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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report -October 4, 2018

This week’s show starts with a video package highlighting all of the events from last week’s episode and current rivalries and storylines.

Inside the arena, we kick it off with Rich Swann taking on Matt Sydal. Swann gets off to a really hot start with some high flying offense and a fierce attack. Sydal is able to bounce back pretty quickly and implement his tactics into the match to take control over Swann briefly, but it isn’t long before this thing turns into an all out brawl. Each man fighting to gain the victory and a bevy of various kicks were delivered to each man with high impact. Sydal almost had the match won with a beautiful counter to a hurricanrana attempt from Swann – he caught him in mid-air while sitting on the top turnbuckle and drove Swann into the mat with a powerbomb. Swann somehow came back and had the match in control with Sydal laying flat for him to deliver his finisher from the top rope. All of a sudden Ethan Page came out of nowhere and snatched Swann off the top rope and gave him a powerbomb into the ring behind the referee’s back. Sydal was able to deliver his finisher for the win.

Matt Sydal defeated Rich Swann by pinfall.

We see OVE in the back and Dave Crist is in some sort of trance and claims that the Lucha Brothers have some sort of “magical powers” and seems to be going crazy. Sami Callihan claims that they don’t have him fooled and they will still lose at Bound for Glory!

We come back from a commercial and see Eddie Edwards in the back on the phone with Moose. Eddie called his wife Alisha’s phone and Moose answered. He tells Eddie to meet him at a bar that’s close by and seems to have ulterior motives.

Scarlett Bordeaux joins the commentary team and claims that she is starting her talent search to give back and find the next champion.

Eli Drake comes out and cuts another promo and is continuing his open challenge. He claims he can’t get any competition in Mexico. La Parka comes to answer his challenge and starts screaming something at him in spanish. La Parka gets the upper hand early, but Drake drops him with a nasty neckbreaker and some ground and pound. He grabs a chair and brings it in the ring to smash La Parka. He manages to counter Drake and almost pin him, but Drake rolls out and walks from the match.

La Parka defeated Eli Drake by count-out.

LAX is chilling in what looks to be a backstage area when King and the OGz roll up to start some drama. They’re obviously trying to force LAX to break the cease fire, but Konnan keeps them in check. They steal LAX’s shots of liquor, their belts, and their flag. King doesn’t even swallow his shot of liquor and spits it in the face of Konnan instead!

We come back from commercial and Matt Sydal is in the back with Ethan Page. Sydal and Page both talk trash to Swann for failing to follow in Sydal’s path of enlightenment and challenge him to find a tag team partner to face them at Bound for Glory.

Katarina comes out with Murder Clown. We see another Joe Hendry music video and he comes out to face this monster in the ring. Murder Clown stands 6’4 and weighs well over 300 LBS and has a rich history in Mexico. Hendry has this special music video for the Murder Clown but it certainly won’t help him in the ring with this behemoth. Hendry comes out fighting hard, but Murder Clown basically starts tossing him around like a rag doll. He even lands a nasty dropkick to Hendry while he has him hanging in the tree of woe. Hendry does manage to execute a supreme show of power and strength as he delivers a fallaway slam on Murder Clown in his last attempt to stop this man. Murder Clown quickly rebounds and delivers a Superfly splash off the top rope to defeat Hendry by pinfall. He grabs a table and brings it into the ring and Grado tries to plead with him not to do anything else to his friend. Katarina takes him out of the equation with a low blow and he delivers another splash to Hendry off the top rope and drives him through the table to the canvas!

Murder Clown defeated Joe Hendry by pinfall.

We see Eddie Edwards show up to the bar and Moose is sitting at a table with Alisha. He tells Eddie to put the kendo stick down and have a seat. They start arguing back and forth and Alisha throw a drink into Moose’s eyes. Eddie attacks Moose, but Killer Kross comes up and pins Eddie to the wall by his throat. Edwards is able to escape by jamming his thumbs into Kross’ eyes and a shot with the kendo stick. Eddie and Alisha run out of there quickly and Eddie calls Johnny Impact to set some type of plan they have into motion.

We come back from commercial and Johnny Impact is looking for Austin Aries now that he doesn’t have Moose and Kross shielding him. Johnny can’t seem to find him anywhere at all, but is searching frantically. He goes out to the ring and calls out Austin on the microphone, and Aries actually comes out. Aries claims that he is hurt and has his arm in a sling. Johnny says that he doesn’t want to kick his ass right now but he wants to prove that he’s better at Bound for Glory. Aries grabs the microphone and goes on a tirade about how much better he is than Johnny is. He also claims that Moose and Kross won’t even be at ringside for the match. Aries also gives him the option of joining his squad, but Johnny quickly shoots that down. Aries smashes him in the head with the microphone and rips the sling off his arm. He misses with his championship as he swings and tries to take Johnny’s head off. He gets decked with a superkick and the Starship Pain!

Brian Cage is in the back and cuts a promo on OVE and Callihan. He claims he is going to go out there tonight and crush the Crist Brothers.

The Desi Hit squad is in the back arguing about how they blew their tag team title shot last week. Gama Singh comes over and tells them that they will fight each other next week to figure out who the weak link is.

Scarlett Bordeaux continues her talent search backstage and runs many individuals including Trevor Lee and Petey Williams. Williams tries to show Scarlett how to do the Canadian Destroyer and Trevor starts calling him a creep. They begin arguing and leave the room still bickering with each other.

The Lucha Brothers also claim that they will meet OVE in the ring tonight with Brian Cage!

Kiera Hogan comes out with Allie to face Su Yung. Yung takes control early and tosses Hogan around the ring a few times by her hair. Hogan gets a reversal in the corner and executes a few shoulder blocks and a superkick to send Yung retreating to the outside. She follows up with a dive through the rope onto Yung. Hogan slips up for a second back in the ring and Yung goes for the Panic Switch, but Hogan breaks free. The Undead Bridesmaid gets involved while Hogan is on the top rope and it allows Yung to get the Panic Switch on Hogan for the pinfall win. More bridesmaids bring out a casket and Allie attacks Yung to stop the madness. With the help of the bridesmaids, Yung gets the Mandible Claw on both Hogan and Allie. Kiera suffers a worse fate as Yung manages to stuff her into the casket right in front of her friend Allie.

Su Yung defeated Kiera Hogan by pinfall.

We come back from commercial and Allie is really losing it in the back over Kiera being stuffed into that casket. A video package promoting the match between IMPACT Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie right after.

Sami Callihan and OVE come out to the ring and Sami claims that management basically lets them do whatever they want and it will be OVE Rules in the six-man tag match at Bound for Glory. He calls Cage and the Lucha Brothers out because he says they’re not waiting until the PPV! They come out and we have an impromptu six-man tag. OVE really control the match for the better part of the beginning, but it’s all downhill once Brian Cage gets in the ring. He literally lays waste to the entire OVE faction in short order! Callihan shoves the ref down to get disqualified and escape Cage’s wrath. We go off the air with all six of these men engaged in all out war on the outside of the ring!

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