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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – September 20, 2018

The show opens with a video package highlighting the events from last week’s IMPACT on Pop.

For the first time ever, IMPACT emanates from Mexico City, Mexico! Our first match is The Crist Brothers & Sami Callihan vs. Aerostar, Loredo Kid, and Hijo Del Vikingo. The match starts with a brawl between all six men. Laredo Kid takes control and kicks Dave Crist  in the face and sends him out of the ring. Jake Crist comes in and lights up Laredo Kid with a few crafty kicks to the body and head. Vikingo comes in and briefly takes control until Callihan kicks him in the face, he tries to mount a comeback and attempts a flying leap over the top rope, but OVE catches him and smashes him into the apron. Aerostar, Vikingo, and Laredo Kid do manage to each perform suicide dives onto OVE from the corner. OVE gives Laredo Kid a vicious beating in the ring and perform triple team moves including a elevated superkick. Aerostar comes in and cleans house until all six men end up in the ring fighting. OVE hits triple Tombstone Piledrivers but the Luchadores manage to kick out. OVE hits the All Seeing Eye on Vikingo for the pinfall victory.

OVE & Sami Callihan defeated Aerostar, Laredo Kid, and Hijo Del Vikingo by pinfall.

Matt Sydal confronts Rich Swann in the back and tells him that he believes in him more than anybody. He pitches the idea of them being a tag team to take on the Lucha Brothers. Surprisingly, Rich Swann takes him up on the offer.

Tessa Blanchard walks into a locker room and gets into an altercation with two woman which causes her to decide to go to a different locker room.

Eli Drake comes out for an open challenge. He grabs a mic and talks about how all he’s witnessed is trash coming down the ramp lately. He came to Mexico for a real challenge and the Gravy Train is ready to rock! Trevor Lee comes out with a ref and forces him into the ring but Drake swarms him as soon as he gets in the ring. Lee fights back and lands some kicks in the corner. He sends Drake out of the ring but gets tripped as soon as he goes to the apron. Lee hangs Drake up on the top rope and lands a nasty backbreaker for a near fall. Drake fights back and lands a nasty powerslam and a Gravy Train on his second attempt for the pinfall victory.

Eli Drake defeated Trevor Lee by pinfall.

We see King and the OGz hanging out in the back. King is telling them how they have to get LAX to break the cease fire. King decides he will step into the ring tonight to send a message. King makes his way to the ring with his homeboys to take on Krotus. King goes to shake his hand and the OGz jump him from behind, and Homicide lands a nasty cutter. The bell rings and King lands the spinning backfist for the pinfall victory. He grabs a mic and calls out Konnan and LAX, but he chastises them for not coming out.

We come back from commercial and LAX is pleading with Konnan in the back over the situation with King and the OGz. Konnan lets them know that if they break the ceasefire they will disappear in drums of acid because of it. He explains to them that they have to wait until Bound for Glory in their hometown of New York, New York!

Alisha Edwards comes out to take on Faby Apache. Faby locks up a quick submission and a few arm drags. The two woman begin trading chops and kicks before Apache knocks Alisha down and lands a leg drop for a near fall. She lands a drop toe hold and puts Edwards into the surfboard submission. Alisha manages to comeback with a frankensteiner and briefly controls the action. She hits Apache with some stiff strikes, a huge clothesline and a Flatliner for a near fall. Edwards goes for a flying cross body, but Apache throws her off and hits the sit out Powerbomb for the pinfall win. Josh Mathews goes in the ring and to ask her what she thought about the match and her confrontation with Tessa Blanchard earlier. Apache challenges Blanchard to a match next week.

Faby Apache defeated Alisha Edwards by pinfall.

El Texano will face Austin Aries later and has an interview in the back. He let’s Aries know that he isn’t afraid of Killer Kross or Moose and he will take the IMPACT Championship!

Scarlett Bordeaux is in the back and says she has a huge announcement to make next week.

Rich Swann and Matt Sydal make their entrances to take on the Lucha Brothers in a tag team match. Swann and Fenix go back and forth with some crazy acrobatics to begin. Sydal and Pentagon get tagged in and start screaming in each others faces until Pentagon lands a few kicks. They land a bevy of kicks on both Sydal and Swann. The Lucha Brothers dominate the match with wild tag team strategy but can’t seem to put either man down for the three count. Sydal and Pentagon trade some nasty kicks until Swann takes him down with a vicious kick. He tags Swann in and they’re able to control the match until it spills outside and Fenix comes out of nowhere with a suicide dive and takes everyone out. Swann manages to break away and take the Lucha Brothers out with a high flying move from the corner. All four men battle back in the ring and Swann and Sydal land double hurricanranas on their adversaries. The Lucha Brothers come back quickly as Fenix hit Swann with a double stomp and Pentagon flattens Sydal with the Fear Factor onto the apron. Fenix hits his finisher on Swann for the pinfall victory. OVE and Sami Callihan swarm the ring after the match and have the Lucha Brothers vulnerable in the ring. Brian Cage comes running out and forces OVE to retreat!

The Lucha Brothers defeated Matt Sydal and Rich Swann by pinfall.

Austin Aries cuts a promo in the back on El Texano as he’s flanked by Killer Kross and Moose. He lets El Texano know that he’s not going to carry on the legacy of his father at the expense of the IMPACT Champion!

We cut to the Desi Hit Squad getting massages in the back and Gama Singh comes in weilding a mop and starts scolding his team. They seem very fearful of him and the massage therapists take off running. Gama forces them to beat on each other to train for their non-title match with LAX next week.

We see another music video from Joe Hendry featuring Grado and the song is about how they are best friends and he would never trade their friendship for Katarina.

It is announced that “The Monster” Abyss will be inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame!

El Texano makes his entrance to challenge Austin Aries for the IMPACT World Championship. Aries comes out with his sidekicks Kross and Moose. They start off by trading arm locks and reversals as they jockey for control. Texano is finally able to land a huge elbow and a springboard senton on the champ. They battle back and forth to the outside, but Texano gains the upper hand out there too. We come back from commercial and Aries is dominating Texano back in the ring and beating him down in the corner. He scratches the back of Texano and then gets reversed which allows Texano to scratch his back. The men battle back and forth attempting various pinfalls. Aries has to regroup outside and he tries to call the match off, but Kross convinces him to get back in. Austin tries to bring Texano’s bull rope in the ring, and then his championship. Texano whips him with the rope and goes for the pin just as the referee turns around, but Aries kicks out. Back on the feet, Aries swiftly pulls out the Brain Buster out of nowhere for the pinfall! Johnny Impact comes on the screen and explains that Aries tried to put him on the shelf. He succeeded because Johnny Impact may not be medically cleared, but he warns Aries that he may be seeing him sooner than he thought. Suddenly, Johnny appears on the ramp and sneaks up on Aries in the ring. Impact cleans house and then Eddie Edwards comes running from the crown with a kendo stick and smashes Kross with it. Aries and his insurance policies retreat as Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards stand tall in the ring!

Austin Aries retained his title against El Texano by pinfall.

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