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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report -October 11, 2018

The show kicks off with a video package of last week’s events.

The first match will be a Fatal 4-Way match between Trevor Lee, Jack Evans, Puma King, and Petey Williams. This match starts out hot as all 4 men start trading blows. Trevor Lee manages to take control of Williams in the ring briefly until Petey hits a Mexican Leg Sweep and follows it up with a sharpshooter. Evans takes control with a kick to Petey’s head and a dropkick. Puma King takes out Lee with a flying cross body and wipes out Evans with a kick to the outside and a suicide dive. Trevor and Puma battle in the ring, until Evans comes back in and it turns into an all out brawl once again. Williams manages to lay waste to Lee with a sudden Canadian Destroyer for the pinfall win.

Petey Williams defeated Trevor Lee, Puma King, and Jack Evans by pinfall.

The OGz arrive at the arena with their leader King, and they will meet with LAX tonight for a summit! Will the “ceasefire” hold up until Bound For Glory this Sunday?

Rich Swann has an interview in the back and he reveals that his partner for this Sunday’s tag match with Matt Sydal and Ethan Page will be none other that Willie Mack!

Grado comes out for a match with Maximo. These two play some mind games with each other and engage with the crowd before they even lay a single finger on each other. Maximo continues the mind games and clearly gets into Grado’s head – he has a love for kissing his opponents. Grado lands a headbutt and some punches but Maximo manages to reverse the tide and goes for an unsuccessful kiss attempt. He does lay Grado out with some slaps and clotheslines and follows it with a suicide dive through the ropes onto Grado outside the ring. Grado reverses in the ring and hits his version of the Bionic Elbow. Maximo gets up while Grado is gloating and kisses him in the mouth. He rolls him up for the pinfall win. Grado goes to shake Maximo’s hand and kisses him before walking off!

Maximo defeated Grado by pinfall.

Eddie Edwards, Fallah Bahh and Johnny Impact are in the back and are getting all fired up to face Killer Kross, Austin Aries and Moose in tonight’s main event!

We see a nice vignette of the events that have built this war between LAX and The OGz, and the personal hatred between Konnan and King which will all come to a head this Sunday at Bound For Glory when they face off in a Concrete Jungle DeathMatch!

That is followed by another vignette that highlights all of the events that occurred between OVE and The Lucha Brothers and Brian Cage that have brought them to this six-man OVE Rules match on Sunday!

Eli Drake has an interview in the back and claims that he didn’t get counted out last week in his match against La Parka, but instead he claims that La Parka was disqualified for bringing in a chair. He also laid down another open challenge for Bound For Glory.

Gama Singh introduces The Desi Hit Squad who will face off against each other upon his demand. Gama also lets them know that whoever loses will be sent back to India and kicked out of the Hit Squad. Raju shows his min streak early and really hammers Gursinder with some punches. He fights back hard and drops Raju with the Lungblower. Singh goes for multiple submissions but ends up falling to a huge kick from Raju. Each man is giving it everything and also kicking out of the other’s pin attempts. Raju hits a huge faceplant suplex style move and Gursinder manages to kick out of that too – both men becoming very frustrated! It appears that Gursinder hurt his shoulder and Raju takes advantage and drives his knee into that shoulder with a variation of the Codebreaker for the pinfall. Gama Singh starts slapping Raju even though he was victorious and forces him into the back.

Rohit Raju defeated Gursinder Singh by pinfall.

Up Next – Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh and Eddie Edwards will collide with Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose. Kross tosses Impact across the ring and immediately shows his power. Bahh comes in and Kross isn’t able to assert his power the same way. This brings in Moose and Eddie and they begin trading some serious chops. Moose dropkicks Edwards right off the top rope and Austin Aries starts feeding him the boots on the floor. Bahh gets in there and begins to beat on Aries until Moose kicks him in the face from the ring apron. They begin to ruthlessly break down Bahh. Aries and Johnny start to go to war in the middle of the ring and Impact hits a Shining Wizard and a sliding German Suplex. He misses Countdown to Impact and Aries locks up Last Chancery, but Johnny makes it to the rope! This match turns into chaos with all six men giving their absolute best. Bahh climbs the rope to attempt a dive to the outside but Aries wipes him out and sends him to the floor. Impact gets Aries from behind and hits the Impact Kick. Kross and Moose lay waste to Edwards and Impact on the outside before rolling Impact into the ring to Austin Aries. He hits the Brainbuster on Impact for the pinfall win!

Austin Aries, Moose and Killer Kross defeated Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh and Eddie Edwards by pinfall.

We see a shot of James Mitchell playing the piano and Allie approaches. She claims she needs his help to get back to the undead realm. He claims that when she made her deal with him she lost her soul and it’s not his to give back to her! She needs his help to get Kiera back and he promises that the coffin will be open for her on Sunday, but he can’t promise that she will be successful.

Keyra comes out to face Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard. They trade some hard forearms and Keyra hits a hurricanrana and a Michinoku Driver. They go to the outside and Tessa gets rocked with a huge Superkick. Tessa catches Keyra and gives her a running powerbomb into the ring post. She brings he back in the ring and locks in the Abdominal Stretch. Keyra reverses and comes back with a nasty running kick to Tessa’s face while she’s downed in the corner. Tessa reverses her in the corner and comes right back with the Buzzsaw DDT for the pinfall victory. She looks primed to defend her championship against Taya Valkyrie this Sunday!

Tessa Blanchard defeated Keyra by pinfall.

The OGz and King make their way to the ring to have this summit with LAX. King starts talking tons of trash right to Konnan’s face. Konnan starts saying some stuff in spanish and then tells King that as soon as he says the word all of the fans will rush the ring to beat on him and The OGz! Konnan tells King that the bosses have ended the ceasefire and he clobbers King in the face! We go off the air with all six men battling!

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