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The Raw Score
A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “C andy Man” Jay Shannon
“A Dream is a Wish the Heart Makes”– Yvette Nicole Brown
Crown Jewel is in the books and the fan r eaction was deafening. Both the Universal Title Match and the World Cup Tournament were tainted, to say the least. D-X vs the Brothers of Destruction was definitely Match of the Night.
As we get started, I want to thank my best friends for a wonderful Double Date on Sunday afternoon. Joining me and my beloved Jean were West Coast wrestler “The Savior” Zakariah Zavier and Marti Laveau. We definitely turned heads as we talked shop. Laveau is the Great, Great Ganddaughter of the legendary Marie Laveau. They stopped by on their way to Northern California. You will be hearing a lot more about them , in the next few months.
Welcome to Manchester, England. It’s the home town of my long time friend, Peter Jay.
The stage was filled with the entire roster. Security surrounded the ring entrance ramp. Baron Corbin strolled out to a chorus of boos. We saw a flashback to Corbin’s ridiculous assault on Braun Strowman, just before the Universal title match started. He cracked Braun in the head and Brock Lesnar hit FIVE F5s. IT was the second most absurd thing that happened that night. The worst thing was the finale of the World Cup. More on that later…
Corbin welcomed everyone to Raw. He talked about the need for security to protect him. Baron then talked about Survivor Series. I have already been invited to my “Stster”‘s house to watch the show. Baron ran down the confirmed matches, so far. Baron brought up how Shane McMahon ripped off Dolph Ziggler in the World Cup Tourney. He said Stephanie McMahon would handle that mess, next week. In case you missed it, Shane replaced The Miz in the finals and beat Dolph, who was hurt.
Baron said he was captain of the tag team match. He put Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler on the team. He also put Braun Strowman on the team. Baron knew Braun was upset but what he did was a learning lesson. Baron demanded that Braun be a team player.
Baron then set up the women’s team captain, Alexa Bliss. Bliss looked hotter than a Ls Vegas sidewalk in July. The black eye shadow was a little over the top, though. Bliss mentioned she was not going to fight at Survivor Series ;but serve as Captain. Bliss wanted the women to perform and earn their spot in the five on five match. Bliss set up Bayley, Natalya and Sasha Banks vs The Riott Squad.
Kurt Angle cut off the talking to make a point. Kurt wanted to be on Team Raw. Baron didn’t like the idea and told Kurt to take a permanent vacation. Kurt discussed a match between himself and Baron. Winner gets the captaincy of Team Raw, as well as being a team member. Kurt said Baron was an embarrassment. Baron accepted the match and stipulation. Kurt promised to snap Baron’s ankle in two. Baron demanded that Kurt’s music be shut off. Baron gave the stick back to Bliss.
Braun Strowman went through the security force in mere seconds. Baron ran like a scared rabbit. The others tried to attack Braun but did’t even slow him down. The others continued to fight as Braun went looking for the Acting General Manage. Break time.
Real Country starts soon. Going to be great. I am going to see Travis Tritt in concert, later this month.
Natalya, Bayley and Sasha Banks were interviewed. Sasha stepped up and said it would be wild. Nattie had her late father’s sunglasses to wear to the ring for luck. So cool.
Natalya, Bayley and Sasha Banks vs The Riott Squad
Six Woman Tag Team Match
I can honestly say that I have had a Bayley Hug, about 7 years ago. She was a different persona back then but the hugger side was in full effect. There was nothing behind it, other than she was a sweet kid that hugged everyone. Smile.
Riott, Morgan and Logan came outand made a wild entrance. The Squad jumped the others, right at the bell. Ruby missed the Riott Kick and got trapped in the SHarpshooter. Logan made the save. Nattie was dumped to the outside. Logan took the tag and beat down Natalya. Logan threw Nattie back in and tried for a pin. 2 count. Tag to Morgan. Liv kicked Nattie in the back. Liv looked like Columbia from the revival of Rocky Horror with her powder blue tongue. Off to commercials.
So Smackdown is coming to the Dallas area on December 2nd. Hmm…
Nattie was still being held in the ring. Morgan is just so darn cute. She kept kicking on Nattie, in the corner. Sasha finally go the tag. Banks went wild on her pink-haired foe. Banks took out all three members of the Riott Squad. Meteor Knees, Back Stabber. Ruby made the save. Bayley took the tag, after Ruby became legal. Bayley with a Suicide Dive to take out Morgan and Logan. STO by Ruby. Dang. 2 count after Bayley was tossed nack in the ring. Small Cradle by Bayley to pull a deuce.
Stunner by Bayley but Ruby threw her into the enemy corner. Logan tagged back in and put Bayley in a Cobra Clutch. Bayley was sling into the middle rope. That move had deadly results for Perro, a couple years back.
Morgan threw Bayley to the outside as Raw gave us more ads.
Bayley was still getting dominated by the Riott Squad, as we returned. Logan choked Bayley on the middle rope. Bayley started to fight back and crawled to her corner. Logan blasted Sasha. Tag to Natalya. Discus Clothesline and German Throw. Logan with a hard elbow. Wheelbarrow Face Plant by Nattie but Ruby broke it up. It broke down into a Mosh Pit. Sharpshooter. Ruby got Jim Neidhart’s sunglasses and snapped them in half. The Riott Squad started to leave as Nattie broke down in tears. The ref kept counting.
Your Winners: Double Count Out
Raw Score: 60 out of a possible 100 (point loss for Ruby’s actions with the sunglasses
Braun was still looking for Baron Corbin.
They showed stills from D-X vs Brothers of Destruction. D-X did win.
Jindar Mahal vs Apollo Crews
The FInish:
Warrior Power Drop into a Standing HShooting Star Press.
Your Winner: Apollo Crews
Raw Score: 70
Rusev and Lana are now doing ads for Dollar General and Snickers. Too funny,
Seth Rollina came out to talk about the tag team title situation. Dean Ambrose attacked Seth, after they won the tag belts. He recapped what happened with Dean. Baron Corbin came on the Tron and said Seth would have to defend the belts, solo, against the Authors of Pain.
Seth Rollins vs Akum and Razar
Tag Team Title Match
The Finish:
Akum and Razar took turns dismantling Seth. Jawbreaker by Seth. Hammer Throw to Seth. Neck Crimp to the IC and tag champ. Suicide Dives by Seth. Springboard Clothesline by Seth. Blockbuster to get Seth a near fall. Seth tuned up the band but Rock Star Drake Maverick caused a distraction. Frog Splash by Seth. 2 count. Razar blocked The Stomp and Powerbombed Seth. Double Team Inverted Powerbomb to crown NEW tag champs.
Your Winners (and NEW Tag Team Champions): Akum and Razar, the AoP
Raw Score: 68
Glad to see the belts go to a single championship team. I had the one guy holds multiple titles.
Dean Ambrose came out to “check on” Seth. Seth was exhausted and couldn’t defend himself. Dean knelt at his old buddy’s side. Dean said he knew Seth wanted to know why Dean did what he did. Dean wasn’t giving answers, only a Dirty Deeds double Underhook DDT. Dean hopped out of the ring and headed to the back.
Seth fought to his feet and wanted Dean to come back. Not going to happen. The announcers discussed Survivor Series.
Michael Cole discussed how Baron Corbin screwed over Braun, at Crown Jewel. That led to a flashback to the opening segment, where Braun went looking for Baron. Baron was interviewed. Corbin said he was not scared of Braun. He was interested in a wrestling match. Baron took off running as Braun tore through more security forces.
Dolph Ziggler, who got seriously done wrong at Crown Jewel, came out to the ring. Michael Cole discussed how Shane McMahon ripped off Raw and Dolph. Dolph said HE was the Best in the World, not Shane. Dolph talked about working his butt off, only to get done wrong. Dolph ran down the conspiracy theory. He was cut off by Elias. Bad timing, monkey. Elias called Dolph a “loser”. Elias had a song for Dolph. He brought up Oasis. Dolph suggested Elias was boring. The crowd was behind Elias on this one. They got to clapping along with the guitar work and singing. Dolph challenged Elias to face him in the ring. Elias sat down his ax and headed down to the ring.
Promo video for the Lucha House Party. The Revival has an issue with the playful antics of the LHP.
Elias vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph took Elias down with aFront Face Lock. Dropkcik by The Show Off, Dolph. as reversed a Whip and hit a Back Elbow. Scoop Slam by Elias to get a two count. Side Headlock Takeover by The Drifter. Corey Graves got a veiled shot in on “Party” Marty Jannetty. Side Headlock by Elias.
Dolph with a wicked Back Elbow, Uppercut and Neckbreaker. Modified Crucifix PIn by Dolph but Elias still had some energy left. Dolph powered Elias down to the canvas. Dolph kicked Elias and sent him to the corner. Mule Kick by Elias. The Drifter went for a Savage Elbow but missed. Break time, again.
Dolph worked over Elias’ face as we came back on. Backslide by Elias for a two. Uppercut by Dolph into a La Magistral Cradle. 1-2-no. Elias piqued the leg and slugged away. Dolph went after Elias’ knee. Dolph ran Elias’ face across the top rope. Dolpph ran Elias into the corner but Elias punched back. Rolling Neckbreaker by Dolph. Ziggler was really looking good in this war. Rick Rude Swivel into an Elbow Drop. 2 count.
Rear Chin Lock by Dolph. Elias started to fight back and DOlph exploded on him. Shoulder Tackle by Elias. Corner Stomps by Elias. Dolph escaped an Electric Chair and rolled up Dolph. Flying Knee Strike by Elias. Could be…might be…not yet.
Elias hit the Spinning Power Bomb to get another Near Fall. He is so good. Dolph punched and kicked away. Elias blocked the Zig Zag, at first, but Dolph came back and hit it. 1–2–foot on the ropes. Elias hit the Drift Away.
Your Winner: Elias
Raw Score: 85
Kurt Angle was interviewed. He has a new fire in his soul and knew he could defeat Baron Corbin.
Ronda Rousey came out to talk to the crowd. For a skinny girl, she is pretty. No disrespect meant. Ronda will face Becky Lynch at Survivor Series. Unite the titles! Ronda got a good reaction from the crowd. Ronda laughed at the idea of Becky Lynch ripping her arm off. Ronda praised Becky and said Lynch had her respect. She warned Becky not to mistake respect for weakness. Ronda talked about her brutal upbringing. Ronda called herself “a natural born killer”. She told Becky to bring her all. She also called herself “The Baddest B*tch on the Planet”.
Nia Jax came out to confront Ronda. Jax won the Battle Royal at Evolution. Nia liked the fire she was seeing. Nia knew Ronda would not let Raw down. Nia promised to be waiting for Ronda, arter Survivor Series. Suddenly, Ember Moon came from the back.
Ember Moon vs Nia Jax
We got a video package about WWE’s alliance wtih Girl Up.

Back to the ring. Ember had red pupils, this week. She looked semi-demonic.
After a quick break, the women went at it. Go Behind by Moon but Nia shrugged her off. Hard kicks by Ember. Nia atossed Moon out to the floor and went out to get her. Dropkcik by Moon. Springboard SPlash into the corner by Moon. Nia blocked a Crossbody and hit aStone Wall Drop. Corner SPlash and Biel by Jax. 2 count.
Cobra Clutch by Nia. Moon faded but didn’t go under. Moon Elbowed out and tried for a School Girl. Fail. Kicks by Moon. Massive Head Butt by Nia. Snake Eyes by Nia. Steam Roller by the number one contender, Jax. Nia missed a Legdrop. Moon kicked away, Springboard Crossbody but Nia kicked out at one. Discus Clothesline by Moon for another two. Moon dodged a Corner Splash. Nia threw Moon out of a Tornado DDT. Step Up Enziguri by Moon. Samoan Drop by Nia Jax to seal the deal.
Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 80
Tamina Snuka came from the back. SHe and Nia stood over Ember Moon. Tamina hit a Samoan Drop on Moon. Tamina applied a Boston Crab and Nia hit repeated Elbow Drops. The Samoan Sisterhood is formed?
Finn Balor was interviewed. He was asked about his feud with Bobby Lashley. Bobby failed, big time, at Crown Jewel. Finn has an issue with Lio Rush. Finn said Manchester was Balor Club.
Baron Corbin was still running from Braun Strowman. Baron said he had an emergency so Kurt will face Drew McIntyre. He got in his car and sped away. Braun looked ready to kill.
Finn Balor Bobby Lashley (w/Lio Rush)
“Catfish” Lio didn’t have a microphone, this week. Oh, dang, someone gave him one. Sigh. Lio started rambling on, drawing cheap heat. Bobby flexed for the crowd. I just can’t Unsee him showing off his butt. Ewwww.
Finn finally came out to shut down Lio. He got a monster pop from the Manchester crowd. It was time for a few movie previews and other ads.
Just looked at a Tweet from HHH. He has surgery scheduled on Tuesday. Wicked bruising on his right chest and arm pit.
The bell sounded and the two men circled each other. Bobby kicked Finn and slammed him into the corner. Bobby choked Finn on the top rope. Bobby stomped away. Snap Fisherman’s Suplex by Lashley. Finn tried to fight back with a Shotgun Dropkick. Lashley went to the floor. Lio Rush tripped Finn. The ref didn’t see a thing.
Rear Chin Lock by Bobby. Bobby Slammed Finn to pull a near fall. Neckbreaker gave Lashley another two count. Bobby just punched away and Boot Choked Balor.
Double Boots and Sunset Flip gave Finn the almost win. Double Stomp by Balor. Knife Edge Chop and Whip. Balor escaped the Dominator and hit a Sling Blade. Bobby blasted a charging Finn. Bobby blocked an Enziguri and cracked the jaw. Stall Suplex by Lashley. 1-2-nope. School Boy for a two. Finn went up top but Lio distracted. Bobby was sent out of the ring. Basement Dropkick to Lio Rush. Yeah!! Finn charged Lio but Bobby intercepted him. Dominator!
Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 80
Drew McIntyre came from the back. Drew stared daggers at Lashley. Lio prevented the battle from going down. Drew then helped Finn to his feet. Claymore to Finn! Really?
Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle
Kurt jumped Drew, before the bell. Kurt just tore into the Scottish Sycopath. Glasgow Kiss Headbutt by Drew. Drew punched and stomped away. Huge Knife Edge Chops by Drew. Arm Bar by Drew. McIntyre put all his weight on Kurt’s upper body and ground his forearm into Kurt’s face.
Back Elbow by Drew to almost get the win. Neckbreaker to Kurt. Back to the Arm Bar. Kurt got to his feet and punched free. Olympic Slam but Drew rolled out to the floor. We will be right back…
Drew kept the pressure on Kurt. Nice Belly to Belly by Drew. That followed a Dead Lift Suplex. Drew pounded and kicked away. Snap Mare into an Arm Bar/Crossface. This was Kurt’s first one-on-one match in 12 years on Raw.
Kurt powered up and threw rfists. Jawbreaker by Kurt. Hat Trick Germans by Angle. Claymore Kick by Drew. Damn. Drew wouldn’t take the pin. Why? Drew talked serious trash to the Olympian. Kurt went afrter the legs but failed. Stomp and more mocking of Angle. Drew offered his leg to Kurt. Kurt got up and tried to fight. Drew just hammered the back of Kurt. Drew told Kurt to look him in the eyes. Drew called Kurt an embarrassment to his family and fans. That was all it took. AngleLock! Drew rolled over and kicked free. Drew tried to wake up his numb leg. Drew hit an Olympic Slam on the master of that move. Still no pin attempt.
Drew crawled across and hooked in the Ankle Lock. Grapevine. Kurt would not submit but eventually did.
Your Winner (by Submission): Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 85
Drew grinned at the destruction he caused. Kurt looked totally crest fallen as Raw faded out.
Zak and Marti: Safe Travels
Jean: I love you.
–Jay Shannon

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