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Gonzo Shark’s IMPACT Wrestling Report – Air date — September 6, 2018

This week’s show kicks off with highlights from last week’s huge REDEFINED event!

Rich Swann and Petey Williams make their entrances to square off in the ring. Matt Sydal comes out unexpectedly before the match can begin and invades the commentary booth. Petey Williams gains the upper hand early and begins to attempt breaking down the Canadian. He hits him with a rolling frog splash that looks great but Williams is able to rebound with a springboard Hurricanrana to the outside and a Codebreaker on the inside. He goes for the Canadian Destroyer but Swann avoids and kicks him in the face really hard. He follows it with a cutter for a near fall. They battle back and forth with shots on the feet and a ton of flashy moves for near falls. Rich Swann is about to climb the top rope and seemingly win the match and Matt Sydal distracts him which causes him to miss the Phoenix Splash. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer for the pinfall win!

Petey Williams defeated Rich Swann by pinfall.

We see footage of Moose arriving with World Champion Austin Aries and Killer Kross. Tonight, we are supposed to get answers from Moose as to why he betrayed his best friend Eddie Edwards and aligned with these two men.

Matt Sydal confronts a frustrated Rich Swann in the back and tells him he’s trying to enlighten him and open his third eye. Swann screams at him angrily to stay away!

Gama Singh introduces the Desi Hit Squad to the ring. Another hilarious music video plays from Joe Hendry and he comes out with Grado. The Hit Squad ambushes them right away, knocking Hendry out of the ring and double teaming Grado. He manages to tag in Hendry and they quickly double team Raju. Hendry controls Rohit and lands a devastating suplex that showcases his raw power. Grado tags back in and the Hit Squad regain control. Grado is isolated to the opposing corner and takes a beating as the Hit Squad utilizes comprehensive tag team strategy. Hendry comes back in and manages to hit an incredible double Fallaway Slam on both members of the Hit Squad. Grado gets back in there when they seemingly have the match won and blows it as the Hit Squad takes him out for the pinfall win. Katarina grabs a microphone and belittles Grado and screams that she doesn’t love him. She proclaims that her and Hendry love each other and kisses him. Hendry gets upset with her and lets her know that Grado is his best friend. She slaps Hendry and storms away!

The Desi Hit Squad defeated Joe Hendry and Grado by pinfall.

A man is in the bag singing to Scarlett Bordeaux and KM and Fallah Bahh come over to thank her for getting them on the same page. She lets them know that a man who is in control and powerful is totally intoxicating. KM gets extremely excited over this!

Eli Drake makes his entrance and grabs a microphone. He claims that a lot of dummies have been trying to impress him lately and it hasn’t worked. He is feeling adventurous and wants some to come out and impress him. Stone Rockwell comes down to the ring and and seems thrilled to take the open challenge. Drake asks him a few questions, makes fun of him, and makes a referee come down. He hits the Gravy Train in about ten seconds and pins him for the win!

Eli Drake defeated Stone Rockwell by pinfall.

Fenix and Pentagon Jr cut a promo and ask Brian Cage to join them in a fight against OVE. They claim that they will take out OVE with or without his help.

Austin Aries is having a meeting with Moose and Kross and a reporter comes in but quickly gets kicked out. Alicia Edwards comes in raging about what Moose did to her husband last week and they all basically laugh at her and walk out.

Su Yung comes out to get her rematch for the Knockouts Championship against Tessa Blanchard. Tessa goes for the roll up quick but is unable to get the pin. Su Yung attempts back to back finishers but it doesn’t work. Yung gains the upper hand and starts tossing Blanchard around the ring. Tessa counters and puts her in the Indian Deathlock. She hits a series of clothesline and a huge suplex but can’t hold the Undead Bride down. She becomes frustrated and grabs a chair from outside but the ref stops her. It’s just enough time for Yung to start mounting a comeback and lands a front flip plancha off the apron on the champion! Yung gais control but it doesn’t last long as Blanchard counters her and hits a cutter from the top rope. They battle back and forth until Tessa counters the Panic Switch and lands the Buzzsaw for the pinfall win. As Tessa celebrates, Su Yung’s music comes on and the Undead Bridesmaids carry out a casket and leave it in the aisle. Yung attacks from behind and flattens Blanchard with the Panic Switch before dragging her into the coffin. Allie and Kiera Hogan come running out and save Tessa from being completely stuffed into the coffin. Tessa jumps out of the coffin and screams at them that she doesn’t need them!

Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung by pinfall.

Brian Cage expresses his disgust for Sami Callihan and OVE. He declares that he isn’t a man, but a machine! It seems like the stars may be aligning for him to join forces with Pentagon and Fenix to take out OVE!

We see footage of King and Konnan going to meet men who look like mob bosses. They claim that the violence has gone too far. Konnan claims that King doesn’t adhere to the code of “no kids and no family” but King doesn’t want to hear it. The men declare a “ceasefire” until October 14th at Bound for Glory where they will fight the final war. They also declare that Konnan will team with LAX and King will team with the OGz!

Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin and Trey Miguel come out to take on all three members of OVE. These guys take into OVE at the onset with some high flying moves to the outside. Callihan counters Wentz with a devastating clothesline and OVE takes over this match. Ace Austin comes in and manages to fight off all three members of OVE for a brief moment, but it doesn’t last. They hit a triple team cutter on Austin and win by pinfall. Callihan hits a spike piledriver for good measure after the match and grabs a mic to proclaim OVE’s dominance as a 3 man squad. Callihan let’s Brian Cage know that he’s in their scope now!

OVE defeated Wentz, Austin, and Miguel by pinfall.

Moose comes out with Aries and Kross. He claims that he is going to expose Eddie Edwards for the fraud he is. He says he was always there for Edwards, but when he was in the hospital Edwards wasn’t there for him. The only man that came to see him there was Killer Kross and the only man that called him was Austin Aries. Moose thanks Austin for telling him the truth and making him realize that he can’t cater to the fans. Austin lets everyone know that nobody in IMPACT is safe and nobody is taking his title. Johnny Impact comes out and talks some trash to them and let Austin know that he just signed a contract for a Championship match against him at Bound for Glory! Aries calls him on to fight right now, but Impact lets him know that he’s way too smart for that and calls him to step onto the ramp. Aries becomes livid and rushes Impact on the ramp. Johnny puts up a fight for a brief moment until all three men begin beating him and Kross locks in he choke. Moose fights off the rush of security guards and Aries grabs a few chairs from under the ring. They put a chair around his neck and smash him into the post with a second chair and leave him laid out!

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