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The Raw Score
A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“The Secret of Life is Honesty and Fair Dealing. If you can Fake that , you’ve got it made.”–Groucho Marx
So, the big show in Australia show is in the  books. It was a mixed bag of great matches (The Undertaker vs HHH) and major disappointments (John Cena’s 30 second in-ring action). Now, we are heading to Evolution, the All-Women’s PPV.
Well, it was 15 years ago that Bill Apter and our other Fearless Leader gave me the chance to live my dream of being a writer. I want to thank them both for these past 15 years and hope and pray for at least another 15. Smile.
We were in Chicago. HHH
and Shawn Michaels came out to talk about the Super Show Down war. HHH said it took 25 years to climb the mountain that he climbed. HHH felt  the mountain may have been a lie. We got to see highlights of the epic confrontation.  I saw this, along with the staff at Liberty Dialysis. We were all really thrilled with the match. HHH did win it but it was a severely tarnished win, thanks to Shawn’s interference, as well as the use of the sledge hammer. Sure, it was all legal but it cheapened what should have been a lock for Match of the Year. After the match, the Brothers of Destruction annihilated D-X.
HHH said Respect has lost its meaning, in recent years. Triple H went on a rant about the true meaning of respect. Shawn stepped in to say you sometimes respect a person for what they USED to be. Shawn hinted at a D-X Reunion. HHH asked “Are You Ready?”. HHH wanted D-X vs Brother s of Destruction at Crown Jewel. Oh, Hell Yeah! I was on the phone with my belved, Jean, and she heard D-X vs BoD and she was like “Honey, don’t jump out of your wheelchair!” I had a hard time staying put. I so want to see THAT match.
Bobby Lashley (w/Lio Rush) vs Kevin Owens
The tag match, in Australia, was a major disappointment. Lashley carried 99% of the match. Cena tagged in, did his Vintage combo and threw in a new martial arts finisher. Yawn.
Lio Rush had a microphone and was barking orders at his man. Bobby ran over KO. Nice Leap Frog by Bobby. He went to the floor. KO threw a hard right and then talked trash to Lio. Clothesline by Bobby. Lio tried to get a chant going, which ticked off the crowd. Back Kick to Bobby. Wicked Flip Dive by KO. The fans loved it.
Lio actually distracted his own guy. KO and Lashley traded fists as the ref counted. Lashley charged amd hit the barricade. Break time.
Bobby had a Sleeper locked in. KO refused to submit. Lio was still rambling. Dang, he is annoying. KO battled free. KO charged after Lio. He caught the annoying little voicebox but Lashley stopped any damage. Bummer. Lashley threw KO into the barricade. Sorry, I am a Kevin Owens fan. Met her, years ago, in New Orleans and he was so very kind to me and several others.
Hard Irish Whip by Bobby, followed by a Corner Clothesline and Shouldler. KO got free and threw wild Forearms. Spinebuster by Lashley.  Stall Suplex brought Bobby a two count. Full Nelson applied by Lashley. KO stomped the foot and hit a Stunner. 1-2-not yet. KO headed up the ropes. Bobby hit the ropes as Lio kept running off at the mouth. Lashley kicked an upside down KO. Bobby stayed focused on the knee. Dominator!
Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 80 out of a possible 100
Bobby got back in the ring and attacked Kevin’s knee. That was pathetic. Heel turn? Bobby chased away the refs and worked on KO’s other leg.
The announcers discussed the upcoming World Cup. 8 men will battle for the top spot of all time. John Cena will be in the match. Maybe, just maybe, will work for more than a minute in his battles.
On Saturday, I got to share Raw’s 25th Anniversary DVD with my best buddy, my 4 year old Great Nephew, Casey. He loves wrestling and I told him I would mention him in my column.
Team B and B (Finn Balor and Bayley) were interviewed. They have a rematch against Jindar Mahal and Alicia Fox.  They said Fox and Mahal were too hung up on who would be leader.
Lio Rush crahed the interview. Bobby Lashley bragged about  destroying Kevin Owens. I smell a feud between Balor and Lashley.
Elias was in the ring. He did an incredible arendition of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, in Australia. Elias started jamming as the crowd showed their love. Elias considered himself to be a Legend. Elias talked trash about John Cena.  Elias was willing to admit when he was wrong. He didn’t want to take responsibilty for his loss in Melbourne. Dang, Elias can pull serious heat.
Ronda Rousey stopped the performance. I enjoy Elias’ music. It would be nice if he could finish ONE lousy song.
WWE pushed Susan G Komen. If I can get clearance from my doctors, the Green Machine will be rolling through the marathon to support Breast Cancer. Many members of my family have dealt with cancer, including my Mom, Dee. Jeannie will be at my side, if it happens. She loves Mom and Mom loves her back.
Ronda Rousey and the Bella Twins vs the Riott Squad
Brie and Morgan opened the contest. They talked trash. Liv slapped the taste out of Brie’s mouth. Liv dodged the It Kicks.  It was a serious (best Joey Styles voice) “Cat Fight!”. The other four women had to break it up. Logan and Ronda tagged in. Arm Drags by Ronda. Rousey then intimidated the rest of teh Riott Squad as Raw headed to commercials.
Ruby  Riott was in control, until she fell to a Spinebuster. Tag to Brie.  Weird Double Team Stunner/DDT combo. Ruby took Brie to the outside and took down  Brie with an STO. Back in the ring, the Riott Squad made frequent  tags. Logan with a Shinu Numaki. Arm Drag by Brie. Hip Toss by the Modern Day Lady Vikiing, Logan. 2 count. More tags by the various memers of the Squad. Ruby kicked Brie and slapped on a Rear Chin Lock. Ruby attacked both Ronda and Nikki. That set up a corner double team. Missile Dropkick by Brie. Hot Tag to Ronda. Ruby with a School Girl for a two. Ronda Hulked Up and exploded on Ruby. Power Driver to Ruhy. Fujiwara ArmBar! Tap Out!
Your Winners (By Submission): Ronda Rousey, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella-Bryan
Raw Score: 80
The Bellas attacked Ronda, after the match. What the heck? Ronda snapped and took out Brie. She then  ripped through Nikki. Ronda was sent into the ring post. This feud makes absolutely NO sense. The Twins sent Ronda into the ringt steps and then the barricade. They dragged Ronda into the ring and stood over her. I sense Ronda and Natalya vs the Bellas at Evolution.
Bayley and Finn Balor vs Jindar Mahal and Alicia Fox
The men started. Mahal with a Slam into a Rear Chin Lock. Finn tried to get up but Mahal grabbed the trunks to pull down Balor, multiple times. Push Off by Finn. He rolled through a Sunset Flip to hit a Baement Dropkick. Team B&B worked together to send both Mahal and Fox to the floor. Time for another break and I can go check how much it is raining. (a lot)
(Be careful, mi corazon, driving home from band practice)
Fox stomped away on Bayley. Bayley sent Fox to the outside and got the Hot Tag. Finn with a Flying Forearm and Double Stomp.  Running Knife Edge Chop but Finn was stopped by a Big Boot. Fox broke up a pin attempt. The girls tore into each other. Step Up Enziguri by Finn to set up the Coup D’Grace.
Your Winners; Bayley and Finn Balor
Raw Score: 70
The Dogs of War talked about their rematch. Dolph Ziggler tried to play coach to Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman. Drew went off on Dolph for losing the fall in Australia. Braun told them to both shut up and watch his back. Braun was not accepting any excuses.
Baron Corbin ran into Heath Slatler. Slater waned to represent West Virginia in the Battle Royal. Corbin said Heath wasn’t good enough and walked away. Dang, that was colder than the flip side of the pillow.
The match IS official: DX vs Brothers of Destruction at Crown Jewel.
INternational Battle Royal for a spot in the pending World Cup.
Ok, I really did not recognize anyonein the ring. I did see The Conquistador (Heath Slater?). Baron Corbin put himself in the Global Battle Royal. Sigh. This one is predictable. as Hell, Death and Taxes. Baron mocked the competitos in the ring. Baron introduced the International Jobber Squad. Yawn. This was just ridiculous. Yeah, that is so Heath Slater.
They all circled Corbin.  Baron was ganged up  upon. Baron shoved them all awy. Conquistador took a nap, on the floor, as Corbin tossed out several guys, quickly. This was just so stupid. Bronze Claw but Baron tossed out the guy. Baron thought he had won the match. Conquistador stood on the floor. Baron rushed after Conquistador. Rolling German Suplexes by Conquistador! Angle Slam! La Bandera Clothesline to eliminate Baron Corbin.
Your Winner: The Conquistador
Raw Score; 50
COnquistador unmasked himself and it was…Kurt Amg;e! Too Funny. Kurt joins John Cena in the World Cup Tourney.
Kurt was interviewed backstage. He claimed he was still on vacation.
Ember Moon vs Nia Jax
Nia dwarfed Moon. Nia blocked an Arm Drag. Enziguri by Moon. Ember tried for a Cross Body but just bounced off Nia. COrner Splash by Jax. Monster Biel by Jax. Sleeper by Moon. Jax just tossed her away. Hurancanrana by Ember into a Basement Dropkick. Nice. This one is hard for me to support because I so admire both women. The fight got ugly, on the floor. The ref staeted to count.  Nia charged Moon and hit the ring apron. Ember rolled in.
Your Winner (by Count Out): Ember Moon
Raw Score: 55
Nia raised Moon’s arm in victory and hugged her friend, Ember Moon.
The Chi-Town fans were tickled pink to see Trish Stratus. She was there to push Evolution.  She talked trash to and about Alexa Bliss until Little Miss Bliss strolled out with Mickie James. Dang, Mickie looked sexy as Hell. (Nick and Jean, Trish joked about Bliss being so short. Bliss acted all Fan Girl about Trish. Bliss thought Trish sucked as a wrestler and she would have been in Alexa’s shadow, if they competed at the same time. Trish invited Bliss to get in the ring. Bliss and James walked down to the ring. Mickie stepped in to stop the carnage. Mickie said the fans did not deserve to see this fight. James got a shot in on Chicago. Trish promised a Hall of Fame Beat Down. Mickie suggested they have a Tag Team Match. Who would be Trish’s Partner? LITA!  Bliss and Mickie jumped the Hall of Famers. Funkin’ A Twinkie, this is going to steal the show! Lita went up top for the LItaSault but Bliss pulled Mickie out of the ring.
The Shield cut an Old School Promo about being the dominant force in wrestling.
The Glorious Ones (Bobby Roode and Chad Gable) vs The Ascension
Konnor cut a quick promo against Roode and Gable. Roode and Konnor started this one. Konnor pitched Roode into the corner and yelled at his enemy.  Side H eadlock by Roode. Tag to Chad. Missile Dropkick to Konnor to pull a deuce.  The fight went to the floor. Viktor, who had tagged in, hit a Flying Corkscrew Elbow and opened up with Forearms and Kicks. 2 count, again. Konnor and Viktor kept up the quick tags. Snap Mare and Fist Drop by Viktor. Keylock by the emerald faced brute. Chad slid under Viktor and tried to ge the tag. Eventually, Roode got the tag and opened up on both opponents. Blockbuster!  Low Bridge sent Konnor to the floor. Viktor escaped the Glorious DDT. Blind Tag by CHad. Rolling Bridging German.
Your Winners: The Glorious Ones
Raw Score: 70
The AoP rushed down and destroyed both teams. Wild Fallaway Neckbreake by Akum and Razar. Super Collidor to Gable and Viktor. This feud feels like Road Warrios vs Demolition vsRock and Roll Express.
Nikki Bella will face Ronda Rousey, at Evolution, for the Raw Women’s title.
We got a fun D-X historical promo video. I loved those days, They even got in the Spirit Squad (Yes, Dolph, we remember where you got started). I still have my D-X shirt and I will dig it out of storage for that show.  The announcers ran down the updated Crown Jewel card.
Paul Heyman came out. Yeah!  He called Brock Lesnar WWE’s Crown Jewel. Paul was there to see The Shield get demolished. Paul felt Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman had to be exhausted, going into the main event, tonight. Paul mocked the fans. Paul said Brock was at home, sleeping and spending time with his family. Lesnar now has a special workout gym that he had built. Paul said Brock wants to hold the WWE and UFC titles at the same time.  Paul said Brock was single focused on the Universal title.  He didn’t waste time with teams.
The Shield’s music hit and Heyman got real nervous. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns came through the crowd.
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman
Six Man Tag Team Match
The Purge is STILL on? That show is awful. I’d rather check out Ink Master.
The six men stood and stared at each other. Drew and Seth opened the bout.  Side Headlock by Drew. Universal into a clubbing Clothesline by Drew. Slap by McIntyre. Tag to Dean. Double Suplex to pull a two. Vicious Crossfaces by Dean. Shoulder Tackle by Braun, who had tagged in. Dean tagged out to Roman. The crowd hated Reigns.Braun threw Roman across the ring and hit a Corner Splash. Roman came back with a punch. Braun powered out of a Samoan Drop and ran over Roman. Tag to Dolph.
Dolph and Drew with a failed Double Team on Roman. Triple La Bandera to take out the tag champs. Braun hopped down off the apronand went of on his partners. Time for a quick break and time to answer my lady love’s text. Smile.
Braun with a Corner Splash and tag to Dolph. Dolph punched Roman in the ear and then ran The Big Dog into the corner. Uppercut by Roman. Tag to Braun. Strowman rushed and hit the ring post. Samoan Drop to Braun!
Hot Tags. Seth hit the Sling Blade to Dolph. Suicide Dive to neutralize Drew. Springboard Forearm to get Seth a near fall. Seth tuned up the band. He missed the Stomps. Seth blocked the Famouser. Dolph fought out of a Buckle Bomb but Seth would not be denied. It broke down into total chaos. Superman Punch to Braun. Dropkick by Dean. Superkick by Seth. Double Suicide Dives by Seth and Dean. Tope Con Hilo by ROman Reigns! Cut to commercial.
The Dogs of War were back in control. Braun brutalized Roman. Seth got the tag but was caught in the Neck Vise. Huge punch by Braun and tag to Drew. Short Arm Clothesline by Drew. 2 count. Drew talked serious trash to the IC champ. Seth had a burst of energy and almost made the tag. Big Boot by Drew. Tag to Dolph.
Ziggler twisted his boot on Seth’s face. Dolph mocked the other Shield members. Slingshot to send Dolph into the corner. Tag to Drew.  Seth flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex. Chop Fest into a Seth Enziguri. Braun took out Dean and Roman. Roman was sent into the ring steps. Braun threw Seth in the corner and verbally abused Dolph. Drew and Braun then stood face to face. Seth ran Drew into Braun. 2 count off the roll up.  Seth crawled towards his corner. Hot Tag to Dean. Suicide Dive. Dean punched away on Drew. Explosive Clotheslines by Dean. Roll Up by Dean. Underspin Neckbreaker by Dean. 1-2-nope.
Dean put Drew up on the ropes. Drew fought back with a nasty Hedbutt. Drw blocked Dirty Deeds. Spinebuster by Drew. Roman made the save. It broke down into total chaos. Seth Suplexed himself and Dolph over the ropes. Double Clotheslines took out both Drew and Dean. Roman ran into the post by Braun. DDT  by Dean off a blocked Suicide Dive. Spear to Braun by Roman. Claymore Kick!
Your Winners: Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler and Braun Strowman
Raw Score: 85
A frustrated Dean Ambrose left his “Brothers” in the ring and headed to the back. Seth and Roman were confused.
Well, my sweetie is safe at home and Dialysis starts at 7:30 in the AM. Good Night to one and all…
–Jay Shannon

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