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The Raw Score
A recap and review of Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by: “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“You’re in my heart. You’re in my soul. You are my breath when I get old. You’re my lover. You’re my best friend. You’re in my soul”–Rod Stewart
I write tonight with a so happy heart. I mentioned a new lady in my life, last week. I can now officially confirm that Jean and I are a couple. She’s at band practice tonight but her spirit is cuddled up next to me here in the office. Let’s see what WWE has to offer, this weekWE have a cool new opening montage for WWE Forever. I really like it.
A black limo pulled up and Baron Corbin was there to sing Happy Birthday to Stephanie McMahon. He stopped when Triple H got out of the limo. Stephanie had somethi ng to say to Baron. HHH walked away. Stephanie didn’t like Baron’s decision to put himself in a title match. Stephanie ordered Baron to find two partners to face The Shield.
The Denver crowd was thrilled when Roman Reogms. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose came through the crowd. The Shield will face the Dogs of War, in Australia.
Dean got on the stick, first. He called the Shield the three Workhorses. Dean claimed to have never lost a war. Roman stepped up and said their resume stands against all criticism. Roman and Seth held up their title belts. Roman called them “The Keys to the Kingdom”. Roman said only they deserved the titles. Seth said it was about being the best. Seth knew the Dogs of War would not be able to defeat them. Seth was ready for a fight.
He called out Baron Corbin. Baron said he and his partners were going to reg doll The Shield. Baron said no one in the back liked The Shield. Baron then brought out Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew Mcintyre. Braun had a house mic. Braun warned Roman that he would not be holding the Universal title for much longer. Braun also felt that The Shield was falling apart. Braun said it would be a 4-on-2 match. Braun said Dean was ready to jump ship. Dolph and Drew both played mind games with Dean. Dolph suggested that if Dean joined the Dogs of War, he could get an Intercontinental Title Shot at Crown Jewel. Roman stepped up and said let’s fight. Baron stopped it because Drew and Dolph has a tag title defense. Baron had others in mind for the main event. Drew and Dolph will fight The Revival, later on.
Bayley hugged Finn Balor. S he ws set to be in his corner, next.
Finn Balor (w/Bayley) vs Jindar Mahal (w/Alicia Fox)
The Finish:
Sasha Banks is injured so Bayley got partnered with Finn for the Mixed Match Challenge.
Kitchen Sink by Mahal. Jindar choked Finn on the middle rope and then dropped a knee. Abdominal Stretch by Mahal. Knee Strike and punches by Mahal. Balor rolled through a Sunset Flip and hit a Dropkick. Double Boots and Flying Forearm by Finn. Double Stomp by Balor. Running Knife Edge Chop and Float Over by Finn. Mahal Chopped Mahal. Finn dropped Mahal and went up top. Sling Blade. Shotgun Dropkick. deflected by Singh. Mahal almost stole the match. Bayley tripped Mahal. Fox got ticked off and walked away. Bayley caught her and they fought. Bayley to Belly to Singh. Balor rolled up Mahal for the win.
Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 75 out of a possible 100
Jindar attacked his little follower. Mahal pitched Singh into the ring. He slapped the much smaller man and then went into Lotus Position.
We saw the attack on Ronda Rousey and Natalya, last week. The Bella Twins made the save.
Natalya, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella vs The Riottt Squad
Brie with Yes Kicks to pull a two count. Tag to Ruby. Side Headlock Takeover by Ruby. Brie got to her feet. Back Elbow and Missile Dropkick by Brie. 2 count. Triple Suplex! The Riott Squad bailed out to the floor. Break time,
Brie was being punished by Logan. Ruby tagged in. Liv Morgan was hurt, during the break. Nikki tried to reach her corner but came up short. Ruby dropped Nikki with a modified Sling Blade. Tag to Sara Logan. Tag to Nattie. Clotheslines by Natalya. Discus Clothesline but Ruby made the save. Nikki and Ruby slugged it out. Nat with a roll up but only a two count. Tag to Ruby. Sharpshooter on Logan. Ruby kicked Natalya with her Riott Kick.
Your Winners: The Riott Squad
Raw Score: 70
The stage filled with kids and superstars. This had to do with Connor’s Cure.
Triple H and Stephanie were in the rintg. She talked about the money raised for Connor’s Cure. HHH stepped up and talked about meeting the brave kids. Stephanie sent it to a video packageshowcasing the alliance between WWE and Hyundai. Two kids were brought to the ring (Carter and Elizabeth). She danced a little. Cute. The kids got a Universal title and Women’s title belt. Hugs all around. “You Deserve It” rang out. The little girl was in tears.
The Hyundai Rep talked a bit about the partnership. Hyundai gave $200,000 to Connor’s Cure. So cool.
Dean Ambrose looked very pensive, backstage. Dolph Ziggler came out to talk with him. Dolph continued with the mind games. Dolph swore that Seth and Roman didn’t care about Dean. Dolph suggested Dean didn’t have to do anything, just signal when he was ready to turn.
Konnor vs Chad Gable
Bobby Roode was with Chad. Viktor walked with Konnor. Konnor had a warning for Chad. Nothing could protect Chad from the pending carnage.
Chad tried o use his speed but Konnor used his power to negate Gable’s offense. Fujiwara Arm Bar, over the ropes, by Chad. Missile Dropkick and Flying Forearm by Gable. Rolling Kick and German Bridge to pull the deuce. Chad went up top and went for a Moonsault. He landed on his feet and got Stone Walled. Gut Wrench Bomb by Konnor to take the duke.
Your Winner: Konnor
Raw Score: 70
Triple H was asked about the “Broken Soul” comment by Undertaker. HHH felt that Taker has already lost. HHH mentioned he sould his soul, a long time ago, so Taker couldn’t have it. “The End is Near” was HHH’s final comment.
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson
Raw Tag Team Title Match
Collar and Elbow and Scott took Dolph to the corner. Knife Edge by Dawson. Tag to Dash and Drew. Drew popped Dash and tagged out. Backdrop Suplex to Dolph and tag to Scott. Dawson stomped Dolph’s arm. Bridging Northern Lights Suplex by the challenger. Slingshot Tag for the Revival. Dolph was thrown into the corner. Desperation DDT blocked. RIngs of Saturn to Dolph. Ziggler was in agony. The two men tumbled out to the floor. Dawson charged and hit the ring steps. Tag to Drew, who stomped us into commercial break.
Dolph was rocked with a Jawbreake. Tag to Dawson. Straight fists by Scott. Heel Kick by Scott. Butterfly Power Bomb by Scott. Nice. 1-2-kick out. Scott Suplexed Dolph up onto the top turnbuckle. Tag to Dash. Superplex/Frog Splash Combo. Drew made the save. Tornado DDT to Drew, off the barricade. Drew watched, from the back. 2 count. Superkick converted into a Backslide. Famouser blocked. Doomsday Revival. Could be…might be…Denied.
Tag to Wilder. Dolph escaped the Double Team. Hot Tag to Drew. Knife Edge by McIntyre. The Revival almost got the win with a double team. Tag to Ziggler. Claymore/ZIg Zag to retain.
Your Winners: Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler
Raw Score: 84
Elias was in the ring to serenade us. He has quickly become one of my Jean’s favorites. She is a talented musician and appreciated Elias’ abilities. Elias refused to perform and brought out his Australia tag partner, Kevin Owens. Elias praised John Cena, drawing heat from the crowd.
The Kevin Owens Show
KO strolled down to the ring and sat at a desk that was set up in the ring. He thanked Elias for the introduction. KO and Elias mocked Bobby Lashley but did pay respect to John Cena, sort of. KO then brought up Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. Elias didn’t want to discuss them. KO was insulted that Lio talked trash about him. KO invited Lio to come to the ring.
Rush thanked them for being brought out. KO told Rush to come to the ring. Lio didn’t want to go there. Lio laughed at KO’s offer. Lio stated he would stay on the stage. Elias said they had a special seat…a booster chair. Lio snickered and then brought out Lashley.
Bobby Lashley vs Elias
Liio played cheerleader. Bobby threw Elias off. Go Behind into an amateur takedown by Lashley. Go Behind by Elias. Standing Switch and take down by Bobby. Bobby took Elias to the corner and kicked away. Corner Mount Punch but Elias slid under and took down Bobby. Lashley with a Leap Frog and Shoulder Tackle. Float Over by Elias but he got dropped with a Crossbody. Bobby went back to the Corner Punches.
Side Slam by Lashley. 2 count only. Elias got the boot up but Lashley caught him. Chop Block into a Leg DDT. KO shouted at Elias to rev him up. Elias ate it up and stomped away at Bobby. Elias wrapped the knee around the ring post. Near fall.
Elias continued to work on Bobby’s bad leg. Bobby tried to fight back but he was spent. Elias stomped the leg, over and over. 1-2-not yet. Bobby began to fight back. Elias flew out of the ring and Lashley went after him. Elias was bounced off the barricade. Elias was thrown back in the ring. Basement Dropkick to Bobby’s knee. Break.
Elias had a Half Crab on Lashley’s hurt leg. Elias released the hold to stomp away. Elias ws tossed out of the ring. KO encouraged Elias, who rushed back into the ring. Flatliner to The Drifter. Bobby and Elias traded punches. Bobby got the better of that exchange. Stall Suplex by Lashley. Spear through the ropes. Both men were down and stunned. The ref began his count. KO chased Lio Rush. KO ran into Lashley, causing a DQ.
Your Winner (by Disqualification): Bobby Lashley
Raw Score: 74
Lio was caught by Elias and KO. Bobby rushed in to save his hype man.
Drew  McIntyre was confronted by Seth Rollins. Seth told Drew that  Dolph and Dolph were using McIntyre.
Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox
Jax and Ember Moon did an insert video. Jax has a bone to pick with Alexa Bliss. Bliss and Mickie James came out with Foxy.
Fox danced around the much larger Jax. Jax tossed Foxy around the ring. Fox was pulled out of the ring. Ember hit a Rolling Cannonball, off the apron, to Mickie. Swinging Neckbreaker by Fox. Fox with a Rear Chin Lock and knees to the back. Nia Back Rushed Fox to the corner. Fox kicked away and got a near fall. Samoan Drop!
Your Winner: Nia Jax
Raw Score: 65
Drew tried to get into Dean’s head with talk about being screwed over by Seth, in the past.
WWE2K19 looks awesome. I need to get a PlaystationI4, one of these days. Maybe my sweetie will think about it at Christmas. Smile. Nah,  I would never even hint for it.
Super SI how Down was analyzed. Undertaker and Triple H will have a Final Battle. It has been six years since the two last faced off. I am really torn with who will win this one. My Inner Circle are almost all pulling for Taker. That makes me tempted to go with HHH. I’ll do a predictions column as we get closer.
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs  Baeon Corbin, Akum amd Razar (w/Drake Maverick)
The Dogs of War came out to watch this one. Baron started with Dean. Drop Toe Hold by Dean.  Ambrose popped Baron. Tag to Seth. Baron brought Akum in to the match. Side Headlock by Seth but Akum hit a massive Shoulder Tackle. Tag to Dean. Double Team but Razar had tagged in and hit a Double Shoulder Tackle. Tag to Roman. Akun yelled at Roman.  Roman clocked the AoP member. Razar took Roman to the corner and teed off on him. Roman fought out of a Samoan Drop. Razar escaped a Samoan Drop. All six men got in the ring and a Pier Six Brawl broke out. The Shield cleared the ring, at least for the moment.
The Dogs of War came down the ramp with chairs. TheAoP and Cobin jumped The Shield from behind. Corbin almost got the pin after a Backbreaker. Time for one more break.
Solo hits the stores on Tuesday. Got to get it to complete my Star Wars collection.
Samoan Drop by Roman to Baron. 2 count. Tags on both sides. Akum got rocked by SethvSbeth escaped a Suplex. Blockbuster by Seth. Drake pulled down the ropes on Seth. Tag to Baron.  He ran Seth into the barricade. Double team by the Authors of Painon Seth. Seth was tossed back in the ring. Razar tagged in and worked on Seth’s neck. Double Team Stomp by the AoP. Baron got a stomp in, as well. Dean was pacing back and forth.
Shoulder Tackle by Akum. Tag to Baron. He clubbed Seth. Baron attacked Roman and Dean. Sling Blade by Seth. Dean was pulled off the apron to preent a tag. AoP battled Dean and Roman, on the floor. Side Russian Leg Sweep/Clothesline aka the Last Chapter on Roman. Deep Six by Baron. Kick out at 2 plus. Superkick to Akum. Fie Hot Tag to Dean. He went to town on all three men. Roman and Seth were down. Akum pulled Dean off the ropes. Dean blocked End of Days. Jumping Cutter by Dean. Savage Elbow but the AoP broke it up. Superman Punch to prevent the Last Chapter. Stomp and Suicide Dive by Seth. Seth with a 2nd Suicide Dive. Dirty Deeds. Tag to Roman. Spear!
Your Winners: The Shield
Raw Score:90
Dean took a few moments to decide where his loyalties were. He chose his brothers in The Shield.
–Jay Shannon

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