extreme Midget Wrestling, here in Waxahachie. Smile.
We are in Sac! Vince McMahon came out to a MONSTER POP! Vince looked darn good for a man in his 70s. Vince didn’t want any boos but he got them. Vince said he couldn’t run things all by himself, anymore. He brought out Stephanie McMahon. The two hugged, warmly. Vince asked the crowd to be nice to his daughter. He then brought Triple H to the ring. Cool! HHH looked dapper as all get out in his dark suit. He’s lost some serious weight. Vince even hugged his son-in-law. To add to it all, Shane McMahon joined the party.   All we need is Linda for a full Family Reunion.
Stephanie admitted they haven’t been doing a good job of listening to the audiences. That changes tonight. It was time for a Fresh Start. HHH said the four of them would be taking back Raw and Smackdown, both. HHH said the fans would get what THEY want, new and fresh ideas, faces, match ups, etc… Vince finished up by saying it would be Now and Forever.
Baron Corbin strolled out to see where things stand. He got booed like crazy. Baron looked forward to a fresh new start. Stephanie made sure Baron understand he was being booed. Baron tried to suck up to the McMahon Clan but it didn’t work. Baron whined that what happened to him, last night, was not fair.  Baron wanted a conversation. We would get that, after the break.
Ok , WWE, if you want to give us fans what WE want…cut back on the long-winded talk segments and give us MORE action. Bring back Bray Wyatt. Get Lars Sullivan out there.
The crowd hated Baron and shouted him down. HHH mocked Baron for not being able to talk over the crowd. Stephanie got the crowd to be even louder against Corbin. Grin. Baron was ticked that no one has respect for him.  This was getting down right silly.  Baron said it was not his fault if the roster could not live up to his standards. Corbin whined about how a good half dozen guys beat the stuffing out of him. HHH knew Baron wanted to be reconsidered as General Manager.  Baron really pushed himself. THe McMahons went into a huddle to discuss it. All four felt there was “No Chance in Hell” that Baron would get the job…unless… he wins his match, tonight. The match is against…Kurt Angle!
Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle
General Manager Spot on a Pole Match (wait, no pole)
Stephanie also added a Guest Referee…Heath Slater! Kurt piunched and kicked away. Baron Hard Whip sent Baron to the corner and us to commercials.
Kurt was down as we returned. HHH came out to mention it was NOW a Handicap Match. He added…The Glorious Ones and Apollo Crews! Dang!
Roode, Crews and Gable beat down on Baron. They threw him into Kurt. Hat Trick Germans. Tag to Chad Gable.  German Suplex. Tag to Roode. Power Twins Whip to the corner. Tag to Crews. Step Up Enziguri. Baron bailed out and tried to run away. He was caught and brought back. Heath checked on a turnbuckle, so the four men could do their best to destroy Baron.
Shane came out and mentioned he forgot to mention it was a No-DQ match. Heath attacked Corin and their was a Chair Shot-a-THon by the four men onto Baron. Glorious Neckbreaker/Moonsault. Frog Splash by Crews. Kurt dropped the straps. AngleSlam. 1-2-3.
Your Winners: Chad Gable, Bobby Roode, Heath Slater, Kurt Angle, Apollo Crews…and the McMahon Clan
Raw Score: 70 out of a possible 100
The guys went and got a table. AngleSlam!
John Cena got the Muhammed Ali Legacy Award, last week. Nice acceptance speech. I appreciate Cena for the person he puts out there for all to see.
Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler
We saw the confrontation between Dolph and Finn, at TLC.  Dolph attacked Finn, during an interview.
Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Side Headlock by Dolph. Takeover by Ziggler. Push Off. Universal into a pair of Deep Arm Drags by Finn. SNap Mare and kick by Balor.  Wicked Dropkick by the Irish Warrior, Balor. Break time.
Finn rolled through a Sunset Flip. Finn seemed to injure his leg. Flying Forearm by Finn. Double Stomp by Balor. Dolph blocked the Sling Blade and almost go a two count on the reversal. Finn with a Last Cut Elbow Drop. Sling Blade. Shotgun Dropkick was turned into a Jumping DDT by Dolph.  Enziguri by Finn. Balor got caught on the top and pulled down. Ran into the corner….Zig Zag! Could be…might be…Denied.
Drew McIntyre rushed down to the ring. Dolph and then Finn took the fight to Drew. Famouoser brought Dolph a two. Dolph set for the Superkick but fell to a Sling Blade. Drew got in the ring and attacked both men.
Your Winner: No COntest
Raw Score: 73
Drew threw Finn out of hte ring and then hit the Claymore on Dolph.  Claymore to Finn, on the floor. I smell a Triple Threat in the making. That is how I would book it.
WE saw the Intercontinental title belt and its new owner, Dean Ambrose. Dean started out to the ring. What would he have to say?
Deam’s very annoying new theme hit. I freaking HATE sirens. Dean had hls SWAT team with him. Renee Young liked that her hubby had the white belt. Dean crawled between the ropes as the guards surrounded the ring to protect the new IC champ. I’m wondering if one of them just MIGHT be the former champ?
Dean demanded respect from “the vermin”. Dean reminded them that he called it for TLC. Dean said Seth choked and failed. Dean promised to take EVERYTHING from Seth Rollins, including his reputation and his career. Dean ordered Seth to come out and say that Ambrose was right.
Seth didn’t come out. Dean issued an Open Challenge to face Dean…but not for the belt. Still no Seth. Dean talked trash about Seth. Dean had another idea. Dean did an Open Challenge to anyone OTHER than Seth for the IC strap.
Tyler Breeze vs Dean Ambrose
Intercontinental Open Challenge Match
Tyler threw punches and kicks on the new champ. Dropkick and La Bandera Clothesline to send Dean out to the floor. Commercials, again.
Dean stomped away on Breeze.  2 count. Rear Chin Lock by Ambrose. Tyler tried to get up but Dean took him down, hard. Knee Strike and clubbing blows by the champ. Jumping Enziguri by Breeze. Rana into a near fall by Breeze.  Dean hit the corner and Prince Pretty nailed the Beauty Shot. Breeze headed up top and hit a Crossbody. 1-2-Kick Out. Dean couldn’t believe how he was getting nailed. Dean escaped the Unprettier and aniled Dirty Deeds.
Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Score: 75
Dean got on the stick and rambled on. Seth ROllins’ music hit. Dean ordered his group to protect him. One of the SWAT guys WAS  Seth. The other three tried to protect Dean but failed.  Dean scooted up the ramp to stay safe.
Shane was interviewed. He said a lot of new faces would show up. Drake Maverick brought in the AoP. Drake wanted the belts returned to the AoP. Shane said there would be no automatic rematch. Shane said AoP would face the B Team, the Revival and Lucha House Party. The winner of that four team battle will get a future title shot at the Glorious Onces.
We get to meet the new crew. My favorite is Nikki Cross. That woman is hott that the Vegas Sidewalk in mid-Augest.  Lars Sullivan is the biggest name making the jump from NXT.  In addition, we will also be seeing: Lacey Evans, Heavy Machinery,  and EC3! Oh, heck yeah!
“Catfish” Lio Rush introduced “Almighty” Bobby Lashley. Bobby had a guitar. It was all busted up. They showed a still of Bobby breaking the guitar over Elias’ back, at TLC. Lio mocked Elias by doing Elias’ “Silence your cell phones” bit.
Instead of playing the ax, Bobby showed off his pecs.  Yawn! Lio drew cheap heat by bashing the Sac. Kings. Lio had Bobby show off his butt, as if ANYONE wants to see it.
Elias then made an appearance. He cracked Bobby in the back of the head with a different guitar. Elias then bailed out and talked trash from the ramp. Those two will likely square off in the Royal Rumble.
The Lucha House Party got Penelope and headed to the ring.
Sami Zayn is coming back to the WWE. I’d like to see him feud with Dean Ambrose. Can Kevin Owens be far behind?
The AoP vs The Revival vs the Lucha House Party vs The B Team
Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match to determine the Number Once Contenders to the Raw Tag Team Titles
We saw how The Glorious Ones won the tag straps. Glad to see Curtis Axel back, after the loss of his beloved Grandfather, Larry “The Ax” Hennig,
Axel  started against Lince Dorado.  Double team and Kalisto came in. Scott Dawson tagged Axel out and slapped Kalisto. Beatdown by Dawson who really reminds me of Arn Anderson. Dawson kept Kalisto away from the AoP corner. Fast tags all around. The AoP dominated Lince Dorado as Raw headed to break.
Gory Special on Lince. Dash stretched Lince, big time. Tag by Axel. Lethal Injection-like Cutter by Lince. Axel crawled to his corner. Tags to Dallas and Kalisto. Corkscreww Crossbody by Kalisto. Tornado DDT planted Bo Dallas. Dawson tagged out Kalisto.  Bo ran all over Dawson. Twisted Hangman Slam by Bo. Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by Kalisto. It broke down into complete chaos. The LHP were flipped over the ropes onto seveal opponents. Bo almost pinned Dawson with Roll Ups. Shatter Machine!
Your Winners: The Revival
Raw Score: 80
Seth Rollins was asked about his loss, on Sunday. He admitted it was a disaster. Seth said he had to own what happened and move forward. Seth needed to right the rails of his train. Baron Corbin came up to confront Seth Rollins. Baron kept poking Seth and said Dean was telling the truth about Seth. Baron taunted Seth and Rollins clocked him.
“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey came out. She still holds the Raw Women’s title, after a brutal fight against Nia Jax. Ronda also affected the Smackdown Women’s title match, as well.  Ronda was all smiles as the fans chanted for Becky Lynch. Ronda said she was going to take care of Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.
Ronda started talking about what a REAL champion is. Ronda threw out an open challenge. Stephanie brought out the entire female roster. She knew they all deserved a shot. Stephanie said the would have to face the winner of the 8-Woman Gauntlet Match…
Alicia Fox vs  Bayley
The Finish:
The girls went back and forth in this opening Gauntlet Battle. Belly to Back by Bayley. 2 count. Fox almost well to a Roll Up. Bayley and Fox traded hard punches. Hard Whip and 2 count by Fox. Fox slapped Bayley but got Hot Shotted in the corner. Bayley’s knee went out and Fox hit a Big Boot.  Bayley with a Roll Up.
Bayley vs Dana Brooke
Dana immediately tore into Bayley. Leg Scissors by Dana. Back Elbows by Bayley. Bayley arched back to almost get the win. Chop Block by Dana. Dana ran Bayley into the corner. Bayley collapsed on a Whip. ear fall. Rear ChinLock.  Bayley to Belly.
As I predicted, Kevin Owens is on his way back.
Bayley vs Mickie James
Neckbreaker by Mickie, aster a Whip. 2 count. Ronda watched from the back. Mickie choked Bayley on the ropes. Bayley avoided teh Skidmark. 2 count for Bayley. Spin Kick by Mickie. Roll Up by Bayley. Flapjack by James. Super Thesz Press by Mickie. The two went back and forth with pin attempts. Mick Kick by James but Bayley survived. Back Drop Suplex by Bayley. James kicked Bayley all the wy out of the ring. James missed the Baseball Slide Dropkick. Bayley slipped on the ropes.  Crossbody but she jammed her knee.  Bayley hit a Flying Knee. Bayley went up top. Savage Elbow! 1-2-Rope Grab by James.
Cutter by Bayley, in the ropes. Mickie blocked the Bayley to Belly. James kicked the bad knee. MickieDT.
Mickie James vs Ember Moon
James attacked Moon as she slidinto the ring. Deep Arm Drag and Sweep by Moon. Crossbody gave Ember a deuce. James kicked Moonbut Moon fought out of a Powerbomb. Mickie tripped her. Break time.
Moon planted Mickie just as Raw returned. The two traded hard shots.  Kicks by Moon. 2 again. Moon crashed into the corner. Mickie tried to use the ropes for a pin but got caught. Flapjack and Kip Up by James. Mickie went up top.  Moon hit a knee to Mickie’s face. Eclipse!
Ember Moon vs Natalya
Moon blocked the Sharpshooter and hit a SUperkick. Near fall. Modified Camel Clutch by Moon. Nattie Elbowed free. Abdominal Stretch variation by Moon. Moon hit a nice Suplex to pull another two count. Moon cracked Nattie in the chest. Discus Clothesline by Natalya. 2 count only. Moon got Rolled Up by Natalya.
Natalya vs Ruby Riott
Ruby had Natalya trapped in a Rear Chin Lock/Body Scissors. Nattie would not submit. Logan and Morgan were at ringside to cheer on their leader. Seated Guillotine by Ruby but Nattie powered up and Slammed Ruby. Running Clothesline by Natalya but Nattie was hurt, as well.
Ruby ran Natalya into the corner and kicked away. Roll Up by Nattie but Ruby hit a Clothesline. Cravat by Ruby. Knee to Nattie’s face. 2 count. Dropkick by Nattie. Clothesline by the third generation star. Snap Suplexes by Nattie. STO by Ruby to avoid the Discus Clothesline. Ruby headed up topbut missed a Reverse Senton. 3 count.
Natalya vs Sasha Banks
Banks kicked Nattie and hit a Clothesline and Dropkick.  Double Corner Stomp by Banks. Nattie ran Banks into the corner nad threw hard Shoulders. Nattie with a Roll Up when Sasha flew off teh ropes. Wild Spinning DDT by Banks. break time, again.
Both women were down. Nattie threw the leg down of Sasha and hit a Basement Dropkick. Banks blocked teh Sharpshooter. Backslide by Sasha.  Discus Clothesline by Nattie. 1-2-not just yet.  Sharpshooter! Sasha inched towards the ropes but Nattie drew her back in. Sasha fought towards the ropes. Nattie crashed, big time, into the corner. Single Leg Crab by Banks but Nattie would not submit. BankStatement. Nattie would not submit. German Throw by Natalya. Kick by Sasha to the shoulder. Meteor Knees by Banks for a Oh So Close Pin Attempt. Nattie held the ropes to avoid the Back Stabber. Nattie with a Flapjack. Sharpshooter! Tap Out!
Your Winner: Natalya
Raw Score: 90
Ronda Rousey came from the back to face her friend, who will battle next week. Ronda held Nattie’s arm high and then hugged her best buddy.Ronda offered her hand but Nattie was hesitant. They did shake and hugged. They headed to the back, together.
The announcers closed out the show by hyping the Christmas Eve show. It is going to be great.
Del and Paula: Thinking of You
Sunny and Rey: Mi Familia
Jean: I Love You
–Jay Shannon

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