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The Raw Score
A look at this week’s Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“The Key to Immortality is to first live a life worth remembering”–Bruce Lee
It’s Monday Night. Jean is pra cticing with her band. It’s raining for the 10th day in a row. TIme to enjoy a little wrestling to cheer me up. Actually, Jean called me just before Raw started to let me know she was thinking about me. Awwww.
Super Show Down is this Saturday. I have the laptop ready for that one. The final pieces of that puzzle were placed, including another interview with Shawn Michaels. Plus, Ronda Rousey and Ruby Riott squared off.
I love the new graphic opening to Raw.
We wre live from Seattle. Dean Ambrose came out to a monster pop. There is still some question to where his loyalties lie. He is set to join Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to battle the Dogs of War (Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre). Dean was asked about whether what the Dogs said,  last week, had any rings of truth to it. Dean said they did and he was hostile about Jason Jordan replacing him. Dean was asked if he has considered leaing The Shield. He has thought about it. Dean was being very sarcastic in his responses. Dean knew people were asking why he was still in The Shield. They expected Dean to snap and turn on his “brothers”. Dean said The Perfect Time was out there but he didn’t know if he would take advantage of it. They showed Dean’s choice to join Roman and Seth, last week.  Dean pledged his allegiance to his Brothers in The Shield.
As dean started to leave, Baron Corbin strolled from the back. Baron accused Dean of whining about his situation. Dean shot back with instults. Baron said Deam could face Seth for the IC title, Roman for the Universal strap or Braun Strowman, just to get the crap kicked out him. Dean stood and thought it over. Dean wanted to face Baron, instead. Corbin chuckled and said he would put Dean against Braun…right now.
Deam Ambrose vs Braun Strowman
Dean circled his much larger foe. Braun clocked Dean in the jaw. Running Boot to Dean’s face. Hammer Throw sent Dean to the corner. Braun grinned at throssfaces and back to the Crimp. Dean fought to his feet but Braun Double Sledged the back. Dean crawled to the corner and Braun hit a wicked Corner Splash. Dean just crumpled into a heap. Back to the Crimp.
Deam grabbed at the beard but Braun swatted him away. Dean got to his feet but Braun just threw him back down. Braun screamed at his enemy and said The Shield would not help Dean. That fired up Dean, for a moment. Huge Biel by Braun. Dean locked in a Guillotine out of a Chokeslam attempt by Strowman. Back Body Drop blocked. Dean went after Braun’s knee and then unleashed Forearms.  Braun clobbered Dean with his own Forearm Smash to send us to break.
The Crimip was back in place. Dean went to the corner and hit Crossfaces. Bruan blocked Dirty Deeds.  Hard shot to Dean’s chest. Dean escaped the Bulldog Bounce and hit Dirty Deeds. 2 count. Tope Suicida by Dean. Braun charged and hit the ring steps. Bulldog Bounce but Braun couldn’t follow up. Dean rolled out of the ring.
Braun came out to get Ambrose. Spear, on the floor, from Braun tossed Dean around and then pitched him back in the ring. Bulldog Bounce.
Roman Reigns came out to protect his brother. Superman Punch!
Your Winner (by Disqualifrication): Braun Strowman.
Raw Score: 70 out of a possiblr 100
Seth hit a Flying Knee to Braun’s jaw. Dolph and Drew came out. Baron came out and put Seth and Roman in individual, non-title matches, against Drew and Dolph.
Ok, Mom just came by to bring me hot, fresh pizza. Plus, my dear Jean just called to say she was thinking about me. Things are starting to brighten up. Oh, antd the rain has stopped. Smile.
Dean was being checked, in the back. Seth tried to talk to him but Ambrose was hot that Roman got involved. Seth said he wanted to check on Dean. Dean mentioned he could have gone after the IC strap. Hmmm?
Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler
Non-Title Match
Baron made both the Universal and Intercontinental matches would be non-title.  Dolph jumped Roman at the bell. Roman came hack with power moves on Ziggler. Dolph snapped Roman’s neck on the top rope and hit a nice Dropkick. Sleeper by Dolph. Roman refused to give up.
Roman fought to his feet but DOlph pulled him back down.  Roman charged and hit the ring post. Dolph went out to get the U-Champ. They traded punches on the floor. Jumping DDT hby Dolph. Ziggler slid in the ring to prevent a double count out. Famouser by Dolph. Could be…might be….Denied. Break time.
Dolph had a Side Headlock cinched in. Roman got up and punched away. Sleeper by Dolph, center ring. Roman started to fade as the air was cut off to his brain. Dolph then dug his fingers into Roman’s eyes. Roman Hulked Up and backed Dolph into the corner. Arm Drag by Roman. He was breathing heavy. Boot and Clotheslines by Roman. The crowd was hostile towards the Big Dog. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Running Boot by Roman. Reigns waited forever before going for the Superman Punch. Dolph dodgted it and hit the Zig Zag. 1-2-Kick Out. Wow!
Dolph was very frustrated that he couldn’t put Roman away. He tuned up the band but got short circuited by a Superman Punch. 2 count, only. Sunset Flip to avoid Roman’s Spear. Reigns would not be refised his finisher. Spear!
Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Score: 80
The Bella Twins and Natalya played cheerleaders to Ronda Rousey. The champ was in action, next.
I want to take a moment to send a very special birthday wish to my former writing partner and girlfriend, Lottie. While we are no longer together, she will always have a special place in my heart. Happy  50th Birthday, Lottie.
Brie and Nikki Bella  came out to watch Ronda’s back in the next match.
Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott
Non-Title Match
Morgan and Logan were with their leader, Ruby. They circled each other. Hip Tosses by Ronda. Ruby bailed out of the ring. The ref started to count. Ruby got back in and worked the ribs. Ronda flipped Ruby over and Riott went to the floor. Ruby pulled Ronda into the post and sent her into the barricade. They got back in and Ruby got a two count.
Ruby tied up Ronda in the ropes. SHe threw Ronda to the outside. Morgan and Logan wanted to get involved but the Bellas stopped them. Ruby came out and ran Ronda into the ring apron. Back in the ring, there was a two count for Ruby.  Ruby ground her knee into Ronda’s face. Ruby twisted Ronda in the ropes. Fishhook by Ruby and a wild Forearm. Ruby choked Ronda in the ropes. Another 2 count. Headbutts by Ruby. 2 count. Boot Wash by Ruby. Ronda blocked the Riott Kick and hit a Back Drop. Ronda ripped off her top shirt and snapped on Ruby. Gut Wrench Bomb. Ruby rolled up a distracted Ronda for a near fall. Rowdy Bomb into the Fujiwara Arm Bar.
Your Winner (by Submission): “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey
Raw Score: 84
Raw looked at the feud between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Becky is the Smackdown Women’s title, after turning on her BFF, Charlotte. This one is going to get ugly, in
Ok, Super Smackdown will be live at 4 AM (CST). I think I will catch the rebroadcast while in Dialysis. Smile.
The Glorious Ones came out for the next match. Chad Gable hogged the spotlight as “Glorious” Bobby Roode came out for his singles match against Konnor.
Bobby Roode vs Konnor
The Glorious Ones cut a great insert video promo. Konnor and Viktor also cut a scathing promo.
The two traded the advantage. Konnor decked Roode with a brutal Clothesline and followed up with massive stomps. Running Elbow Drop by Konnor. 2 count. Konnor dug his fingers into Bobby’s face. 2 count, again.  Rear Chin Lock by the hulking brute.  Konnor clubbed the neck as Roode tried to escape. Konnor missed an Elbow Drop. Drop Toe Hold sent Konnor crashing into the corner. Roode went up top and hit a Flying Clothesline. Roode unloaded with kicks and chops.  Flying Forearm by Roode. Konnor reversed a WHip but ate a Boot. BHlockbuster! Viktor attacked Chad, on the outside. Pearl Harbor into a modified Dominator.
Y our Winner: Konnor
Raw Score: 70
It was time for A Moment of BLISS. Alexa Bliss talked about Trish Stratus being her imspiration, at a very young girl. Bliss insulted Trish, sounding a lot like George Lopez grumbling about Eric Estrada. Bliss wants revenge for the disrespect Trish showed a wide eyed 7 year old.
Curtis  Axel and Bo Dallas came out to a deafening pop.
The Revival vs B Team
Both teams want the tag belts.
The Finish:
It wasn’t a fun night for Birthday Boy, Axel. Scott and Dash stayed focused on Curtis’ left arm and shoulder. Hot Tag to Bo. He took out both foes. Spinebuster by Dawson. 2 count. Rocket Launcher but Bo got the knees up. Roll up!
Your Winners: Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel
Raw Score: 75
The AoP attacked the B Team and hit the Super Collider on Curtis and Bo.
Dean was still hurting, in the back. Roman wanted to know if Dean was ok. Dean wasn’t happy that Roman got involved in his match. He was also not happy that he didn’t get a shot at the Universal title.
Baron Corbin was pleased with AoP’s performances, over the last couple weeks.
It was time to promote Susan G Komen and the fight against Breast Cancer. My dear Mother, Dee, is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Remember, “Real Men Wear PINK” (t-shirt logo for Susan G Komen). Several people were introduced, including Dana Warrior.
DOlph told Drew and Braun that Dean is just steps away from joining them. Braun ordered Drew to beat Seth Rollins. He also got a shot in on Dolph, who lost earlier.
Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre
Non-Title Match
Collar and Elbow to the corner. Clean break. On the 2nd Collar and Elbow, Drew slapped Seth. Rollins exploded on Drew. The ref pulled Seth away. Float Over and Dropkick and La Bandera and Tope Suicida by Seth. Nice. Seth bounced Drew on the apron and baricade. Seth dodged teh Big Boot. Knife Edge Chops but Seth got kicked in the chest as he went for another Float Over.
Modified Half Camel Clutch by Drew. McIntyre drove Seth into the canvs and reapplied the brutal hold. Seth was sent into the ring post, on the outside. Sidewalk Slam on the ring apron by Drew. Commercials, anyone?
Both men were down as Raw continued. They got to their feet and Seth went off with punches. Sling Blade by the IC champ. Blockbuster by Seth. 1-2-not yet. Seth was breathing very hard. Step UP Enziguir and Springboard Clothesline to Drew’s neck. 2 count, one more time. Drew blocked the Buckle Bomb. Seth rolled through an Elecritc Chair. Falcon Arrow by Seth to get a deuce.
Seth got caught on the ropes. He came hack to hit a massive Buckle Bomb and Superkick. Dolph Ziggler rushed down to distract Seth. Claymore Kick.
Your Winner: Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 80
Dolph and Drew double teamed Seth. Roman rushed down to aid his Brother. Braun Strowman came out as Drew and Dolph jumped Roman. Dean Ambrose then joined the party, with an Ax Handle. He cleaed the ring. Braun Steam Rolled Dean. The six men tore it up. The Shield was disse ted, one by one. TheDogs of War held the ring. They mocked The Shield with the Triple Fist Bump.
Raw looked at the feud between A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe. They will fight, on Saturday, for the WWE title. This feud is disturbing.
Elias and Kevin Owens chatted backstage. He threw Cashews into a kid’s face. What a waste of good cashews. KO is getting ready for a singles match against Bobby Lashley.
WWE2k19 was previewed. It looks amazing. I so have to get me a PS4.
The announcers mentioned being able to Pre-Order to get Rey Mysterio and Ronda Rouey as playable characters.
KO and Elias were in the ring. They got a mixed reaction from the crowd. Elias is a great guitar player. Elias did his typical Walk With Elias thing. Eias said only Owens was worthy to talk with him. Owens thanked Elias for teaming with him to fight John Cena and Bobby Lashley. KO said the team of Lashley and Cena made no sense. Cheap Heat Alert! Elias insulted Seattle’s sports teams. Man, that crowd was so loud. He should be seriously nervous. It got louder as he brought  up Oklahoma City (hi, Claudia–Jean’s Mom). KO tried to talk over the crowd and failed badly. Elias asked for them to be turned up. Shut up and wrestle, will ya?
Thankfully, Lio Rush came out to shut up Elias and KO. I like the former Rookie of the Year, Rush. Rush pushed Cena as being a Legend. Lio knew KO and Elias understood how important the tag match will be, on Saturday. Lio warned Kevin not to look past tonight’s battle. Lio then introduced his buddy, Bobby Lashley.
Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens
The Finish:
Bobby shoved KO around, to open. Snap Powerslam by Lashley. KO escaped the Dominator. Bobby was thrown into the ring post.
KO took control after the commercial break. Bobby came back with a massive offensive onslaught. Flatliner by Lashley. Crner Clotheslines by Bobby. Elias attacked Lio, KO rolled up a distracted Lashley.
Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Score: 65
An all-out war broke out, post match.Pop Up Powerbomb by KO to Lashley.
Finn Balor came out to a monster pop. Bayley followed him out. Alicia Fox and Jindar Mahal then came out.
Bayley vs Alicia Fox
The Finish:
Fox dominated most of the match. Corner Splash by Alicia. Rolling Clothesline by Bayley. Stunner by Bayley, Dropkick by Bayley. Bayley to Belly.
Your Winner: Bayley
Raw Score: 56
It was time for the Final Segment of the night. I took a little break before watching this. Hey, I love wrestilng but I also love Jean, who was on the phone to let me know she was on her way home. We talked through the segment but I taped it to go back and watch. My girl is in bed, at her home, and I’m scanning through to the end of tonight’s show.
HBK  got a respectable pop for the Seattle crowd. HE danced around as his music continued toplay. The chants began to rise for Shawn. Shawn felt good to come home again. He went straight into plugging the Last Time Ever match between Undertaker and Triple H. HBK talked about the gamut of emotions that everyone was feeling. Shawn talked about booking his trip to Australia, even though he was notorious for being cheap. Shawn was only planning to be there as a fran. Taker made it personal when he forced Shawn to choose who would win. Shawn really pushed his friendship with HHH, which is why he chose his Brother. Shawn was ready to unleash some Sweet Chin Music on Kane, if the Big Red Machine got involved, on Saturday.
Kane’s music went off and Kane was in the ring. Kane clocked HBK. The Gong sounded and the Brothers of Destruction were tohether again! Taker did the Throat Slice and picked up Shawn for a Tombstone. Taker was stopped by HHH. All Hell broke loose.Double Chokeslam to D-X! Sweet! Jeannie figured something good was going down by my reaction (we wer e on the phone and the TV was muted). The Brothers got back in the ring. Tombstone to HHH by Taker!  Kane and Taker stood over their downed foes. The BoD left the ring together as Raw faded to bluish-purple.
Well, my friends, it is time to call it a night. As my “Brother” Joe would say, it is time for a little “I Dream of Jeannie”.
–Jay Shannon

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