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The Raw Score
A weekly recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“A Holiday isn’t a Holiday , without plenty of freedom and fun”–Louisa May Alcott
I want to send out a special thanks to my beloved Jean for inviting me and Mom to come hear her Christmas Concert, on Satyrday. So has me in the holiday spirit. Smile.
Welcome to H-Town, Houston, Texas. Smackdown was in town, last night, but I had other commitments. Heard it was an excellent show.
They started with a 10-Bell Salute for George H.W. Bush. So classy. Mom wants to go to his service, near College Station, on Thursday, but I have Dialysis and Hyperbaruc Therapy. The three of us, including Jeannie, send out love to the Bush Family.
Ronda Rousey came out to rock the house. I want to see Joan Jett at Mania to sing Ronda to the ring.
Ronda Rousey and Natalya vs Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax
Corey Graves looked so dull in his black on black suit. Grin. The Sisters of Destruction (still searching for that elusive team name) waited as we got a flashback video. The Riott Squad came out with a table. The Islanders  attacked Ronda and Nattie. Ronda was yanked out of the ring.  The Riott Squad attacked  Nattie. This match never started. Morgan and Logan placed the table in position.  Ronda slid back in the ring but Tamina and NIa jumped her. Legdrop by Nia. Super Powerbomb sent Natalya through the table after Ruby hit a Superkick.  All the heels headed up the ramp, laughing.
Your Winner: No Match
Raw Score: N/A
Ronda and Natalya were walking backstage. Nattie had a really hurt elbow and ribs. Ronda looked ready to kill.
Alexa Bliss strutted out to the ring. Chairs were set up in the ring. We were going to have to endure ANOTHER Q and A with Sasha and Bayley. I adore Bayley but this is such a waste of time.
The Open Forum
Bayley was curious where Mickie James, Dana Brooks and Alicia Fox were hiding.  The questions started with someone asking about Sasha using Bayley. Sasha made fun of the question. The girls then said they would love to battle Trish and Lita at Wrestlemania. They were then asked about Super Powers. Bayley use that to take a shot at Alexa. Bayley stated that she and Sasha wanted to be the first WWE Women’s tag champions (Jumping Bomb Angels, Glamour Girls, etc…. be forgotten)
Alicia Fox and Mickie James vs Sasha Banks and Bayley
Raw is now doing the insert video during commercials. Hate that. Bayley hurt her knee when flying into the corner.  Tag to Fox. Alicia stomped away and nailed  a Northern Lights Suplex to pull a two. Rear Chin Lock by Fox. Dana stayed out at ringside for this one. Bayley was slammed into Mickie’s boot. Running Boot by James. Mickie with a Rear Chin Lock but Bayley fought up. Double Team on Bayley. Tag to Fox. Miscommunication and Mickie got kicked by her partner. Tag to Sasha.
Banks re into Fox with Dropkicks and straight kicks. BankStatement. Mickie made the save. James took the tag but got waffled by Banks. Mickie with a kick to the face. Bayley took out  Fox and Dana with Suplexes. Mickie laid out Bayley.  Back Stabber into the Bayley to Belly (Bayley had tagged in).
Your Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks
Raw Score: 80 out of a possible 100
We saw highlights of how Drew McIntyre tore through the roster, in the past few weeks.
Alexa walked backstage until Ronda got up in her face. Alexa sent the Riott Squad home. Ronda wanted to fight Tamina and Nia, tonight. Bliss said she would find Ronda a new tag partner. Ronda declined and said she would find her own teammate. This should be good.
Raw ran a video package about the rise of Baron Corbin in management. Yawn.
The Glorious Ones came up to Baron to demand a rematch. Bobby was upset that Drake disrespected the robe. Baron put Bobby against Drake Maverick. If Bobby wins, the Glorious Ones get a tag title shot.
Scott Dawson vs Lucha House Party
Lucha House Rules
The pinatas are now Penelope, Gotdo (fat one) and Feo (ugly one). Yes, I remember some high school Spaish.
Scott did his best to take on the trios. Quick tags back and forth. Scott barely survived the opening flurry. Wicked Clothesline by Dawson and Legdrop, Elbow Drop and such on Lince Dorado. Gory Special by Scott. Scott prevented the tag but only for a moment. Dash Wilder was taken out. Lince with a Crossbody. Kalisto with Solena Del Sol. Gran Metallik hit the Senton.
Your Winners: T he Lucha House Party
Raw Score: 68
Corbin was in his office. he was brought something that mad ehim smile. It was something for Drew, or so it appeared.
Drew McIntyre Appreciation Ceremony
Baron Cobrin knew Braun Strowman would have to forfeit their match at TLC. Baron talked about the thorns in his side, which were all taken out by Drew McIntyre. Baron sent it to a video package about Drew.
Baron then brought out Drew McIntyre. I want to see him battle Brock Lesnar. PLEASE!  Drew wo;; batt;e Finn Balor, in 2 weeks, at TLC. Baron thanked Drew for his hard work and support. Baron gave Drew a gold medal called the Raw Gold Medal of Excellence. Drew thanked Baron for the generous gift but said he was just doing what he was there to do. Drew grumbled anout others not having the fire, anymore. Drew said he was ready to rebuild Raw in his own image. Drew talked trash about Finn Balor.
Drew was cut off by the arrival of Dolph Ziggler. What is up with this? Face Turn for Dolph?  Dolph was confused why he was left off the video packages. Dolph didn’t understand why he was being left behind. Drew said Dolph was never invited. Drew joked about Dolph’s height. Drew said he was the whole Damn Packageof their team. Drew cut ties with Dolph. Drew admitted he used Dolph to get to where he is now. Drew then tried to dismiss Dolph but Ziggler wasn’t going anywhere. Dolph  attacked Drew….ZIg Zag! Baron was so ticked off. He forced  Dolph to return to fight.
Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler
Drew just annihilated Dolph. Dolph was flipped over the ring ropes by way of a Slingshot. Drew hoisted Dolph on his shoulder, climbed the ring steps and dumped Dolph in the ring. Drew stomped away and clamped on an Arm Bar. Dolph tried to get up but Drew used the hair to bring Ziggler down. Dolph attacked Drew’s knee and then threw Knife Edge Chops. Drew blocked a Jumping DDT and tossed Dolph aside. Drew hit Knife Edge Chops that sent Dolph to the floor. Drew said he was going too easy on Dolph.  Drew rammed Dolph’s back into the apron, the barricade and then the floor.
Drew sent Dolph sailing with a hard Chop. Finn Balor came out to watch this one. Drew looked confused as Raw went to break.
Dolph opened up with Knife Edge Chops. Back Elbow by Ziggler. Dolph rarely held his own. That was until the Alabama Slam to Dolph. 1-2-not just yet. Drew was distracted by Fin Balor. Drew put Dolph on the top rope. He chopped and punched away. Dolph blocked the Superplex. Drew caulght Dolph but still Ziggler hit the DDT. Could be….might be….denied.
Dolph flipped Drew over the top rope. Ziggler with a Flying Clothesline off the apron. Knife Edge Chop. Drew fought right back with the Glasgow Kiss. Drew Crotched Dolph over the barricade. Finn took out Drew with a Dropkick when the ref got knocked down. The ref started to count.  Drew slid in at 9.  Superkick by Dolph.
Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Score: 92
Elias was ready to address the attack of last week.
Drew stormed backstage. Drew said Dolph was never a friend, only an asset. Drew said he was about  to get even more twisted than before. Drew said Finn was now a marked man.
Elias came out to perform. Sweet! He is so good on the guitar. He is now Jeannie’s favorite wrestler. Elias wanted to find Bobby Lashley but “The Almighty” was hiding from him. Elias knew their was fear inside Lashley. Elias will battle Lashley, at TLC.  “Catfish” Lio Rush interrupted to  introduce Lashley. Lio had Bobby do some posing. Elias stormed up the ramp only to get attacked. Elias ran Bobby into the video wall. Elias chased Lio away. Bobby ran backsage to avoid a guitar shot.  Lio got tossed on the stage by Finn.  Elias cracked Rush with the guitar. Awesome.
Jindar Mahal and his gang tried to calm Baron Corbom down. Mahal asked to fight Finn Balor. Baron brought in Rhyno and Heath Slater. Baron said there was only room for one of them on Raw. Baron put Heath vs Rhyno….winner stays on Raw.
We saw highlights of the first TLC match.
“Glorious” Bobby Roode vs Drake Maverick
Roode lost his robe, last week, when Drake tickled on it. Bobby popped Drake in the face, over and over. He also threw in some kicks. In the back, Akum and Razar attacked Chad Gable.  Corbin added the AoP to this match. Bobby bashed Drake’s ribs.  Questionable kick. Roode DDT but Akum and Razar broke it up. Roode was thrown into the ring post. Razar clubbed away at Roode. Tag to Akum. Double Team stomp by the tag champs. Chad Gable limped down to the rint. Chad attacked both members of AoP.  Akum and Razar crushed Chad and then Bobby. Super Collidor. Drake demanded the tag. 1-2-3.
Your Winners: Akum, Razar and Drak Maverick
Raw Score: 50
Dean Ambrose was ready to speak his mind, next.
John Cena won this year’s Muhammed Ali Legacy Award. Congrats.
Dean Ambrose and six bodyguards came out to the most annoying entrance the,e somce Scott Steiner. Dean was wearing a gas mask. Dean sounded like Daeth Vader in the gas mask. He was hard to understand. Dean needed protection from the diseases and from Seth Rollins. Dean called Seth “Needy and emotional”. Dean felt Seth had “weak character”. The fans chanted for Seth, who did not come out. Dean promised that Seth would lose control, at TLC.
Seth came out of nowhere to attack Dean. Seth flipped Dean over the ropes and then took out the SWAT team guys. Seth chased after Dean and they fought in the crowd.  Seth got the better of that exchange.  Dean cracked Seth with one of the gas masks. Dirty Deeds…on the floor. Dean had Seth tossed into the ring. Another Dirty Deeds.
Nia and Tamina were interviewed. Ronda’s new partner will be Ember Moon. Nia thought it was a shame that Charlie wasn’t the partner.  Nia talked all kinds of trash about Moon. Nia brought up the Facebreaker incident to Becky.
Rhyno vs Heath Slater
Loser Leaves Raw
Rhyno jumped Heath and went to town on him.  Short Arm Clothesline by Rhyno. Knife Edge CHop by Rhyno. Corner Shoulder Attack by Rhyno. Neckbreaker by Heath Slater.
Your Winer: Heath Slater
Raw Score: 50
Baron applauded Heath for his win. Slater wanted to help Rhyne. Baron turned Heath into a ref.
Jindar Mahal (w/Singh Brothers) vs Finn Balor
Mahal ran Finn into the corner. Finn ducked Jindar and cracked the Indian star. Back Elbow by Mahal. Grinding Side Headlock by Mahal. Hot Shot over the ropes. Corey gets bonus points for his Beastmaster reference. Break time.
Mahal was in complete control. Finn with double boots and a Flying Forearm. Running Knife Edge Chop. Double Stomp by Finn. Big Boot  by Mahal. Sling Blade after a Step Up Enziguri. Shotgun Dropkick.  Singh Brothers got involved as Finn was pushed off the ropes. Apollo Crews rushed down to take out the Singhs. Mahal took out Crews but Finn hit a Flip Dive. Shotgun Dropkick. Coup de Grace!
Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 78
Finn was interviewed, backstage. Drew McIntyre jumped Finn and pounded away. Drew backed off but the damage was done. Drew came back for another round of violence.  Finn’s elbow was bleeding.
We saw another video package for Lars Sullivan. Sullivan vs Lesnar!
Nia Jax and Tamina vs Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon
Ronda stormed down to the ring. She was ready to kick butt, big time. The Sultry Savages jumped Ronda as Ember rushed down to help. Code Breaker by Ember to Nia. Thrust Kick by Ronda. The Sultry Savages were taken down by Ronda and Ember. Break time.
Nia Bieled Ember and then tagged in Tamina. Hard punches by Tamina. Moon with a Deep Arm Drag. Tag to Ronda. Ronda used the leg to throw down Tamina. Tag. DDT by Moon. Handspring Splash by Moon. Supekick by Tamina on the distraction by Nia. Knee Strikes and kicks by Tamina. Tag to Nia, who bashed the ribs of Moon.  Headbutt by Nia. Jax mocked Ronda and locked in a modified Cobra Clutch. Moon Elbowed out and hit a Jawbreaker. Nia powered up Moon but Ember hit a Rana. Nia cracked Ronda. Double team on Moon.
Headbutt by Tamina. Hammer Throw by Tamina. Tamina ran into Nia. Enziguri by Moon. Tag! Ronda went to town with Clotheslines and Knee Strikes. Ronda demanded that Nia tag in. Tamina did just that. Nia did not look happy about it. Quick tag back out. Really? Ronda flipped Nia into the ring. . Tamina tried to attack but got her butt handed to her. Body Step Thrust Kick. That was sweet as all get out. Roll Up by Tamina but she only got a two. Eclipse! Fujiwara Arm Breaker. Tap!
Your Winners (by Submission): Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon
Raw Score: 80
President Bush: All my respect. May you have an eternity with your beloved, Barbara.
Ken Berry: Thanks for the laughs
Bert: Missed you on Sunday
Jean: I Love You
–Jay Shannon

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