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The Raw Score
A recap and review of this week’s Monday Night Raw.
Hosted by “Candy Man” Jay Shannon
“Pain is just a state of mind”–Matt Sydal
Well, Hell in a Cell is this coming Sunday, The final few pieces of the card were put into place.
Renee Young is officially a member of the announce team. Great choice.
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre came out with their newly-won tag championships. They were joined by the third member of The Pack, Braun Strowman. The Pack had several men with them, including the AoP, Jindar Mahal, Drew Galak, Elias and Kevin Owens.
Dolph was first on the stick to brag about what The Pack had done. “We told you so”, Braun said they beat down The Shield, last week. Drew stepped up and called for the video footage of the decimation of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. It took the entire locker room to stop the initial fight. The Shield members were carted off to jail, only to return at the end of the night.
Back to live acetion/talking, Braun called Roman a “Coward” for depending on his Hounds of Justice. Braun know has his Dogs of War. I remember that team back in World Class, so many  years ago. Dolph thanks the men around the ring for standing up against The Shield. Drew knew the Balance of Power had shifted in their favor. Drew was ready to annihilate the B Team, later on.
The Shield’s music hit and Roman, Seth and Dean stood in the crowd. They made their way down for one Hell of a fight. The Shield tore into all the Heels and made short work of the over-whelming numbers. Dean found Ax Handles for himself and his brothers. Jindar took a nasty shot to the skull. The Pack headed up the ramp to renain safe.
Triple H will be on, later, to answer comments by Undertaker.
The Bellas found their locker room trashed. It was all done by the Riott Squad,
The Shield were fighting with the cops when Baron Corbin showed up. He didn’t want them arrested. Roman, Seth and Dean were ordered to leave or vacate their titles and go to jail for a long time. The Shield reluctantly agreed to go. Bet it ain’t the last time we will see them, tonight.
Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) vs Ruby Riott (with Liv Morgan and Sara Logan)
Yhey tied up and Ruby used a Side Headlock to bring Nikki over. Nikki got to her feet and sent Ruby to the ropes. Shoulder Tackle by Riott. Hip Toss by Nikki but Morgan and Logan protected their leader. Nikki took Ruby to the corner and threw hard shoulders.  Back Heel Trip by Ruby. Spear by Nikki. Nikki got kicked in the ropes and the top rope caught her. Break time.
Cravat by Ruby. She strick Nikki in the nose. Spinebuster by Bella. Both women were down and stunned. Clotheslines by Nikki, followed by a nice Dropkick. Hard kick by Ruby. Disaster Kick by Nikki brought a two count. Clutch Faceplant by Ruby almost brought this to a close. Nikki blocked Eat da Feet by Ruby, Nikki went for the Rack Attack and had to wait until Brie cleared the others of the Riott Squad. Rack Attack 2.0!
Your Winner: Nikki Bella
Raw Score: 80 out of a possible 100
They did a neat vdeo package of 11 kids with pediatric cance. That is so touching.  Brings a tear to my eye to see those brave kids.God Bless you all. Big Show went down the line to introduce Super Messiah, Super 4, Braden the Punisher, Diva Supreme, The Skull Crusher, CHarlie the Champ, The Quiet Storm,  and Lela the Unstoppable. Big Show asked the WWE Universe to join the fight against pediatric cancer.
Michael Cole then sent it to a video flashback of Shawn Michaels’ segment on Raw. Undertaker made an unexpected visit to the Flatgship show. Taker claimed he ended Shawn’s career. Michaels countered that he stayed retired out of respect. Taker wondered if it was respect or fear.  Taker knew if Shawn returned, the Dead Man would end him, for good. Taker also knew he would end HHH, as well. The Game will gige his views, later on.
Rocco…no, wait, Drake Maverick, gave a pep talk to the AoP. The two brutes are on deck to unleash carnage.
Akum and Razar (w/Drake Maverick) vs Ronny Ace and Nathan Bradley
This was an old school suqash match. Super Collider!
Your Winners: AoP
Raw Score: 20
Give them some competition or they will become the next Ascension
The announce team profiled the pending Hell in a Cell match between Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy. I’m putting my money on Hardy.
The cops watched as a stretch limo pulled up. HHH was here to address the Universe, right after these words from our sponsors.
They kept running ads for The Purge. I watched the first episode and wasn’t all that impressed. I will keep watching but AFTER Ink Master. Smile.
Triple H walked out in full shirt and tie. Grow back your hair and shave that salt and pepper beard. HHH said the upcoming match, in Australia, was being done for respect. Undertaker took 81% of the vote of who would win their match. HHH could care less  what the numbers said. HHH mocked Undertaker for being bothered by Shawn Michaels’ opinion.  Taker, in HHH’s opinion, tried to bait Shawn into a fight. Now, HHH is angry at the lackof respect.  Taker, according to HHH, has lost respect in himself. HHH noticed Taker wasn’t there to confront him. Taker is nothing more than a representation of his former self. HHH does think it is personal, now. HHH promised to put Undertaker down…out of respect. Harsh words. Will be interesting to see if he can back that up.
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs The B Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel)
Tag Team Title Rematch
Bo and Dolph started this one. Go Behind by Dolph. They ended up in the ropes. Sweet Dropkick by Ziggler. Swinging Neckbreaker by Bo brought in a deuce. Tag to Axel.
Curtis and Bo kept fresh tagging to wear out Dolph. Wicked DDT by Axel almost gave them the crimson straps. Axel popped both foes but ate a Superkick. Tag to Drew. Running Boot sent Axel to the floor. We then got a few minutes of food ads and such.
Drew prevented Axel from taggomg out. I guess The Pack is nown as the Dogs  of War. Dolph took the tag. Superkick and Inverted  Alabama Slam. Hot Tag to Bo, who exploded on Dolph. 1-2-no. Inside Cradle by Bo bul Drew made the save. Claymore/Zig Zag combo to bring this to a finish.
After the match, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose jumped the tag champs.
Your Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre
Raw Score: 75
Would Seth Rollins lose his title? Time would tell.
Michael Cole sent it to footage of the most memorable Hell in a Cell match of all time: Mankind (Mick Foley) vs Undertaker. I have worn out two copies of that match, so far, That match was one of the most disturbing matches that I have ever seen. The only thing that came close ws New Jack vs Vic Grimes in a Scaffold Match where New Jack tried, in his words, to make “another Owen Hart out of that fat b*stard”, I lost all respect for New Jack that day,
Seth and Dean talked with Baron Corbin. They diverted Baron by saying The Shield wasn’t there, only Seth and Dean. Seth felt Baron was bogus. Seth and Dean called in the New Orleans sheriff to arrest Baron Corbin for false police reports. Baron was read his rights. Baron wanted to speak to Seth in private. Dean talked with the sheriff about a speeding ticket. Seth came out, laughing, and saying there was no need to press charges, just yet.
Kevin Owens vs  Tyler Breeze
KO attacked Tyler, before the bell. Jumping Enziguri sent KO to the floor. Owens kicked Tyler in the face and Powerbombed him on the apron of the ring. The ref checked on Breeze. He was out cold. KO asked for a house mic.
Your Winner: No Match
Raw Score: N/A
Owens explained how Baron Corbin begged him to come back to Raw. Owens called himself “The True MVP of Raw”. Owens is now allowed to do what he wants, when he wants, with no repercussions.  Owens said the blame for this new attitude solely belongs to Bobby Lashley. Owens blamed Bobby for taking out Sami Zayn, his best buddy. Owens promised Agony and Destruction to all who cross his path,
The announcers talked about Samoa Joe vs A.J. Styles 2. These two have such a rich history.
The Glorious Ones (Chad Gable and Bobby Roodes) vs  The Ascension
The Finish:
Chad started a House on Fire but got shut down. Double team almost took out Chad. Hot Tag to Roode. HE cleaned house. Double R Spinebuster by Roode. Chad tagged himself in. Rolling German SUplex.
Your Winners: CHad Gable and Bobby Roode, the Glorious Ones
Raw Score: 75
Ronda Rousey and Natalya Neidhart warmed up for a tag match. That match is next.
The Dogs of War talked about how The Shield got around getting fired. Baron said Seth and Dean will get a title shot, on Sunday,
Alexa Bliss and Mickie James (w/Alicia Fox) vs Natalya and Ronda Rousey
Bliss took off running to avoid Nattie. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Neidhart. Go Behind by Natalya. Sling Shot Powerbomb into a Basement Dropkick. Tag to Ronda. Bliss hauled his Biscuit Butt to tag out to Mickie.
Standing Switch. Clothesline by Ronda. Tag to Nattie. Dual SUplex. 2 count only. Mickie went to the ropes to avoid the SHarpshooter. Mickie James will face Lita at Evolution. Mickie dropped Nattie but couldn’t get the three.
Nattie flipped Mickie but ate a nasty Clothesline. Mickie stood on the hair and then tagged out. Jumping Knee Drops by Bliss. Kick to the spine. Bliss wanted the Arm Bar but didn’t get it. Bliss slapped Ronda in the face and the chase was on. Hart Attack!  The heels hit the floor. Break time, once again.
Mickie had Natalya in a Body Scissors. Nattie would not submit. Nattie got to her feet and ran Mickie into the corner. James stopped the tag. Bliss took the tag and worked over Natalya. Bliss mocked Ronda but backed up fast. Tag to Ronda. Bliss went all kinds of pale, They went to the floor and Bliss used a distraction to send Ronda into the barricade and ring apron. 2 count when they got back in the ring. Tag to Mickie. James kept kicking the ribs and tagged in Bliss. Punt to the ribs. Bow and Arrow by Bliss to work the ribs.
James kicked the ribs and sent Nattie off the apron. Ronda hit a Rolling Clothesline. Ronda started throwing Haymakers. Kick to Ronda’s ribs. Ronda flipped Mickie over, three times. Rowdy Arm Bar!
Your Winners (by Submission): Ronda Rousey and Natalya Neidhart
Raw Score: 78
Bliss took a quick cheap shot to the ribs and then bailed out.
Charlotte Flair and Beky Lynch will duel for the Smackdown Women’s Title on Sunday,
Elias was giving a Gopher a hard time when Braun Strowman showed up, looking for Roman Reigns. Another guy got tossed around by Braun.
Ronda and Natalya were interviewed. Ronda said she was fine and would never pull out of a fight. She considers herself the best.
Elias was in the ring. Typical cheap heat for The Drifter. Elias played a really good Eric Clapton-ewque riff on his guitar. He wanted to know who wants to walk with Elias. He got his shot in that The Saints lost. So did the Cowboys (sad face). Elias said Drew Breeze was tired of representing New Orleans. Whatever.
Elias was stopped edby the arrival of Mick Foley! Mi ck us ed to live just a few blocks from me, in Irving, back in the 80s.  Elias brought up the infamous Hell in a Cell match. Elias said the Hell in a Cell match changed Mick’s career…and life…from that point on. Elias insulted Mick for being a Broken Old Man. Mr. Socko was the chant that rang out. Mick admitted that Elias was right. Mick wanted to talk about the future, not the past. Elias claimed he was the future. Mick wamted a job at Hell in a Cell. Stephanie initially laughed at him but then thought it over. Foley said there was electricity at that match, 20 years ago. Foley was given a position, as the Special Guest Ref for Braun vs Roman. Wow!
Foley started to leave but Elias stopped him. Elias insulted Mick, only to find out that Mick was allowed to set one match…
Elias vs Finn Balor
The Finish:
Sling Blade by Finn. Elias came back with a Running Knee. Elias stomped away, Finn tossed Elias to the outside. Finn bounced off the rooes but got naot hit with a wicked Clothesline. Spin Out/Sit Out Powerbomb by Elias but came up short on the pin attempt. Knife Edge Chops by Elias. Elias then Suplexed Finn on the top rope and hit a Knife Edge. Finn knocked Elias off the ropes. inn missed his finisher. Small Package sent this one home.
Your Winner: Finn Balor
Raw Score: 84
A video package ran of Bobby Lashley. Lio Rush was there to act as a manager and motivator.
Braun Strowman was interviewed. Braun demanded to know where Roman was. Charlie thought he had left for the night but suggested Braun go to the ring and see if Roman showed up.  Braun thought that was a good idea.
They ran a promo for the next Mixed Match Challenge.
Undertaker will be in Dallas, next Monday. Sadly, I have Dr. appointments both on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll be watching from home.
Braun came out to the ring. He was sick of waiting for Roman Reigns so he called him out. Roman did not come out. Braun called Roman a coward. Braun stated that Roman would have nowhere to hide, on Sunday. Dean and Steh would not be able to help. Neither would Mick Foley. Braun threatened Foley. Braun said he would send Roman to Hell.
The Shield music hit but Roman did not show. Roman came out to the announce table. THe fight was on. Hockey Fight following a Superman Punch. Braun tried to send Roman through the Tron. Braun dismantled the announce table. Braun tossed the Universal title aside and picked up Roman. Brraun put Roman on the table but Roman hit a wild Samoan Drop through the stage! Both men were hut, at this point. Roman got to his feet and picked up his Universal title belt. He raised it high and got a mixed reaction. I think Roman is going to retain. I’m sure my best friend, Sunny, and her hubby, Rey, will be happy to read that.
–Jay Shannon

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