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WWE is facing mounting criticism over their upcoming “Crown Jewel” even set to take place in Saudi Arabia on November 2.

Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi is believed to have been murdered last week while visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Khashoggi had been a critic of the royal family of Saudi Arabia and had fled the country and became a permanent resident of the United States. He was visiting the consulate last week to obtain documents needed to marry his fiance, who waited outside the consulate for him. Officials in Turkey say they have audio and visual proof that he was murdered while inside the consulate.

Several US Senators have urged WWE to postpone their event.

The “Crown Jewel” event is part of a long term agreement WWE has entered to run shows in Saudi Arabia and is set to stream on the WWE Network. Some fans have cancelled their subscriptions to the network because of the situation.

WWE has responded by saying “We are currently monitoring the situation”.

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