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WWE Smackdown Live Recap

From: Portland, Oregon

Venue: Moda Center

Air Date: October 2nd 2018

This week on Smackdown Live, General Manager Paige addresses the Samoa Joe, AJ Styles situation from last week. Daniel Bryan will step in the ring against Shelton Benjamin, Aiden English premiers, “One Night in Milwaukee” and the final hype for the SuperStar Showdown gives the performers one final shot to face off.

Smackdown General Manager, Paige opened the show in the ring and started right off with the Samoa Joe, AJ Styles segment from last week. Paige lets us know that as soon as the last week’s show left the air, law enforcement was called to escort Joe off the property. She lets everyone know that Styles’ family is fine and Joe has been charged with trespassing.

Paige met with the WWE Board of Directors and the recommendation was Joe should be fired. Paige then called Styles to get his opinion. Styles did not want him fired because he wanted his own revenge. To keep that happening, Paige told us that Styles dropped the charges so the match at the Super Show-Down will happen.

Styles sent a video promo from his house. He apologized for not being at Smackdown tonight but fellike he needed to be with his family until he knows Joe is on a plane for Australia. Styles had one message for Joe. He is coming to the “Land Down Under” to bury Joe underground, and alive!!

The announce team of Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton check in on commentary as R-Truth and Carmella head to the ring with the “Whats Up!” entrance as the show heads to commercial.

Match 1: R-Truth and Carmella vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega in a mixed-tag team match.

R-Truth and Almas started the match with Truth gaining the upper-hand early causing Almas and Vega to retreat to the floor. Truth then called for another dance break as the show goes to a commercial time out. We come back to find the women in the ring. Carmella hit a Flatliner on Vega but Almas made the cover save pulling her off. Carmella looked like she was going to strike Almas while Almas tried to calm her down. Carmella tried to Super Kick Almas but Andrade caught it. Truth returns to the match and slugs Almas driving him from the ring and following him out with a suicide dive.

Carmella took her eye off Vega and watched the action on the floor. Vega tried to take advantage and catch Carmella from behind. Carmella was ready and turned it into a Code of Silence for the victory.

Winner: R-Truth and Carmella

“The Perfect 10,” Tye Dillenger found Paige backstage and asked for a match with Randy Orton. Paige asked him to rethink his request given the disappearance of Jeff Hardy over the lat few weeks. Dillinger assured her he wanted the match so Paige gave it to him.

The New Day made its entrance in chef’s hats. Mr. BootyWorth was walking with them carrying a platter of pancakes.

Inside the ring was a table with a hotplate on it and what looked like all the ingredients for making pancakes. Big E welcomed everyone to New Day Cooks. E named the sponsor as ICO-PRO but Woods corrected him then hyped the match with The Bar for the Super Show-Down. They admitted The Bar had gotten the better of them lately.

Kingston introduced Mr. Bottyworth as their chef and creator of the pancakes. Now, he is going to give the recipe to the WWE Universe. Before Mr. Bootyworth could give the recipe, he was interrupted by The Bar.

Sheamus and Cesaro came out and told everyone the New Day were acting like children. Woods got upset that they interrupted the take of a show that was going to Guy Fieri. Shaemus put over that Cesaro is Swiss and also knows cooking. Seamus tipped over the table and the two teams brawled in the ring while Mr. Bootyworth stayed in a corner with his bow l of batter.

Sheamus threw flour in Kingston’s face to get the upper-hand then he and Cesaro did a double-team move to take him out. They did another big double-team move on Big E to put him down. Mr. Bootyworth was left in the corner when The Bar took the bowl of batter and poured in his hat then all over him before letting him leave.

Corey Graves hypes the Aiden English video proof and Phillips announces the Randy Orton, Tye Dillinger match is next!!

Dillinger and Orton made their entrances for their match but Dillinger didn’t want to wait. He attacked Orton on his way to the ring. He worked him over good inside inside the ring then threw him to the floor. Orton turned it around on the outside and nailed Dillinger with draping DDT off the barricade.

Orton then looked for a way to inflict major pain to Dillinger. Orton took Tye’s finger and put it inside the turnbuckle and pulled back on it. Phillips called it torture and one of the most disgusting things he’s seen. Orton posed to the crowd to end the segment.

Shelton Benjamin was backstage warming up for his match with Daniel Bryan when Miz came in and said, “Your Welcome.” then talked up Shelton. He told him he had been overlooked so he put in a call and got him the match tonight against “Goat Boy.” Miz wanted to know if Bemjamin could beat Bryan. Benjamin said he could. Miz said beating him was not good enough; he had to hurt him and make this a statement moment for him. Benjamin said he would let the world know who he is. Benjamin said Bryan is just his first victim. Miz said he would be on commentary to witness the match.

Aiden English was talking things over with a video crew member and told him the video would explain a lot and show so pretty hot stuff. The show goes to commercial.

We come back to see Rusev and Lana make their way to the ring. Rusev had some words for English saying the attack on him two weeks ago ended their friendship. He invited English out to show his footage.

English came out and stalled with Milwaukee facts. Lana called him out on the stalling tactic. English directed everyone to the Titantron for the video. The video showed a shirtless English coming up with a song about Milwaukee and Rusev Day when someone knocked at the door. It was Lana who wanted to tell him something. She said shes been wanting to say it for a while. She told English, “I want you.” then the tape stopped. English said he would show more but has a deal with TMZ. An irate Rusev chased him to the back.

The Raw Recap focused on the angle with Kane, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Daniel Bryan made his entrance as the show headed to break.

We come back to see Lana trying to talk to Rusev backstage. Rusev cut her off and told her they weren’t discussing it here.

We did not see Benjamin’s entrance and the Miz was out on commentary for our next match.

Match 2 Shelton Benjamin vs. Daniel Bryan

Benjamin attacked Bryan right at the bell and went right after him. Benjamin dominated the early portion of the match. At one point, he dropped Bryan across the guardrail and was all over him as the show went to break.

We come back from break to see Benjamin still in control. Bryan turned things around after he caught Shelton on the ropes and executed a hurricanrana. Bryan hit Benjamin with the “Yes” kicks and a standing kick.

Bryan set Benjamin up and took time to do the “Yes!” chant in the corner prompting Miz to leave the broadcast table and climb to the apron distracting Bryan. Bryan dispatched Miz off the apron but the distraction was enough for Benjamin to get the the drop on Bryan and hit the Paydirt for the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

The Miz jumped Bryan after the match and ran him into the broadcast table. He got him back inside the ring and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale. He told Bryan he would see him at the Super Show-Down. He also wished him luck saying he would need it.

The announce team set up more footage from Raw of Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre took out The Shield. They hyped Peyton Royce vs. Asuka for after the commercial.

A special advertisment aired hyping the 1000 Smackdown in two weeks.

We return to the ring to see Naomi standing in the ring. Naomi does the Susan G Komen partnership spot and introduces Dana Warrior, some Komen employees and a cancer survivor. It shows that WWE takes its cancer partnerships with both Susan G Komen and Connor’s Cure very seriously.

Asuka made her entrance followed by the Iconics. The Iconics ran a pre-taped interview on their way to the ring where they debuted a new victory dance.

Match 3: Asuka (with Naomi) vs. Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay)

The match was joined in progress with Royce being aggressive right away and taking it right to Asuka. She pinned Asuka while planting a forearm across her face but Asuka was able to kick out. Asuka came back and locked in the ankle lock. Royce made it to the ropes with a little help from Kay to break the hold. Naomi came around and took out Kay on the outside allowing Asuka to lock in the Asuka lock for the three count.

Winner: Asuka

Phillips hyped Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch addressing the WWE Universe and unveiling a surprise she has for Charlotte Flair. That is coming up next!!

Lynch came to the ring. There was an easel set up with a cloth draped over it. She cut a promo on how she stopped waiting and started taking at SummerSlam. She said waiting gets you nothing and now she has made the Smackdown Women’s Division the hottest thing in WWE.

She narrated her own homemade video of her dominating Charlotte Flair. She aid she was the one who deserved to be on billboards and posters not Triple H or the Undertaker. She removed the sheet to show her own Super Show-Down poster of her standing on Flair.

This brought out Flair who attacked Lynch. Becky took the early edge but Charlotte was able to create enough separation to hit a spear. Flair wasn’t finished as she picked up Lynch and threw her into the poster then hit a sick looking draping figure four with Flair hanging off the apron. She finished Lynch with a kick to the face before backing up the ramp to close this week’s show.

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