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The Raw Score
A Recap and Review of Monday Night Raw
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“Karma: Life’s little way of saying–See how you like it”–Anonymous
It is my great honor to welcome my new companion to the Raw Score. No, it’s not my beloved, Jean. It is my new German Sheppard pup, Kharma. Yes, she is named after the larger -than-life lady wrestler also known as Awesome/Amazing Kong. Thanks to Mom and my sister, Lucy, for an early CHristmas present of this rowdy 2 -month old.
We are well on our way to TLC. A few matches are already set and more are on the way.
Baron COrbin, Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush and Drew McIntyre were in the ring. Baron got a massive boo chorus from the Wisconsin crowd. Baron hassled the crowd for bad eating habits during the Turkey Day festivities. He then crowed about being a great Acting General Manager. Lashley was thankful that he could take what he wants. Drew was thankful for the beating that they all gave to Braun Strowman, last week. Baron reshowed the ending of last week’s Six Man Match. Braun’s elbow was shattered in the attack. Baron knew that most people would expect Braun to be out for a very long time. They sent it to a video package showing how banged up Braun’s arm was. Braun said his doctor had never seen an injury like what he has. Braun threatened all the men in the ring. He wished them Happy Holidays but warned that when he returned, Drew, Bobby and Baron would “Get These Hands”.Baron was not impressed. The lights went out and then Elias showed up. I really like the Face Turn. He played an excellent guitar rift and then went off on the men in the ring. Elias felt anyone, even Lio Rush or Drake Maverick, would be better than Baron Corbin. Elias was set to face “Bobby Trash-ley”. Elias made serious fun of Lashley with his newest tune “Bobby Lashley Sucks”! Lashley was NOT amused. Elias strolled down towards the ring for the opening contest…right after this.
Bobby Lashley vs Elias
The rest of Lashley’s buddies were still at ringside. Bobby moved Elias into the corner and flexed. Knife Edge Chops by Elias. Kitchen Sink by Bobby. Corner Shoulders by Bobby. Swinging Neckbreaker gave “The Almighty” a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Lashley. Elias was thrown down with a Waist Lock as The Drifter got to his feet. Bobby went right back to the Rear Chin Lock.
Elias Elbowed Free. Univesal and Elias kicked Bobby. Baseball Slide Dropkick to Lashley and crew. Baron urged Bobby to get back in the ring. Hot Shot to Elias. Chest Stomp by Lashley. Bobby pounded and stomped away. Short Arm Clothesline by Lashley. Back, again, to the Rear Chin Lock. Elias got free but took a knee. Back Elbow by Elias and Shotgun Dropkick. Moe Knife Edge Chops. Bobby tossed Elias to the outside. Drew McIntyre got up in Elias’ face. Bobby ran Elias into the corner post. Drew kept talking trash as we went to break.
Smackdown will be in the Dallas area, this Sunday. I will be passing as Sunday is Date Day/Night with my loving, Jean. Smile. We are planning to see the midget wrestling in January, here in Waxahachie.
Elias with a wicked Mule Kick. Elias unloaded on Bobby. Baron and everyone outside was tripping out. Jumping Knee Strike was the set up for the Savage Elbow. COuld be…might be…Denied. Lio Rush had yanked the ref outside. The Ref called for the bell. Baron said it was a no-DQ match, now.
Lashley jumped the distracted Elias. Corner Shoulder by Lashley. Bobby posed. Back Body Drop by Elias. Baron tried to attack, as did Drew. They got their butts handed to them. Baron Pearl Harbored Elias just before he went all Honky Tonk Man on Bobby with the guitar. Bobby stomped the guitar into oblivion. Baron assautled Elias with a steel chair. Drew drove Elias into the barricade and ring apron. He then tossed Elias to Bobby and Baron, who did the same. Claymore Kick. This is SO bogus. Drew pounded away. They moved the steps but threw him into the barricade. Drew slapped Elias in the face. Alabama Slam onto the ring steps. Bobby jogged around the ring and Speared Elias. Bobby pushed Elias in the ring and put on the Gator Roll. Bobby took time to pose.
Your Winner: “The Almighty” Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 65 out of a possible 100
Finn Balor will fight Baron Corbin, later on. The AoP will face the Glorious Ones for the titles. Seth Rollins is ready to bring back the Open Challenge. Plus, Dean Ambrose has a medical update.
So glad to hear my niece, Sarah, and her family got home safe to El Paso. We were blessed to have 4 generations of our family together for lunch, on Thanksgiving. Bless you all.
Baron was having a meltdown, backstage. He fired a techie who was only doing his job. Alexa Bliss, looking incredible, came up to praise Baron. She wanted to help the boss. She was ready to do anything to help. Baron put her in charge of the entire Women’s division. Renee Young wasn’t happy with that choice.
Michael Cole took us to a video package of the war between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.
Dean showed off three nasty sores on his arm. Dean knew Seth felt he was safe. Next week, Dean will be on Raw. Dean called the fans “vermin”. He continued with insults. Dean said he was getting several vaccines, including one for rabies. Raw will be in Houston, next week. Dean didn’t like the big needle stuck in his hiney. Dean said he would Seth out of his misery, at TLC.
Corey was wearing the ugliest suit, ever. It was like Elmer Fudd at the prom.
Lucha House Party (w/Penelope) came out just as Mom brought in Taco Cabana food for dinner. Time for a quick snack as Raw did more commercials.
Lord Help Me, the puppy wants my taco. Grin.
John Cena is in Bumblebee, the latest Transformers movie. No wonder my nieces were convinced I would want to see. I would prefer Bohemian Rhapsody. Maybe me and Jean can do that on Date Night. Smile.
Lucha House Party vs The Revival
Lucha House Rules
The Finish:
Dash and Dawson talked lack of respect by the Luchas.
Salinas Del Sol, Shooting Star Senton and Moonsault to give the Luchas the win.
Your Winners: Gran Metallik, Lince Dorado and Kalisto
Raw Score: 60
We saw how Nia Jax got her nicknake “Facebreaker”. Nia is coming out to give a History Lesson, next.
Bayley and Sasha Banks were pushing WWEShop.com.
I so want the new John Legend Christmas Album.
Michael Cole brought up the bidding war ove Lars Sullivan, The Freak. I want to see him demolish Brock Lesnar!
Nia Jax walked out with her “Cousin”, Tamina. Nia drew heat when she bragged about how great she is. Nia crowed about breaking Becky Lynch’s face and putting her out with a concussion. Nia was confident she would take the title from Ronda Rousey, at TLC. Nia showed highlights of her brutal beating of Ronda, way back at Money in the Bank. Nia then showed stills and video of Ronda’s destruction at the hands of Charlotte Flair, at Survivor Series. Nia mocked Ronda’s “True Champion” speech. Nia said the top of the mountain belongs to her…
Ronda’s music hit and the Rowdy One came out in kitt and Piper leather jacket. Ronda gave Nia credit for her success at the Battle Royal. Ronda said Nia’s luck has run out. She promised to rip Nia’s arm off at TLC. Ronda challenged Nia to go after her title…right here….right now! The fans thought it was a great idea but Nia declined. Nia knew she COULD beat Ronda but she had just washed Becky’s blood off her hands. Nia said she and Tamina had a hot Double Date!
Natlaya stormed down to the ring but got Pearl Harbored by the Riott Squad.
We saw a review of hot Drake Maverick “wet himself” at Survivor Series. The Glorious Ones won a Non-Title Match, last week. This week, they go for the straps. Drake talked about the real fear he experienced, at the hands of Big Show. Drake promised Fear in the hearts of the Glorious Ones.
Total Divas will look at the death of Jim Neidhart, this week. I had the honor to work with Jim, in Reno, many years ago. That laugh was SO contagious.
Well, Kharma has made her first commentary on Monday Night Raw. When Ronda came out, my little pup’s tail went into overdrive. Not sure if it was her or Joan Jett’s music. Grin.
The AoP (w/Drake Maverick), Akum and Razar vs The Glorious Ones (Bobby Roode and Chad Gable)
Tag Team Title Match
Chad and Bobby did a quick promo before heading to the ring. I have been joking with Jean about getting me a Roode robe for Christmas. She just laughed and said “You would so wear that around your place and mine”. YEPPERS!
Akum and Roode opened thisone. Drake took Roode’s robe to distract Bobby. Hard Whip to Roode. Knife Edge Chops and a Sunset Flip attempt by Roode. Akum blocked a Whip. Drake showed off the robe as Chad got the tag. Missile Dropkick. Razar tagged in and laid out Chad with a hard Clothesline. Arm Bar, over the ropes, by Chad. Drake took Roode’s robe and went backstage with it. Break it.
Chad got a vicious Back Elbow to the face. Roode got the tag but the AoP just brutalized him. Roode attacked the knee of Razar. Drake came on the Tron to mock Roode. Drake went to a toilet and stuffed the robe in and tickled on it. Wow, really? Bobby was beside himself as the urine continued to flow. Good grief. Bobby was pushed into Chad. The AoP hit their Double Team Finisher.
Your Winners: Akum and Razar, the AoP
Raw Score: 80
Bayley and Sasha chatted until Alexa came up to talk with them. Alexa set up an open forum. later on.
Ember Moon came out for the next match. She got stuck with Curt Hawkins, after the injury to Braun Strowman. Talk about a bad trade.
Finn Balor cut a quick promo. Finn knew Baron was culling the herd, so to speak. Finn knew he might be risking his career but he knew it would be risking it…if he didn’t.
Ember Moon (w/Curt Hawkins) vs Alicia Fox (w/ Jindar Mahal and the Singh Brothers).
The Finish:
Running Boot by Fox to score a near fall. Rolling Neckbreaker by Alicia. Alexa watched from the back. Rear Chin Lock by Fox. Ember Elboewed out. Sleeper by Fox but Moon did a Roll to break it. Back Elbow and Tornado Suplex by Ember. Eclipse!
Your Winner: Ember Moon
Raw Score: 70
No Way Jose cameout with the Conga Line. I love it. Jindar was set to face Jose, next.
No Way Jose vs Jindar Mahal
Mahal bashed and battered Jose, to open. Mahal did some meditation. Jose popped Jindar in the face. Float Over and Dropkick by Jose. Roll Up gave Jose a two count. Mahal stomped away on Jose. Modified Cobra Clutch by Mahal. Mahal threw Jose into the ropes and bashed him in the face. Knee Drops to Jose’s face, over and over. Suplex drew a two for Mahal. Rear Chin Lock by the former WWE Champ, Mahal. Jose tried to get to his feet but Mahal forced him back down.
Jose punched free and hit the boots. Crossbody by Jose. Running Clothesline and Back Elbow led to a Hip Toss. Hot Shot into Jindar’s finisher.
Your Winner: Jindar Mahal
Raw Score: 65
Well, my partner has tapped out. She is only 2 months old.
Seth Rollins Open Challenge
Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler
INntercontinental Title Match.
Seth cut a scathing promo against his former buddy, Dean Ambrose. Seth said someone needed to come out and face him, now. Dolph mocked Seth as he accepted the challenge.
Go Behind by Seth. They ended up in the ropes. Single Leg by Dolph but Seth turned into a Full Nelson. Hammerlock by the IC Champ. Side Headlock by Ziggler. Push Off into a Universal. Wild Hip Toss and La Bandera Clothesline by Seth. Commercial time.
Seth was down and hurt. Dolph had attacked the knee, during the break. Rolling Neckbreaker for a deuce. Kokina Clutch by Dolph. Dolph spun around to increase the pressure. Jawbreaker by Seth. Dolph with an amazing Dropkick. 1-2-not yet. Seth seemed so distracted. Dolph went back to the Kokina Clutch. Dolph reversed a Whip and hit a Back Elbow. Sleeper by Ziggler but he didn’t have it locked in deep.
Seth ws launched over the ropes as Raw went to another round of commercials, including that darn annoyring Chrisley family mess. I truly hte that stupid show.
Both men were down and stunned. Seth and Dolph traded punches. Seth won that one. Sling Blade by Rollins. Thrust Kick and Enziguri by Seth. Seth with a Springboard Crossbody. 2 plus on that count. Seth went back up top but got caught. Seth blocked the Superplex, multiple times. Famouser! 2 count!
Seth was hurt when he missed the Frog Splash. Seth avoided the Zig Zag and DDT. Roll Up by Dolph for a two. Sleeper by Dolph. Seth fell back to break it and then kicked Dolph between the eyes.
Seth Hulked Up as the crowd cheered him on. Superkick but Dolph avoided the Stomp. Zig Zag. How did Seth kick out? Dolph mocked the Tuning Up the Band stomps. Dolph talked serious trash and said Seth didn’t matter. Small Package for a two. DDT by Dolph. Ziggler headed up top. Rope Run Superplex into the Falcon Arrow.
Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Score: 85
The Open Forum
Alexa Bliss came out first. She bragged about her promotion. Bliss asked the fans to get their questions ready. She brought out her two guests. They took their seats as Bliss called for questions. This was one of the most boring segments in recent history. Sasha wanted to ship Alexa back to Smackdown. Alexa tried to drive a wedge between the teammates. It didn’t seem to work. Mickie James and Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke hit the ring and beat down on Sasha and Bayley. Bayley and Sasha cleaned house.
Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin
The Finish:
The momentum went back and forth. Corbin brutalized Finn, on the outside. He then stomped away on Balor. Baron popped Finn as Balor went for a Springboard move. 2 count. Wicked Clothesline by Corbin. Baron kicked at the kidneys of the Irishman. Neck Crimp by Baron. Double Stomp by Finn. Finn exploded with punches. Running Knife Edge Chop into the Sling Blade. Deep Six! 2 count.
DDT and Shotgun Dropkick. He missed the Coup de Grace. Baron converted the match to a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Baron brought out Drew McIntyre.
Finn went after both men. Shotgun Dropkick sent Baron into the Bullpen. Drew attacked from behind. Drew tossed Finn into the ring. Claymore Kick.
Your Winners: Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin
Raw Score: 65
Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush came out to join the party. Almighty Slam (Dominator). End of Days. Drew screamed at Finn that Balor was a boy in a man’s world. Claymore Kick.
I would call this group the Executive Committee ,
Kharma: Welcome Aboard
Joe: Glad you are feeling better
Bert: Thanks for being a great family friend
Jean: As always, I love you
–Jay Shannon (and Kharma)

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