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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – September 13, 2018

This week’s show kicks off with highlights from last week’s show.

IMPACT World Champion Austin Aries makes his way down to the ring flanked by Moose and Killer Kross. They all take a seat on some gold couches in the middle of the ring and Aries claims that they’ve taken over the show and will take everybody out! They start insulting Eddie Edwards and his wife when KM and Fallah Bahh make a surprise entrance. Aries invites them into the ring and makes fun of Bahh for being fat before offering a banana. KM calls Aries a liar and a “horrendous world champion.” KM gets in Moose’s face for turning his back on Edwards. Aries diffuses the situation and says he has a peace offering for KM and Bahh. He offers Bahh a World Title match tonight and they shake on it. Also tonight, Kongo Kong faces off with Brian Cage!

Fenix and Pentagon Jr make their entrance to the ring to face the Cult of Lee. The Lucha Brothers take it to Cult of Lee right away and land a beautiful double team springboard dropkick that takes out their adversaries at once. Fenix has Lee under control until they fling Fenix into the top rope with a double team flapjack. Pentagon comes in to try to help but Cult of Lee remains in control over Fenix as they utilize excellent tag team cohesion. Fenix briefly lights Konley up with chops to the chest but is unable to regain the upper hand. He manages to duck a double clothesline and lands a nasty springboard cutter that takes out both Lee and Konley. Pentagon comes in and starts cleaning house and they land some nasty double team moves on their opponents. Pentagon goes for the fear factor but Lee comes in and breaks it up. They hit a double team chest stomp from the top rope on Fenix but Pentagon breaks up that pin attempt. The Lucha Brothers regain control and hit the double team Fear Factor in Lee for the pinfall win. OVE comes up on the screen and Sami Callihan challenges The Lucha Brothers and Brian Cage in a six-man tag match with “OVE Rules.”

Pentagon Jr and Fenix defeated Cult of Lee by pinfall.

KM is in the back with Fallah Bahh and he’s all amped up, but Bahh looks like he is having second thoughts about his World Title opportunity tonight. KM claims that they need advice from a former champion and they take off somewhere. We return from commercial and they are in the back looking for Eli Drake. They find him but aren’t really able to get advice because Drake doesn’t take them seriously and basically makes fun of Bahh.

Kiera Hogan and Allie are in the back and asked why they stopped Su Yung from putting Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard into the coffin last week. Allie claims that as much as she doesn’t like Blanchard, she made a promise that she wouldn’t allow Su Yung to do that to anyone ever again! She makes it clear that she believes Su Yung’s reign of terror isn’t over yet.

Tessa Blanchard is in the back for an interview and still claims she didn’t need Allie’s help last week. She says she doesn’t owe Allie anything either!

Alisha Edwards comes out to face off against Katarina. Joe Hendry and Grado come out before the match can even begin. Grado is so upset he can’t even get the words out but Hendry grabs the microphone and has another music video to play for Katarina. Alisha Edwards takes advantage of a prime opportunity and rolls Katarina up while she’s distracted. Grado and Hendry make fun of Katarina more before they leave.

Alisha Edwards defeated Katarina by pinfall.

KM is in the back and he’s trying to tell Bahh that he has to take this seriously. Scarlett Bordeaux comes over and tells them that she likes a man with gold even more than she likes a strong man. They clearly can’t get enough of her and take off all amped up again!

We see an interview between Josh Mathews and Johnny Impact from earlier this week. Johnny says that his shoulder, neck and elbow are injured but he’s recovering and will be back. Impact says that he can’t ignore Moose and Kross but he knows that Aries is obviously insecure about fighting him straight up at Bound for Glory.

The Fraternity comes out to face LAX. Ortiz pulls out a flip flop and immediately starts beating Decker with it. They manage to take control over LAX with impressive teamwork. Santana gets in there and completely cleans house of the Fraternity. They answer back quickly and are about to hit an unbelievable double team move when Ortiz intercepts Decker on the ramp and chokeslams him. LAX hits the double team finisher for the pinfall win. King and the OGz come out through the crowd and King starts calling them out again. King claims that he regrets that the kid they ran over is still breathing and this completely incites rage in Konnan. King just keeps egging him on, but LAX holds him back.

LAX defeated The Fraternity by pinfall.

Austin Aries is in the back with Moose and Kross and claims that he isn’t worried about Bound for Glory because everyone who has stepped in their path is now gone, like Edwards and Impact. He says that there may not even be a Bound for Glory after they’re though tonight!

KM and Fallah Bahh are in the back and Bahh seems totally amped up right now. Rich Swann comes over to give Fallah some extra support. Matt Sydal comes up and asks Swann how he can help anyone if he can’t even help himself? Swann tells him that he’s going to whoop his ass in Mexico City!

Kongo Kong comes out to face the X Division Champion “The Machine” Brian Cage. Cage comes out hot and gets the big man down before landing a kick right ot his head. Kong sends him flying with a shoulder block. Cage gets back up and in his face but Kong stops a huge attack with a stiff right hand and then lands a nasty cross body from outside the ring over the top rope into the ring and takes out Cage with heavy force. Kong misses the big splash from the top and flattens Kong with a powerslam and then hits the springboard moonsault for a close 2 count! Cage is about to go for the 619, but Kong takes him out with a huge clothesline. Cage somehow manages to hit a sitout powerbomb but Kong kicks out at 2. Cage hits a nasty discus clothesline and an F5 on Kong for the pinfall win! Cage grabs a microphone and loudly accepts Sami Callihan’s challenge for a six man match at Bound for Glory!

Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong by pinfall.

We see Fallah Bahh and KM walking through the back and what seems like the entire locker room is cheering them on for his title match tonight! They don’t seem so sure if he’ll win, but they claim they have to stay positive.

Fallah Bahh and KM come out for the main event. World Champion Austin Aries comes out flanked once again by Moose and Killer Kross, except this time they are carrying chairs as they follow the champion. Aries quickly gets the big guy into a headlock and then manages to avoid his attacks with his speed – adding a little insult to injury as he mocks Bahh’s lack of speed. Bahh gets him in the headlock and really starts grinding the champ down with his strength. Aries breaks free and literally starts running around the ring like a madman and totally forces Bahh to blow himself up. He mocks him once again from the corner as Fallah tries to gain his breath. We come back from commercial and see footage from the break where Aries did a bunch of cardiovascular exercises while Bahh tried to catch his breath. Bahh hits one huge shoulder block and starts beating the champ all over the ring. He’s about to hi a huge Samoan drop on the champ and Aries gouges his eyes, boxes his ears, and chop blocks him at the knee which evens the fight back up. Austin just starts beating on Bahh’s right leg while he’s on the ground. Fallah gets back up and starts lighting up Aries with chest chops. Aries goes for the sunset flip and forces Bahh to miss as he tries to sit on him. He regains control and starts beating the challenger while he’s on the ground. The champ goes for the Brainbuster but can’t get the big man up, which allows Bahh to reverse into a suplex of his own. He follows it up with a Samoan Drop for a close two count. He then reverses a discus clothesline from the champ into a gigantic belly-to-belly suplex for another near fall! He goes for the Log Roll, but the champ reverses into Last Chancery and Bahh gets to the rope. Bahh manages to hit a huge cross body splash for what seemed like the closest two count in the history of professional wrestling! Aries hits a sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope and transitions into the Last Chancery for the tapout victory. He tosses the referee and goes for the Last Chancery on Bahh again. As soon as KM comes in for his friend, Kross and Moose attack like a pack of wolves. They put a chair around KM’s head on the outside against the post and lay him out with a chair shot. The Impact World Champion and his boys stand tall as we go off the air!

Austin Aries defeated Fallah Bahh by submission to retain the IMPACT World Championship.

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